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This new website the 'Sovereignty of nations and individuals' began in April / May 2021, will discuss 2 main topics both of which will have numerous subheadings. A navigation aid will be added in time, and the images contained at the top of the website (and others) will be explained as the website grows. To search individual items or names, click on 'find' in the system tab in the browser (top right on most PC's or Phones) & it will list every time it is a topic.


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1. The Sovereignty of Nations and of Individuals

The 'Sovereignty of Nations & of Individuals' are attributes which they already own and hold. They are your Status, Standing & Agency without any courtroom or legal entity or realm having to declare them, (or whether they do not declare them) and they are known as Inalienable rights. They are inviolate in Common Law, the Law of the Land, also granted by God before you were born and after, and are automatically conferred upon you. You can only give them away by consent, or you can reclaim them by not consenting to other non - Lawful rules, recommendations, regulations, writings, courts and Judgments by the State or by any 'legal fiction' (legally fictitious) acting as unlawful law enforcement, Kings or Queens, rulers and / or politicians or state agencies, who can as individuals also claim Sovereign laws separately from those institutions and from 'legal' fictitious creations.They have existed as the rights of every Man and Woman of all age groups, since ancient times, requiring no proof of origin or existence, existing as they have, and known from 'time immemorial'











Queen Elizabeth 2nd MP4 FILE Video 2. "Sovereignty conferred by the people" 



United Nations removes Sovereignty & Sergeant Robert Horton


Sovereign Governments around the World 

Brexit and Britain in a poll is also favouring Sovereign Swiss type direct democracy  which is a step nearer to becoming a Sovereign nation away from the EU which can also avail of this type on self Government without a proxy election candidate taking your vote away from LAW (not legalese proxy fake politicians and banks ) They are just lobbyist groups who take away your vote as a fake straw man or woman proxy lobbyists stealing your vote. 


The Federal Reserve bank an unsovereign private bank, announces it will remove all cash and notes Globally from every central bank 




World Sovereignty of Individuals and Nations and Biblical Common Law


Hosea 4, 6 describes the importance of Knowledge and liberty which is missing in the Hireling Shepherd Church which preach on paying taxes with selective biblical verses, but then leave out the LAWS of GOD (lawful) of Jubilees (50 years and 7 years in Leviticus and Deuteronomy & Matthew 6, 12 and no sermon against Usury in any sermon as Churches are just a Business not a House of God as Matthew 6, 24 states. For more information see the adjacent website and Chapter 5 ) and never mention them with the result some national debts (paid for by taxation and or money 'MO' circulating devalued needlessly by unnecessary schemes and monies. These National debts are over 108 years old since 1913, and the creation of the national debt & devaluation making machine known as the Federal Reserve Bank, which is neither federal and it has no reserves. When everyone knows the LAW, you do not need legal Lawyers or fake legal fiction courts or the proxy 2 party state political parties (ask your church about them and the Jubilee laws who will quickly move away from them but onto why the biblical Law should apply to tithes and their charitable exemptions, a mixture of Biblical and UCC law ) These biblical laws of Jubilee are not an option and will be applied.










2. The Greatest Victory for both Houses of Judah & Israel 


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(This unusual chapter & as with subject 1 above, will have info added to it over days, weeks & months and is for both Houses of Israel & Judah)



Roses of Picardy in France, Belgium , Germany

& wider  & its Poppy Fields




This section of this new website is also dedicated to every fallen soldier and victim of World War 1 and World War 2 (with WW3 approaching) In Britain there are so many memorials to the fallen it would be hard to number them all. Stone Crosses and the names of the fallen are everywhere. Civilians were also killed and in many ways those wars have continued up until this day. These memorials extend across all countries who participated in the War and the following information is for them and all the families (to this day) who suffered loss in death, injury or grief in a century which has seen unending war. Poppies are worn on memorial day and the song from 1916 the 'Roses of Picardy' refers to the Poppies of France and Wider (see the image above on Poppy Fields) They are worn because the flower bloomed in vast numbers, fed by the blood of the fallen on the Somme and other battlefields. Whilst the Poppy does not signify this blossoming, nevertheless bumper crops of poppies bloomed in 1915 - 1919. They gave their lives and this needs to be remembered forward also. Poetry from World War 1 is archived here from every nation. The information below will prove pertinent (even if you are at first unfamiliar with the subject matter) as you follow it as we learn about the War to end all Wars (The Great War) and World War 2 & WW3 and also the Final War.


In 1948 Israel was reborn and many feel it fulfilled the prophecy in Jeremiah 25, 8 - 12 (see next paragraph) Israel was born as a nation in 1948 winning a UN United Nations vote in Resolution 181 (to resolution 186 to 194 etc) taken on the 29 November 1947. The Vote carried by 33 votes in favor, 13 against, and 10 abstentions, achieving the required two-thirds majority. Britian announced its 'Palestinian' mandate would expire on 14 May 1948 allowing Israel to declare a beginning as Eretz Israel on the 15th May 1948. The Mandate was declared by the United Kingdom as existing from 1920 to 1948 (following the League of Nations meetings headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. In  January 8, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson enumerated the last of his Fourteen Points, which called for a “general association of nations" Wilson won office in 1913 and left office in 1921. This idea became the League of Nations which became the United Nations )

The term Palestine is a Roman term derived from Philistines. This land was empty when Israel was born in one day in 1948, and the Palestinians adopted the flag of Jordan (with a star on it ) Egypt and Jordan then flooded people into the land (1948 - 1955) to stop the creation of Israel. This has helped to perpetuate the Hegelian Dialectic of  'Israel / Palestine' and the War. The real war is not reported or analyzed at all. The reality is Israel is surrounded by large Arab nations (many of whom are now also allies of Israel) and if the war was shown in its entirety, it would look very different and the wars would be over very quickly beyond the wars to be sustained, which are also occurring on other continents, not just the Middle East. Israel certainly existed historically "The Patterns of Evidence; Exodus documentary" is available here also as an MP 4 FILE or once again on Bitchute also   (also on 'Patterns of Evidence Exodus' (netflix) or trailer here and discussed here on national television " as did Egypt, Assyria, Sumeria, Chaldea and Babylon. No one questions Saud as a purely Arab nation or asks it to be partitioned in Mecca into 4 quarters ? There are other Arab only nations as they believe fit and of course their Sovereignty should also be respected. There are however other deeper questions which should interest everyone as outlined below.

The Stone which Jeremiah brought to the West (believed to be the footstool of God under his throne and the stairway to heaven) upon which Jacob rested his head in Genesis 28, 11 - 15, and which Moses struck in Numbers 20, 11, had an ability to bring Water into desert areas. It was with the Israelites at Sinai and of course Mount Horeb, and with King David at Mount Moriah and during the outpouring of the law at Shavuot and later at Pentecost (a feast celebrated as one and the same and always on the same day as each other) The Counting of the Omer was first counted Prophetic Feasts Counting the Omer from the Sabbath after First Fruits to Shavuot & Grain offering by the Israelites as they left Egypt on the first Passover and until they received the Law at Sinai. (they later received further instructions on the count in Leviticus 23, 15 - 16  ) Today and within Israel that count continues, and it was also counted by the Disciples from the first Sabbath after the feast of First Fruits until the outpouring of the Law and Ruach of Gd in the Book of Acts.  Prophetic Holy Feasts Shavuot The Outpouring of the Law from Sinai / Horeb to the Upper Room Today the Stone resides (although many remain unsure) in Britain and Scotland shared by both.

This idea of 49 days ( occurring twice as a prophetic count in history as well as the ongoing annual count ) or 7 x 7 is also applied as 7000 years. These prophecies are central to Israel's existence. Israel also existed before 1948

Jeremiah 25, 8 - 12  & Ezekiel 4 & 37 "Jeremiah prophesied 70 years … not 430.  So which was it – 70 or 430?  It turns out that in 539 BCE the Babylonians were conquered by Medes and Persians.  King Cyrus of Persia then permitted the Jews in Babylonian exile to return to Jerusalem. So the Babylonian exiles arrived back in Jerusalem 537 BCE.  From the initial deportation in 606 BC to 537 BC – Jeremiah’s prophecy of the destruction of the Babylonians and return to Jerusalem in 70 years was fulfilled"   &   " With the insight from the ‘principle in Leviticus’ we can understand Ezekiel’s prophecy.  He had predicted 430 years of exile for their sin see Ezekiel 4 & 37, 1 - 28 They paid 70 years (as per Jeremiah) which brought the ‘debt’ down to 430 – 70 = 360 years.  This remainder was multiplied by seven (as per Leviticus) to get: 360 x 7 = 2520 years" This date brings us to 1948 when Israel was restored as a Nation  but it was not until 1967 that Israel captured Jerusalem, some 19 years later and it is acknowledged that Moshe Dayan gave up Temple Mount at that Time (for further details see the adjacent website and chapter 5 )

The Question remains why did General Moshe Dayan not destroy the Temple on Mount Moriah known as the Dome of the Rock, and then also forbid Jewish prayers on Temple Mount ? (which continues to this day) even from May into June 1967. Dayan wore an eye patch as his eye was wounded fighting the Vichy French. In 1973 the Yom Kippur war occurred between Israel and Egypt and in 1981 Israel annexed the Golan Heights which was always a part of Israel. In 2018 Israel celebrated 70 years of existence in 2017 into 2018. King David of course purchased the threshing floor of Ornan on Mount Moriah around 1000 bc see 2 Samuel 24, 18 - 25 for 50 Silver Shekels (and in effect the eventual whole area of Mount Moriah, he built his City there and established the Ark of the Covenant within David's tabernacle) On Mount Moriah, David's Tabernacle was 3 tabernacles in 1, and in the Millennium of 1000 years it  is belived it willbe re-established as the 7th period of the 7 x 7000, (a view on this is given here) David's Tabernacle is once again established "The word tabernacle also recalls the famous prophecy of the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom (“the tabernacle of David”) given in Amos 9:11–12: 'In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches of it; andI will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old, That they may possess the remnant of Edom, and of all the nations, which are called by my name, saith the LORD who doeth this' The fulfillment of this prophecy, as explained in Acts 15:14–18, will occur after the full complement of Gentiles has been grafted into the “olive tree,” through faith, at the completion of the Church Age and in keeping with the blessing of the Gentiles in the Abrahamic Covenant (Rom. 11:25). Gentiles who come to faith in the Jewish Messiah during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (see Mt. 25:34–40) will join redeemed Jewish people in the true worship of God.

The Dome of the Rock shrine on Temple Mount is in fact an 8 sided Octagon inspired shrine, and this design was popular for many centuries before 600 ad as representing the 8 sided star of Ishtar and which also became influential later on Islam. There are signs of an earlier pagan shrine below the Dome of the Rock as the Dome covers the Well of Souls cave. This area also houses the Foundation stone and the UN also has a foundation stone / meditation stone within its meditation room.  Some within the Knights of the West rediscovered the Star of Ishtar in the recapturing of Jerusalem although this star was known in the west for over 4 thousand years. Originally the Roman Emperors built a Hexagonal Temple of Jupiter on and within the Roman fort on Temple Mount. This was later refashioned into an Octagonal temple as we see today and before the Islamic invasions. Octagonal systems were also dedicated to the Goddess Venus who was also known as Ishtar or Astaroth or Inanna, and an Octagon is 2 squares x 2 overlapping into 8 points, and which was known to Islamic cultures as a ring worn on the hand and was even called the Seal of Solomon which was a six pointed star, but the Islamic derived and built upon to the form the 8 sided "Khatim"  The 8 sided idea also represented the early Egyptian gds and goddess as 4 male and 4 female in the Ogdoad (Nu & Nanet, Amun & Amunet. Kuk & Kauket. Huh and Hauhet) of Hermopolis, or known to the Priests of On, Genesis 41:45 and 41:50. Before Egypt further back to Sumeria and Babylon, the 8 sided star represented Inanna who was the Sumerian 'Queen of Heaven' also known as Ishtar or Semiramis wife and Mother to Nimrod parents of Tammuz (see Ezekiel 8)  Semiramis was granddaughter of Noah. Nimrod built Babel in Babylon and Nimrod was also known as Gilgamesh; he was also the grandson of Ham, the son of Noah or great grandson of Noah. The Dome of the Rock is not islamic Christian or Jewish.

In effect the Temple Mount so significant for Abraham and Yeshua (Jesus Christ) was bought by the House of Jesse of King David (see the paragraphs above) and its ownership is still with the House of David today. Why ? then did General Moshe Dayan not destroy what is in effect a Pagan Shrine (it is not a Mosque) as the Shofar was blown at the capture of Jerusalem in 1967 (for further details see the adjacent website and chapter 5 and / or this history of events of sorts composed in 1998 ) Israel was born out of 2 world wars and millions of deaths to Jewish and Europeans and British people and wider in the USA, Japan and Australia and New Zealand and China. The celebrations on the capture of Jerusalem in 1967 was met with cries of removing or blowing up the Dome of the Rock, yet despite all of this and since 1913 / 1914 or earlier General Dayan failed to do this task and even ignored orders to do so from the Israeli cabinet, with so much preparation over decades why was this deliberate failure allowed to stand (to be continued to answer these and many other questions )









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