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The Sovereignty of Nations


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This new website, the 'Sovereignty of nations and individuals' began in April / May 2021, will discuss 2 main topics / headings both of which will have numerous subheadings. These 3 websites seek to promote free speech and to consider all points of view. A navigation aid will be added in time, and the images contained at the top of the website (and others) will be explained as the website grows. To search individual items or names, click on 'find' in the system tab in the browser (top right on most PC's or Phones) & it will list every time it is a topic.



Navigation links to the 1st Topic / Heading posts within it,  on 1. Sovereignty dated 13.03.2021 and 27.05.2021 which are near the top below. Links are here for post dated 7.7.2021 & post dated 21.10.2021 (last date containing covid vaccinations, deaths and injuries as sub-posts 1 - 11) and post dated 23.12.2021 - 2022 & post dated 03.02.2022 & next post dated 15.04.2022 & next post dated 24/25th.09.2022 & next post dated 22/23.11.2022 & new post dated April 22nd 2023, St Georges day - 25 / 27 May 2023 & next post added here 15/17.09.2023 into 2024  

Navigation link to the 2nd Topic / Heading as the 2nd main heading entitled 2. The Greatest Victory for both Houses of Judah & Israel    (its posts are listed at that space dated 11.11.2021 & dated 27.11.2021 & dated 27.05.2022 & dated 20.07.2022 & dated 19.08.2022 )
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1. The Sovereignty of Nations and of Individuals

The 'Sovereignty of Nations & of Individuals' are attributes which they already own and hold. They are your Status, Standing & Agency without any courtroom or legal entity or realm having to declare them, (or whether they do not declare them) and they are known as Inalienable rights. They are inviolate in Common Law, the Law of the Land, also granted by God before you were born and after, and are automatically conferred upon you. You can only give them away by consent, or you can reclaim them by not consenting to other non - Lawful rules, recommendations, regulations, writings, courts and Judgments by the State or by any 'legal fiction' (legally fictitious) acting as unlawful law enforcement, Kings or Queens, rulers and / or politicians or state agencies, who can as individuals also claim Sovereign laws separately from those institutions and from 'legal' fictitious creations.They have existed as the rights of every Man and Woman of all age groups, since ancient times, requiring no proof of origin or existence, existing as they have, and known from 'time immemorial'











Queen Elizabeth 2nd MP4 FILE Video 2. "Sovereignty conferred by the people" 



United Nations removes Sovereignty & Sergeant Robert Horton

Also on Rumble   "Who closed the Worlds Churches ? Event 201 the UN & World Council of Churches World Economic Forum"    


Sovereign Governments around the World 

Brexit and Britain in a poll is also favouring Sovereign Swiss type direct democracy  which is a step nearer to becoming a Sovereign nation away from the EU which can also avail of this type on self Government without a proxy election candidate taking your vote away from LAW (not legalese proxy fake politicians and banks ) They are just lobbyist groups who take away your vote as a fake straw man or woman proxy lobbyists stealing your vote. 


The Federal Reserve bank an unsovereign private bank, announces it will remove all cash and notes Globally from every central bank 




World Sovereignty of Individuals and Nations and Biblical Common Law



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The Sovereignty movement grows

& Documentary 'The Strong Delusion & The Great Reset'


As the World comes to realize that there were no real legitimate lawful restrictions on travel or social distancing or meeting socially or any of the covid 19 laws throughout  the lockdowns from March 2020, then the realization that the governments citing them are also fake and illegitimate is now apparent. They were / are non lawful regulations and there was no need to comply with them let alone  give your consent to  them. It is obvious they (the governments)  are hollow, and are a  legal fiction whoh have hijacked a nation's money supply. To date only conservative or right wing governments have resisted and have supported freedom for the people, or posing as the same they have capitulated to the scamdemic and should stand down as a government and remove themselves from power.
To date (see end of last post above) and rather than cancelling corporations the Pope (or Pope demented Puff) has suggested these Corporations should become more inclusive and fairer, (or see here as an alternative article) but as a Marxist Humanist who does not  believe in Gd what does this mean in financial / philosophical terms, does in fact mean Commutarianism / communism and as this is occurring now in the 'Great Reset' How can  people understand this new paradigm sold as the merging of 'Christianity with the New Age' into a technocracy in opposition to the 'New World Order' as the latest Hegelian Dialectic (capitalism / communism being another) Hegel proposed creating 2 opposing ideas as thesis and synthesis and forcing them into collusion to produce a new synthesis or a new paradigm idea. 'Order out of chaos' is the motto (or perception management and British society people by the group known as 'common purpose who specialise in brainwashing a nation or nations ) Humanity does not need artificially created chaos and therefore does not need the New Order or the opposing merging of spiritual beliefs to produce a new god created by man and not by God.  


"The Strong Delusion & the Great Reset" (with 20 second introduction in the 6 minutes 30 seconds video)  


The strong Delusion introduction (Bill Gates refuses to name ingredients in mRNA injection) 


'Transfection' is also a natural part of the mRNA process and here it is admitted the chemicals enter your cells nucleus , yet this last part of the process is both denied and admitted by the medical profession ? (see the documentary below) The origins of inoculations are analysed here in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Since it is now (nearly officially) admitted that Sars is not a respiratory disease but a cardiovascular flu arising from the common Flu and has been around since immune systems have, then transfection or shedding  is the cause of the variants and the spread of the virus from the 'vaccinations' mRNA injections and this was / is a man made patented flu, which has an above 99.9 % survival rate and only the elderly succumb as they do year in and year out. "Variants" or "Samiants"  (last link  Noble Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnie ) The vaccinations have effectively become a bio - weapon sold by criminals. If you catch covid again ? after even 2 vaccinations and then many also die, what is the point of them ? 



Full Documentary " The Strong Delusion and the Great Reset "  07.07.2021  (Google Drive file)


Or see here as an MP4 File The Strong Delusion and the Great Reset "







Sovereignty for individuals, nations and business. Small and Medium Business can also thrive in a Sovereign nation


Change your status (standing & agency) 



Real Sovereignty

Changing your status

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The Sovereignty of all Nations and their wealth



Sovereignty applies to everyone. They are your inalienable rights since your birth.

1) Further background information on your Sovereign law & rights (including Pandora papers, The Five star Account & others)

2) A gradual accumulation of stories of vaccine deaths and injuries from 2020 - 2021 - 2022 - 2023....into 2024 (an update to the Strong Delusion and Great Reset documentary see post above dated 7.7.2021) 

3) "Recombinant" vaccines are expressed as both DNA and proteins (recombinant means multiple types of DNA in vaccines) and also stops you buying and selling

4) Enforcing your own Sovereign Law as an  individual or business  or nation with armed defence as per the constitution of the USA (or any nation) 

5) Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and its history before being codified as Black's Law Dictionary in the 1880's and published in 1952, extending back from 1000 bc into the Rhodesian law of the island of Rhodes and from Rome, to Justinian 1st in 527 bc and the Phoenicians into the middle ages and until to today.  



1) Further background information on your Sovereign law & rights (including Pandora papers, The Five star Account & others)









2) A gradual accumulation of stories of vaccine deaths and injuries over 8 months (an update to the Strong Delusion and Great Reset documentary see post above dated 7.7.2021) 


The following adverse effects and deaths are dated 1) 3.10.2021 & 2) 8.11.2021 & 3) 23.12.2021 & 4) 20.01.2022  & 5) 3.3.2022 & 6) 2.4.2022. Link no 7) is here dated  21.09.2022 for ease of navigation, and next is link NO 8) here available dated 13.02.2023  and NO 9 & 10 the next link to Vaccine deaths and injuries & the Human Genome project NO 9) & NO 10) is available here dated 22.04.2023 into May 2023 & new NO 11) is available here dated 18.August 2023 into Sep 2023 


4.  'Vaccine', injuries and deaths 20. 01.2022. 4 (173 to 223) With technical explanations of why your DNA is damaged or changed by the mRNA and vector injections killing 40 % of recipients  NO 173  and NO 176 and NO 174 and NO 175  and  NO 177   and mRNA / DNA analysis NO 178  and athletes dying / injured part 9 NO 179 and pro vaccine cardiologist NO 180 and COVID home tester with lethal ingredients NO 181 and Twitter suspends mRNA inventor Robert Malone because he admits it damages your DNA (time to dump Twitter for alternatives) NO 182 and NO 183 and deaths up 40 % in USA insurance stats and disability also & NO 184  and Israel Records 1st Case of Patient With Both COVID-19 and Flu, being one and the same Dubbed ‘Flurona’ NO 185 and mRNA DNA change NO 186   and actress Betty White ( “The Golden Girls” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,”)  NO 187  and 200 marines discharged for not taking vaccine NO 188  and vaccinated pilots officially flight risk NO 189 and yet the vaccinated who have also died on flights but are not a risk, can fly as passengers into England (see Max Igan no 197 below) NO 189A  and Canadian Doctor locked up for finding stillbirth vaccine link NO 190  and Biden and Trump say you can still catch covid after vaccination in the 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' NO 191  and Yellow card injuries and deaths Britain but only between 1 and 10 % reported NO 192 and NO 193 and Vaers, 1 million adverse events (only between 1 or 10% recordedNO 194  and NO 195 and Dr Michael Yeadon who has grasped 85 % - 90% of the truth NO 196  and Max Igan shows the more disturbing deaths at 14 minutes fwd approx from the vaccine including   pilots dying in mid flight NO 197  and Whoopi Goldberg Triple vaxxed but now with Omicron as even triple vaxxed catch delta NO 198 and No 199 and USA adverse and deaths nearing genocide levels with only 1 % reported  no 200 Thalidomide pills and vaccinations 1960 (same chemicals) NO 201 and Thalidomide NO 202 and 400 athletes collapsing and dying in last 6 months  NO 202a and  'The Vaccinated girls, sick and betrayed documentary 2015' NO 203  and Nurse warns people to stay away from the vaccinated who are shedding disease onto others NO 204 and close contact to be resumed say Irish government to help shedding 204a and shedding by vaxxed causing heart attacks and blood clots and disease on the unvaxxed NO 204b and more stats reveal horror NO 205 and and a son relates his fathers death by the vaxx NO 205b and NO 206  and Irish government rejects pain relief for aborted babies (and whose cells are being harvested for vaccines) NO 207 and fully vaxxed Australians in hospital exceed unvaxxed NO 208 and repeat double vaxxed can still catch covid NO 209   and DR Mercola more children die from vaccination than covid NO 210 and tsunami of young sudden deaths in Ireland 210 b  and 3 children die from vaccines in Australia as the state says it owns children and parents have no rights globally NO 210c and IKEA says no sick pay for unvaxxed workers NO 211 and 'Next' no sick pay for unvaxxed 211a and US Supreme Court mandates healthcare workers and others (contrary to MSM reporting on this case) NO 212 and US military exercises with left and right wing protesters in mind. FEMA is still running USA  as signed in by Trump in March 2020 with input from China as WHO /UN.NO 213 and Government lists and martial law Lisa Haven on Trump / Biden NO 213a 

(contd) Trans-humanism = In 2013  A hidden court case in 2013 the US Supreme court ruled Humans (people) cannot be owned or patented as they are Sovereign people flesh and blood made in the image of God,  BUT They continued however and said they cannot be owned or patented unless they are synthetic (Reuters)  NO 214 also reported on by the BBC as synthetic DNA can be patented NO 214a full court case details on PDF 214b and attempts to further narrow the definitions of human DNA in 2019 mRNA Vaccines do just that i.e. alter your human genome. NO 214c  and most cases of covid not covid say CDC (center for disease control) NO 2015 and David Knight on genetic modification in vaccines NO 216 and Chinese twins die from genetic alteration NO 217   and Graphene and 5g / 6g  NO 218 and 5G / 6G does not make faster internet speed NO 218a and Children's health defense win court victory to stop 5G NO 218B and lethal home testing kits NO 219  and nanotechnology in vaccines NO 220 CEO of Pfizer says diseases can be removed by gene editing (in 221 next) or changing your DNA /RNA and close contact easing of restrictions helps spread the graphene and chemicals to create more blood clots, heart attacks and deaths as is the intention and Israel has been a test area for this. Within the vaccines 'gain of function' viruses are hidden. ,NO 221  and Del Bigtree analyzes the lockstep reports of its now just a flu NO 222 and 1971 report on the ineffectiveness of flu  vaccines, (today however spike protein mRNA vaccines are more effective at shedding) NO 222a and a young girl dies from vaccine with vaers reports still at % reported and Compilation from around the world "dropping like flies" NO 222C and The World Economic Forum / Davos 17.01.2022 say 70% of the world vaccinated and the next pandemic may be very severe (begins at 10 minutesin) NO 223 . Details on Trans-humanism  from a spiritual perspective see the adjacent website and chapter 5 and post dated 12.01.2022


5. 'Vaccine' injuries and deaths 5 (225 to 275) added 3.3.2022 Contd from above) and 1.5 hour compilation of vaxx sports injuries NO 225   and Romanian football team bans vaxxed due to deaths and injuries NO 225a and death  rates in vaxxed skyrocket NO 226  and Pfizer data NO 227 and Del Bigtree stats show countries with most vaxxed have higher deaths and injuries (incredible) Feb 3rd 2022  (see first 25 minutes) NO 228 and parents at child vaxx death EUDRAVigilance numbers January 2022 protest in Switzerland NO 229  and NO 230 and Feb 7 2022 HIV Variant found in Holland NO 231  and  new Covid variant at China Beijing winter olympics NO 232   and NO 233  and NO 234  and pregnant woman NO 235  and babies dying from vaxx NO 236 and Shedding from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed, today restrictions eased for ease of spreading NO 236A and Germany restrictions will be permanent 21.02.2022 NO 237 and USA Pandemic of the UNVaccinated OAN  NO 238  and HIV and the Vaccine NO 239 and  Luc Montagnier, who won a Nobel Prize in 2008 for discovering the HIV virus dies 9.2.2022 NO 240   and NO 240a and COVIDLAND Pt 1  NO 241 and Covidland Pt 2 NO 242 and Covidland pt3 NO 243  and Covidland pt 4 NO 244  and Covidland pt5 NO 245  and Biden (19. 02.2022) extends FEMA national emergencies act enacted by Trump in March 2020 NO 246 and Trump FEMA national emergency act under FEMA March 2020 NO 247  Canada's declaration act February 14th 2020 NO 248 and VAERS update deaths and vaxx injuries for February 2022 only between 1 and 10 reported NO 249  Dr Zev Zelenko updates the dna / rna changing vaccines and what they are with HIV / AIDS NO 250 and killed by Pfizer vaccine NO 251 and Deborah Tavares (SGT Report) explains the climate depopulation agenda NO 251   and Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles catch covid fin Feb 2022 or 2nd time both are triple vaxxed NO 252   Queen Elizabeth 2nd  catches Covid in Feb 2022 she is also triple vaxxed.  NO 253    and Vaccinated people more likely to go to Hospital with ...Covid NO 253a  and Big Pharma controls EU NO 254   and new HIV mRNA 'vaccines given go ahead NO 255  European medical agency admits mRNA injections into your cells also causes AIDS / HIV and destroys your immune system NO 256 Matt le Tissier (footballer) talks about Covid vaccine deaths and injuries NO 257 strange connection between vaccine and 5G NO 258  and NO 258A    'Vaids' HIV aids in vaccine NO 259 and digital ID rollout in Canada  NO 260 and DIGITAL passports biometric ID with or without restrictions NO 261A  and Digital rollout in canada NO 261b and Wall street launches new nature asset class currency NO 261B and Russia, China and India make $100 million coal deal 21.02.2022 NO 261C and Covid and aids NO 262   and Deleting US Military statistics NO 263  compare to other database NO 263A  Vaers stats on under 29's Feb 2022 NO 264 and deaths and injuries in young NO 264a more evidence of HIV in vaxx  NO 265   and vaxxed do shed onto unvaxxed Dr Robert Malone inventor of mRNA injections short version  NO 265a & same but longer version Dr Robert malone shedding NO 265b and scientist developing "Self Spreading Vaccines" that spread by shedding onto unvaxxed ruining natural immunity  NO 265C and other sources NO 265D & also NO 265E and once more NO 265F  and vaxxed are catching vaids immune deficiency  NO 265G  and  Prince Harry advises to get AIDS tested NO 265H Dr Sam Bailey reveals extent of shedding from the vaxxed to unvaxxsed watch to the end r.e. surveillance under the skin and hacking human beings as mRNA injections 'gene theraphy' & graphene shedding NO 265c  Dr Lee Merritt & vaxx Shedding NO 265d Dr Amandha Vollmer warns on shedding from the vaxxed NO 265e & Dr A Vollmer again NO 265f  and Doctors warn on shedding  from vaxxed to unvaxxed NO 265g and Cancer in vaxx into mRNA / DNA Dr Jane Ruby NO 266   Chinese frim buys Canada patent for covid m RNA vaccine tech for $500 million NO 266a and China supplies Iran with weaponry NO 266B and China supplies Palestinians with weaponry NO 266C and Trump takes credit for being the father of the Vaccine NO 267  Biden door to door vaccine push July 2021 NO 267A Trump connections to injections with Jared Kushner NO 268 the truth of operation warp speed NO 269 and Ebola smuggling in Canada and USA with Dr Tedros (WHO) and associates NO 269A Dr Tedros (WHO) wanted for genocide NO 269B and Del Bigtree and HIV injection / vaccinations NO 270  & National geographic on Dr FACHI & Aids in the 1980's NO 270a  Clips from the New Book from the WEF "The Great Narrative" 2022 Klaus Schwab on synthetic dna from mRNA vaccines NO 271 and also 271A and the Corbett report on the Great Narrative NO 272   Unvaxxed USA Military purged from Army from Trumps father of the Vaccine injection experimental 'gene therapy'  NO 272a Military super soldiers gene augmentation NO 272B  & also NO 272C  & also NO 272C  & also NO 272d  and Supreme Court USA findings r.e synthetically modified people can be owned or patented, but real people cannot NO 273 & NO 273a & also NO 273B and further into 2019 273C (echoing the UN statement redefining what it means to be human and in also relation to abortion / fetus etc. Dr Andrew Wakefield injections are not vaccinations but genetic engineering NO 274 and Swedish study confirms that mRNA vaccines enter cells nucleus and alter DNA RNA also causing "autoimmune hepatitis" NO 275 ) 

The Great Narrative World Economic Forum & Klaus Schwab book "The Great Narrative" with quotes from it below in 271 and 271a & 272 with details from the book


7. 'Vaccine' Injuries and deaths 21.09.2022, from around the world (huge increase)  7. Added as cotnd from above from May 20222 on the 21.09.2022 (303 - 400) i.e the following 7 paragraphs or so (& info on the WHO World Health Organisation meetings below them) which contain nearly 200 examples with 1 - 6 above

GAA Footballer dies from vaxx NO 304 Nurse shocks audience by telling the truth that the US health system and vaccinations are killing people NO 305 and man collapses and is stretchered away from exterior of vaccine clinic NO 306 'More Reports of COVID Vaccine-Linked Heart Inflammation in Young Males Submitted to CDC' NO 306a  and Biomedical, biometric digital medicine pills and vaccines tracking device's (what could go wrong ) NO 307  dropping like flies NO 308 and father of 2 dies in front of children after vaccination NO 309 and incredible KJs "what happened" Big Pharma vaccination global insights NO 310 Bicycle racer dies he needed vax to compete NO 311 people dying in broad daylight NO 312 and boosted (4th injection) catching Covid NO 313 and Covid Vaccine NO 314  US via Health and Human Services extends Covid emergency 25.04.2022 NO 315 'CDC Director Admits Agency Gave False Information on COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring'  NO 315A  Biden extends FEMA in March 2022 thru July 2022 (from Trumps declaration in March 2020 ) NO 316  and overwhelming evidence of vaccine harm NO 317 the 2021 non approval of the genetic mRNA injection NO 318  UK Column on compensation for vaxx injuries and deaths NO 319  '21% of Deaths Reported to VAERS After COVID Shots Occurred Within 48 Hours of Vaccination'  NO 320  effects of mRNA dna changing experimental injections on pregnant woman NO 321 and sudden huge uptake of heart attacks and cancers NO 322  and here also NO 323 and synthetic food GMo altered for altered humans  NO 324 and removing military members who refuse mRNA changing injections into the dna cells and into the blood brain barrier and new weapon to remove protests & to bring UN troops via the pandemic treaty NO 325  and Vaccine Injury: Girl Suffers Anaphylactic Shock & Blood Clots - Doctors Might Need To Remove Her ...   NO 326  “This is Beyond Shocking” – American Frontline Doctors on FDA Approval of Failed Ebola Drug Remdesivir By the FDA for “Treatment” of Covid-19 in Babies NO 327  

CDC lifts vaccines off shelves for fear of blood clotting NO 328   List of Pfizer (similar to all companies) adverse effects leading to death NO 329  and  NEW DATA: VAXXED GETTING COVID MORE THAN UNVAXXED  NO 330  and  VAX DEATHS GO MAINSTREAM! - FDA Stops J&J Over Blood Clots - Children With Liver & Heart Problems!  NO 331 and Pilots injured unable to fly NO 332  and Rheumatologist: 40% of 3,000 Vaccinated Patients Reported Vaccine Injury, 5% Still Injured NO 333 and  Mother Commits Suicide over infant death-Prenatal & Neonatal Infant Deaths Skyrocket Worldwide  NO 334  and  ''MRNA SHOTS INTERACTING WITH HUMAN DNA AND WHAT THIS COULD MEAN FOR THE VACCINATED''  NO 335   and also Jules Serkin (and others )  BBC PRESENTER DISCUSSES SIDE EFFECTS SHE'S EXPERIENCED SINCE RECEIVING COVID JAB... and Jules Serkin says media told to be quiet about vaccines deaths and injuries NO 336  BbC presenter Lisa Shaw inquiryNO 337  UK-GOV-ONS (office of national statistics) confirms 70K people died within 28 Days of C19 VaXX in England + 179K died within 60 Days NO 338  and Analyst Discovers VAERS Loophole, Thousands of Deaths Deleted  NO 339  and  ‘That’s Just Part of Aging’: Long Covid Symptoms Are Often Overlooked in Seniors NO 340 and Cindy Young Ontario, Canada NO 341 Man tracks down the GP that gave his family member a vaccination and killed  NO 314a Father speaks to Pharmacist after his son was diagnosed with Myocarditis caused by the covid VAXX NO 341b  or here also NO 341c 

MSM Confused Why Healthy Women Under 40 Are Dying At Alarming Rate NO 342 and The Forcible Injection Of Children  NO 343   and Severe siezures after 2nd Moderna covax injection boosted NO 345   and 'sudden infant death syndrome' & 'sudden adult death syndrome' NO 346 and COVID VACCINE INJURIES OVERWHELM COURTS NO 347    and Evidence of Collusion and Malfeasance - ''They Have Intentionally Harmed You''  NO 348  and They are dropping so fast & frequently now it's getting scary NO 349 and WIDOWED AT 38 BY THE ASTRAZENECA COVID SHOT AND THEN IGNORED BY THE STATE NO 350  and Jabs Forever and Ever and Ever  NO 351  and "Severe COVID ‘Rare’ in People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine, Survey Reveals" & Agnieszka "Aga" Wilson (a global consultant on human rights, policy development, and international training, for non-profits, NGOs, and the United Nations ) WEBSITE WITH VACCINE TESTIONIES injuries and more NO 352  her interview (21.06.2022) with Astrid Stuckleburger following the confusion on the pandemic treaty (it is going ahead) NO 353 and high rise in babies dying from previous years NO 354  and "Spike in Miscarriages, Fetal Deaths, Uterus Shedding: Fertility Doctor on Vaccine Side Effects in Pregnant Women" NO 355   and at 5 minutes and 55 seconds Greg Mannarino the extermintaion due to the other 'phenomenon' at 5 mins  55 seconds NO 356   a huge massive increase in deaths across the board say insurance companies NO 357 & Synthetic mRNA Suppresses Immune System, Possibly Leads to Cancer, Blood Clots, Fertility Issues, Spontaneous Abortions: Dr. Malone NO 358 & seizures in children NO 359 huge increase across the board in 20 to 40 year olds who are vaxxed (so cannot be covid) NO 360 & EU admits vaccines are destroying immune systems and in the USA they are not safe NO 361  Supreme Court USA rules synthetic DNA can be patented and Owned NO 362 and in Israel as in 2021 vaxxed are getting ill or dying but in the vaccinated June / July 2022 NO 363  and THE WHO push for a pandemic treaty in mid July 2022  NO 364 & Booster shots do not work NO 365 & British government data showing deaths from covid after vaxx 7.7.2022 NO 366 and Swedish woman ill for 2 years  NO 366a an outline of the great reset as humans to be farmed / Genetically engineered fact or fiction ? NO 366B

(contd 0 & Dr. Harvey Risch: Why Are Vaccinated People Getting COVID at Higher Rates Than the Unvaccinated? NO 367 The truth is beginning to come out and people getting angry. NO 368  Big Pharma, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Trump pushing drugs and the failing covid narrative (Tucker Carlson & Tom Cruise & the chemical imbalance lie)  NO 369    Trump, Trudeau, Biden, Schwab and all for jail or worse & vax miscarriages NO 370 30 students in India vaxxed with same needle NO 371  ARE THE BOOSTED PROLONGING THE PANDEMIC? NO 372     mRNA Injection Injuries and Deaths #6  372A Mysterious virus breaks out in canadian day care children NO 372b  UK GOV: Vaxxed Kids 8,100% More Likely To Die! US: Calculated VAERS Data 5,040 Vaxxed Kids Dead! NO 372a 'Vaccinated and Boosted People Have Less Protection Against BA.5 Than BA.2 Variant: Study' NO 373  a compilation of VAERS reports NO 373A  Vaers reveals 30,000 deaths but only between 1 and 10 % recorded NO 373B & Why are the Vaxxed getting Sicker NO 374 WHO Declares a Global Monkey pox small pox global health emergency pandemic 23.07.2022 & NO 375 San Francisco & New York declares emergency 28.07.2022 San Francisco  NO 376  & New York 30.07.2022 NO 376A & July 6th 2022 New reports  (Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine) support a new pandemic treaty after WHO global meeting at the end of June 2022. Its cites Nationalism as problem in a pandemic etc NO 377   The WHO ? or the USA declares all of the USA under a new Health Emergency NO 377A  (There is no known cure for Smallpox / Monkeypox except 'Sarracenia Purpurea' not in the vaccines ? a plant you can buy, yet vaccines are being made ? What's In The Monkeypox Vaccine? NO 377B   HALF A MILLION INDIAN KIDS SUFFERING FROM PARALYSIS THANKS TO EVIL KILL BILL GATES NO 377C

Marburg deaths also rise in Ghana Africa NO 378  Stanley Johnson father of Boris Johnson writes novel on Marburg virus NO 379  Sadhguru: "Get Vaccinated" NO 380   Illinois Chicago declares Smallpox MP Emergency NO 381  Woman now regrets vaccine NO 382  Deaths involving COVID-19 by vaccination status, England: deaths occurring between 1 January 2021 and 31 May 2022  NO 383   What is in the Smallpox, Monkeypox Vaxx ? which only the covid vaxxed are catching are which are also mRNA DNA changeling vaccines 'SGT Report'  NO 384 & also here 'Last American Vagabond  NO 384a  and 'New Science Shows Vaccines Help Omicron Spread: Peer-Reviewed Study' NO 384b  91% of COVID Deaths since the beginning of 2022 Are Triple Vaxxed!  NO 385 Vaxxed Are Exhausting and Depleting Their T Cells Says Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche  NO 386   Major Evidence China Is Making The Pfizer Vaccine Ingredients! NO 387 Compilation of numerous frankenvaxx victims - Courtesy of Real Not Rare NO 388 91% of COVID Deaths since the beginning of 2022 Are Triple Vaxxed! NO 389 Ted Turners (student of Aice bailey) Georgia Guidestones blow up  NO 390  The Sacred Geometry of the Georgia Guidestones (which also preferred a human population of 500,000 or less. A marker to begin events ) NO 391  HEARTS IN FLAMES: Numerous Myocarditis Studies Showing Extreme Risk in Vaxx For Young Men NO 392  'Newborn baby’s arm Amputated after mom took covid vaccines and baby suffered blood clots in the womb'  NO 393 The REAL Reason You’re Still “Unvaccinated” Until Two Weeks After Your Shot NOo393a Dr. Clare Craig exposes Pfizer's fraudulent methods of testing the C-19 vaccine for children.   NO 394 A.I.D.S Self Testing Kits are Coming.NO 395  & Israeli COVID Vaccine Director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research for 8 years from 2013 to 2021 Prof. Shmuel Shapira MD Who was Physically Injured by Pfizer Vaccine — Is Locked Out of Twitter After Suggesting Link Between Monkeypox Outbreak and mRNA (DNA Changing)  Vaccines  NO 395a  & here again on twitter screenshot / blog NO 395b  

Fully Vaccinated 34-Year-Old Professional Comic Book Artist Dropped Dead NO 395C Safe and Effective "Vaccine" Kills Another Kid NO 395d  '9-Year-Old Dies Two Weeks After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine: VAERS'  NO 396 and more die from Vaccination in Taiwan than 'covid'.Operation warp speed has increased deaths & cancers and harm to children spectacularly in USA NO 396a  12.08.2022 CDC sems to ease restrictions but FDA increases them (48 hour serial testing) even more as China locks down millions NO 396b including Tibet NO  396c and Airline Pilot tells us what the vaccine did to him  NO 397 CDC-REMOVES-150K-DEATHS-FROM-VAERS-SYSTEM-VACCINE-GENOCIDE  NO 397A and 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and Covid ShotsNO 398 more sudde death syndrome lies NO 398a and compilation from around the world NO 398b  new study on 'sudden death' syndrome 'Young Adults Dying in Record Numbers, but Not From COVID-19' NO 398C  and also  NO 398 d   and yound adults dying from vaxx NO 398D  and Vaxxed Patients Are Increasingly Developing VAIDS, Unable To Shake Off Basic Infections (12th Sept) NO 399  Only 5 out of 200,000 people who participated in a 2013 mRNA-Based Medication Trial are Alive Today NO 399A and Gov Data shows Feritility crashes in Uk, 9 months after 'Vaccine?' Why? NO 399b and VAXXED Children are poisoned by design NO 399 C  and LA VITA CON SARS-COV2 testimonies from around the world NO 399D and Vaxx deaths are suicide for insurance purposes as you consented NO 399e  and How to refuse arrest and how to nullify the legal fiction admiralty courts in common law NO 399f   and British Government Admits: COVID-19 Vaccines PERMANENTLY DAMAGE Natural Immune System   and with last link NO 399g  


(highly recommend to watch ) And 12.09.2022  UK Column Dr. Sam White is a GP who has dared to speak out against what he describes as a war on UK Public Health. Prosecuted by our own government which is a PLC (or here on UK Column website)  NO 400   (as people 4 times vaxxed with boosters are still catching 'covid') & Dr Sam bailey on why there is no isolated Virus

**** The Indemnity Myth is just that and the companies and politcians who pushed these injections are liable professionally, and personally as well as via thier business dealings 

Operation warp speed and the Trump Vaccine (in the USA) has killed and injured  more people than the Vietnam war  (and world wide)  The Trump Vaccine  or here on rumble once more   & also see the The Trump shot   Testimonies from Israel 2  Israel & Zion, deep attacks upon Israel & Zion by 'Covid' Injections ( נמרוד בראשית י ותהלים83)  or here again also on rumble   

Uninformed Consent - Official Full Documentary Release'How Bad is My Batch'  (i.e how bad is my vaccine batch make and dates and number)  Learn the  


13 September 2022 - 23.09.2022 World Health Organisation (WHO) 77th session of the
United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) & US Midterm elections 


Whilst the global emergencies of Covid (20.09.2022) and 'Monkeypox' known as H7N9 which is a stronger man made Asian bird flu / smallpox variant (declared for Monkey Pox on 23.07.2022 for whole world see NO 375 above and many US States, who are now mid september 2022 advising of the virus in Boston (last link) and also in Los Angeles.  China advises not to touch foreigners as it spreads to the Ukraine  are still live and underway (with new panic reported in the press every day but upon people with weakened immune systems and it is therefore more serious) and the USA is still under FEMA control since Trump signed into law in March 2020. 

The Plandemic Treaty was passed by the WHO quietly (not by voting it in but by 'executive decision')  in a subsequent second meeting following the main meeting in June / July 2022

New executive orders by Biden on currency and Transhumanism (Human Augmentation) have been signed recently. 1. Sep 12th 2022 'Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy'    The Executive Order gives the Secretary of Agriculture 60 - 180 days to submit a report on how biotechnology and bio manufacturing can be used for food and agricultural innovation via the FDA and for defence purposes  with $2 billion in funding  2. March 2022 The Trump / Biden (we are both the deep state) double act for CBDC Central bank digital currency executive order 14067    as 'C - Day' on proposed day December 13th 2022 proposed for every central bank world wide 

Canada's biodigital convergence This is the same outlook as the 2022 'Exploring Biodigital Convergence'  Canadas which seeks to merge living things with non living things (which traditionally have 'thought to be incompatible') but now you can merge with AI (Elon Musk ?) to beat AI and also replace all your organs especially your brain ( mind ) with non living manufactured equivalents (for the bio-security state a huge world lockdown)

It has emerged that Trump signed an executive order on 'improving vaccines' (Trump "the father of the vaxx") on September 19th 2019 executive order 13887 before Bill Gates 'Event 201' in Oct 2019 and before 'Wuhan' (although china had already started vaccinating and its army in 2019) It was for the patriots at the rallies. Obama prepared the plandemic Executive order 13747 on the 4.11.2016 (as CEO of the fake 1871 Corporation see above in late 2016 into 2018 ) as either the worlds greatest hoax or the  greatest mass murder operation from a man made virus in world history. " The document, originally unearthed in March by Politico, is a 69-page National Security Council guidebook developed in 2016 with the goal of assisting leaders “in coordinating a complex U.S. Government response to a high-consequence emerging disease threat anywhere in the world.”  Known as Executive Order 13747 of November 4, 2016. (just days before the US election) "Executive Order 13747-- Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats"  

Compensation for victims of vaccine deaths and injuries. Since this (ongoing) campaign is political and corporate but also directed at children, pregnant woman and babies, then compensation claims can be directed against corporate profits (in total) real estate and also the  entire fortunes and real estate of those involved  as how much should 1 death be compensated ? $50 billion perhaps, this is separate from prison sentences and includes private pundits, politicians, health executives nurses and doctors and more in the chain (estimates of 1 Quadtrillion have been floated initially )

Pandemic Centres The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation "Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations" via the Pandemic Antiviral Discovery (PAD)   has opened a Pandemic centre in Melbourne Australia   and which will be duplicated worldwide (not exactly like the CDC) but will enable vaccines fast and efficient delivery to every human being on earth (5.5 Billion so far) as GAVI and with  the UN / Unicef has advocated for over the last decade (Smallpox / Monkey Pox spread 2022 ) and with Bill Gates preparing for the next pandemic 

This all advances Human Augmentation, but first as a military experiment (do not forget) on the military prior to 2019. Regulation for the '4th industrial revolution' "The Fourth Industrial Revolution is of a scale, speed and complexity that is unprecedented. It is characterised by a fusion of technologies – such as artificial intelligence, gene editing and advanced robotics" and also    "Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm"    and see also 'Super Soldiers, Human Augmentation,MOD armed forces. Great Reset 4th Ind Revolution. Agenda 21 - 30'

Governor Hochul of New York youtube  " NY Governor Hochul: God Wants You To Get Vaccinated"   (for the mark of the beast ) which as you can see below the Pope approves of and even if it has baby DNA from human baby fetal cells for the pro-life supporters. see also the US Midterm Elections on the adjacent website and new post for it dated 3.10.2022  shortly (this new post of vaccine deaths and injuries no 7, 303 - 400 added 21.09.2022)

8. 'Vaccine', injuries and deaths 1. (13.02.2023) 8. Added as contd from above 1 - 7 from the 03.10.2021 (this post numbered as 401 - 450) An internet search on any other alternative and now even many MSM platforms will find the same news (numbered up to 450 now they could reach 400 million and 50 as injuries or deaths) Links to numbers 1 & 7 here (NO 1 on vaccine deaths and injuries link  is here  dated 3.10.2021 with posts 2) 8.11.2021 & 3) 23.12.2021 & 4) 20.01.2022  & 5) 3.3.2022 6) 2.4.2022 inbetween 7) Link to no 7 is here dated 21.09.2022 )

401 Matt Le Tissier. Protest speech outside of the BBC Feb 2022 Matthew Le Tissier speech    (or again here also) 


446 David Knight compilation A   When Trump Divorced America and Married Pfizer       B   Who Started the Wuhan STORY?   C    mRNA Jabs for EVERY Disease, Nanobots to Kill Cancer, D How Trump & Biden Handed Power to WHO    E    Yes, mRNA *IS* Gene Therapy   (repeated as this new technology from 2020 are not traditional vaccinations but even they contained poison see further down) F Operation Warp Speed - Trojan Trump's Mass Murder  G Trump and Remdesiver     

Trump blamed the pro - life faction for his defeat (even though he was not running ?) in the US 2022 / 2023 midterm elections  ? however in promoting  operation warp speed and vaccines with baby DNA and poison within them "Dr Stanley Plotkin (Godfather of Vaccines & Pope Francis ) aborted fetal tissue in Vaccines amongst other 'ingredients'  and other ingredients Bill Maher (Real Time) & Tucker Carlson on Vaccines & Vaccine ingredients all backed and supported by by the Pope ?  Trump also called for an end to the US constitution in December 2022 and into 2023 as it it hindered him, and incredibly the 'patriots' cheered, but what is even more bizarre is the US constitution is still suspended (anyway) by Trump / Biden from March 2020 and is still under FEMA and covid or a pox emergency Remember in March 2020 Trump began it "UNITED STATES IS OVER! TRUMP HANDS IT OVER TO F.E.M.A. !! " (or an extra link here) or here once more as a MP 4 FILE  and yet the US still went into the elections, the MSM machine rolled on in the fictitious corporation the US has diminished into ? The covid 'emergency' is still in place in all nations below the surface even though it is announced the USA may remove the emergency on 30.011.2023 the  WHO (actually now in charge) say it is still an emergency 


450  BREAKING: VAX-COVID PROSECUTIONS TO BEGIN IN SWITZERLAND & POSSIBLY THAILAND   (r.e. Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha and others. Princess Bajrakitiyabha is still in a coma with a heart condition. This is the incredible advice from the CDC on mRNA experiential injections "Myocarditis and Pericarditis After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination"  but cases are running into millions, here is 1 example "WHISTLEBLOWER: Vaxx Injured Pilot SPEAKS OUT: Pilot REVEALS Jab Caused MYOCARDITIS"  and on Princess Bajrakitiyabha a known voice Prof. Scharit Bhakdi explains    


Trump, Biden, Obama (the uni-party) owe all their lands and wealth as payment for these deaths even before prosecution as in Common Law, "indemnity" is not a defense. These 3 are just some of the thousands and the tens of thousands under them that implemented this See also  Liz Wheeler on the Pfizer released documents  and now a Tory MP suspended for saying it is the worst occurrence since the Holocaust  then also recently (i.e  Israel & Zion, deep attacks upon Israel & Zion by 'Covid' Injections ( נמרוד בראשית י ותהלים83) and then  Professor Dalgleish is Professor of Oncology at St George’s University of London  (cancer from injections & see Davos Says Coming Soon: mRNA "Cancer Vaccine" ) further away but with the same view Investigations from Japan and also by Florida Supreme COURT into the mRNA experiment on humanity  Injected dying and spawning variants, Doctors in the UK pushing vaccination before and now reversing, after in 'the big reveal' ?  People are catching 'covid' after 4 injections and boosters who then get 'long covid' and later heart attacks. The philosophy of metaphysics behind these DNA changing injections is to alter (remember 5.5 billion people injected with more to follow) by eradication all illness or genetic defects by the Crispr technology inherited from the first base pair of Humans (the God gene or Adam and Eve gene) to produce a new perfect race (if you survive) eradicating the 'sins' of illness as a saviour leading to immortality ('Ayrans' or any tribe on any continent are already created perfectly without a new 3rd strand of DNA) by becoming 'pure' allowing access to the Tree of Life in Kabbalistic or in non metaphysical, DNA alterations (but see the adjacent website and a new post dated 12.01.2023 on this topic) 


Pandemic Treaty 2023 (& Common law) 

In early Dec 2022 the WHO /UN finalised the international health regulations (truly terrible)   Pandemic Treaty finalised, Dr Francis Boyle & Mike Adams issue URGENT WARNING on WHO Pandemic treaty...(under Tedros still wanted for war crimes in Ethiopia and now the world) and then this was confirmed in early January 2023 The WHO World Order  Yes they have made a pandemic treaty along with sweeping away many international anti - trafficking laws in the EU and wider and they have removed the following 13 words from the previous UN "human rights" constitution (here as follows) "WITH THE FULL RESPECT FOR THE DIGNITY, HUMAN RIGHTS AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS OF PERSONS" with a stipulation that all medical conditions are given a number ! (so in or out of the 'treaty' human dignity can be removed at a stroke on any day) This post added 13.02.203

We are told now that the UN/WHO have reinstated the missing 13 words  (in the brown words 2 paragraphs above) preventing the advance of of covid mark 2 in Australia as also the little advertised court case in London in 2022 which stopped covid mark 2, yet the CDC has mandated that children January / February 2023  have the mRNA 'vaccines' in 2023  despite this? whilst Lula in Brazil drafted in at all costs (freed from prison) in a election Coup d'etat (as Bolsonaro is 'anti-vax') says no vaxx then no money (buy and sell)   or here again on Bitchute one more  so as far as Brazilians are concerned in reality De Jure (as that is reality) they are under a Pandemic CBDC Treaty now under the New world Order UN/WHO (awaiting full on implementation which can happen in any country on any day) This sub-post no 8 added 13.02.2023




9 & 10 (22.04.2023 into May 2023) 'Vaccine', injuries and deaths contd food inflation and the corpus juris marshall law, The US Supreme Court and the Human Genome Project.  9. Added as contd from above 1 - 8 from the 03.10.2021 (this post numbered as 451 - 481 & see no 10 below) Throughout 2023 (so far into 2024 the deaths and injuries continue and grow)  Biden on the 12.04.2023 ends the covid (Trump) emergency or is it still in effect  "Emergency Order ended quietly ... or did it"   Both covid and the 'Monkeypox' emergency order is still in effect in the World Health Organisation (WHO)  yet the FDA are now saying we do not need to have an emergency to have an emergency (On the children's schedule "operation lockstep" is a cover for totalitarian control globally under the now completed Plandemic Treaty and the IHR (International health regulations see no 8 above) 

The real emergency is people dying or injuries from vaccines. In 2020 the fear mongers said it was doom unless people wore masks, social distanced and took 4 (at first 1) vaccines or more plus boosters. This is not about the money as Big Pharma companies are many tiers down the pyramid, this is about totaal human control with unlimited Trillions to make it happen , amidst the bankers wars currently underway, and this will continue with or without any outcome of those wars, as this is the most important project

No 451 Trump persuaded the FDA that its previous ban on crispr cas 9 gene editing technology (in also the experimental injections) should be lifted for 'operation warp speed'   NO 452 the official story of the bat in china is now officially wrong and the outbreak began in a lab, possibly in wuhan shared with the west . Former CDC Director Dr Robert Redfield explains that the wuhan virus (covid / corona)  was a lab leak and employed Gain of Function research (and his explanation of the  Welcome foundation) which means the virus is a bio-weapon (taking his logical conclusion ) "Next Pandemic Will Be the Pandemic of All Pandemics & Lab Engineered."  NO 452A The virus is still not isolated in 2023 ? ADDRESSING DR'S COLE, MCCULLOUGH; MALONE... ON 'THE VIRUS MISCONCEPTION' NO 453  A new vigorous "restrict act" (a new patriot act) is introduced in the USA in late March 2023 NO 454 Vaccines sales increase around the world despite stockpiles in 2023 & HHS To Extend EUA Jab Indemnity To 2024, Azov-Mexico Overlap & UN Doc OK's "Consensual Sex" w/ Minor  see also the plandemic treaty NO 455 Pandemic Treaty finalised, Dr Francis Boyle & Mike Adams issue URGENT WARNING on WHO Pandemic treaty NO 456 increasing deaths and injuries SHOCKING EXCESS DEATH NUMBERS! - Vax Deaths Are SOARING! - Children Are Targeted NO 456A TrumpShots: Heart Disease for Men, Miscarriages for Women NO 457 EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Sutta, Former Pussycat Dolls Member: ‘I Was Severely Injured by the Moderna Vaccine’  NO 458  At Least 1 Billion to be Dead or Disabled from CV19 Bioweapon – Dr. Betsy Eads. USAWatchdog  NO 458A Fertility Crisis: Top OBGYN Slams Pfizer’s Deadly Plot Against Babies and Women

NO 459 EDWARD DOWD VACCINE DAMAGE WORSE THAN THOUGHT REPORT IN APRIL 12 2023 With expert financial analysis from Edward Dowd Wall Street analyst   (whose book on the pandemic has gone viral and sold out)  "Cause Unknown": The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022 (Children’s Health Defense) Hardcover – December 13, 2022  

NO 460  "Is the Associated Press Lying About Gene Therapy Shots?"     (and in relation to also above "Bio - Warfare mRNA / DNA crispr injections into the cells nucleus, into 2023 and getting worse. 'Genetic Engineering'   NO 461 Dr. Joel Wallskog was diagnosed with transverse myelitis after getting Moderna jab  NO 462  Politician & Activist - Sudden Death Compilation & NO 462 A May The FARCE Be With You: Quad-Jabbed Elites All Saying They Have Covid  NO 463 South Carolina’s infant mortality rose 12% in 2020/2021 (Apr'23)  NO 464 NBC News Anchor Lesley Van Ness(42), dead due to sudden illness (Apr'23) NO 465 Nurse Erin exposed the Mass Murder committed in America’s Hospitals during the Pandemic  NO 466 19 y/o from Australia speaking up in a hospital bed about her vaccine injury  (the endless lists of murder go on ) NO 466A Injured Nurse: Unvaxed Were the "Smart Ones" NO 466 B "Tinnitus: A Common Incurable COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Event, Doctors Share Ways to Help"  & NO 466C "baer pfizer President admits gene cell therapy was used "

NO 467 Yes the mRNA is 'gene therapy' (or here on bitchute once more OR HERE Yes, mRNA *IS* Gene Therapy ) & 467A  Peer-Reviewed: mRNA Jab Modifies DNA & 468 Pharma Wants to Vaccinate Unborn Children & 468A "CDC mandated that children Jan / Feb 2023 have the mRNA 'vaccines' in 2023" & NO 469 Sudden INJECTION Death: SIDS (and SADS) NO 470 Ben Shapiro FINALLY Realizes mRNA Jabs are Bad NO 471 Your Soul or Your Job: Jab-Pushing Pastor Still Clueless & NO 472 Masks do not work & Masks Cause Headaches, Itching, and Lower Oxygen Intake: Study  & NO 473 "Brain Injuries After COVID Vaccination" 

& NO 474 "71% of deaths that occur within 20 days of taking vaccine appear to be due to conditions well known to occur with COVID-19 vaccination"   & NO 475 HIV /  VAIDS "You may be infected right now and not know it. Infectious viruses from these surprising sources slip in and cut open your DNA like scissors to insert their own genetic material, which replicates and spreads throughout your body. Transmittable to your offspring, they may be behind autism, HIV, chronic fatigue and more".A retrovirus is a virus that contains RNA encoded genes rather than DNA. Using reverse transcriptase, the retrovirus is able to transform the single-stranded RNA into a double-stranded DNA When the retrovirus infects a host, it integrates its DNA into the DNA of the host cell, which allows the retrovirus to replicate itself and spread through the host One example of a transmissible retrovirus is the HIV virus, which can cascade into the clinical symptoms of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) & 474A 

NO 478 "CDC Confirms That Majority of Fatal Covid Vaccines Were Knowingly Sent to Red States"  via NO 478A the Trump Vaccine  via NO 479 is the US Department of defence behind the covid scam    (or here again once more via Ceylon ) NO 480 "On The Eve of a Cashless Society"  NO 481 (repeat) the official story of the bat in china is now officially wrong and the outbreak began in a lab, possibly in wuhan shared with the west . Former CDC Director Dr Robert Redfield explains that the wuhan virus (covid / corona)  was a lab leak and employed Gain of Function research (and his explanation of the  Welcome foundation) which means the virus is a bio-weapon (taking his logical conclusion ) "Next Pandemic Will Be the Pandemic of All Pandemics & Lab Engineered."  

Queen Elizabeth the 2nd warned the UK that  "There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge" In 1933 the Vatican became a private city state (called the Lateran treaty which looked to the laws of Justinian and Unam Sanctam and the Cestie Vie trust laws and was no longer a Spiritual institution but a banking institution based upon UCC Uniform commercial code and the laws of the sea. The difficulty was the bible and common law are higher forms of law (Gods laws)  than those. In the Popes 'Green, encyclical 'Laudato Si'  it calls for population reduction (the Pope is not the actual author)  and also quotes Thomas Aquinas, the 9th-century Sufi mystic Ali al-KhawasPierre Teilhard de Chardin, and Romano Guardini. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was involved with the Darwin's 'ape men' skeleton frauds of the 'bone wars' of the 19th and 20th (continuing) into the 21st century. (see the adjacent website and chapter 4 scroll down to the "The Human Evolution fraud and Hoax" Our next logical step (in this secular humanist thinking) is to therefor evolve through DNA changes which involves britain changing a technocratic government here told by reuters Time for Britain to try technocratic government and which involves the military to change by augmentation (here on )  Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm which is "in partnership with the German Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning and also involves many militaries and the US and wider around the world. Since 2020 common law has withstood attacks upon it but slowly those principles are being undermined by the removal of Magna Carta. (King Alfreds deeings) Nuremberg code, Geneva convention, and all law fo the land Human rights, trial by Jury, presumed innocent  etc (which the UN also wants to remove, it wants instead an "Earth League", as a world government with "Earth Constitution'', a "Global Council" and "Planetary Court".using the Planemic treaty and IHR (International health regulations) as a vehicle to that end.(again the US midterm elections to May 2023 is here) 

Reuters corrected beliefs that the corona virus was patented and man made by the Pirbright institute in 2015, or that Serco. Darpa, the Welcome foundation, Tavistock or the research lab at Porton Down was involved  or the BBSR or project Defuse.There are over 300 hundred bio-labs around the world, however China announced (leading the way is biometric AI Surveillance systems tied to your bank account) that it would vaccinate everyone in China (just before the World Military games in China in id October 2019, at the same time as 'Event 201'  which predicted closing business and the WHO did close as many churches as they could  ) and everyone at that time in summer 2019 would be legally obligated to be vaccinated   see this report from March 3rd 2020 (which highlights China's advanced AI driven track and trace military health surveillance system), why did China have a pre-covid mass vaccination for civilians and the military from early to mid 2019 ?  America is issuing warnings about China  Lawmakers examine Chinese threats to America, House China CMTE Member Dusty Johnson (R-SD)  echoed previously by minister of defence Gavin Williamson in 2019 and recently in 2022 MI5 tracked a chinese spy around Westminster as the tip of the iceberg, yet China has set its sights on the rise of the British Commonwealth  in its silk road development as the British empire rises via the commonwealth which is outstripping the EU and USA as the fastest growing bloc larger (and it may take it over) than the Brics nations.  China will have to comply as it is surrounded by US forces. Aldous Huxley and Unesco and more recently the Welcome foundation (last link Whitney Webb on the Corbett report) favoured Transhumanism and are implementing it now (an interesting novel from 1981 "The Eyes of Darkness" predicted the covid outbreak as Wuhan 400. Plum island staff survivorsand Fort Detrick officials have denied US involvement ) Queen Elizabeth did not look to convinced as she lit up the 3rd strand DNA / TREE OF LIFE lights as one of her last official duties. As you will discover in these websites, transforming into creatures who enjoy 'Escargot' (cough cough ... a frog in the throat) has never been popular in Britain see "Clip: Queen Lights Photonic Jubilee "Tree Of Knowledge" 3-Strand DNA" (or here again once more also) with suspicions that DNA alterations would be a detrimental hindrance to performing military operations ? see the adjacent website and chapter 6 for more information

Food and energy inflation causing poverty in the 1st world also . Sovereign inalienable human rights (see2 paragraphs above) to be replaced also with  the  Codex Alimentarius (UN Food control now under AI) which began in Iran in 2022 with food control and biometric ID  Now in 2023 the UN is stating we need to remove rice production (as well as meat livestock already) as it causes global warming see 4 Billion People Just Received the Most Devastating News Imaginable!  Rice a long target of the UN even as far back as 2012 is now officially a UN risk to the earth, and in Nigeria they have in 2 stages being forced with biometric ID moves to have digital money or starve Nigeria and the Mark of the Beast  Food Inflation is now as much as 50% higher than in 2020. In Zimbabwe has seen extreme year-on-year food price inflation and energy inflation reaching 285%, and  Venezuela 185% and the top ten running from 50% to 285%   In Britain officially it is 20 % inflation on food but which had already risen 50 in many cases %in 2022   12 Photos showing how high food inflation has affected prices  It is not just food but across the board, preparing the financial system for a change into a digital biometric currency (see the US elections on the adjacent website dated April 2023. The link at the end of chapter 3b will return you here)  those who prepped / prepared and stored food at 2020 prices are now far better off. If Terra Carta and the sustainable markets initiative is not signed up to in the crisisthen with the removal of rights as outlined above, then Marshall law may follow and a return to Corpus Juris "THE-CORPUS-JURIS and the Magna Carta. Justinian Deception"  Why has the UK allowed GMO foods into its lands now officially ? when the cry was for Organic produce and livestock ? and why are gene edited babies legal now in the UK (since 2018) ? in the USA, Animals, livestock and vegetables as GMO & mRNA ?


9A 5th Generation Warfare Your Guide to 5th-Generation Warfare (WW3) and Skynet is not just a part of a sci-fi film or just in wikipedia  It’s Official, It’s Here…Pentagon Admits To ‘Skynet’! Analysing how evil exists either by secular or spiritual methods discussed Our Biggest Problem? The People of the Lie. The Full Spectrum Dominance doctrine literally means against all on the earth in every way. General Micahel Flynn wrote as an expert on the Full Spectrum Dominance protocols and also has christian inclinations as well as the seven rays of light from theosophy and  Helena Blavatsky. Most MSM and 'alternate social media' will not add a spiritual analysis, however you can add it onto the discussion in 9A, if you wish on the adjacent website and chapter 5 and post dated 12.01.2023   In effect  the war was won and lost over 2000 years ago

(numbers 482 - 486 below) 


10 22.04.2023 - 6.5.2023 into May 2023 'Vaccine', injuries and deaths, food inflation and the corpus juris marshall law , the US Supreme court and the 'Human Genome project' connected to all above and ongoing in the US Congress & Senate 10. Added as contd from above 1 - 9 from the 03.10.2021 (9 and 10 added together) This post numbered as 482 - 485

With the vast amounts of deaths and injuries from the experimental injections continuing, one large area and cause is the Crispr cas 9 technology which is not as precise as it claims in editing out Human defects. Further Trump ordered the FDA (or was it FEMA who ordered it for him) to ingore even their own warnings on Crispr cas 9 or any gene editing technology and introduce in 'vaccines' in operation warp speed to the world (Trump states here is the 'father of the vaccine' ) but it shows how this gene editing tool soon to be approved on children and cancer patients and 'further outbreaks' are damaging RNA/DNA and making synthetic inserts see  
NO 482 "Trump the father of the Vaccine, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration ) & Fachi Vaids deaths & Injuries" which shows how this technology was introduced and rushed through as was the intention all the time. Its effects varied but in Israel NO 483 "HIV Vaids, in the Vaccine outbreak in Israel 2021 2022 Immune system destruction, deaths & injuries" ( a video in the longer version next which also points out that Malta, an Island cut off for over a year, in the lockdowns and all on it were 'double vaxxed' still caught Covid 3, 6 or 9 months or more later ? but less CO2 was emitted during NO 484 that time in the longer version here

The Human Genome project (no expense spared)  which began in 1991 (or even many decades before or even as some state it was an ancient world technology somehow also) and was 90% completed in 2003 BUT only completed in March 2022  We are told it was finished in 2003 but that is not correct (with so many swabs and covid testers arriving then this sped up the problem) but Crispr Cas 9 was FDA authorized in 2020 to use in 2021 ? (having been banned prior to 2020 see last paragraph above) and it is still causing deaths and injuries into 2023. The Vatican authorized vaccines knowing they contain baby DNA and parts of Baby aborted fetus DNA  (see also Dr Stanley Plotkin (Godfather of Vaccines & Pope Francis ) aborted fetal tissue in Vaccines amongst other 'ingredients'  )

FULL ARTICLES SHOWING HUMAN GENOME only complete in March 31, 2022the Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) consortium announced that it had filled in the remaining gaps (from 2003 only at 97% complete) and produced the first truly complete human genome sequence (Crispr cas 9 banned until 2019/2020, after this approved for Operation Warp Speed  in May 2020)

NO 485 In 2013 the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that Human DNA could not be patented as it was 'naturally occurring' and it als showed signs that the RNA / DNA had originated in just 2 people, and that it had 'evolved' (both are required with proteins to make DNA, 'impossible' ? but the science reveals it ) but it must have come from some higher intelligence ?  Yet the US Supreme Court in its ruling also made the unusual adjudication that 'Human 'Synthetic DNA /RNA' could be patented and owned exclusively by a corporation or individual Human ?? Odd many people thought ? since synthetic human DNA did not exist in 2013, but in 2017 was imagined as being within Humans by 2021/2 ? (but doubts emerge as to its viability d in 2018)  The scientists / eugenicists want it to be 1) inside Humans and 2)  to create an entire Synthetic Human Genome ? could both come true ? and how would they prepare Humanity (5.5. Billion vaxxed and counting ) for such a 4th industrial revolution transhumanist enterprise ? Since the US Supreme Court ruling in 2013 real Human DNA is thought to be safe, then all is well and good.Since 2020 - 2023 that is no longer true. Many other attempts in courts or by legislation later in the manic and determined drive for companies to overturn this ruling have come and gone, into 2019,but they were unsuccessful. Yet today and from 2022 (just a few weeks after the Human Genome project was finally completed in August 2022 & not 2003...see last  paragraph above) Senator Tillis (undead party) introduces the  "S.4734 - Patent Eligibility Restoration Act of 2022/23"  with the intention of not just affirming that Synthetic DNA/RNA can be patented but also 'normal' DNA can be patented also  Initially very expensive it is now cheap to finish the project Via this act or by other means, and the determination to own HUMAN DNA continues., and therefore to own you, i.e. you as a person (a person is not a Live human being as man or woman ) In 1933 President 'FDR' (who called Stalin Uncle Joe)  sold every US Citizen out for future collateral against debt money under the 2nd area of the law of the sea (the body...see the 3 crowns below) and as this system expanded around the world, he sold everyone on the planet against the now 100's of $Trillions of debt. 

Billions of people now have tiny synthetic DNA (by formal consent not accidentally or inadvertently or unknowingly and into the human cell's nucleus via the Quantum Dot network for Brics and every nation developed by MIT ) via the Crispr cas 9 and similar technology. In the Senate and Congress they are aiming to rule that Human DNA is patentable (and this is their implicit stated intention one way or the other) overturning the US Supreme court of 2013 (legal but not lawful)  then if they are successful all life (as is being done with synthetic GMO foodstuffs currently being consumed as "GMO", and to animals also as no 485 below will reveal. Everything could be owned and will be owned. i.e. You will be owned and patented. This was first introduced as a concept in Unam Sanctam (1303) but rests on the foundation of the Justinian code, (529 - 534 ad under Roman Emperor Justinian) and reaffirmed by Una Sancctam and the Cestui Que Vie 1666 and now a part of UCC Uniform Commercial Codes and 1 of the 3 spheres of law, 1. land/property, 2.body, and 3. Soul known as the 3 counterfeit crowns of law.  This website explains your status before and after the continuing emergency. The Human Genome project is tied to the WHO (World Health Organisation) One health, One World, One government project and plandemic treaty IHR regulations and the human genome project which is essentially an Artificial Intelligence driven health surveillance system W H O WILL COME FOR YOU (CBDC programmable money coercion and any internet based currency) without your or anyone's 'human rights' under Under Sanctam / Cestui Que Vie 1666 etc, the Unidroit Treaty 1963 and  Codex Alimentarius (UN Food code) All of this is not about the money as Big Pharma companies are many tiers down the pyramid, this is about total human control with unlimited Trillions to make it happen.  Genesis 1 , 27 says you are made (or were made) in God's image and an introduction to the Law which is higher than the Vatican laws which are simply counterfeits mentioned a few lines ago. Removing God's image or taking injections can only be made by consent (or coercion as legal but not lawful) All 10 of these posts above on this subject are available and exist since March 2020, yet it is illegal. Unlawful means these laws must submit to the common law,and the compensation for this will come to $trillions.  

See no 485 "US Supreme Court Human Genome Patents (Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., 569 U.S. 576 June 13, 2013 & now in Congress, the 'Patent Eligibility Restoration Act' of 2022/2023) to overturn patenting DNA decision"   and in context to the FDA Food and Drug administration (or also here again once more ) This post added 22.04.2023 - 6.5.2023




11 (18.08.2023 into September 2023) 'Vaccine', injuries and deaths cont'd. Numbered 486 - 530 (& Plandemic Treaty ready since 2022)

The incredible silence from the MSM on vaccine and deaths and injuries since 3.10.2021 (in 1 - 10 above with many numbers having an a,b,c or d with them, meaning the amounts are much more than they appear) but from the year 2020 as the debate contd, is now classed as a Black Swan event by data analysts, insurance companies and financial markets and the repercussions are set to continue into 2024 and beyond. The perpetrators of this fraud include Trump as the "Father of the Vaccine" see NO 486 "Trump the father of the Vaccine, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration ) & Fachi Vaids deaths & Injuries"  Central (as per last post above i.e. no 10) THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT only completed in March 31, 2022, (and not 2003 ) the Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) consortium announced that it had filled in the remaining gaps (from 2003 only at 97% complete) and produced the first truly complete human genome sequence (Crispr cas 9 banned until 2019/2020, after this approved for Operation Warp Speed  in May 2020) Trump as a member of the World Economic Forum under leaders such as Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles (who announced the Great Reset in March to May 2020 following the Sustainable Goals Ininative of Jan 2020 back to 2015) down to all health departments (and even 'churches' to participate ) in every country and pushed onto the unsuspecting Global population with 5.5 Billion injected and 22 Billion doses given and almost as many 'boosters' in what is now the greatest deception and genocide in history. 

NO 487 Ed Dowd: Wall Street analyst Black Swan Event - "They Can't Run From This Data!" (From CHD.TV) ..... (or here again once more on bitchute) NO 488 EU excess mortality continued to rise in April 2023 Eurostats  NO 488A The Vaccine Trials (2021)  NO 488 B "Vatican: OK to get virus vaccines using abortion cell lines"

NO 489 and excess deaths RISING again in June 2023 they have rose globally since 2021 NO 490 Myocarditis Epoch times Subclinical Heart Damage More Prevalent Than Thought After Moderna Vaccination: Study  NO 491, 2,000 Athletes - COLLAPSING, HEART PROBLEMS, BLOOD CLOTS [Mar 2021 to Jun 2023] NO 491 IRELAND'S EXCESS DEATHS ARE NOW UP BY 45.3%  with the areas most vaccinated having the most deaths. NO 492 "Why Do Vaccinated People Represent Most COVID-19 Deaths Right Now?"  NO 493 The higher the vaccine uptake the higher excess mortality (last link 'Dr Cambell' who pushed the vaccines at the beginning)

NO 494 IDAHO COUPLE WINS LAWSUIT AGAINST CITY FOR DEFYING 2020 LOCKDOWN ORDERS  NO 495 Vaccine regret or opinion change compilation NO 496 28 Year Old professional basketball player dies from Vaccination     NO 496A Australian Senator Gerard Rennick Grills Evasive, Pro-Vaccine, Pro-Pfizer Docto  

NO 497 The death of a psychologist after his Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 jab was due to "unintended complications of the vaccine", an inquest has ruled. NO 498 How many deaths does it has to be until you will believe? NO 499 In COMMEMORATION of the LIFE + On the SUSPICIOUS DEATH of Dr. Martinelli (La Quinta Columna) NO 500, Muscleman Jo Lindner [10 Million+ Followers] Dies After Post-Vaccine Clotting & Heavy Metal Tox NO 500A Former Police Officer Reveals Staggering Number Of SIDS Cases Happen Within 1 Week Of A Vaccine!  NO 501 Tori Kelly Rushed to Hospital with 'Multiple Blood Clots Near Her Vital Organs'  NO 502 Cancer Promoting SV-40 DNA Segments found in both Pfizer and Moderna COVID Shot Vials  NO 503  BANNED ON YOUTUBE - Dr Andrew Moulden - What He Told Us Before BIG Pharma Murdered Him. NO 503A  The Hearts Of Many Young People With Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Are Not Returning To Normal!    NO 504 💉☠️💉Florida County GOP Declares COVID-19 and mRNA COVID Vaccine a ‘Bioweapon’ NO 505 Popular TV Actress Katarina Pavelek DEAD After Vax Induced Neurodegenerative Disorders ME/ CFS  NO 506 BANNED ON YOUTUBE - DR LORAINNE DAY - VACCINES DO NOT WORK   NO 505A 2% of vaccine reactions reported Dr John Campbell  NO 507 COVID LIES EXPOSED! Evidence Proves Survivors of EU Pfizer Jab Took Placebos 

NO 508 Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London (and Fabian society) obviously knows what is the Vaccines in his fake Vaccine press appearance (see MP4 file &  ‘Sadiq Khan Mayor of London ( & Fabian society) Fakes vaccination’ ) NO 509  Sadiq Khan Mayor London fakes Vaccination) NO 510 VAERS: PARALYZED KIDS, MISCARRIAGES, DIABETES, BLOOD CLOTS...  NO 511 COVID VACCINE DEATH COMPILATION, MOSTLY RECENT OCCURRENCES  NO 511A Vaccine injuries around the world NO 511B "COVID VACCINES AFFECT JEWISH MARRIAGES"   

NO 512 THE COVID VACCINE IS INTERFERING WITH REPAIR GENES, LEADING TO AN EXPLOSION OF CANCERS   NO 513 'Sanofi says it's back to the drawing board on mRNA flu vaccines'  NO 514 HUGE STUDY: VAX CAUSES SUDDEN DEATH! - Peer Reviewed Papers PROVE What We've Been Warning About!  NO 515 Let’s summarize what we now know of the negative efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, and why vaccinated people—not the unvaxxed—suffer frequent bouts of COVID-19 NO 515 A "Canceled Canadian Doctors Have a Message For Their Medical Colleagues: "You Have Failed Canadians" - These Doctors Refuse to be Silenced"  NO 516 Are you Prepared for the COVID Tsunami of Deaths?   NO 517  More people than expected are dying in Canada in 2023 for reasons that are not yet clear  NO 517A SGT REPORT  HORRIFYING DISCOVERY IN UNVAXXED BLOOD -- Dr. Ana Mihalcea   NO 518 Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 years - BBC News   NO 518A  NEW Documentary ~ "Anecdotals" Movie (Covid Vaccine Damage)  NO 519 Growing proportion of COVID deaths occur among vaccinated   NO 520 TV Star Maimed And Mutilated By VAX Poison Induced Breast Cancer  NO 520 Olympic Athlete Killed By Vax Poison Injections 

NO 521 SHOCKING NEW VAX DATA! - CDC Data Shows Over 118,000 Children Died Suddenly After Injections!  NO 522  All Three Triplets 'Shut Down' (Become Autistic) Within Hours Of Receiving Childhood Vaccines!  NO 523 COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries From Around The World (Graphic Content)  

NO 524 Nurse Angela: Our work with the Vaccine Injured  N0 524A "(June 2023)  HUGE: VACCINES KILL HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS A WEEK! - Government Reports Prove Genocide!  NO 524B New Evidence Suggests mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Transmission of Aerosols by Vaccinated to Unvaccinated   NO 524C Myocarditis Caused by COVID-19 Vaccine Spike Protein Is Often Not Detected by Typical Cardiac Tests

NO 525 'Pfizer' CAUGHT Admitting! "Babies Died During The 'MRNA' 'Covid-19' Vaccine Trials"    NO 526 5-month old baby killed by VAXELIS & SYNFLORIX poison injections NO 526A Canada and British Columbia Kamloops deaths and trafficking

NO 526 A Canada's biodigital convergence This is the same outlook as the 2022 'Exploring Biodigital Convergence'   which seeks ( read the full document ) to merge living things with non living things (which traditionally have 'thought to be incompatible')

NO 527 Israel's Bio-Convergence Program and the Merging of Biology and Engineering  
NO 528 'Understanding bio-digital convergence'  ......    NO 529 Covid: Double vaccinated can still spread virus at home - BBC

NO 530 (blood clots also )  The Gnostic Bio-Medical Convergence Religion (or Cult ?) Scientism & 'Directed Evolution' The Fabian Socialist eugenicist (r)-evolution to become as 'gods'


The Plandemic Treaty is complete and has been ready since 2022 with the now complete Human Genome Project also completed in March 2022 SGT REPORT (now admitted since 2022) STOP THE W.H.O. 666 GLOBAL AGENDA!! -- James Roguski

 see also "Sep 2023 PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS TREATY & BIO-SECURITY WORLD GOVERNMENT is just a conspiracy theory"    and the new UN Green 17 points of Our Common future what they really mean (a special look at point 16 ), see also ULEZ " Earth Climate Countdown Clocks, Global Depopulation. ULEZ, Prince Charles War Like footing. ULEZ Carbon Net Zero for the World"      (and from Dec 2022 Plandemic Treaty for relevance Dr Francis Boyle )  and connected is the Cashless Society for Sep 2023 as explained now by MSM & Nigel Farage "Farage EXPOSES new push for cashless society (In the UK & Australia)."  

A high degree of dystopian deceptions within the MSM (MAIN STREAM MEDIA) and their sponsors and owners which some suggest is a mental illness with spiritual delusions perpetuated by real fears of the next life,...  hence the need for immortality (now) or at least a deferred judgement day with extended years of life (now)  "The Unvaccinated "Nobody Is Safe" by Matt Orfa"   (or again once more on Bitchute )

Please note more within this no 11 post will be added in mid September 2023 from 530 fwd above ...





A high degree of mental illness within the MSM (MAIN STREAM MEDIA) and their sponsors and owners   "The Unvaccinated "Nobody Is Safe" by Matt Orfa"   (or again once more on Bitchute)

Pharma In Full Panic! Sen. Johnson Exposes "Elite Group" Behind Covid Hysteria




1986 Act: What The Government Don't Want You To Know About Mandatory Vaccines - Dr. Andrew Wakefie..

Vaccine injured. She was one of the unlucky ones. It only half killed her



The Pandemic Preparedness And Biosecurity   biblical view of global warming pastor stephen anderson


BANNED ON YOUTUBE - Lab Analysis at 7 Universities Shows NO COVID! 

Three Types of People in the World





Nattokinase  effective on spike protein










COVID LIES EXPOSED! Evidence Proves Survivors of EU Pfizer Jab Took Placebos


COVID-19 Scam Death Shot Victim Memorial and Demonstration in Berlin






Joe Lindner “Dies Suddenly” at 30 years old after 4 Covid Shots !

B.C. NURSE "Don't Let Them Get Away With It"






behaviour modification A FALSE ACCUSATION JUST GOT A MAN LOCKED OUT OF HIS SMART HOME (terms and conditions & renting as usership fee simple)



ed dowd add to vaxx after may 2023

DISCUSSING THE COVID SUMMIT AT THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: MAY 10TH, 2023 polio not cured but renamed no science etc tom cowan

There Are Ways to Reduce Risks and Damage of Vaccine Adverse Events, Doctors Share Suggestions










Yes in Ezekiel 9, Gods people receive a spiritual mark but which is visible to those who do not have and those who do not have it plainly seen. One verse back from Hugos (Rev 13, 16 - 18) in verse Revelations 13, (a) 15 There is the image of the beast (a clue) which is given life to speak (literally breath in the Greek so REAL SPEAKING & BREATHING ? from the second beast who gives it power) and in the end of this verse (b) all who do not worship it will be killed (force ! causeth ! im not a fan of the NIV either however) and it says on a worldwide basis ? ( so it is not just a statue or a hologram as it moves and speaks ) So the IMAGE, MARK AND WORSHIP (3 PARTS) IT IS A MAN MADE IMAGE which has feet of bear and body of a leopard & mouth of a lion (Rev 13,1 ) IMAGE is ICON (in the Greek) visible around the world also in plain sight and familiar even friendly or nice, but not recognised at first as such Daniel 7, 8 & 20 says the little horn has eyes LIKE human eyes (like on a coat of arms perhaps ) Rev 19, 20 also mentions 3 things Mark Worship and Image (together as 1 ) as does Rev 14,9 & Rev 14,11 & Rrev 16, 2 & Rev 20, 4. In the OT Zechariah 11,17 speaks of the eye and Revelations 13, 7 says all 3 will make war on the saints (who must be still here and not raptured in that case as all verses of the bible say post trib inc Jesus in Matthew 24, 19 says AFTER THE TRIBULATION as does Mark 13, 24 (AFTER) and Rev 7 14 speaks of those who COME THROUGH the tribulation (not who are taken out first ) and they were sealed by God in Rev 7,3 (and 144,000 x 144,000 x 144,000 x 2 of both houses of Israel ) So created in Gods image Genesis 1, those who fall will have their IMAGE as God sees it changed spiritually dark by their DNA and receive later an outer mark as a brand like cattle (who are beasts but who are also branded) WAKE UP [show less]



1. Youtube   IRELAND'S FALL: THE ABORTION DECEPTION - how the elites killed the right to life   2. Facebook   Trailer on Facebook    3. The Life Institute  Full Film page





3) "Recombinant" vaccines are expressed as both DNA and proteins (recombinant means multiple types of DNA in vaccines) and also stops you buying and selling


Collectively this is Transhumanism. It is a religion. Transhumanists do not believe you are a flesh and blood human or a Sovereign human being, and that you are required to 'evolve' physically leading to a Spiritual awakening. Yet you are already made perfectly and are sovereign. Transhumanism in effect downgrades your status but takes what you already have and tries to sell it back to you.



4) Enforcing your own Sovereign Law as an  individual or business  or nation with armed defence as per the constitution of the USA (or any nation) 



5) Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and its history before being codified as Black's Law Dictionary in the 1880's and published in 1952, extending back from 1000 bc into the Rhodesian law of the island of Rhodes and from Rome, to Justinian 1st in 527 bc and the Phoenicians into the middle ages and until to today. 




For further information see the adjacent website the new new jerusalem  and chapters 3, 3a & 3b (and the end of chapter 3b with posts dated 8.10.2021 & 23.09.2021 & 28.08.2021) Click here and the top of Chapter 4  or beginning of Chapter 3b 

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23.12.2021 - 2022. 

Your Inheritance. Sovereignty for Nations, Business and Individuals 


Inheritance is a subject not often discussed, and it's a larger topic than most imagine

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The Occult Art of Law. Firstly examine the Video the  "Occult Art of Law"    from Birkbeck University by Alan of Salisbury in London (Occult simply means secret) which is also available here as an MP 4 File 


Explaining that legalese is not English or any Lawful language, Alan of Salisbury lectures in Birkbeck.  It is not Lawful and only legal if you consent to it, there are no laws against voluntary slavery. Bondage comes from Bonds, and the Pound £ (which as a symbol used to have 2 lines through it as also the Dollar $ )  which was backed by Sterling Silver as also the Dollar. When the banks bought most of the world in the short (fall) banking collapse, fiat currency replaced Silver (Sterling silver)  Credit is promissory note to a private corporation not a Nation. Credit is not money but a loan from your inheritance of you to you. There is no reason to  borrow from the middleman but from real institutions with real money (not fiat) any society or individual can build or create a project, but there is no real money or institutions. They have not in reality however received your consent to your inheritance. Fiat currency is an illusion, a confidence trick and is worthless (an Unlawful fraud ) as is Crypto Digital currency. What is backing the  money in the world ? You do as your life and body and soul. Virtual real estate is now coming for sale with digital currency (see the adjacent website and chapter 6 on Utopias and Dystopias )  As one example the City corporation (which was in effect set in place and restored by King Alfred) is not the Queen of England as a Sovereign persona (although the Monarch can become a full Sovereign person first and foremost ) Every nation is by presumption only, a corporation signed away by your proxy politicians who have stolen your consent via a vote. Britain's Parliament and Government is a PLC, ( or as 'United Kingdom Corporation ltd' as other nations also) an entity listed on Dunn and Bradstreet and every nation's government and parliament are also listed on it or equivalents (the Social services are a PLC and in many countries they unlawfully profit by stealing children) This status, standing and agency of nations can be repudiated and removed leading to a restoration of the Sovereign nation of nations to their true and natural estate as themselves. Britain or any nation is not encapsulated as being within a "legal fiction" as a people or as a nation. Corporations were never LAWFUL. It is only a presumption of law with no proof that this entity governs in place of the Sovereign people who bestow Sovereignty on the Monarch or parliament. Operating under a presumption of law they can be easily dismissed as legalisms by real non presumed Law. Once this method or system is restored to its Lawful entity, the world would then operate in Lawfulness, which the people have the right to enforce, as rightful heirs but who have not fully inherited.

The Privy Council in Britain's government and its oath of joining extends back to the Tudor dynasty, (and was formulated in the 13th century but made full in 1571) predating the dynasty of William 2nd, 3rd and William IV, who was Prince of Orange from birth and the first hereditary Stadtholder of all the United Provinces of the Netherlands from 1747 till his death in 1751. (Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated in order to hand over to her son Willem-Alexander in 2013)  During his whole life he was furthermore ruler of the Principality of Orange-Nassau. The Privy council has overturned the House of Lords and the courts in its rulings, but decisions by the Privy council have in turn been overruled or deemed unlawful by itself. It overturned its own ruling under Jack Straw (privy council chair) in 2006. The privy council also banned GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters ) members from joining a trade union in 2010 - 2012. It also operates within the 'United Kingdom Corporation ltd', although it operates outside of this in many aspects.


Compare the Video above with the presentations below 

Erin O'Donnell adds more correct insight into the illusion and how Sovereignty is reclaimed (for instance a mandate is a 2 way agreement or it void )


John Harris 'Its an Illusion' ( A good man who has sadly passed away, but who helped millions) The illusion by other voices is explained also by John Harris "It's an illusion - John Harris"   (it is also on Bitchute "Its an illusion" longer version John Harris ) 


But more information without full understanding but adequate from Servant King in 9 parts and parts 1 and 6 are here "Servant King - Confusion (1 of 9) - "The Perfect Swindle"   and also  "Servant King - Confusion (6 of 9) - "Confusion of Law"  (for instance you do not need a license to practice law or any profession or a license for your dog, car or armaments. It is irrelevant if your government mandates you or not or if they ask you or not to obey regulations. Asking for consent is because As King (or Queen) you are Lawful in your status standing and agency. These are simply presumptions of law the state devices you into taking or agreeing with) See also "Karl Lentz at Truthjuice Birmingham, England, U.K. 10th December 2013"  with further insights from Bill Turner with miscellaneous teaching and practical outcomes. A documentary on the differences in law from Sovereign, natural and unnatural Natural Law The Science of Natural Law   However these above (in this paragraph only), only go part of the way 


John Harris also appears in the  excellent  ‘STRAWMAN - THE NATURE OF THE CAGE’  Or here  or here again once more   (or here as an MP4 file)  The Video shows testimony from Police officers, who explain the difference between Lawful and 'Legal' and how the state (believes) it owns your children.

Leaving the private Corporation of the Vatican established in 1929 (  actus formalis defectionis ab Ecclesia catholica ) with also an explanation of Unam Sanctam issued as a Papal bull in 1302  which explains up to the current private Vatican corporation which has hijacked the Catholic church turning bible law upside down and instead adopting the  Law of the Sea   UCC Uniform Commercial Code known as Maritime Admiralty law   or a 2nd link here if Video fails to play  (including your 2. Birth Certificate and 3. Strawman alternate identity, and see in the description of the film below it, for more relevant information)  The Film is also here as an MP 4 file to download   ( and specifically on this see the last post above dated 21.10.2021 and point 5 ) You can remove your consent to ‘Unam Sanctam’ but simply dissolving your birth certificate does not mean you are not a catholic as the Vatican City Corporation was only established in 1929.  For more information see here  or see here again There are equivalents in every state church

You are owned by the stock exchange via your birth certificate registration. You are traded by its number since you were born. Just as a ship births at a dock, when you were born from the womb you were birthed (out of your mothers water ) into a corporation as a human resource. Look at your birth certificate, it is a stock security (securities exchange) and in the corner usually the right hand side your number is stamped on it. (A birth certificate, especially if replaced, may have many numbers but the original registration number is the actual number)  In the modern 5G / 6G technocracy in the 4th industrial revolution you are ‘wetware’ in silicon valley jargon. This largely misunderstood concept is further explained in (by Mr Anderson)  ‘Strawman Illusion - Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory Rule of Law Explained’  or here as a youtube video or here as an MP4 EXTENSION

This does not mean the ‘rule of law’ (as Lawful common law not legal) is bad, yet parents were not told their children and themselves were registered as a security to be traded on a stock exchange. It is completed as a certificate without your consent. You should be given the choice of births but you are not given that choice it was taken from you by deception. You can still claim that choice. As Mr Anderson (in the video above) says he abides by the driving speed limits and the law for moral reasons not because he stands under the law.

Birth Certificates. For further information see bitchute  ‘BIRTHING-CERTIFICATES BY JUSTINIAN DECEPTION’ or here on youtube or here as an MP4 EXTENSION.    (for more information see the adjacent website and The Law of the Land  and also King Alfred, ( & King Arthur) the ‘deemings’of King Alfred, the Magna Carta, the Bill of rights 1688/1689, and the Popes law to cancel Corporations)

The 3 strands of law. In 1929 (with the Wall Street crash as a coordinated action) Mussolini reinstated the Holy Roman Empire on 11.02.1929. Vatican City was formed as a private Corporation like the District of Columbia (DC) and the City of London, the latter is unincorporated. (See above in the first section of this website) Called the Lateran treaty the new Holy Roman Empire, was to last only until June 3rd 1985 for Vatican City inc, and it was formed on 11.02.1929. The Wall street crash occurred on October 29, 1929 and known as, "Black Tuesday" on Wall Street. There had also been a stock exchange crash in London in September 1929. The Wall Street crash had an earlier scare on March 25th 1929 the emergence of a cadre of Vatican functionaries trained in civil and Canon law that developed a new mode of diplomacy eschewing the previous focus on reconstituting the Papal States" Its new adherence to a form of Canon law known as 'Uniform Commercial Code' which although they are separate strands of law  extending back to the beginnings of Rome and the 'Venetians' (similar to 'Phoenicians' see the 2nd part of this website and WW1 )  These are 2 of the 3 strands of legal but not LAWFUL 'law' 1. UCC commercial code 2. Canon Law 3. The 3rd strand is Talmudic law and not just the Babylonian Talmud of Judaism but the Iranian Talmud. Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the map. (i.e UCC + Canon law + talmud law) The Vatican would say that during the long history of what we term UCC or canon law is the declaration of Pope Boniface in 1302 called 'Unam Sanctam' which as King of the World claiming control over the whole planet, until Henry the  8th who claimed that right as his, but which moved into illegal 'legalese' after the fire of London in 1666 with "C'est Tui Cie Vie 1666" (see specifically on this the post above dated 21.10.2021 and point 5 ) 1. Black’s Law Dictionary 11th Edition Pdf Free Download  2. Black's law dictionary online  3 Black's Law Dictionary 'Status, Standing & Agency' 


Your Inheritance 

Without your consent (which within 7 years from your birth you were regarded as dead and they salvaged your ship) your parents signed away your Inheritance, but in fact this is not a valid contract as it takes consent between 2 parties to agree. (the 'implied right of consent' which is higher than the 'presumption' of law which presumes you consent) Debt relief is retrospective.

What is your inheritance in real terms? 'The Occult Art of Law' presenter ( Alan of Salisbury) estimates everyone on earth is entitled to Land in the equivalence of 4 areas the size of Twickenham Rugby field which is around 10 acres of land It is a hard concept for some to accept as they assume everyone else owns the land, but they cannot own land ? but it is a birthright in reality, and whilst some would want only a small parcel of land, the point by Alan of Salisbury is well made and true. His estimate is based on logical statistics as follows ( "The international rugby field pictured here is very close to one hectare in size, it is actually 1.0008 hectares. A perfect square is 100 meters by 100 meters is a hectare. An acre is about 0.4047 hectare and one hectare contains about 2.47 acres")  i.e The entire world divided by 7.5 billion people, people as you are created by the divine into abundance. This is Lawful and is fully supported by the Law, with repercussions in fact, but it also does not stop there. Removing these illegal legalese presumptions would nullify but redeem every loan and mortgage without loss of property, and retrospectively, and in central banking back to 1913. Many may be content with 5 acres with the rest turned into common land. Repairing the world and bringing true prosperity, wealth and freedom. You are also owed money stolen from you at your birth and then charged back to you (as you have learnt in the paragraphs above)   

With the land as your inheritance, the land also has other rights attached to it. You are as an individual are really born on the land but out of your mothers water, you are a ward of the state in the maternity ward but when your  parents sign the birth certificate you are moved into the state fully (shipping, postal office authority argued over by Spain, France, Germany, Dutch, Vatican and Britain and then as banking ) as a dead person ( 'dead in the water' ) but with your inheritance held in trust and you are given credit against your own inheritance. However as mentioned, as this was presumed against you as a 'presumption in law', in reality you can repudiate, and claim your land inheritance and its minerals and its strategic metals contracts. This means you claim the space above the land and the ground below including its water and natural minerals and metals (and also salvage and archeological metals but which you may want to also preserve for posterity) Control of metals means you can issue silver or gold as currency and also claim the oil or plutonium below the ground. You can of course just grow organic food upon the land and preserve your own seeds (non - GMO hybrids )  Clean water, air and soil and free energy including 'fossil fuels' or at or for little cost. 

On the adjacent website and chapter 2 there is more information on these subjects, in relation to money creation and debt . Also note that many (many = 777) construction companies, banks and building societies took part in a study / thesis on alternative finance (or rather real finance in 2004 / 2005 ) around the time of the 7/7 bombings in London. These issues are not fringe issues but are widely discussed. Including money (MO) in circulation for any nation which is theirs. For an insight into Crypto / digital currency, see the next paragraph below.

Sovereignty (which every nation and its people have)  is not just about law but about Dominion, which has to be possessed as an inheritance. First consider the following article by James Delingpole Delingpole: Democracy Is Dead in the UK – and Everywhere  and this means no matter which ideology you choose, but it also refers to the Technocracy, which in turn is framed by the 'cashless society' or rather the removal of national sovereignty over its own Treasury. Delingpole explains " ‘sustainability’ a cozy codeword for eco-fascism, biosecurity, Central Bank Digital Currencies, etc" & "Whether you vote Labour or Conservative makes zero difference: you always get the same Uniparty" and that is pertinent to all the political parties. The proxy vote (and 'winning the vote' has been a deception in which the proxy vote has replaced 'the people' and has also been gerrymandered for a signature of any pre-groomed MP or political representative. Signature =  'a sign of nature' of the people to give away its rights over its own national treasury and money issuance.  It is now further removed one more stage more into the ether by the virtual currencies deception called Bitcoin crypto or central digital bank currency which will be one and the same. See  'Crypto: The End of Freedom!'  or here again Crypto The End of Freedom! 1988 Economist magazine until today Bitcoin or any crypto is not a decentralized opponent of globalization. Notes and cash or silver or gold issued by your own national treasury is for you and without interest and without conditions.


Biblical Laws from the Bible (basis for Common law and Sovereign law) 

(Torah and Brit Chadashah) and there are more laws than those quoted, but they are pertinent to the idea of Sovereignty and right and wrong. The Ten commandments state harm no one and do not steal amongst  other Laws etc. There are not many sermons covering "the law". 

The bible and Torah (and new testament) are the basis for modern law. Requirements for a search warrant Deuteronomy 19,10 -13. Property Boundaries & Threshold privacy Deuteronomy 19, 14 & but also Deuteronomy 19,15 (3 witnesses to testify a search warrant is required as 3 can ascertain the seriousness, or not of the situation. One Judge alone is not enough) a public trial is the law Deuteronomy 21, 18 - 19 & 1 Kings 21:12 - 13 & in Deuteronomy and elsewhere, the community, not just the elders, is present to validate public hearings, trials (see Numbers 35:15 - 34, Deuteronomy 17:5-7) Innocence was therefore also protected. For an accusation to stick, it must not only be made in a proper venue; it must also follow the proper procedure. To this end, they specify that there be three witnesses, not just one, to accuse This brings the process into line with biblical laws that explicitly prohibit punishment on the basis of just one accuser's word (Num 35:30, Deut 17:6-7) to an appeal 2 Samuel 19:28, to an impartial Judge Lev 19,15, to present evidence Exodus 22,13, to a fair trial Exodus 20, 16, to 2 witnessess of more in a death penalty Deuteronomy 17, 6, to a proper defense Exodus 32, 9 - 14, to an investigation Deuteronomy 17, 4 & 19,18, to a Jury Numbers 35, 12 & Matthew 5:33-37, to equality under the law Deuteronomy 17, 20. Two or  three witnesses (or 12 in a Jury) were required with evidence under an impartial Judge (who was under Oath not just sitting as a legal person) and fairly.  

Deuteronomy 17,6 & 3 witnesses alo in 19,15, is also established and quoted in John 8, 17 - 18 & Matthew 18, 15 - 18 & 3 John, 11;32 & 1 Timothy 5:19 because the law was not abolished under Grace. (and in relation to Hebrews 4:13, and He will bring all matters, “including every secret sin,” into judgment Ecclesiastes 12:14)

Government is meant to be very small and deal with only a very small area of society Obey God (Matthew 8 - 10) or Man Made Government ? ('Romans 13') The Love & Grace to Preach God's Law

In other words today and to contemporise the above The Law of the sea, UCC & the Talmud are subject to Torah as biblical laws and the public has the right to establish if they are LAWFUL whether it is in money matters or criminal / civil under law Publically for free.

There are also many other Biblical laws on DEBT and DEBT CANCELLATION JUBILEES. They apply to all who believe and hold dear the Judeo - Christian tradition and also for foreigners. These are not an option. References to debt in Luke’s gospel ( in particular Luke 6, 34–36 & 7; 36–50 & 11; 2–4 & 16; 1–9) should be viewed in relation to the biblical Jubilee. Debt cancellation and the Jubilee and Sabbatical years were usually understood to be separate concepts, but this is not the case, they are for the benefit of society. Sabbatical years occurred every 7 years, and the Jubilee year was celebrated at the end of 7 cycles of the sabbatical year as the 50th year (or 49th as some argue).  During the sabbatical years the Israelites rested and allowed the land to rest. According to 2nd Chronicles 36:21, Jubilees only happened sporadically, (but should have occurred every week on the sabbath and every 7 or 49 years) however God’s law is for all who believe in Biblical authority. These laws exist even if you do not believe them. When the Israelites reached the Promised Land, God distributed land to the 12 tribes (Josh. 13:7, 23:4), and the purpose of the Jubilee law was to keep the land in the hands of the tribes and families to which he had given the land in the first place. Leviticus 25, 23 states that it is God who owns the land (and not the state to redistribute) Psalm 24, 1 - 2 states that (King David)  "The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein, for he has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers"  and no earthly king or government owns the earth and this is confirmed in Job 12, 10 & 1 Corinthians 4, 7 & 6,19 and the book of Genesis and the Gospel of Luke (as the Kingdom) and see Daniel 7 & Gospel of Luke & Romans 8,19. C.S Lewis said "Every faculty you have, your power of thinking or of moving your limbs from moment to moment, is given you by God" These are LAWFUL ownership rights and can be enforced by any person.

Debt cancellation verses Exodus 23,10–11 & Leviticus 25,1–7, & 18–22 & also Deuteronomy 15,1–11 are the biblical verses in relation to debt cancellation, is a command to be released from this debt whether arrangements had been made in the previous years or not, but which as arrangements to repay  any loan, before the  7th year was upon any party in the debt / loan, they would of course concentrate minds to not have a debt by the 7th year and this is why NATIONAL DEBTS continually made and increased at interest year and year is not LAWFUL or practical.

Jubilee 7 and 50 years verses. Leviticus 27,16–25; Numbers 36, 4 tell you of the 49th / 50th Jubilee Year.

Usury verses Usury if of course forbidden see  Exodus 22:25–27 and also .(Leviticus 25:36-37Ezekiel 18:8-17) In the Old Testament, the Israelites were forbidden from charging “usury,” or interest, on loans to fellow Jews (Deuteronomy 23:19), but they were permitted to charge interest on loans to foreigners (Deuteronomy 23:20). A mention of this usury law in Leviticus 25:35-38 makes it apparent that it applied to loans made to fellow Israelites who were in poverty. Having to pay back the loan with “usury,” or interest, would only put them further into debt and was not beneficial to the economy. 

Sabbatical years verses. Exodus 23, 10 - 11 Nehemiah 10, 32 ( & Leviticus 25, 1 - 7 & 18 - 22 )records the agreement to suspend all agricultural work during the 7th year and to forgo all debts as commanded in the 'Laws of God'  The Sabbath day (see the 10 commandments ) was to be set aside and for instance Manna was collected in double portions on the 6th day to enjoy in rest on the 7th day. 

World debt is in Trillions and even Quadrillions and changes and it should be removed from public taxes and support and let it collapse as it is beyond salvaging. As mentioned, national debts have never in history been allowed to accrue and are not lawful and are destructive and unnecessary and has been warned by the World bank and IMF and others who are responsible for allowing the central bank to accumulate nations taxes into an endless criminal collection and slavery system when taxes should be 5 - 10 % at most not 60% and even 80% of all taxes collected in a nation to service a national debt. When these debts are underwritten by governments without its (nation) people's permission then it is tyranny, but which can be removed.See also for the background Zeitgeist Money Mechanics Part 1 on Bitchute  and again Zeitgeist Money Mechanics  Part 2 on Bitchute )

Therefore central bank national debts are not LAWFUL and they can be repudiated back to their origin which in the modern era is to 1913. It is still possible to issue 'money' not as credit but in Billions or Trillions (or not) without attached interest as debt to serve humanity and retaining control of their national treasuries. Central banks issue 'credit' against your inheritance which is already yours, when they should issue real currency through the national  treasury owned by the people. Mortgages are in effect illegal as of course your inheritance for your land is yours. Even mortgages which are paid and the attached Usury adding extra cost (to your money and inheritance it is not Babylon) is balanced you still do not own that property or the land its sits upon whether it is fee simple or fee absolute  You are in effect paying for the land and dwelling twice with interest (see the deeds and the ground rent which shows you the owner even after mortgage with mans in french 'death grip') for something you already own and need to fully inherit ?

The People have a right to enforce their birthrights

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The Supremacy and Power of Sovereign Law 


(The above posts are dated 13.03.2021 & 27.05.2021 at the top or near the top  and also dated 7.7.2021 & post dated 21.10.2021 & post dated 23.12.2021 - 2022 )


Over the last 2 months numerous countries have served Common Law directives upon the state they reside within, as Global protests have erupted and which are growing exponentially around the world. 

In the last post above a location point for the source of law was / is the bible or the Torah, Prophets, writings and poetry and the psalms of the Old Testament. The New Testament is known as the Brit Chadashah. In every nation people have certain instinct to know that there is the divine, which some call energy (unspecified) others an unspecified intelligence who creates, but others still a personal all knowing God. Many suggest natural law simply comes from out of nature itself. We are Sovereign flesh and blood human beings and naturally we are not.... unnatural, and it extends to all peoples in every nation. To summarize the correct status of flesh and blood human beings we can list the terms of law as categories as natural or unnatural (below a few paragraphs down, but the first is here below) 

De Jure and De Facto These definitions below are helpful and De Jure (under a jury) means the LAW exists in reality. De Facto means a situation exists but it is not REAL but a legal fiction or a temporary legal dead law.. 

De Facto legal paradigms place the blame for not knowing the law or suffering from its effects on everyone, and those who who are negatively affected are to blame for their ignorance. It is complicated and beyond many to grasp what is occurring. In biblical law / common the fault is on those who breach the law and who then affect others. Then and in that case the penalty is upon their heads (see Leviticus 20 in full but see Leviticus 20, 9 & 27 as 2 examples) in this life and eternity and into Judgement day.  MEN and WOMAN who are regarded as 'persons'  (see Acts 10:28, 34–35, Romans 2, 11 - 16) are as legal fictions or legal fictions institutions in reality under this status of biblical common law eternally as inalienable rights are forever, but not in legalese where those who administer the legalese are not to blame. The penalty for transgressing the Law of God is immediate and in the future afterlife. In UCC law or legal fiction law the onus is upon those being deceived by the law to also  suffer from the consequences of not knowing the law. Those who who act unlawfully are not to blame they suggest and any adverse consequences are upon those being deceived. Those being deceived are at fault for losses incurred. In this legal situation when you are summoned to court (as one example) the spiritual definition of those being summoned refers to their dead strawman self and not the real you (see also 1 Samuel 28, 11 & 15) You are dead, so your strawman spirit is summoned into court and any financial penalty is obtained from your strawman account whether you pay it or not. Most people do not know that debts are paid twice and ALL money is debt, whether you pay it or not. This strawman is created at your birth (see the last post above dated   23.12.2021 - 2022 and the "Occult Art of Law" film) In UCC maritime law the fault is on those who are being deceived but which is not a defense biblically or in common sovereign law. See the post above dated   7.7.2021 and the film  "UCC Uniform Commercial Code known as Maritime Admiralty law" where it explains that when you were born you were / are dead in the water. On average real Men and Woman as 'PERSONS' pay over 1 Million in taxes in their working lifetime and are the only creatures (created beings) to pay to live on the earth. This brief summary explains one important difference between common law and legalese.


Terms and definitions of law


Law of the Sea (defined by all below) 

Commercial Law which includes contract law, merchant law and Universal Commercial code (UCC) under common law you have no contract with these legal entities unless you contract with them (i.e giving your legal fiction name or signature as 'sign of nature')

Admiralty Maritime law which includes Military courts, Martial Law and Tribunal. 
The word tribune was assigned to Roman soldiers who were to represent or listen to the plebs (plebeians) 
who were up in arms especially when Rome was collapsing from its debt burden. They were intermediaries between
the crowds and the state. Judiciary law docked under a court docket in the port (court) under admiralty holy see and Talmud law 

Statutory Public legislation which includes Statutory acts, Codes, Legislative instruments, Bars and Rules

Corporations simply corporate legislation or corpse speak as dead speak. (Corpus oratory)

These laws primarily exist  to serve the law of the sea maritime admiralty law grants the LEGAL (but not Lawful) right for merchant banking international commerce a corporation cannot control a natural sovereign person (incorporated or unincorporated) 

In the us all districts courts operates under admiralty law 


Law of the land, or roman civil law (canon law but not over Biblical common law )but older civil common laws are now termed common law of that nation

Universal law which includes the laws of God, the Creator and the Universe

Natural law which  are the laws of nature

Common Law which includes causing no harm or loss or fraud to other living souls.  Common law or laws from time immemorial with inalienable rights  

Constitutional law which is serving the public (under common law) to an oath of office. All holders of public office must uphold the  oath of the constitution but which only exists as a constitution because of common law or laws from time immemorial with inalienable rights


The GAVI (The Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunizations ) via the United Nations (& Trump and Biden etc. Trump having shares in GAVI as the father of the vaccine miracle ) have achieved their initial goals towards depopulation, (see statement by DAVOS WEF below dated 17.01.2022 ) and recent court decisions have established precedents towards that full aim. 

The US Supreme court has  AGREED (13/14.01.2022) To Mandate Health Care Workers & the New International Rules based order Biden's mandate has not been defeated as it is not his (this helps the shedding spreading process)The reality is the UN rules based order is in charge. See  SGT Report 14.1.2022 next link in the SGT Report 'Scotus Vipers betrayed us again' It is the same in every country and its courts who are in office but not in power. The USA and every country is no longer under International Law which has been removed, (and which is in itself not the Sovereign common law of nations) but are under UN law as the Rules based order. e.g. "Lavrov: West Belittles The UN By Imposing Its Own 'A Rules Based International Order" They have co-opted the medical industry with the military to run each country in Global zones, and incredibly the legislation for this was brought forward in the USA after 9/11 in the Homeland security bills assuming power to state Governors in a medical emergency. It's time the UN was overthrown as they move to total world government ('Dr ' Tedros Dr Tedros of the WHO /UN wanted for Genocide in Ethiopia etc. The WHO / UN  = China as people locked in their homes in entire cities now) It's a huge deception with (smart Cities including virtual cities in the google 'metaverse'Smart cities paving the way for China's social credit system. and in Australia the Chinese inspired Digital Identity Bill  coming everywhere with or without green passports    (the legislation is available here) The EU is bringing in the Digital ID Wallet for all transactions building  

The Florida 11th circuit court of appeals has stopped an appeal to prevent mandates on 24.01.2022  Austria has backed mandates in full on 20.01.2022 with Germany next to bring them forward in full after initial decision on 10.12.2021  Britain has historical statutes for mandatory vaccination in existence since 1853 but which caused injuries and destroyed people's immune systems. However they were not mRNA experimental crispr DNA changing injections which are new as Ireland approves its 5th vaccine for release in February / March 2022. The US Navy seals brought a lower court successful case  on religious exemptions from the mandate in a federal district court in early January 2022 In the USA all district courts operate under admiralty law and from the outset no one in the USA had to comply with the mandates from the get go under the constitution but under inalienable rights of common law. A Judge of course can clear a court and reset as a Sovereign Court and with Sovereign decisions.

People ask why ? (The US Supreme Court and 'Human' DNA ownership rulings 2013 & 2019) as millions are being vaccinated around the world with an unapproved experimental mRNA DNA changing injection ('vaccine'), which carries an indemnity against prosecution. A court case in the US Supreme court ruled Humans (people) cannot be owned or patented as they are Sovereign people flesh and blood made in the image of God. They continued however and said they cannot be owned or patented unless they are synthetic (Reuters)  or their RNA / DNA has changed. The BBC also reported on the case in 2012/ 2013 " Human genes may not be patented, but artificially copied DNA can be claimed as intellectual property, the US Supreme Court has ruled unanimously" And this is exactly what the mRNA injections do, and that would be the Mark of the Beast systemThe Court ruling in full is here watch out for the small print (under Obama, Pope Francis and continued by Trump / Biden) Warnings against home DNA alteration Kits were given in 2016 as well as DNA Genealogy tracing websites as warned against by the Pentagon are 'pre-cursing' the mRNA vaccines. The link to those deaths and injuries is here in the post above ) These modified Humans are no longer human but a name block capitals ( 'PERSON' ) belonging to the patent owner as Trans-human without human rights. It is legal but not LAWFUL. GMO modified foods are already patented as they are modified but natural plants cannot be. However they are trying to tweak that ruling and make it broader.(in 2019 / 2020) The CDC has recently admitted that most covid deaths were from other causes The real war and rumors of wars is for your soul. Many are unaware that they are now (more than ever) owned by private corporations, but they do have a sense of 'vaccine regret' but it does not stop there. To 'trans' from a human in trans-humanism requires first a biological change) 

The World Economic Forum / Davos 17.01.2022 (& Russia / Ukraine & Cyber Polygon) states 70% of the world has been vaccinated by February 2022 and he states the next pandemic may be very severe (begins at 10 minutes in)  "Special Address by António Guterres, Secretary-General, United Nations | Davos Agenda 2022"   (millions dead and injured already) Klaus Schwab also met the Russian federation prime minister Mikhail Mishustin   to discuss the Cyber Polygon cybersecurity exercise / attack facing the world "Cyber Polygon 2021 Opening. Mikhail Mishustin, Klaus Martin Schwab, Herman Gref"  ? Run by the World Economic Forum, cyber polygon suggests a total shutdown of the world energy power supply.(to bring in  'human energy' via 'personal energy accounting'  green social credit system see below also) The Ukraine is connected (with a different opinion which is based also upon the assumption other countries are not wanting to go to war )  Ukraine & Great Reset Explained, Federal Reserve Money Fleecing America w/ Harley Schlanger (1of2)  no 2 follows. All sides have WMD which could lead to M.A.D. (Mutually assured destruction) Russia, Kazakhstan (the scene of a recent coup d'etat attempt) Belarus Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan have formed the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union ) and Israel and Iran mooted joining also in early 2019 yet iran has said it wants to remove israel from the map heading towards a war between the two nations.China has seen the withdrawal from Afghanistan (except there are still massive amounts of western troops there)  and may move to occupy Taiwan in that atmosphere. Russia occupies the Ukraine and parts of inland Ukraine and has since 2015 and many point out it has already invaded Ukraine ? Nord Stream 2 pipeline February 2022 In early December 2021 and into 2022 , both the USA and Germany have said they will close down the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline into Europe (which has developed) if Russia invades Ukraine.

75 perpetrators have been indicted but in International law International Court Indicts 75 Perpetrators w/ Kevin Annett which the UN rules based order have suspended for WW3. Yet Trump, Biden or Clinton (but actually with the WHO / Gates crew) did not respect the US Sovereignty in any way (the bank repo rate failed in mid 2019) in LAW. (the father, funder and promoter of the vaccine miracle under the Q rules of war deception)

The US Supreme court acts De Facto but should operate to the US Constitution. In the USA all district courts operate under admiralty law and the US Supreme court decision above is not under the Supreme court US Constitution or common law of inalienable rights but under admiralty law under FEMA military since 11.03.2020 see  UNITED STATES IS OVER! TRUMP HANDS IT OVER TO F.E.M.A. !!  in other words in easing of restrictions or hardening of restrictions the De Facto New  World Order is in power. Yet many say whether the 'gvmt' (the de facto new international rules based order ) says restrictions are eased or ramped up and hardened makes no difference as you do not have to comply with them anyway. Without the television pointing the camera at certain proxy politicians everyday no one would know they even exist see also  The Corporation Nation - The U.S. is NOT a Country (2020 Remastered) | Original by Clint Richardson neither is the EU i.e not real, wholesome and true.


(to repeat from above) The Russian minister shows regret that the west is trying to impose its own new international rules based order (NWO) as mentioned above UN Law as the Rules based order. e.g. "Lavrov: West Belittles The UN By Imposing Its Own 'A Rules Based International Order"  yet in the details what does it mean bearing UN Agenda 21 - 30 in mind.

Rules based order with Rules which are not Laws (and legal are not lawful) but the confusion is required for Globalism one world government. 'Rules' can be derived from anywhere, from any Judiciary in every or any country. Judge Antonin Scalia (now passed) explains that the onus on a court in the USA  is to employ the US constitution or Common law to interpret a decision whereas foreign law is broad and not common law. (see from Dec 2018 looking back today). United Nations 'Rules Based international Order' explained in Dec 2018 Amazing Polly & Nationalism (or here again or here again once more   or alternatively Amazing Polly on Rumble ) The recent US Supreme Court decision on mandates is not a common law US constitution decision (see heading above "The rules based order" ) and it is not sitting as under the US Constitution whether they have 2 or 32 Judges, just as the President's office is not real but is De Facto They want to re-interpret Human rights ? but as Humans are dead are in fact classed as 'monsters' who are dead in the water see the film on UCC above then they are not living MEN and WOMAN but persons with Human (monster & dead) rights as "equal rights for all but no rights equally"  (this is UN Human rights)

All Central banks to go Digital / bitcoin in 2022 Former international law and commercial law (what is commercial law ? or as an MP 4 File )  has been replaced by the International rules based order see from December 2018 for communitarianism.  Today we have the 'New World Order' versus the 'New Age' and it is all staged for all nations and nationalities detrimentally. A Judge in one continent with another in another continent can make the rules and they are then broadcast as lockdowns, restrictions or eased restrictions and differing versions of the mRNA injection frequency or the new head and hand  patch QR / bar code injection for head or hand (February / March 2022 ) Sovereign nations can opt out of this dystopia. Communitarianism or the state with corporations, as communism with fascism. Looking back with Amazing Polly to late 2019 early 2020 warning or see here again  and also see Crypto The End of Freedom! 1988 Economist magazine until today as 2022 announced as central banks to go digital into fiat credit pretend crypto money backed by 'human energy' via 'personal energy accounting' e.g. powering a bike to run a battery to earn credits or signalling support for big government to earn social credits etc etc (see the Ukraine / Russia paragraphs above) in the block-chain with digital or bitcoin energy 'credit'  in the technocracy to keep your home in light, water and food, building on the green passport technology. Credit is not money )


Ireland on the 21st January 2022 held its 'Turning of the Sovereign Seal' or the turning of the Harp.  (last link at the end mentions the requirement to turn the seal for license to operate Government) It is held in the Mansion House in Dublin   The first Dail (De Facto Government) was held on the 19th January 1921 to declare Ireland's Independence. In 2021 the internal meeting ceremony for the turning of the seal was not allowed in the Mansion House due to covid 19 ? yet in 2022 a larger crowd gathered to watch the ceremony take place. Yet was the harp seal turned within the building as required. In 2021 it was turned outside in a different location. The Irish constitution mentioned 'under God' as opposed to an ideology in which (it states) we pray. Common law is inalienable and not just for liberty but for Sovereignty (for further details see the adjacent website ) What is not known is that the seal if not turned then this little ceremony can shut down all civil state activity in Ireland  It is in fact the government, ie. the real government of men and women not 'persons' i.e The people, who confer Sovereignty onto the government to operate. Elected (proxy) politicians in the Dail are not the 'government', and neither are agencies or state institutions who proclaim regulations and rules, the people are the Government and the Dail does not grant you sovereignty once they take their seats. This is especially so under the corporation of the EU which without now international commercial law is itself (with the new digital system in place built upon the green passport system) under the UN Rules based international order.

Ireland has Common law courts in operation  but they operate De Facto and not De Jure and without common law as sovereign law and instead apply EU regulations or now the UN rules based order. They can (and should everyday) apply common law and as public servants they should swear allegiance to their oath via the constitution which is itself  (Padraig Pearse referred as under God in his 1916 proclamation of independence at the General Post  Office in 1916) in place only because of Natural law from Ireland's common law which reaches back to the Brehon laws and the Old Testament as flesh and blood Men and Woman (not persons) with inalienable rights. If they are not acting under common law then they are not REAL but legal fictions.

The Irish Supreme Court (with Harp emblem) has to operate under Sovereign common law. The other courts are viable or REAL because the Sovereign Harp seal was turned (not because the state recognizes them) marking another year ( many countries have their equivalents) but also to apply Sovereign Law. The Harp appears on all Civil service papers or communications or should.The Harp is more than just a symbol it is the REAL flag of Ireland  and in antiquity to the present day from King David (the four pictures or images in the last link show the 4 pictures with the Harp flag first and then next the Ark of the Covenant and the Lion and Unicorn x 2) and it was recognised De Jure as itself  Sovereign  and which can be read about in full from the following book  The book the "Irish Harp Emblem" or within this PDF outline of the lesser known attributes of the Harp

Gemma O'Doherty and John Waters took a High Court injunction / judicial review against Covid restrictions.... " John Waters and Gemma O'Doherty's appeal against a refusal to permit them to challenge the constitutionality of laws introduced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been dismissed. They had appealed the High Court’s refusal to permit the two to bring their challenge and its award of costs of that hearing against them.In their judicial review proceedings against the State and the Minister for Health, with the Dail. Seanad and Ceann Comhairle as notice parties, the appellants had sought to have various legislative measures declared unconstitutional and flawed"  They were granted leave to appeal in April / May  2021 which failed and they were ordered to pay costs, but in November 2021 their appeal was granted to appeal in the Supreme Court  On January 26th 2022 a date was set for this hearing which may take place on March 15th 2022.

Supreme court  hearing date set March 15th 2022.The court in reality does not recognize Gemma ODoherty or John Waters as real people only their straw men (or woman) persons in BLOCK capitals (and the covid restrictions are eased temporarily now but which did not have LAW to operate in the first instance) it is a De facto court with profit as a consideration yet these are matters of human life as also in the Criminal court. It believes the state owns its children (not the parents) and it has still not recognized a fetus as having the right to life (beginning at conception) as a man or woman only as a person which is in any case 'dead in the water' (legalese term). Further to this the De Facto Dail refused to vote to give a fetus pain relief when it was aborted (on 15th .12.2021)  and abortion in any case is murder. and it is about everyone who is Sovereign i.e. you (naturally from birth)

The Irish Supreme Court still believes the Unborn have no rights (the Unborn has no rights ) except the right to be  born ? but in reality the right to die. But inalienable rights all begin at conception whether you are religious or not. If a bill to allow a 'death with dignity' fails (see the beginning of this section) then Euthanasia must be seen as wrong. Yet at the other end of a life the elderly begin to exist at conception and the unborn  do not have 'death  with dignity' or any say in their death which  is murder.In Ireland in 2021 the Euthanasia bill "Dying with Dignity" from October 2020  was defeated originally in October 2020 and now in July 2021 it will make no further progress. (but that is for now as it is in the EU and legal in many US states) This philosophy in the 2020 - 2025 Great Reset  encapsulates the United Nations statement  who redefined "what it means to be Human"   (applicable to the Unborn and those who are born, but 'dead in the water' which means you) on the 30.05.2018 just in time for Ireland's "abortion" referendum. Human diploid cells in the vaccines. Pope Francis confirms "baby DNA" is in the experimental vaccines  but  this is then denied by a Roman Catholic news Channel  EWTN  (EWTN or Eternal Word Television Network who campaigned on pro - life issues) However Veritas have also confirmed that infant human remains are in the vaccines and which was confirmed by Pfizer to Veritas  Further EWTN are not keen to comment on these issues as Vannessa Gelman Pfizer's lead researcher runs away when asked about the baby dna in vaccines the Pope approves of,  also the Dr Stanley Plotkin deposition confirms that recent aborted fetal tissue is used in 2018 (Video 11) Stanley Plotkin, Vaccines Deposition, Under Oath, 9 Hour Full Video or You can also see abridged testimony at 40 mins in here Today the Vatican has issued Green passports on Covid but if you are a pedophile priest or layman you can hide out there without prosecution (for further details see the adjacent website and chapter 6 ) And the CDC now admit aborted fetal parts are in vaccines It is incredible that the pro - choice pro abortion campaign of "my body my choice" does not apply  to vaccine mandates ?? or even REAL babies conceived in the womb, and mothers could receive vaccinations from their dead children in theory (the Stanley Plotkin deposition revealed that in 2018 76 babies were harvested and not from the 1973 era. This continues every year, even as Ulster closes its doors on an abortion provider 

No pain relief for babies in abortions. The fact the Dail (which need not be obeyed) voted to not give a baby pain relief during its agony in abortion is a shameful and disgusting mindset and position to take in order to provide Big pharma new stem cells which are not polluted by pain relief chemicals for profit as an indicator of what the 'Irish Dail' and all the political parties within it are ready to do to the Irish nation and its people. The abortion referendum travesty is beyond belief.  By April 2021, 13,243 abortions had been registered which is not what was put across by the better together pro choice agenda, and which is state sponsored murder as it climbs to 20,000 (but no lockdown panic for these deaths) 

Therefore if the Supreme Court now feels that covid restrictions were unconstitutional as they are now in effect a de facto policy & defunct  (in Gemma and Johns hearing or elsewhere) and as the attached requirement to be vaccinated was apart of the covid system with chemicals and baby parts, then it should also rule that the abortion referendum was unconstitutional and that it should be overturned (as it now certain it was rigged that is beside the Big Tech interference IRELAND'S FALL: THE ABORTION DECEPTION - how the elites killed the right to life   2. Facebook   Trailer on Facebook    3. The Life Institute  Full Film page ) and that now it should rule that Babies have the right to life from conception, in the womb and after birth, and the right not be aborted in Ireland as they are Human baby men and woman and not 'redefined humans' or 'persons'  ( as in UN rules based law) and which should be changed by and to sovereign law which should also apply to adults who are (in common law sovereign courts)  REAL Sovereign people in natural law. This then would be a Sovereign Common law reality (if the nation is Sovereign as people intended, & as it turned the seal on 21.01.2022) as it should be. Otherwise it is not a Court under the Harp and it should stand down  with immediate effect.


Added on the 08.07.2022 

The Irish Supreme court and US Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade and Sovereign Common Law rights. Gemma O'Doherty and John Waters 

Roe v Wade US Supreme Court Ruling June 24th 2022. The reaction to the decision in the USA. Sovereign rights are above the constitution and be wary as Trump was an abortionist and Biden was once pro-life. The US Supreme Court has ruled effectively that it had no say in determining if if anyone should get an abortion in 1973 (Roe versus Wade) as there was never a constitutional right to abortion (killing life)  "The Constitution neither outlaws abortion nor legalizes abortion," Judge Kavanaugh wrote. Now states can decide if abortions are legal (but not Lawful you will note as it is killing) Yet Murder is banned in the individual states now. Further the woman behind the controversy in 1973 was Norma MCCorvery aka Jane Roe  Roe Lied About Being Raped, Admitted On Live TV and who also had a deathbed confession  Roe Vs. Wade: Jane Roe - Deathbed Confession  & the baby in question from 1970 -1973  "ABC News Exclusive: 'Baby Roe' breaks her silence" (Doctors have no right to remove life at the end of life or the beginning) 

These were / are the same kind of emotional tricks which were applied to the Irish abortion referendum in 2018 with even an invention of an abortion and invented dead woman thrown into the melting pot of deception starting in 2013 from the Irish Times Abortion Bias in the Irish Times: The curious story of the abortion that never happened The rest of the deception and media deception and alteration of voting polls in real time carried out by 'Big Tech' is told in the paragraphs above in the documentary 'Irelands fall The Abortion Deception' (or here once more IRELAND'S FALL: THE ABORTION DECEPTION - how the elites killed the right to life   2. Facebook   Trailer on Facebook    3. The Life Institute  Full Film page 26 states in the USA will ban abortion to begin with. The conceived child does not consent (and the parent waives its rights and their rights in legal chicanery) In Common law a human has rights which cannot be removed from conception, the referendum is/was not lawful. In  the USA since Roe v Wade (the US midterm elections here with new post dated 7.7.2022) 

The pro-choice campaign said that abortions would rare, safe and reliable.

Since 1973, 1.5 Billion abortions have occurred globally, and over 50 million in the USA (some estimates say 66 million in the USA) In Ireland 23,000 babies have been murdered by the State, the biggest loss of life since the Irish famine since the Irish abortion referendum on the 25.05.2018. The date is important as the Irish Supreme Court on the 7th March 2018 stated in its (or an imposed ) Judgement (last link, Gráinne Ní Aodha,The Journal 'What the 'unborn' ruling means for the Eighth Amendment referendum' 8.3.2018)  All of these untruths (propaganda) mounted up into an agenda not a care for anyone's life including Savita Halappanavar who did not die from having a baby and would not have done so if she had the baby as testified in the film by those in the hospitals in the documentary above (Ireland's fall) Yet hysteria was generated over this emotive but misplaced agenda without the truth. The Irish couple who were told their baby was disabled but was actually fully healthy and normal and had an abortion on this advice, will receive damages. (they are still devastated) Yet the disabled baby (as thought ) had the right to life in any case and rights beyond the rights to life (as we all do ) The baby cannot receive damages now, but its damages was the right to life and more.

" THE SUPREME COURT has clarified that the unborn has no constitutional rights beyond the right to life," & also in the same Judgement "If the previous ruling had been upheld, which stated that the unborn had rights beyond the right to life, it would have caused confusion for the proposed referendum on repealing or retaining the Eighth Amendment, legal experts had argued. It may also have had significant implications for how the Constitution is implemented" Of course it would. The US Supreme Court has now said it has no rights to define or undefine what is life, as the Irish Supreme did also . Further both do not mention but obviously the US Supreme Court has recognized LAW (not legalties such as condoning baby DA cultures being placed into vaccines and condoned by the Vatican, & see posts above) which gives the right to Men & Woman (not 'PERSONS' in capitals see vid near the end below) and the unborn a right to life in common law. If this (which cannot be removed as inalienable rights) is removed it is Murder. This was not explained by the Irish Supreme Court. 

Further prior to the Irish Referendum and from 1994 to 2017, the UN 'population division' took it upon themselves to be a global watchdog for abortion 'Since the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development, the legal grounds for obtaining an abortion have become less restrictive in many countries' .(UN pdf World Population Poilices 2017  page 1 ) The UN works with the World Health Organisation and GAVI (the global vaccine alliance, showing a conflict of interest in the baby parts and organs and Flesh cultures to grow vaccines from aborted fetus) On November 15th 2018 moved by the Irish referendum 'result' the UN declared 'abortion and assisted sucidie' as a Universal Human Right  having declared 6 months earlier on May 30th 2018  'The UN Redefines What It Means to Be a ‘Human’ only 5 days after the Irish abortion referendum on 25.05.2018. The Irish Supreme Court knowingly assisted this process to dehumanise (literally) the unborn and in effect everyone to alter their Sovereign rights from Human to non human status much like GMO (genetically modified foods) are rebranded not as food but as a product and then it can be patented and owned having no human rights. This is against nature and rights from the beginning of time. Not just a pseudo (fake) philosophical issue but a lucrative trade within the UN and big Pharma. Watch the recent briefing on pandemics and abortion from 'dr Tedros' and Dr Ryan at the WHO World Health Organisation' ON the PLANDEMIC(S) & OTHER EMERGENCIES (WORLD HELLTH ORGANIZATION, MEDIA BRIEFING, Jun 29, 2022

It is clear in Ireland that these Sovereign human rights are not understood or a pretense exists that they do not exist (or are avoided as in 'legalese' or non sense the court needs to make money see the adjacent website the Sovereignty of Nations ) a constitution does not abridged or replace Sovereign human rights without which the constitution would not exist and the constitution of Ireland makes a reference to God and those Sovereign human rights. This is made very clear (a lack of understanding ) in the following article by Gript Media ' EXPLAINING THE SUPREME COURT’S LOCKDOWN RULING ' JOHN MCQIRK JULY 6TH 2022 and "We should, in fact, be grateful to the court: If the Irish courts were truly “corrupt”, as some have alleged, then they could easily have used this very weak case as a pretext to uphold the lockdown in full, precluding any future legal challenges to similar laws. But they have not done so, so nothing in yesterday’s ruling, or any prior ruling in this case, precludes a more comprehensive legal challenge to similar laws being taken at a later date" They had in fact presented full evidence but they missed the point of the court system. (such as 'my body my choice' for mRNA gene therapy experimental vaccines) .If a private entity or the state choose a building and hangs a sign on it, as a court or even a supreme court, and simply devise a new language only understood to themselves (legalese ) and charge's money in fines (or percentage of business loss/gain) as the purpose of the law, then it is hardly a court of the law, and anyone could do this. In common law many of these cases have no crime or fault ? This is what passes for the law around the world.   but see below

Lockdowns or similar are not Laws but legalese. The right to travel and go about your business is THE LAW. the state is not the LAW (as the Vatican or UN is not the LAW) just as a baby has the right to life with or without any issuance from the Supreme Court. (The Pandemic Treaty is in draft in full as intended by 1.8.2022) People can travel or move around with or without any ruling by the Supreme Court. Whether it is a later date or a previous date the Supreme Court does not have the right . People are above the state and legal 'laws' are a legal fiction. A simple example of this from an Australia court is here (3 minutes 57 seconds long) which highlights the difference between Common law and Admiralty maritime law  (in the Melbourne Magistrate Court) Common Law & Admiralty Maritime Law & the difference. A practical example in a 'court' after intro .or here as an MP 4 FILE (2. Common Law versus Admiralty Law MP4 File ) (or once again a longer version here ) The Law is for the poor also it does not require thousands to (in any currency to administer) or a periwig or black cape, or any class status to be considered equal beyond Plato or Voltaire. (the poor are just as learned as Plato or Voltaire etc and the common law is simple and plain and applies fully to and for them under God and the common law is above not below ) The woman in the film (last link) had no crime to answer for and or fee or fine to pay like Gemma O' Doherty or John Waters. (unless they consented to have their trust administered by the court) The common law is not 'lenient' as rape and murder carry life sentences or worse.

The case that Gemma O'Doherty and John Waters took was a Judicial review against Covid measures (regulations and 'principles' but not Law in Irish or any nations laws) Under the Aarhus Convention and point 3 anyone can take a Judicial review free of charge (some states try to limit the spending but that is not the convention) as access to Justice. (The Aarhus convention does not work under Sovereign common law which already allowed for Judicial review of any legality or regulation built into its Law. It suggests that the law does not need to reach that stage if applied properly )The public are led to believe that these measures were to protect  the health of its citizens ( PERSONs) who are not MEN & WOMAN as Human in non capitals, yet when it has sanctioned the deaths of 23,000 of the unborn (its 'citizens') and refuse them pain relief during the painful death then that is obviously nonsense. Further the following headlines will show that 20 to 40 year olds triple or double vaxxed are dying way way beyond the average, and those in hospitals with 'covid' are triple vaxxed in 2021 or 2022  (not the unvaxxed)  Miscarriages and fetal deaths.  A  huge massive increase in deaths across the board especially for 20 top 40 year olds , say insurance companies (which cannot be blamed on covid) now admitted by and also by the EU and by the British Government also In the last paragraph above you can see in the common law & admiralty law video that at everyday level those that did not lock down or obey these regulations in fact committed no crime, hence there was no need for a court to act, no need to appeal and no need for judicial reviews (etc) or supreme courts (they exist only to make money not to adjudicate on sovereign common rights of men and women) A real pandemic will have dead people in the streets in hundreds of thousands into millions. 

On the July 3rd 2022 a pro life rally took place in Dublin 'HUGE ENERGY AS THOUSANDS PACK RALLY FOR LIFE'    (or here also once more) on youtube also or here once again on youtube  The life institute covered the event here The people can sovereignly bypass TD's and avoid the proxy votes they misuse and apply common law direct as they are doing  in Holland right now (see link to US midterm elections at end of the first para) if an institution has encouraged abortions and life begins at conception (as is obvious and in the US Supreme court) Then it is murder. The court system as a legal fiction has removed the common law courts which are higher than the legal fiction courts.  The Irish Supreme Court should stand down and new Common law courts should be built across the board, from top to bottom The Irish Dail complicit in the deaths of 23,000 babies also took an extra step with prejudice, in not allowing babies pain relief when (or burned to nothing by abortion pills ) they are in the majority dismembered alive, murdered and torn from the womb, (this post added 8.7.2022)



Many are familiar with common law but many have to see the basics What is the Common Law

Then see all of the posts above and down to the end of this post also. England and Wales (Ireland and Scotland) have a long tradition of common law as good and just laws which when you compare to many other civilizations, they did not even debate these points of law, philosophy and religion never mind enact them or try to enact them.

The Magna Carta (now) only applies to those who are not bonded slaves / workers. Inserted before your Magna Carta rights are the state legal regulations and corporate legislation and your birth certificate registered with the state / holy see which then means you are a bonded slave. Your birth certificate states on it (at the back mostly) that it is not a means of identification, so what is it? It is a bond into bondage of slavery registered but actually without your consent as a child. The Magna Carta does not apply to those in the Commons as commoners, it only legally applies (not lawfully as Britain PLC) to the House of Lords. (see last post above dated 23.12.2021) The commoners are further removed from any Sovereign rights by politicians who operate under your proxy (contract vote) vote which they have taken as their own.This is not  to say that some politicians may act verbatim repeating exactly what the constituents say they want. They may also as any of their constituents not recognize the state and regulations and legal definitions of themselves as legal fictions and actually claim Magna Carta status. The Magna Carta is in itself not as strong as the sovereign inalienable rights you were born with as a Man or Woman at birth automatically.

The UK in its legal outlook, also relies on the 'Bill of Rights of 1689


Common law in Scotland also establishes precedents in criminal law. Yet inalienable rights cannot be criminalized and they override, rules and regulations and corporate legislation. Robert the Bruce in the declaration of Arbroath declared ancestry from the Scythian Israelites. The line of Zarah was considered more of a European lineage of Judah whilst the twin of Zarah,  Pharez (or Perez) was / is from the Judah line in Britain. Hence common law can extend back before Roman law by many centuries. Joseph (father of Ephraim and Manasseh) the brother of Judah had been sold into slavery in Egypt, yet all his 11 brothers and his father were later united in Egypt. After 400 years they became millions as slaves in Egypt. producing the Exodus. 25,000 of the 10 lost tribes later settled in Georgia (over the Caucasus mountains to Scythia and west along the DANube) and in one hundred years could easily also have become over a million.


The post above dated 21.10.2021 has the history (in point number 5)  of England and Wales and Scotland and Ireland through the middle ages and into the Elizabethan era and into the enlightenment to the modern day, the last paragraph above describes most of the current Sovereign rights and how they apply.  Prior to the Viking Danish era in Britain the common law was Welsh common law and Welsh was spoken throughout Britain and was similar to Scots, Breton and Irish Gaelic. Some forms of Breton actually extended into the Netherlands and so on. The Welsh common law was codified by Hywel Dda also known as Hywel ap Cadell ( who lived from 880 – 948, King Alfred the Great lived 848/849 – 26 October 899) and they also shaped many of the laws of the English Kings especially the Tudors  King Alfred married a in part Welsh descended wife in Ealhswith of Mercia and studied with monks in Wales and in Ireland (Cormac Mac Airt Ireland's first Christian Chieftain lived in 200 ad and he codified much of thee previous Brehon laws from time immemorial. Hywel Dda was chieftain of Deheubarth in Southern Wales, but he came to rule all of Wales. Today there is a University of health named after him, and the Welsh Senedd (Senedd Cymru chamber in parliament) is named after him and his name confers him as "the good" as his laws were just and good. His line of the Cunedda lineage extends back to Padarn Beisrudd ap Tegid, who is sometimes confused with Saint Padarn of Ceredigion in Wales of the 6th century ad. King Arthurs is reputed to have stolen or was given Padarn's cloak and through this connection he reputedly became a Christian. (King Arthur) 'Padarn Beisrudd ap Tegid' lived 200 years prior to this around 415 ad, and as chieftain Paderns cloak is one of the 13 treasures of the Isles of Britain (see no 9 or once again see here)  perhaps King Arthur lived earlier, although King Caractacus (King of the Britons or Caradog in Welsh) and family who were released from imprisonment in Rome also brought Christianity back to Britain before 100 ad. His son and daughter are Claudia and Linus and they are mentioned in 2 Timothy 4, 21. 

Caratacus gained his freedom by giving a famous speech before the Emperor Claudius who was so impressed he freed him and his children, the full text of the speech is here "The Speech of King Caractacus before the Emperor Claudius" The Romans were eventually driven out of Britain. Caractacus was also the name of the hero in the novel Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming who also features in the film of the Novel "Where Eagles Dare" by Alistair Maclean. King Caractacus  lived from 15ad to 54ad, which shows that Christianity had spread to Rome and Wider Europe including Britain by 64 ad. Therefore the common laws merged with it but also because the common laws extend back to the old testament. Eisteddfod festival Wales is famous for its Bardic poetry and music held annually or bi-annually at the Eisteddfod   Also in attendance are the Druids as Bards, Ovates and Druids and every so often Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Queen Elizabeth can still attend the festival but her Ovate title for not speaking Welsh has been removed, bards and Ovates are required to write and speak poetry in Welsh. Ancient depictions of the Druids show the wearing of the Ephod of Judgement of the Levitical priesthood. Glastonbury and Somerset are very close to Wales and it has the tradition of Joseph of Arimathea (Jesus Uncle) and Joseph of Arimathea's staff planted in Glastonbury which bloomed into Almonds. (see also Numbers 17:8, Exodus 25, 31 - 40 & Hebrews 9:3-4 Exodus 16: 31-34 and Numbers 17: 8-10 or for a broader account see the adjacent website and chapter 5 and subheading "Ephraim and Manasseh, the Druids, Glastonbury, Tara, Israel" )  The Wearyhall tree was a Hawthorn tree not an Almond tree, but Glastonbury and Somerset do have Almond trees and in Israel these trees are the first bloom. Bearing also in mind the history of the Tribe of Dan who are analysed in the 2nd part of this website below on world war 1 & 2.

Wales also has the Harp of David as a symbol seen here (in general and many images) also at the Eisteddfod stage and on stage 2010  with the new  Eisteddfod finalists from 2022 and see also The Welsh flag  of King David The Flag of Saint David (a gold field with a black cross or a black field with a gold cross) is most commonly seen flying on Saint David's Day (1.3,2022) and the British Red Dragon


Moving into the 21st century common law has not changed and that is the point of it. The world requires good clean soil, water and air with organic meat and veg and to beat poverty people have developed their own fuel solutions. Russia and China (and South America) still burn more coal and wood and peat than ever, citing volcanoes as by far the world's biggest polluter. Will they surrender their energy traditions ? The new paradigm has many challenges e.g. "Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm"   a 30 year plan which began around the year 2000, with the following PDF analysing the previous 8 years of research (2008) into the new paradigm. Britain is leading the way in other fields also in new technology with investment worth around £1.8 Trillion. This is the investment the City of London requires without EU regulation. Prince Charles states that time is running out "COP26: Prince Charles says 'time has quite literally run out"  (or here on Bitchute also ) A military style campaign is required with Trillions at his disposal   

This worldview incorporates inclusive capitalism, which is also promoted by the OECD EU and many non EU countries who trade outside of the EU and with the EU and which also seeks to tackle world debt and poverty in common decency. Many suggest that banking should move to a Gold and / or Silver standard of currency. Current world Gold stocks (total mined ever ) is around 200,000 metric tons with a value of about $9 Trillion dollars, Total silver reserves amount to 1.74 million metric tons discovered to date (55,942,740,000 troy ounces of silver) with a further 530,000 million tonnes below ground to be mined, the value. A cache of 1000 tons of silver is worth around $1000 million today, with 32,000 ounces in a ton, it is possible the value is in excess of $12 Trillion mined or $40 trillion un-mined given supply and demand fluctuations. (give or take the odd $10 billion or so, everything in moderation) 

In essence the joint amount would mean everyone on earth would have $50,000 worth of Gold and $50,000 of Silver if it was distributed evenly (which silver may be worth double that e..g. $100,000 with price discovery) such is the possible wealth of rare metals in the world. In the last post above it is a fair estimation that everyone on earth could receive 10 acres of land if spread out evenly. This is the monetary value of commodities and a sense of value as materialism. Distributing wealth has been a problem since time immemorial. Ironically one of the main causes of poverty and lack is the import / export system of the world, with nation's importing products in the Supply Chain that are often shipped from country to country and made piecemeal and then ending up back in the country of origin to be consumed or owned. This was highlighted in the ongoing documentary "Rotten" .See the Documentary 'Rotten'  here as a trailer  (or here from a separate link) or here as a review of the full film on Netflix    and trailer for Rotten season 2 which shows how the world distribution system has failed and food is quite literally Rotten. (see also Pesticide use in farming is a complicated and controversial issue which shows that farmers who love good organic veg and meat, on the ground know more about farming than technocrats r.e soil and air and water)  Producing food and manufacturing at home locally  (with exporting the excess) with an ability to make your own trade deals is part of 'repairing the world' or Tikkun olam 

Boris Johnson has said he will remove EU laws over the next 2 years and replacing outdated EU (legislation) laws with new Sovereign laws in parliament is also for the people to undertake


For one Nation inclusive conservatives, many suggest that an Epoch was reached when Oliver Cromwell in 1653 dismissed the Parliament (the 'rump parliament') this and the New model army and surrounding factions are also analysed in point 5 of the post dated 21.10.2021  However King Cromwell (Lord Protector) did not fully unite the land at that time and this was the difficulty. King Alfred however did achieve this feat  (but how and what is the difference) and brought peace when the Nobles and peasants became equal in Sovereign law under God in which (his "deemings'') laid the foundation for the Magna Carta, but which some would say surpassed the Magna Carta and with common land and new lands for the 'peasants' and leveled debts was granted without them being Knighted, yet in effect everyone had been Knighted, but more importantly they recognized that all were born Flesh and Blood Men and Woman and not  Chattel (& today this is also true for 7.5 Billion people in law) King Alfred was driven into the marshes and he met the 'king of the marshes' before finally overcoming the Danes, which was also the peoples choice. Leaders only are sovereign because the people confer Sovereignty upon them under God

The excellent documentary (by Michael Wood) in 3 parts; (also on youtube part 1 ) but on Bitchute below

1. King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons, Alfred of Wessex (episode 1)  and also 2. King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons. The Lady of the Mercian’s (episode 2) and also 3. King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons. Aethelstan, The first King of England (episode 3) 

The film of 1969 is here (and which also features the White Horse at Uffington

Alfred the Great (1969 film) ( or here as an MP4 file Video )

King Alfred who married into the former Welsh Kingdom of Mercia  which was a part of Albion or ‘Elfydd’ in Welsh before his deemings (laws not rules)  were compiled for all men and women, peasant and noble (at points in the film)  at 1 hour 21 minutes rediscovers the Spartan phalanx and then later suspects that ‘the law’ applies equally to all. At 1 hour 41 mins fwd he discusses that all are ‘Freeman’ for those outside the law also (outlaws) and that a book of the law will be compiled for everyone

(The Law Code known as the Deemings changed money & land laws and laws for the 'peasants')

Link back to the Top of the Website








The Real N.E.S.A.R.A. 'The National Economic Security & Reformation Act', The USA and the 'Convention of States' 
Sovereign law and the USA 13 Colonies. Brexit and Israel and Greater Israel and the 13 tribes. 
Land Ownership, Taxes
, Debts, Jubilees and Common law for all nations & the end ? of the petro dollar

Trillions to repair the world, Basel 3 & 4 banking scandal reforms, Quadrillions belonging to the public to fix the earth,

UN / WHO global governance NWO via the new plandemic treaty 




A history of the US Constitution is also here in the real 'NESARA' & US midterm elections





Britain, Scotland, Wales & Ireland ( & the West)  

Just as the original settlers in the New World (r.e from where the 'New World' Order derives its name)  from England and wider in the USA made their own money scrip without interest, this matter was taken up by Godfrey Bloom, MEP in the UK when Britain was in the EU  and before the EU Parliament ALL THE BANKS ARE BROKE. THEY ARE LOANING MONEY THEY DON'T HAVE IN THE FORM OF DIGITS IN COMPUTERS (or here once again on an alternative Bitchuteor here again as an 1. MP4 file 






The background to Climate Change and renewing  the world (or fixing the world) 

"St Germain NESARA, & the Combined International Collateral accounts.Foundation Divine Quadtrillions  




**** Inserted 10.05.2022 Common Law higher than Admiralty Law. Here is an example of an Australian case which highlights the difference between Common law and Admiralty maritime law  (in the Melbourne Magistrate Court) Common Law & Admiralty Maritime Law & the difference. A practical example in a 'court' after intro .or here as an MP 4 FILE (2. Common Law versus Admiralty Law MP4 File )  or longer version here Common Law above Admiralty Law. Liz Wheeler, Pfizer & Victims & The Indemnity Fallacy

This website (and see all posts on common law and sovereignty above with this post to understand the full relevance) will continue with these 2 headings below (but with a briefer continuance of common law) i.e. Other views and voices of WW1 and WW2 & also as a connected topic The Round Table (past, present and future) & what is the Kingdom of Jacob, Judah and Joseph ? (this post added 15.04.2022)




23 - 30/ 9/ 2022

The Vatican Scandals and trial currently underway. Vatican bank recalls its 'assets' 
The Knights of Malta, 

CESTUI QUE VIE TRUST, Unam Sanctam 'Codex Alimentarius' and N.E.S.A.R.A.
(why it matters, why it rules your life) 

CBDC (Central bank digital currency, carbon energy credits and blockchain) 
Inflation, Bank shutdowns & Market Crash, Energy Crisis and Food Shortages ? 
Boadicea, Valkyrie & Poundbury

The 3 crowns, Vatican, King Juan Carlos, Prince Charles as King Charles the 3rd
Common law & Britain PLC. Trial by Jury and/or consent.
Repudiating your Birth Certificate and slavery status & N.E.S.A.R.A and birth certificates
Why common law matters for your security, prosperity and your future




The Vatican Scandals and trial (this post below has 4 additions dated 29.09.2022 & 30.09.2022 & 13.10.2022)


The Knights of Malta 



CESTUI QUE VIE TRUST, Unam Sanctam and all world trusts and your birth.(and 'Codex Alimentarius') and N.E.S.A.R.A.


Are all Nations just PLC's as Corporations now ?
 Britain PLC (all nations are corporations now) Restoring Nations by Common Sovereign Law. The City has older traditions and it does not matter much to the City if the rest of Britain returned to Common law, which it could do if it willed it.

The Basel 3 banking reforms stemming from the 2008 crash (but also before) also ban bank bailouts / bail- ins and bank bailouts underpinned by taxpayers


The 3 crowns, King Juan Carlos (and who married Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark in Athen) and his two sons and 2 daughters, and current Spanish King Felipe son of Carlos and Prince Charles as King Charles the 3rd


JRRR Tolkien (who fought in World war 1 see the second part of this website below)  was right about the modern world and its leaders who are under a spell  "Gandalf frees Theoden" youtube (note also again the White horse) 

Repudiating your Birth Certificate and slavery status & N.E.S.A.R.A and birth certificates, your self as soveriegn and inheritance as blessed (Joseph birthright and blessings from Abraham)

Both Scotland and England and Wales (and wider) could benefit from the anti-inflationary low carbon solution (in the 'war' ) to the energy crisis as debt and incomes implode worldwide,( 13.10.2022 "Mortgage MELTDOWN across America (Prices Just Dropped 15% in Austin) "  & also  "The UK Sovereign Debt Crisis Is Far From Being Over") see the subheading above in the main post dated 23 - 30. 9.2022 and upon Poundbury local town & Poundbury (in the energy crisis) This addition 13.10.2022

The City of London gets ready to change banking as we know it. These worldwide changes, regardless of (any) of the political parties who are now completely emasculated by the technocracy in daily or monthly permanent 'regime change' will proceed, as the public resigns its interest in political parties. All posts above detail the worlds 'legal' and lawful systems, and the City of London with Switzerland, will also transform the Middle east and Israel This addition to the post dated 3/4.10.2022 added 13.10.2022






Ukraine as the New Jerusalem, US, Israel & Brazil elections
Henry Kissinger, The Samson Option. Queen Elizabeth the 1st, Margaret Thatcher, 
The (ICCSA ) Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse IICSA.
US Congress and the Senate & EU legalese & Statutes.
Mount Sinai and the sustainable 10 commandments
& The UN / WHO 'Pandemic Treaty' finalised
 The Common Law (more details) The Monarch, Parliament, Statutes, 'Britain PLC'
Ottawa / Alberta (Canada) declares Sovereignty   
Scotland and England and the Stone of Destiny or Bethel Stone (aka Jacob's Pillow / Pillar)


Ukraine as the New Jerusalem. The Czar Romanov dynasty and the New Rome, Liz Truss, Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak. Ukraine and Russia.

The Tartars who are Russia's largest Ethnic minority  was first populated by the lost 10 tribes who came over the Caucasus mountains from Israel (as Semites and Israelite not Judah) but this is omitted from religious, secular, and archaeological research despite the proof ? why is that ? Instead the history jumps 1800 years (from around 700 bc) to the Khazarian conversion in 1100 ad, to the new Judaism which is not the Judaism of the Torah, or rather the Judaism / Israelitism of 700 bc ? This big omission despite textural and archaeological proof is suspicious.The Khazrian conversion becomes the marker in the 11th century ad for the alleged "fake Jews" who may not have Kosher views today. Yet many suspect that the church in Rome and others want this to be omitted, whilst simultaneously not writing about the possibility that other fake non Jewish or israelite tribes may exist from other nations (these may not exist) but they do not research that subject ? (Jewish, Israelite and Hebrew distinctions ) Why is this ? seemingly it is only Jewish not any others which are fake ? Does this mean Israel's tribes cannot be faked, of course not, (or here again once more also as any tribe or religion can be faked) but many Egyptians also left with Moses in the Exodus, and see the excellent Pre-Exodus Flights Spartans,Troy & Danites,Tuatha de Danaan (Daniel R.Walsh Lost Tribes of Israel 1) (or here again on youtubeThere are many who accept the 10 tribes and their journey from Israel over the Caucasus mountains into Europe and state they grew in numbers and dispersed and settled in many places and nations, but they settled everywhere.... except Khazaria ? why  is that ? and of course that makes them Semites as are the 'Josephs' Israelite's (with the degree of assimilation varying over 2500 years) The Passover is still celebrated over that same time period ? how did it pass on from generation to generation ?

This is one more reason Ukraine is becoming the 'New Jerusalem' i.e. the apocalypse (passed off in error as the Gog from Magog see the second section of this website on WW1 / WW2/ WW3 below) in which Israel could use the 'Samson Option' (see Haaratz, May 2021) if scenarios deteriorate, although biblically Petra is the place of refuge. Greater Israel not shrinking Israel is also biblical (i.e. as is occuring in the Abrahamic accords also "Rep. DeSantis Speaking on House Floor Regarding Israel" ) and Greater Israel borders are defined in Genesis 15:18 and Genesis 17:8  


Mount Sinai 



The Common Law 

The last Video shows testimony from Police officers, who explain the difference between Lawful and 'Legal' and how the state (believes) it owns your children. Also"The constable's oath and his close relationship with the justices of the peace then characterized him as a ministerial officer of the Crown like a sheriff 

Examine again the Video the4) "Occult Art of Law"    from Birkbeck University by Alan of Salisbury in London (Occult simply means secret) which is also available here as an MP 4 File  



Scotland and England and the Stone of Destiny or Bethel Stone (aka Jacob's Pillow / Pillar known originally as the stone of fate or fortune) 

Also for the memory of those that died and their families in WW1 & WW2 & in WW3 (This post added 22/23.11.2022)

Navigation links to the 1st Topic / Heading posts within it,  on 1. Sovereignty dated 13.03.2021 and 27.05.2021 which are near the top below. Links are here for post dated 7.7.2021 & post dated 21.10.2021 (last date containing covid vaccinations, deaths and injuries as sub-posts 1 - 8) and post dated 23.12.2021 - 2022 & post dated 03.02.2022 & next post dated 15.04.2022 & next post dated 24/25th.09.2022 


5.6 May 2023 Links discussing the spiritual outline surrounding the stone of Jacob, and the warnings surrounding the Stone of Jacob which is not seemingly present in Edinburgh or London, are on the newnewjerusalem website  chapter 5 are here in posts dated 12.08.2022  & again following on from it  also in post 5/6 May 2023 The feast of Shavuot / Pentecost was also King David's birth-date and is also known as the outpouring of the Law, (first in Law-form in the Old Testament and then in Spiritual form in the new) which removes tyranny and returns the land to the Law of the land. A post for those dates (May 25th 2023) will follow next below





April 22nd 2023 St Georges day, to - 25 / 27 May 2023 
(25th May, feast of Shavuot / Pentecost & most associated with King David)   

Common Law property rights & Common Law Supreme over Statute law
Excess deaths & injuries rise around the world, as the UN authorises sex with children
Two realms of the Law (which does the Bethel Stone of Destiny / Jacob reside within) 
The 'Coronation Stone', what does it mean for your birthright & blessings ?
Books of Esdras (a major prophet) 1 and 2 missing ? 
Merovingian's, Carolingian's, Clovis, Charlemagne, Christian IX of Denmark, Kings of Spain & Seville, 
Scales of Justice, Eagle, Serpent & Edom
King David from the tribe of Dan ? or King David from the tribe of Judah ?
Lawful (total) debt cancellation



Link to post further info on Edom, Esau and the books of Esdras on the adjacent website the new jerusalem dated 22/23.6.2023 


As we have seen in the last post above dated Queen Elizabeth 1st (1558 - 1603 aka 'Good Queen Bess' or the Virgin Queen & mother of Francis Bacon who was working on the ideal commonwealth and who posthumously published The New Atlantis in 1626. Bacon looked to Athena with her shaking spear, the Goddess of poetry, wisdom and  enlightenment ) Queen Elizabeth 1st took measures to prevent the devaluation of the British pound by reintroducing Gold and Silver into the National Treasury (which is a public body in every nation, not private as the private central banks are today)... & what does the Coronation stone of destiny have to do with anything ?

UK Column, News Feb 2023 - May 2023. The Supremacy of Common Law, the Law of the Land & your property & person 

The video mentions 1 Kings, 12 verse 16 on King David   (from both Houses of Israel) It also points out how property rights (with examples from Germany first) are rapidly being removed around the world (on every continent and peoples as a property land grab)  moving to Australia and England (title in common being abolished) It points out that statute law is subservient and inferior to Common Law, and why juries are being removed as Corpus Juris creeps in (see adjacent website and post dated 5/6 May 2023 ) and the Monarchs oath via Magna Carta and even before. The problems all stem from a lack of common law. Cromwell led to a constitutional monarchy and a monarch (such as King Alfred who gave common land to the landless and brought a fair system of coinage and made the Nobles equal to commoners) can be an extra check and balance against tyranny. A parliament is not sovereign but can be a check against Nobles and Kings. The video points out that Queen Elizabeth 2nd in her oath of coronation placed the common law above statute law (and further down you will see the stats on why the commonwealth, once managed by General Smuts and Chatham house, is the fastest growing bloc in the world. Common law originated from the bible and into Israel, but is also called natural law ).


Two realms of space in Law and which you are faced with. 

The UK is registered as either a PLC (Public Ltd Company) or as opposed to a Private Limited Company (no shares) and it moves address and status over time. Many suggest PLC is a term which does not apply to ALL OF THE UK, but in fact in does under the Crown Private Ltd company  When the following video was made the PLC status was listed as such on Dun and Bradstreet(in 2021 / 22)  Britain PLC (all nations are corporations now) Restoring Nations by Common Sovereign Law   (or here again once more on Rumble) Later it is not listed but later still it can be. Government House lists lots of countries which are PLC (Public) or PLC (Private)

An overview here What is UK plc?   and discussions on the global economic crisis here "The Last Chance Saloon for UK Plc"  (or here once again on Bitchute) at 11 minutes talks about the debt in UK PLC, and which shows how 'UK PLC' is perceived economically, trying to make sense of the madness of global and national economics (dated from 6 months ago) which is across the owned political parties who are the UNIPARTY UK PLC  

(quote) "A plc is a public limited company. It’s the term given to an organisation that can offer to sell shares to the public. One way shares can be sold to the public is through a stock exchange" and also ".The government measures the country’s economic performance by calculating the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), which is a measure of collective output across the country. In other words, GDP is the total amount of products and services produced by the UK in a given year" A PLC (Public) can issue shares to the public, but the only shares offered are SHARES IN THE DEBT (which they are not liable for) 

The following UK chart shows how the UK debt has risen since 1948 (GDP) 2022/2023 is £2.2 to £2.4 Trillion £poundsEach person, man, woman and child owes ... ""In March 2021, the Office for Budget Responsibility predicted that the total UK household debt would climb from £2,006 billion in 2020 to £2.354 billion in 2025, resulting in an average total debt of £82,641 per household in the United Kingdom"  And each person's share of the National Debt ("which has accumulated over the years" ?) is  according to the UK Commons statics in the UK Government library... £35,000 per person 

This latter total is not unsecured debt, but secured debt on your person (i.e today and now) as the standard model running in the world now (regardless of which political party puts on its theatrical show)  in all governments  Debt is a product not a reviled cause of bad economic management, and your status in a PLC public or private is a 'person' not a real living flesh and blood man or woman  

An Italian (soldier)  rescues his father from "Palliative care"  (in the first instance you have to become aware of your status as a sovereign human being which is an emotional awakening even if you do not know the full aspects of the 3 areas of law, common, maritime law and admiralty shipping law) For further information on why Hospital are also Churches and/or banks see the adjacent website and the post dated 5/6/ May 2023 

United Nations world government With 5.5 Billion injected it feels like the world was trafficked when locked down, and there are similarities and degrees of trafficking from the most common to the horrific.  Mo Farah admits he was trafficked (as millions of others) Sir Mo Farah "Sir Mo Farah reveals he was trafficked to the UK as a child"  (as the world is slowly induced to accept UBI Universal basic Income and digital bio-digital convergence without cash) yet now in Britain people are beginning to realise that the excess deaths are growing every day. "UK excess deaths at worrying level!"   and in and around Nigeria as a test case over the past 2 years. The post above dated 21.10.2021 has a new addition to the long list of excess deaths and injuries dated the 23.04.2023 into May 2023 as NO 9, 9a and 10 since mid 2021 (total links)  Link to mRNA injections ('vaccinations' ) deaths and injuries within the post in the Sovereign website dated 21.10.2021 (added as progressing) NO 1 on vaccine deaths and injuries link  is here  dated 3.10.2021 with posts 2) 8.11.2021 & 3) 23.12.2021 & 4) 20.01.2022  & 5) 3.3.2022 & 6) 2.4.2022 in-between 7) Link to no 7 is here dated 21.09.2022  and next is link NO 8) here available dated 13.02.2023  and NO 9 & 10 the next link to Vaccine deaths and injuries & the Human Genome project NO 9) & NO 10) is available here dated 22.04.2023 into May 2023

Death penalty for pedophiles and the United Nations authroises pedophilia. The UN caught trafficking children. In Florida they have introduced the death penalty for pedolfilia  Trafficking, pedophilia, slavery across all continents and in every county soon to be controlled by the UN in the (see above posts) Plandemic treaty (the UN and many institutions in April 2023, have called for pedophiles to be a gender identification, authorising sex with children as rape as the human status is regarded as less than human) Aspects of the UN resolution on sexuality for young adults hase been withdrawn as a UN resolution. The main report from March 2023  "The 8 March Principles fora Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction,Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness And Poverty" calls for lowering consent to below 18 years of age for adults and minors despite denials issued later (a familiar route in which  the lowering of the age of consent gets lower each time ) The UN is a body which has been caught trafficking and operating its own child sex ring  and not just in Haiti but wider around the world  The UN  recommends mRNA experimental injections for children (as did Trump)  and has pushed the technology since 2016 under Bill Gates  (The connection of Bill gates to Jeffrey Epstein was highlighted by Peter Flaherty and for this he was briefly arrested although he was at a shareholder meeting ) The UNs pushing of the Crispr cas 9 gene editing / gene therapy technology  is a part of sustainable development goals and the co-inventor Jennifer Doudna speaking at the UNCTAD says "As the co-inventor of the technology, I have been amazed at how this simple but powerful tool to alter the DNA in living organisms has transformed scientific research, created new jobs, and redefined how we might thrive"  since 2019 - 20121 we now know (including for children) that .. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: “You Will Be Genetically Transformed Forever”   which is how the Ted Talks Jennifer Khan discusses its effect on future species  Crispr Gene editing tech in mRNA vaccine given to Billions of people bypass & destroy immune systems  (or if vid stickshere also as a MP 4 File ) and is a part of the Human Genome project see the list of vaccination deaths and injuries no 9 & 10 link in the last paragraph above. This is the same UN which redefines what it means to be human in 2018  'Sex with minors' and trafficking can also be widely referenced in the adjacent website and chapter 6 Trafficking and surrounding problems will be discussed in greater detail on the adjacent website and chapter 5 after its most recent post dated   also in post 5/6 May 2023 for the feast of Shavuot / Pentecost which is most associated with King David and which occurs on 25.05.2023 - 27.05.2023  ('Sex with minors' and trafficking can also be widely referenced in the adjacent website and chapter 6)

Justinain deception explains your status  "What is Communism" which is also admiralty law of capitalism / communism which operates under these 3 aspects of law and of course is the motive to define everyone as 'persons' whether they like it or not. As nations have not consented they could undo this status as real Men and Women of flesh and blood are higher than the State in common law and higher than Maritime law or Statute law. (this website has the full explanations of the legal fiction see here also  Dead in the Water, Maritime Admiralty Law UCC Civil Ecclesiastical law legal fiction non law         (or on youtube  or again on bitchute 

The Doomsday book (or Domesday book 1086 ad) did not just audit everything Property wealth and land, but also the people or type of people who reside within the land as property, body and soul see adjacent website and post dated 5/6 May 2023


Which area of Law does the Stone of Jacob (Stone of Destiny aka Stone of Scone or Jacobs pillar as the Bethel stone ) belong within ?


The Stone of Jacob, why is it even important ? (why does it matter ?)

The stone of Jacob or Coronation stone is the fulcrum and foundation for the Common Law, its history does not sit within the legal fiction. As the stone is disputed (i.e see last post above dated 22/23.11.2023) as to which stone of destiny is the real stone, the question arises Why is it used at all ? 

If the Stone of Destiny / Jacob is not important, why was it driven down from Edinburgh last week for use in the Coronation ? and why will it be driven back to Edinburgh next week ? Why was it stolen in the early 1950's and allegedly duplicated (nearly duplicated with weights and marks missing) See the history in the last post above and also in the posts in the adjacent website chapter 5  in posts dated 12.08.2022  & again following on from it  also in post 5/6 May 2023 

The Stone was piped out and away down to England if it is the real Stone ?    (which will be solved as a future brief post after this, at some point in the near future, and not just in composition but in Law and from God)

The first clue is that it is Jacob's Stone (not Esau's stone) and has been used for 2500 years outside Israel into Ireland, Scotland and Britain to crown a monarch or rather to bring the monarch into common law or God's law (and it existed from 1800 bc and used within Israel from the time that Joshua stepped into the promised land in 1406 bc (and as the posts above will provide its history as it traveled through the desert) 

It is known as Jacobs stone and Jacob was brother to Esau. Most remember the story of Jacob and Esau as a quaint (perhaps) Sunday school teaching or in some other form not realizing it is not just a story. Esau sold his birthright and blessings to Jacob in Genesis 25, 29 - 34 and this birthright became a generational birthright to this day (passed to Joseph having travelled to Jacob from Abraham and his son Isaac. Joseph in turn passed it to his son's Ephraim and Manasseh, Emhpraim became the leader of Israel (including over Judah as the full 12 tribes) and the blessings and birthright would pass to the Messiah through King David. It binds the Kings of Israel to the laws of a King which they must follow to be called a King of Israel as in (see also a fuller list in the post above from 22/23.12.2022 ) most notably and specifically Deuteronomy 17, 14 - 20 and Deuteronomy has laws to cancel Usury also. Esau had no birthright and did not or would not follow God's laws (even though he had a blessing as he begged Jacob his father for it see Genesis 27 and specifically Genesis 27, 36 - 46 to serve Jacob and live by the sword.

THE EAGLE In other words Esau would be recognized as operating outside God's laws and outside the laws of god on Usury and in every aspect. The links above lead you to a history of the tribe of Dan within the adjacent website posts  (as does the second part of this website below) who moved from Israel (one half of the tribe of Dan although a larger part) into Europe and it is often suggested that Dans insignia was the "Eagle" ? but Numbers 49, 16 states it is the Scales of Justice. Yet 1 verse later  in Genesis 49, 17 it says " Let Dan be a serpent by the roadside, a horned viper by the path, That bites the horse's heel, so that the rider tumbles backward" Serpent can also mean Dragon or terrible Lizard so that over time Justice (of God's law or as a Judge as Samson was ..see the book of Judges) .became the Dragon / Serpent  Irenaeus the bishop mentions Dans history as does Hippolytus of Rome around the years 150 ad to 230 ad, both mentions Dans pagan practices and speaks of them as if they were not "lost"

The Stone of Jacob is not the stone of Esau ? (who has no birthright but who can exist within Maritime law which grew out of, or deviated from Common law. Esau would exist in the realm Admiralty law corporate law or civil law or of the Law from out of the SEA without a birthright in Gods law) Esau fathered the Edomites who intermarried with the Canaanites who also traveled into Europe and many of those tribes had the insignia of the Eagle. They intermarried with the Tribe of Dan who many settled in DANmark (and who can avail of the blessings of Israel / Joseph if they turn from Esau) Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark, King Christian 1X of Denmark (Oldenburg), and Kings of Seville in Spain all extending back to Otto 1st (962) whose mother was great granddaughter of Charlemagne ( Carolingian King of the Franks whose dynasty replaced the Merovingian's founded by Clovis King of the Franks from Meroveus (430 ad) and back to Herod and Herodias and Cleopatra and Caesar, all the way back to Solomon son of King David, who is the 10th generation (backwards) from Judah the son of Jacob (the Messiah coming from the line of Nathan David's other son and not directly from Solomon) Was Jacob exhausted after his epic 21 years? Why King David almost made it when applying Deuteronomy 17, 14-20 (7 wives etc) Was Solomon really wise to have 1000 wives in effect,  and why did the Kingdom  of Israel break and come to ruin ? 

The Legend of Glastonbury is  Joseph of Arimathea brought a staff (which signified the trobe of the Levites) which had blossomed Almonds in the bible and was placed with the Ark of the Covenant, and it was replanted in Glastonbury (near the Tor) and Somerset does have many Almond trees, which also exist in Israel and are always the first to bloom. Joseph of Arimathea is buried in Cardiff in Wales. Therefore this is a legend about the Messianic movement which even took off in Rome and wider Europe. It was checked 200 years later by Constantine who was born in Britain (others state his successors were only i.e Constantine 3rd , but he was proclaimed emperor from York ) and who was educated by Sun worshipping Druids in Britain (he was not a Christian ) When he became Emperor of Rome (under the Eagle) he changed public worship to Sunday and to worship the Sun and not the Messiah. The other legend is that Joseph or others brought Royals from Israel (from the line of David, his sons descendants of Jesus brothers and sisters family as Mary had more children ) and their 'Holy Grail' nonsense was their bloodline. However this which is perfectly feasible becomes the strained and 'secretive' San Greal' or Holy Blood of those who suggest that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) had children and invent (not successfully but obvious and awkward) genealogies which are in reality the inventions of Herod and his wife Herodias and daughter Salome with Cleopatra children and Caesar or rolled into one Da Vinci code (as the Unholy Grael  "Part 8 - Unholy Blood Unholy Grail"  ... (which mentions Glastonbury but confuses the Tuatha de Danaan as the tribes of Danu not Dan and confuses or rather brings in the existing distractions of children's tales rather than history including Genesis 6 and Enoch ) ... which in terms of salvation or in the doctrine of "election" is a condition i.e Unholy and which applies to everyone, although that can change) for more on this and Glastonbury see the post dated  on the adjacent website the new jerusalem dated 22/23.6.2023 

Merveous or Merovee of the Merovingian's reputedly and after too much Mead woke up on a beach one morning, half asleep, and squinting through the haze, had a vision of a beautiful woman coming out of the sea, with whom he mated only ( when fully awake) later coming to realise that she was in fact half fish snake woman? They had a child. Count (of the Counts of Anjou) Fulke and later Count Fulk King of Jerusalem in 1100ad has the incredible tale of the family's unfortunate experience and surprise with the wife named Melusine (of Raymond of Poitou of Anjou, Raymond married Melusine Princess of Anjou) which went well at first, but later it was a difficult relationship, (not having a serpent body each in common) she later (after consummation of the marriage) turned into a half woman half snake serpent dragon, and flew off never to be seen again (and who was interrelated to the Plantagenets, the Kings after King Alfred and also related to Eleanor of Equitaine) Some men have said 'that is nothing' Raymond had it easy.  Later Queen Elizabeth the 1st regarded her suitor from France (whom she rejected) Farncis Duke of Anjou as her "Frog" (literally or figuratively is the question ?)  her son Francis Bacon did not eat escargot but did he value the Books of Esdras 1 and 2 ?  Today over 95% of the Aristocracy and the Kings of Queens of Europe (not just in France) Horizontal rule or Vertical rule, regard Escargot with repulsion, whilst others in France and outside of France cannot eat enough of it ? Charles Windsor claims he is descended from Count Vlad (Count Dracula) the impaler and also King David of Israel (Israel via Joseph who settled in Europe when the two Houses of Israel fell 760 ad to 500 ad) but who does a lot of gardening in the Daylight, and has also said (see last post above) that Protestantism is the true faith.

More information on the 'escargot' mystery (and Hecket / Hathor or Kek the frog headed Egyptian Goddess) can be acquired on the adjacent website and chapter 6  "Utopia's, Dystopia's and Totalitarian systems of control in societies and by the media / communications ( and Depopulation agendas)" and post dated

Tribe of Dan, Vikings & Dragon ships Dans ships with the serpent notice looked like this as (serpent) Dragon Ships (Vikings) the most famous being the red and white stripes sailed crafts (The House of Joseph forgetful but fruitful as they settled also in Europe to the east and west, were/are also Semites)

Returning to the bible patriarch Jacob (who like Noah was found to be perfect in his generations Genesis 6,9  ...DNA etc), and the tribes of Dan, Esau - Edom (and Canaanites) the history of the Eagle insignia (which ties together Europe, USA and Russia)  is given in the Biblical books of Esdras 1 & 2. These books were removed by the Roman Catholic Church under Jerome 342-347(and other books) and from the Canon of the bible, but returned again in the King James version 1611 version and later removed by Anglican churches in the 1800's  but they were accepted for over 2500 years on and off. (they also relate the history of the lost ten tribes over the Caucasus mountains and along the DANube) The Eagle is  also mentioned in the book Daniel and also in Obadiah 1, 4 (and will also be discussed  in greater detail on the adjacent website and chapter 5 after its most recent post dated   also in post 5/6 May 2023 for the feast of Shavuot / Pentecost which is most associated with King David and which occurs on 25.05.2023 - 27.05.2023)

The Stone of Destiny divides those who  are under the blessings and birthright (Sovereign common law) from those who live and breathe within the 'legal fiction'  outside of God's laws. 


King David from the tribe of Dan ?

From the lost tribes of Israel and their journey into Europe (see also the 'Tuatha de Danann') which the Books of 1 and 2 Esdras relate, it matches more contemporary research on the lines of King David in Europe (as opposed to the lines of Judah from Solomon) see and highlighted on these websites previously KING DAVID's throne in EUROPE - by Dr Stephen Spykerman  (or here again on youtube) Yet what if over centuries with selective breeding into the House of David, that the tribe of Dan became integrated or even leading as the House of King DAVID ?

The tribe of Dan cannot become the Kings of Israel (or any other tribe than Judah) as per Genesis 49, 10 where the scepter (Kingship defined by Deuteronomy 17, 14 - 20 & others ) is given to Judah (but the birthright and blessings to Joseph the other house of Israel) ""The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be" Shiloh is the Messiah but is also a geographical town in Israel. Yet circumventing this Davidic line requirement could be a goal of the unscrupulous. King Saul was chosen by the people from the tribe of Benjamin but the Kingdom was torn away and given to a little known family called Jesse and King David was the least in his fathers house (David of Jesse 1 Samuel 17, 12 - 58) The Kingship is not purely hereditary from within a family and can change from one line to another. It has conditions within the tribe of Judah. It is also not inviolate as even David nearly lost the throne for breaking Gods laws as occurred with many Kings of Israel (the 2 houses of Israel acted as a check on each others power birthrights and blessings, and Israel only thrived when they were United) 

However if this were to occur ? What would it look like today ? Do the people have an army of their own (7.5 billion people who exist in a world where planned debt and inflation are a deliberate destructive product, but which does not need to exist) 


Could Dan Save the World ? One possible scenario (for those who want to experience their inner 'DAN'  of light and love or as a complete Dan berserker) might be that the "Davidic Dans" could work in amongst the Wagner Group (not the composer but definitely linked) slowly over time or all at once, and try to merge  ( Russia first to employ Swastika in 1917 - 1919 ) with the Ukraine's Azov battalion (both) for a way through the dichotomy of the modern era, interspersed with the New Jerusalem Project (see last post above dated 22/23.12.2022) and then they could try to increase the size of the security in the WEF meeting from the 5000 soldiers deployed in January 2023  to 10,000 and 15,000 or more (with the new members from Azov and Wagner here and there in the Swiss army) Protests against the WEF and pressure has caused an increase in security in Davos increasing the size of security . At the next WEF Davos meeting the large mixed regiments could seize control of the WEF attendees and arrest them for impersonating the 4th Reich (others have suggested getting help from chemical core, order of the Dragon, to use WW2 Flamethrowers to incinerate them all or here once more ) A separate regiment could then seize the 1500 private Jets  (total CO2 Dragons devoid of net zero targets) which serve the Davos meeting and quickly retool the Jets to carry air to air missiles   Then reversing the last journey to the former owners home nation, under the radar and to avoid suspicion fly outwards in all directions. The Eagle(s) can fly like they have never flown before, turning at the last second on their routes, to quickly head for the nearest Central bank (with back up jet's maybe 9 or 10 in teams, like star wars in case of flac or opposition from inland defense systems) and annihilate every central bank on the planet, blowing them from the face of the earth, solving the inflation (interest ) problem, bringing the Chabad Lubavitch re-development project forward to completion,and expanding Israel (Israel in the middle east ) to its Greater Israel Genesis 15 size. (Israel feels that it may have to use its Samson option for Nuclear weapons as the troubles continue,or it could win WW3) 

Then after resolving the inflation / banking problem, the private Jets (and their related banks accounts) their new owners could fly to DANmark or Ultima Thule ( & Agartha)  in or near Iceland or else Valhalla (Iceland who did not pay their debts in 2008/2009/2010 as they were not Lawful) and have a week long feast, roasting and then consuming every known meat possible, cooked on the most CO2 emitting fuels / wood available, with barrels of mead to honor the victory, for Odin, Helvetia &...David (etc) Later after the feasting, it is off to warmer locations for a kick ass vacation in the Sun. This world has got to, and can pull through. 

WW3 ? (The new front within Sudan and wider into Chad and further may take control of the Nile, and is Denmark still in the UK Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) which is also Naval and also army in 11 countries as Finland joins Nato. Boris Johnson seen here with Volodymyr Zelensky  in Ukraine also later thanked Vladimir Putin for his inspiration in the war  with the western goal still to capture the Crimea

King David however was not from the Tribe of Dan, he tried to follow God's laws (see next below) ....


King David from the tribe of Judah ?


King David however was / is from the tribe of Judah and alternative to the possible scenario above, and to take the example of Britain as UK PLC is to simply make aware to the Sovereigns of Britain who grant Sovereignty to the Monarch see video below 

 So in a Corporation or PLC (public or private) a Sovereign nation (or individual) can present a Promissory Note for the full payment of the £2.2 or £2.4 Trillion debt as Lawful payment in full and add on anything else which is fitting. It is the debt being 'legal' as a fiction which is unlawful (this would start cutting taxes by 2/3 immediately) If there is a hint that it is not accepted ? then the corporation (it is in its charter as bank / hospital / church) can be dissolved, as a promissory note (in use every day) is in fact of more weight and worth than all the fiat currency (or against any debt in any form) and is legal tender. This can be utilized in all and every nation on earth until the debt is zero, (no Usury as per the Torah)  Consider the unlawful injections, consider all those who died in WW1 & WW2 and ask yourself what is worth more than you ?

See also Council tax and the art of law     and also Empowering Small Businesses and Communities & Liens and the broader Law of Liens  

The fact that the Stone of Destiny (or a version of it) is now travelling up and down from Scotland to London suggests that Scotland will Crown its own King ? (it was returned in 1996 ?).  However the stone of common law or God's law of the birthright and blessings can never be captured by a legal fiction state (in Scotland or England) as the common law is above the Law of the Sea (legal fiction) as it (the stone of Jacob / Bethel stone of Destiny) represents the Law of the Land and it also suggest that a Monarch cannot rule over a PLC / Corporation having taken the oath on the Stone of Destiny (it can only be one or the other and the public has a right to know the differ, which could bring forward the biggest change in Britain since Brexit (the public largely unaware that the commonwealth is actually the world's fastest growing bloc and more than the EU or USA with a GDP of £14.6 Trillion, and it may overtake the UN in authority or jointly with the UN or change the UN ) 

Blackrock and the US Farmers land claims and the Dutch farmers election victoryhave assets of $10 trillion or more, yet it is estimated that £10 trillion would buy everyone on earth a new home. This website has examined the "Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility?"    (or here once again, which is presented as the 'St Germain' intrigue but which here you will find is economically accurate and is how the world economy is funded) since becoming a reality in 1875 - 1880 which is today tied to the USA farmers land claims (the real Nesara)    and which saw in the early 1930s all US citizens becoming collateral for all future monies issued as debt against their strawman (who wished he only had a brain in the wizard of oz) legal fiction, and which was exported around the world. It has quadrillions which should be credit not debt and which could indeed buy everyone a home, ten acres of land, 1 million in currency and gold and silver (see posts above dated 15.04.202) The Dutch farmers (as is occurring elsewhere, see the first video in this post above by UK Column) were having their lands removed by compulsory purchase occuring in every nation or force or both (in the covid lockdowns), yet they won an election in March of this year

Are Humans the only ones who pay to live on the earth, and who pay to live on a planet they were born on ? Is Jacob's blessing down to Joseph real ? (Joseph who inherits the earth, all its lands and wealth) did a stone wind its way through history and is here once again (and who is the stone the builders rejected mystery ? Psalm 118, 15 - 27 & Mark 12, 1 - 11 which becomes the cornerstone ?)

As the identity of the Stone of Destiny is in dispute between Scotland and England (see last post above dated 22/23.11.2023) then the proof of it is in enacting the Common law in every area of life (in Scotland or England) it has to be understood as by Houses of Israel, and Judah (whether from eastern Europe, Babylon or Spain or Solomon's descendants) it was owned by both Houses of Israel

This will also be discussed on the adjacent website chapter 5 and in posts dated   in posts dated 12.08.2022  & again following on from it  also in post 5/6 May 2023 and will also be discussed  in greater detail on the adjacent website and chapter 5 after its most recent post dated   also in post 5/6 May 2023 for the feast of Shavuot / Pentecost which is most associated with King David and which occurs on 25.05.2023 - 27.05.2023.

For those who want a simpler, less involved or less complicated understanding of Sovereignty (taking the Sword from the Stone ) you can read the opening statement at the top of this Website (under heading 1. The Sovereignty of Nations and of IndividualsThis post added 22.04.2023 - 25/27.05.2023

Link to post further info on Edom, Esau and the books of Esdras on the adjacent website the new jerusalem dated 22/23.6.2023 






15/17.09.2023 into 2024 (The biblical feast of Trumpets)

Reparations, and compensations. Slavery modern and historical 
Bio - convergence, directed evolution, Programmable money.  Experimental Injections & Sovereignty 
Prince Charles favourable to compensation
Children disappearing for domestic slavery, sex trade and the 'cosmetic' industry (Globally) 
Haemophiliacs today and in history
The British (or Global ) Working Class 'Labour' movement. Fabians & ?
The new world reserve currency, the banking collapse and hyperinflation, Brics 
or consolidation into a one world currency ?
& The African belt coups within Brics, Ukraine War Pushing BRICS along and the China Silk Road Belt Road Agenda OBOR
'Fed Now' Swift SOFR Libor, Euribor. & Programmable traceable money (now approved Sep 2023 ) 
Green renewable energy, coal, oil and directed energy weapons D.E.W. & Brexit (ULEZ as Ultra Low Emission zones) 
The Countdown climate clocks.  17 SDG's aims to obey C40 & 15 MINUTES CITIES.
15 minute cities leading to C40 cities (& Mayors taking power from the people) 
Brexit. Brexit and the Commonwealth
Israeli supreme court and the Sanhedrin, Noahide laws (& real stewards of the earth )

The Divine Right of Kings
& Jacobs stone of Destiny, Common law & Freedom



Modern slavery akin to feudalism is the aim of the technocratic elites, who conversely follow the Gnostic view that with 'Science' or Scientism life can be preserved or extended and the quest for immortality is (combined) tied into the modern trafficking industry (the fastest growing business in the world) In Britain the continuing revelations of the 'Rotherham' trafficking scandal which involved 11 major cities in Britain in 2014 and involved every major institution from top to bottom in the business.With the growing realization that it was sanctioned at the very top slavery and not just in Britain is now an accepted currency in the west However it continues to this day. One recent event drawing attention to the worldwide slavery scandal (growing larger and deeper every week) was the release of the film "Sounds of Freedom" which despite getting no MSM coverage went straight to no 1 in the box office charts (trailer here on youtube and the Producers thoughts on the business "EXCLUSIVE — Sound of Freedom Producer: "God's Children Are NOT for Sale"  ) The film on its 2nd outing as the Sound of Freedom was released first in 2021, (with the world in 'lockdown' but trafficking continued without a pause across nations and continents)  but taken down as it highlights the connection between trafficking and the 'cosmetic' and organ trafficking, stem cells harvesting and baby mills industry. However its re-release in 2023 through Angel studios with links to Harley Pasternack and traffickers, see 'My Take on the Sound of Freedom Production'  A prior film was totally banned and its production was ruined and it was called CopperPot  COPPERPOT - Warning! Not for SENSITIVE AUDIENCES (SEE LINKS!)  So the anti-traffickers and slavery are conducting the trafficking. Jim Caviezel in Sound of Freedom plays Tim Ballard, but who is Tim Ballard, who has just stepped away from Operation railroad   ? Governments are involved directly in Human Trafficking and use shills and puppets like Obama, Clinton and Trump to perpetuate the mirage Tim Ballard exposed - The rabbit hole runs deep

Trafficking has increased under every US elected President including Trump. Protecting children is the priority in any nation and around the world

The drive to extend life (even immortality) by a blend of 'cosmetics', organ harvesting, 'augmentation', bio-digital convergence, blood donations and the red cross selling blood on the open market to bring an experiment upon the world (ongoing ) to extend life or 'bio-convergence'  'immortality' was a part of the driving force behind mRNA vaccines and the narrative on them shifted over the ongoing covid period from "they do not affect your DNA" to "they do change your DNA . The logic behind the experimental mRNA / DNA injections was / is to 'edit out diseases' with Crispr cas 9 gene editing / gene therapy technology  (rna / dna & proteins are one linked system within your body) with articles now showing how they change your DNA inside your cells  with the New York Times article explaining Crispr Gene Editing Can Cause Unwanted Changes in Human Embryos, Study Finds' and it is a part of the Biodigital industry as Bio-Convergence of organic human tissue and synthetic cells or robotic parts, as a part of the directed evolution 'faith'  see the adjacent website and no 11 dated NO 11) is available here dated 18.August 2023 into Sep 2023 


'The Gnostic Bio-Medical Convergence Religion as directed evolution'


or see Ted Talks by Jennifer Khan on crispr cas 9 which was banned for use in Vaccines up to 2019, but was changed in mid 2020 (suddenly approved by the FDA) to allow it to take part in operation warp speed Dec 2020  (Dec 2020) to help Trump the father of the vaccine  The Human genome project was only completed in mid 2022 100% and not in 2001. Covid helped complete the experiment conducted on 5.5 billion people so far. More on the Human 'bio- convergence directed evolution' religion see the adjacent website when the human genome project completed not in 2003 but in mid 2022 chapter 5 and post dated 21-23 June 2023 

Central to the new Eden is Israel (after it was locked down and thousands died or were injured by 'the Trump / WEF vaccine' see 

1.What is Bio-convergence ? Israel's Bio-Convergence Program & the Merging of Biology & Engineering

2. Israels Bio-Convergence experience, Brave New World Reich merging of Biology & Synthetics. Communism, Scientism, 'Gnostic Directed Evolution' ..."In the Beginning"

3. Digital Programmable Money & Israels Bio-Covergence in the synthetic embryo state & the 'Mark of the Beast'  


5. Canada's biodigital convergence This is the same outlook as the 2022 'Exploring Biodigital Convergence'  Canadas which seeks to merge living things with non living things (which traditionally have 'thought to be incompatible')

In Israel the bio-convergence plan led to the following atrocities  from 2021 and into 2023 and into 2024 

Around the World as deaths and injuries increase from 2021 in 2023 into 2024 from the experimental injections (mRNA / DNA ) and which are listed up until May 2023 (and which are increasing into 2024 and the 10 lists of deaths and injuries and NO 11 on vaccine deaths and injuries  .... (number 1 from early 2021 here )with a few examples here Ed Dowd: Wall Street analyst Black Swan Event - "They Can't Run From This Data!" (From CHD.TV) ..... (or here again once more on bitchute) and also EU excess mortality continued to rise in April 2023 Eurostats  ...... (or how Polio has not gone away but has changed its name (see in its description box also ) 

In 2021 / 2022 the Vaids 'conspiracy' theory (from the experimental nMRA injections ) is now shown to be true from peer reviewed papers    The longer show is here on the subject  and new variants. The vaids issue was classed as a conspiracy theory despite the Media in Israel reporting the outbreak during vaccinations in 2022 The paper from 'Frontiers in Virology'  cites the original Wuhan type BNT162b2  in the COVID 19 = 'Certificate of Vaccination IDentity' & 19 = IA or AI as covid AI etc, and Erris EG 5 or 5G.  Destroying the immune system but by inserting changes into the DNA/RNA (and see here from the national library of medicine in 2022) shows that AI or AGI can or will be also used against Israel as it takes center stage in Israel's security, (see Israel's Bio- convergence experience )

Further in the UK the excess deaths according to official statistics supplied by the ONS (Office for national statistics) show excess deaths have increased across all demographics, age groups and regions (not just in 2021, 2022) and into 2023 (June 2023 ) and into 2024 with analysis here LATEST UK STATS : 'MASSIVE DEATHS' AMONG THE "VACCINATED" !!! WHY ???

 IRELAND'S EXCESS DEATHS ARE NOW UP BY 45.3%  with the areas most vaccinated having the most deaths. Excess deaths in the USA  COMPLETE DENIAL -- Dr. William Makis


These are crimes, murder and bodily harm and they also require compensation. People worldwide are also seeking reparations and compensation also  for Slavery (yet Slavery is still alive and well on earth today) The Covid psyop (Corona) has reduced Human Rights around the world but far worse it has reduced people's expectations of those inalienable rights (from time immemorial... not just precedent from civil case's but inalienable rights which cannot be altered from time immemorial ) 


Children disappearing for domestic slavery, sex trade and the 'cosmetic' industry (Globally) 

"8 Million Children simply disappear each year ? CALIN GEORGESCU &"DARK SECRETS OF THE 'UNITED NATIONS" Further there are currently 40 million slaves in the world today (officially) and between 24 million and 40 million people are trafficked each year growing at  a rate of 2 or 3 million per year but faster by each month. The United nations have directly trafficked people see "Sir Mo Farah (Olympic Champion) trafficked as a child. United Nations caught Trafficking" In the last post above the law of trade UCC and Law of the Sea is laid out  and this involves (now) capturing whole nations into this updated Global system see "Global Slavery alive & well today, how traffickers make their money. Rome & the Cestui Que Vie Trust" which explains how everyone is caught into a foreign trust corporation and everyone is in fact being trafficked (away from the law of the land) It also mentions. Trump's executive order (who is not against Trafficking as you will see as the video progress's) against Human Trafficking, Obama issued an executive order as did many Presidents (yet it rises every year despite this ?)  who ! have been captured themselves into a fake Presidential office (post 1840 - 1871) and are in effect useless and unlawful entities giving the outward appearance that they are real Flesh and Blood Men and woman and not as they are actually designated as corporate employees as legal fictions  ""The USA was conquered in 1871, and continues today by Corporations in the Corporate legal fiction"   ...(and see also UNITED STATES is a Corporation There are Two Constitutions 1. is OF the USA 2. is FOR the USA )


In 2022 Prince Charles recognised (into 2023) the need for compensation for slavery (in the Caribbean   and he has stated“the appalling atrocity of slavery, which forever stains our history.”  and further on the slave trade he has said "Prince Charles has told Commonwealth leaders he cannot describe "the depths of his personal sorrow" at the suffering caused by the slave trade" with (he adds) an exploration into the Monachys links to the slave trade

The issue could amount to $Trillions in compensation


Although (for example) Barbados is now a Republic, it is still within the Commonwealth with the Monarch as head of the Country. "On 30 November 1966, Barbados gained independence and became a Commonwealth realm with Elizabeth II as Queen of Barbados. On 30 November 2021, Barbados transitioned to a republic within the Commonwealth" and on the commonwealth "As the number of Commonwealth republics grows, the organisation will have to work hard to remain relevant"  The Commonwealth is situated within the UN building  and most Commonwealth countries are also UN members as envisaged by General Jan Smuts who formalised the UN Constitution and who was instrumental in creating the League of Nations )which grew out of the  Paris Peace Conference on 30 May 1919 following World War 1) the forerunner of the United Nations. When the League of Nations failed, the Royal Institute of International Affairs  (formed in 1920 from the Chatham House rules inantive ) drew together the Council of Foreign Relations in 1921 towards the new United Nations in 1945 which formally agreed on the creation of Israel in 1947 - 1949 with the birth date of Israel being May 1948. The United Nations joined its constitution with the WHO (World health Organisation) in 2019 and the WHO was the only other institution to have a constitution (also made in 1948) although it is also based in the UN, with the main HQ of the UN being in Geneva Switzerland (along with the BIS, Bank of International Settlements in Basel which controls all central banks and where the first Zionist congress was held in August 29–31, 1897)

This was followed by calls in the USA for reparations to the tune of $5 million for each African American in the USA, with the family of William Gladstone statesman and four-time prime minister of Great Britain (1868–74, 1880–85, 1886, 1892–94) sailing to the Caribbean to apologize for the slavery, although many feel that along with the apologies that financial reparations must follow.  The BBC article (last link) mentions "Britain also had a key role in ending the trade through Parliament's passage of a law to abolish slavery in 1833" (Slavery abolition act 1807 - 1833) Although the campaign to abolish slavery had began before 1833, William Wilburfroce MP dealt the slavery trade a significant blow in bringing about the 1833 act of Parliament.

People in Europe were also enslaved and so were people from England (Wales, Scotland and Ireland with Ireland being the largest group in history brought into slavery ) 

How does Global Slavery work today as it draws down money from Trusts (see below) to repeat... "Global Slavery alive & well today, how traffickers make their money. Rome & the Cestui Que Vie Trust"  (and also here on bitchute again) which is viable against a 'person' reclassified from the Human flesh and blood men and woman, into products who turn over their sovereignty and ther trust is set in motion, (every US President makes an executive order to fight Trafficking yet it increases every year) We have seen above how the 'USA' has been a private corporation since 1871 (or here again and here one more also ..different view) The same is now true of New Zealand and Australia  "New Zealand & Australia captured by Foreign National Corporations (Communism as Fabian Socialism) & for the whole world" 

And since 2011 the UK is also captured as a private foreign corporation, "Britain PLC (all nations are corporations now) Restoring Nations by Common Sovereign Law"  or here once again on birhcute a legal fiction turned inside out from reality (away from the Law of the Land in UCC maritime admiralty law P) the same is true of the EU and most nations on earth and there are many variations of the company type and the history of how this began up until today as it spreads into the Land unlawfully Cestui Que Vie Trust, Your birth certificate is a slave contract with Rome  or once again on Bitchute and how the trusts or how you should deal with the trusts in practice (2. Common Law versus Admiralty Law MP4 File ) (or once again a longer version here )

It is hard for people to realise that you are born as a real flesh and blood man or woman with more rights that the state or any corporation and hence they cannot work with those rights, but turn the whole world into a series of foreign national corporations using a variation of the former name of the country as the corporation to obscure the change and all people and nations are classed as 'chattel'  or a product or slave. 

A major product for the trafficking industry and associated sciences such as abortions for stem cells (and why 'women's rights' are cited to get abortions to get stem cells by people who traffick and rape woman) is pure blood for haemophiliacs as suggested by the film Sounds of Freedom (see above )  The debate in Hansard on the 22.06.2023 on infected blood distributed by the NHS IS NOW A NATIONAL SCANDAL "Infected Blood Inquiry" 23.06.2023 and which extends back to the 1970's and 1980's  (and a long time before this) The red cross and blood donations were negligent in this, but the inquiry hides the fact that Blood donated by the public can be used 'elsewhere' and even sold on to private companies. Not just in Britain but in many countries around the world "The blood and blood products were sold over a 20-year period to 23 pharmaceutical firms. The Blood Transfusion Service Board, as it was known, was paid IR£80,000 between 1983 and 2002 when the practice ceased"  However the recent inquiries reveal it has (as a practice) not finished and is still big business for profit. Even politifact admits the red cross sells blood for profit  Today it is a Billion dollar industry "The Billion Dollar Blood Business | Full Documentary | Trade Off"

Queen Victoria was Hemophiliac see the documentary "The Royal Disease - How Queen Victoria spread this disease across European courts (Hemophilia)"

Whilst science or scientism has been unable to cure the Royal disease it is regarded by many to require Spiritual healing (not as Rasputin administered who was a charlatan ) but true spiritual cures for a spiritual problem 


The British (or Global ) Working Class 'Labour' movement 

The aim of our financial system is to bring the whole world into debt, (as a specific designed product) personal debt, business debt, credit debt with household debt and national debt which has brought the world into an unprecedented Global debt now even beyond $Trillions. The World Economic forum in 2022 cited Global debt as $303 Trillion  (as 2021 figures)     with an admission it is caused all from borrowing. The United Nations said in 2023 that Global Public Debt is now at $92 Trillion The S & P Global index says Global world debt is now at 349% of (leverage) global GDP with each person in the world owing $37,500 ?   and this is without Mortgage debt over a 15 or 25 year period. It is unprecedented in world history. Still today people assume that a nation's national debt is not a problem and without realising that this instrument of debt is paid (normally only the interest on the national debt at that) down by Taxation which reduces an individual's wages and purchasing power, but the national debts increase in any nation is blamed on cutting taxes  yet of course if taxes increase then people's wages decrease and they borrow more and a nation borrows more and so on. Capitalism says it causes (or can ) deflation (in prices) through competition whereas socialism (and its offshoots)  increase prices as inflation increases. Driving down prices (capitalism) without then stopping borrowing at interest increases national debts again and taxes rise to pay the national debt and wages never seem to be able to pay off all debts an individual or nation holds. Deflation (cheaper prices) occurs as the $Dollar (as one example) is devalued at the same time and it loses its purchasing power over decades. These are the left - right paradigms society is fooled by year in and year out. The following Diagram from JPG 1 SGT Report shows how the $Dollar is devalued over decades (especially since 1971 - 2 when the Dollar was removed from the Gold Standard, but which was occurring since the 1930's also) making a nonsense out of the political finance theories the Uniparty candidates subject nations to in the fraudulent elections. What has occurred with the US dollar since the 1930's ? What is Interest and Inflation ? Usury, the debt system of Babylon ...     (and connected "How US Citizens became enemies of the State within and of their own county, and human 'collateral' for loans. How it spread to everyone Globally"

The truth is whether it is capitalism or socialism, deficit spending increases regardless. Deficits are simply borrowed money or bubbles which burst in both systems year in and year out since especially 1913 when the Central bank fractional reserve system was introduced Globally and these banks operate in Russia and China also.  China was reduced to slavery in the Opium wars and the subsequent anarchy and societal breakdown led to Communism and Maoism and its total slavery as totalitarianism now coupled with technocracy and high surveillance systems we see today  

Despite this the MSM wheels out its experts and punters stating the economy is good, bad or in between when it has already failed by Quadrillions of debt, but as it is a product (i.e debt) then the surreal show continues. Here is the Fabian socialist (or capitalist) deficit system explained by Gary Allen (initially it was an idea from Keynes which promised all deficits would be paid down see... 

"Fabian Socialism Communism Secret Agenda & 'deficit spending' & the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing Eugenics & Gnosticism"  


Promises to the British working class on paying down deficits were not kept by the Fabians. (for instance Alan Milburn's speech to the Fabian Society on Sunday January 16 2005 which notes the 'deficit spending' problem and "Strong progress is underway in tackling this historic deficit" which has grown since 2005, and since 2008 in the economic collapse and 2013, 2019 and today in 2023 ? George Orwell (real name Eric Arthur Blair and who was MI5) noted as much in his writings which were against Soviet stalinism and not so much against Socialism and he opposed Stalin's war in Spain in the Spanish civil war. Orwell's mother had very close connections to the Fabians and Orwell Blair saw the end result of this Keynesian as the novel "Animal Farm" combined with 1984, in which he saw a Jackboot in the face of the oppressed forever.. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World imagined the same in a dystopian but futuristic technocracy transhumanist scenario as opposed to Stalinism or Maoism. Today both "1984" and "Brave New World" are merging. Huxley's "Doors of Perception" and the drug science trade. (with the Rockefellers later adding 'petroleum' products to medicine) A trade which was born out of the Opium Wars from India and the India companies, to China and which continues to this with the Poppy fields of Afghanistan being managed either by the Taliban or the US army. The Trump administration cited Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan as a terrible decision, with counter claims that it makes sense. The truth is the Trump staffers had vested interests in Afghanistan which were nothing to do with US National security or defending the west but personal profit.. This is why Trump pushed the experimental mRNA big pharma vaccinations helping to remove the ban on Crispr technologies contained within vaccines (banned up to mid 2019 but made 'legal' for operation warp speed in Dec 2020)  Big Pharma and the drug trade rely on the Opium of Afghanistan for medical ingredients. Huxley's vision of a future big Pharma dominated world was advanced by the Tavistock institute, who have  recently been forced to close there doors on Gender research and operations

The Fabians however are accused of Hijacking the British Working Class movement, as are the Labour party also which today is so mad that new Labour  or Labour are cited as being in support of the Working Class ?   The Fabians whilst appearing helpful to the working class were regarded as a bit 'Dandy' or not the working class, but middle class to upper middle class and snobbish. Not all members of course but the 'socialist' theory was hijacked and presented as a psyop as being the working class under the maxim of being both the controlled front party and also controlling the opposition party in the 2 party Hegelian dialectic Thesis - Antithesis = Synthesis as a new Thesis "While presenting different version of a dystopian future, the two texts ultimately portray a common feature: an authoritarian regime that works to circumvent any potential dissent and obtain complete submission and control over their people in order to maintain absolute power. While Brave New World depicts a hedonistic dystopia that creates an illusion of pleasure and freedom, Orwell’s novel brings more pessimistic view of a totalitarian regime relentlessly repressing freedoms through censorship and ideological brainwashing"

How did the Fabains take over the working class movement and why ? (see the large link above on the Fabians)  The 'Liberals' were hijacked by the Marxists (Marx himself in 'Das Capital' stated that National debt making is not 'socialism' The national debts are never cancelled but interest is gained from the debt which requires ever increasing taxation to pay) Prior to Marx the working class focused on attaining land which in turn is supported by the Common law which is higher than than the law of the sea. The working class also saw the liberals as favourable to their aims but again the liberals were also landowners or the 'bourgeoisie; Mortgages do not deliver land ownership only a contract to rent or manage areas of land, when in fact common land was set aside to allow 'commoners' for farm grazing or homes and townships. This common land was set aside in perpetuity not on a freehold or leasehold deed. This was their birthright not a privilege.  John Maynard Keynes' father was a Fabian who helped found the US Federal Reserve bank and the IMF who own 51% of 'USA incorporated' (since 1871 and the USA is not under the original constitution unless you change your status individually or for the whole country)  which sets the fake 2 party system fake elections every 4 years. (see all posts above ) Keynes idea seemed attractive to the working class, yet today that idea has not manifested in any way and since 1875 and the little known Combined debt accounts which some people  call the 'St Germaine delusion', however those trust accounts in Quadrillions are real and exist De facto i.e. what actually occurs in practice & not De Jure i.e in law or visibly but by legal not lawful systems, as a corporate legal fiction but which was designed or initiated to exist in law for also ordinary people, but which are hijacked or hidden from ordinary people in the VAST wealth of the world. The farmers' land claims are the real NESERA base...again see all posts above) The world's systems including elections and the media are there to block you from your birthright as the 'middleman' between them and you. See all posts above  In other words these systems are there to sell you what you already have and to convince you that you are not 'Royal' or a Sovereign person with inalienable rights from time immemorial, only they  are ?)  

Most 'Land Reform" analysis questions in Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales begin around 1800 to the present day  or alternatively from 1750 to the present day , yet in Britain the English civil war (a lot of history on land reform is found on the adjacent website and chapter 3b including the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and even 6 estates, the 12 presumptions in law and why you are governed by consent not the force of law and you can stand on land and not consent) Many people cite the Levellers and sovereignty and they did push for the working class 'peasants' but there was also the 'True Levellers'  who became known as the diggers as they wished to allow the commoners access to common land, which the levelers opposed ? In the French revolution the commoners found that there land (small holdings) was also seized by the state under the French revolutionaries and in the French revolution one group were the ‘Sans Cullottes’ who amongst other ideals also believed in price controls. Many of them had lost land and profession and became fervent revolutionaries; they had been the ‘peasant proprietary’ but had lost everything. Yet even those ‘peasant proprietary’ who lived through the revolution also lost small holdings and village land and farms they once had, and even after the revolution. (Chairman Mao of course also took all lands under control of the central vanguard un-elected communist party)  Craftsmen  and guilds were abolished as an ‘estate’ by the French revolutionaries in 1791 after they had been revived in 1773, following a slow decline especially from 1707 onwards. These operatives could also be ‘peasant proprietary’, by 1808 they were replaced by speculative craftsmen, although the operative craft still survive to this day. Land leagues and land reformers (which  under Common Law extends back to the King Alfred's Deeming's and common land rights enshrined in rights in perpetuity )  In many nations these reformers supplied land and/or cheaper rents allowing home building and attached allotments or acres for food growing.  

Which political party is offering the working class land or land reform ? ( any or none ? fact it is none) There have been many great land reformers in the Working class in Britain and elsewhere and the gap between wages and house prices with 'compulsory purchase' laws has meant a tyranny of poverty unleashed upon the world (see the section on banking below r.e inflation where house prices in real terms are 10 times as expensive over many decades) People such as Thomas Cooper, William Lovett and Micahel Davitt of Lancashire led land reforms a long time before Karl Marx

In Britain and extending back to the English civil war and before, but which are most famously portrayed in the world war 2 "Home Guard"  but which as local defense forces could be instigated at any period of history as local defense. The WW2 home guard were disbanded in WW2 and were an extra force in case of invasion, yet the "local" idea of defense was that the government should be afraid of its people and not the people afraid of the government. Armaments ownership was lawful in Britain, but as a nation it was disarmed in earnest (domestic terrorism) following the Lockerbie airplane bombings 21.12.1988  but not fully implemented until the Dunblane incidents also in Scotland in 1996. The Home Guard were portrayed as incompetent in the comedy television series 'Dads Army'   when in fact the real war is at home in any nation. Guns were not carried around the streets but a 'home guard' was always there whether it was WW2 or not. From 1947 and the National Security Act then to the new NSA of 2023 which should protect nationals freedom of speech and guard against foreign interference, such as the United Nations and the WHO  the WEF and traffickers. You are ruled by consent not the force of legalese (not lawful)  and you can stand on land and not consent to acts or statutes which are an invitation to observe like regulations, as are summons, they are just an invitation. You stand on the common law of the land not within the law of the sea.(admiralty law)   

Two people from older days who led land reform were Cormac Mac Airt the Irish chieftain whose ruling that the common people have a right to property (sheep )which had strayed on to nobles lands) ruled that the wool was the nobles but  the sheep remained with the commoner who had a right to common land (sovereign right from time immemorial ) and also King Alfred the Great whose deeming's meant common land was given to the commoners (these websites show his work extensively ) and the deemings remain the basis for common land to this day but taken from sovereign land law from time immemorial)  The world is n fact underpopulated.


The new world reserve currency, the banking collapse's and hyperinflation, Brics or consolidation into a one world currency ?

Linked to the last subheading above. The other side of the debt, deficit spending coin is Noble prize winner Milton Friedman explaining that the government creates inflation "Milton Friedman - Understanding Inflation" and see here also "Milton Friedman - Only Government Creates Inflation" yet his proposed remedies (in his Noble peace rise) have since the 1960's obviously failed.

Russia and China are a part of  the Global central banking system today ? with China having a 1 % stake in the US federal reserve bank see "Who owns the private US Federal Reserve bank and Vanguard"

Inflation which deflates the currency removing purchasing power from land value between wages and prices What is Interest and Inflation ? Usury, the debt system of Babylon

or alternative views here 1. Zeitgeist - Money Mechanics Part 1. (Money Creation)   (or here once more on youtube)  2. Zeitgeist - Money Mechanics Part 2. (Money Creation)  (or here once more on youtube)  

The new Brics gold backed currency is digital ....but backed by Gold ? instead of just being Gold ! or Silver or money distributed by a nation's national treasury (owned by the people) at zero % interest (cash and notes only as the MO money designation. At zero % interest) Money then just became a method of exchange regulated or given value by how much or how little was in circulation under seigniorage by the nation to the nation.This was the normal common way cash and notes were circulated (see the adjacent website and chapter 2 )  If people required large loans then private interests could lend at low interest separately from the MO money designation which was for the working class or poor or everyone for everyday use.It was outside of the risk of private loans and being bailed out and inflation was stemmed or removed complete as the risk was not the public's risk. The new Brics currency is simply another internet based deception. "The Rise of a New Global Currency: BRICS Nations Working on a Unified Digital Currency"..." 

This initiative aims to facilitate trade and investment among the BRICS countries while providing a more stable and secure currency for international transactions. The proposed digital currency could be backed by a combination of assets, such as gold and other commodities like rare-earth elements or land, providing additional stability and value" ? and it is supposed to stop inflation ? but obviously does not  2 more banks in the USA have collapsed and the US Dollar has been downgraded (by Fitch)    Curing inflation is not the aim in deficit spending socialist or 'capitalist' but the Golden Goose of debt is still going to be issued by borrowed Digital currency as all internet based currency is a trojan horse, including Bitcoin . (or here again "Crypto: The End of Freedom!"   ) Bitcoin was invented by Paul Walker and Phil Venables and not Satoshi Nakamoto of the C I A / Goldman Sachs / NSA / Darpa / using code SHA-256#  which can be tracked everywhere & is not anonymous as the internet is also now owned by the UN NGO  The California non-profit organization, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) ) Not "anti- globalization" and no threat to central banks who will join into digital bank central bank currency (central banking towards the multiplier effect or the 'modern money mechanics'  known as 'fractional reserve banking' began in earnest in Sweden after Lomabrds of Italy began a limited project towards this modern example. From Sweden it went into the Bank of Amsterdam and then to the Bank of England, and finally to the Federal Reserve bank and the Swiss Bank of International Settlements (BIS) which manages all the world's central banks and as such it required neutrality in world wars. 


The African belt coups within Brics ( Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad Niger, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast,  Burkina Faso, Senegal, Guinea Bissau Libya, Egypt and the Nile River from Egypt to Ethiopia) Russia China and Ukraine. France, Israel and UK, Russia and Ukraine

Many years ago when Colonel Gadiffi proposed many changes in Libya included a new currency backed by Silver and Gold for the whole of Africa (the Dinar) he was removed from power  (20.10.2011) and as a part of the Arab spring uprisings. Today Brics is affording something similar ? or does it ?  (did Colonel Gadiffi or will Brics also allow for the law of the land to escape the foreign national cooperation designation all countries are captured within, i.e. did Colonel Gaddafi's system bring Sovereignty ? does Brics bring Sovereignty for all its nations ? ) France losing power on the region towards Brics with up to 66 countries now seeking membership over the next few months (an examination of how the EU controls the currency via France in the African belt countries) The world is changing rapidly and power is finally shifting. Africa is a clear example of this; they are bringing the region into a wider war with many in the Congo killed in early September 2023 protesting against the UN At Least 48 Killed In Crackdown On UN Protests In eastern Democratic Republic Of The Congo Violence.and how the UN operate in africa is seen here "Sir Mo Farah (Olympic Champion) trafficked as a child. United Nations caught Trafficking"  

Since 2022 digital currency in Nigeria and the banks have caused many hardships and a window into totalitarian control Nigeria now. Mark of the Beast. Riots when you can no longer Buy or Sell (CBDC + mRNA injections) so with these conditions does it matter if it is backed by Gold or Silver as Russia proposes ? (they began Brics in 2006 or even before ) Both China and Russia were the earliest members of the UN in 1945 (after europe had its first overhaul and restructuring known as WW1 & WW2 ) and China's social credit system dystopia has been chosen for the UK and the world 


The Ukraine War is Pushing BRICS along and the China Silk Road Belt Road Agenda OBOR

Suad has accepted Russia's military security contract in Aug 2021, and is joining Brics with Iran, UAE and many others  Israel has very close ties to Russia (sand Ukraine)  but which has received criticism from the Ukraine  and Israel will not attack Russia on ukraines behalf   Currently, Russia has the highest rate of aliyah to Israel among any other country (making about 40 to 50 % of all refugees)  and it is increasing every month  Ukrainians are also seeking refuge in Israel  making for an uneasy Russian Ukrainian alliance of Russians and Ukrainians in Israel.  China and israel have growing trade contracts as the middle east pivots to the east amidst the US Israel China technology / technocracy AI triangle 

For the African belt countries are Russia and China going to deliver freedom and prosperity or simply replace one colonial ruler (France) with another set of totalitarian regimes. Both Russia and China are in the central banking system , with Russia's central bank having to act in exactly the same manner as western central banks and Putin's family reside in Switzerland , Russia being the first nation to display the swastika   see also Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution | An Interview with Professor Anthony C. Sutton and see also Wall street and the rise of Hitler  and also by Anthony Sutton "Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1930 to 1945" 

Germany, Ukraine and Russia (& Uk Joint Expeditionary force, or JEF & RUSI & RIIA)  With Germany's and Olaf Scholz'sabout-turn on the Ukraine Russia war and now in support (the New Jerusalem of Ukraine... Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm Queen Victoria's Grandson, from and descended through Coburg in Germany visited Jerusalem in 1898 and in 1917 British General Allenby captured the city) The JEF with CORE military force does not include Germany but the Human Augmentation Bundeswher does, (a shared view with the UK) and many of the JEF forces are in NATO Sweden and Finland in the Ukraine / Russia war are as good as members. It also includes the 'JEF M' as Maritime and both grew out of the rapid defense force construct.The existing JEF (Joint Expeditionary Force) has warned recently on the destruction of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, but also warned that military mobility with PESCO in 2018 was not practical in effect "However, JEF Europe is weary of the fact that this proposal comes with very little substantive details on how joint military mobility would work in practice"  with warnings coming in October 2022, from the military in Britain against further steps towards PESCO  Macron. Generals and soldiers in France who vented their thoughts in an open letter, and recently French Politician MP Jean Lassalle accused Macron of lying over Covid, and after he (Lassalle) had 4 heart attacks brought on by the 'vaccine' injection The white paper on Human Augmentation (Cern, DNA and to some extent particle physics) was published as " Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm"  and the paper pdf is available here   New weapons and new soldiers (as augmentation is blurring the line between the technology and the human) will be brought  up to date in this venture. A joint collaboration between the UK (CDCDC and the Development, concept and doctrine in the UK which stretches back to 1998 ) and German Bundeswehr Office of central planning, (7. Bundeswehr image Single headed Eagle ) and the UK, but will also involve 'research from German, Swedish, Finnish and UK Defence specialists see post above for full details dated 23.05.2022 or 27.05.2022 under the subheading near the end 'The Future of warfare' guided by quantum computers as super artificial intelligence AGI which can analyse every face on earth in 90 seconds or less) With Nuclear weapons from North Korea, Russia and China able to reach Berlin, Brussels, London and Canada or Washington DC (allegedly and vice sera back to NK, Russia and China) will the Crimea offensive take the peninsula. The US fires and fires around the world (aside from the arsonist efforts) have allegedly been directed at  the west via "China" ? using western satellites ? see "Maui Fires and Directed Energy Weapons"  What if 'China' uses DEW against Ukraine or Russia or against France in Africa or even Russia ? or any nation. Further if available since (at least 2018 ) why was it not used in Ukraine ? (the New Jerusalem ) in the battle for territory back and forth ? since early 2022 ?  Crimea attacked Will Ukraine and NATO and associated launch an all out attack on the Crimea after missiles attacked on the 12/13.09.2023 ? The USA still occupies Germany so are the Germans a Sovereign nation, or is Germany also a legal fiction 'Germany inc' ?

The development of Africa grew out of the Cecil Rhodes Roundtable group and which was masterminded by General Smuts (who fought against the british in the African Boar war, but later became Winstons Churchill's advisor, drafting the African constitution (Union of South africa 1910) and also the constitution of the UN which has now joined ins constitution with the WHO World health Organisation, and the UN building is shared with the Commonwealth all are overseen by Prince Charles.  Many of the countries in the African belt coup countries are in the Commonwealth see list here  For a breakdown in metals, resources and the wealth of these African belt regions see THIS HAS WESTERN LEADERS ALARMED [2023-08-31] - NEIL MCCOY-WARD (VIDEO) (which mentions the Wagner Group and its contribution to the coups, and the (PMC) Wagner group currently (in the main) are in Belarus and could be employed to invade Poland.(the UK has now designated the Wagner group as a terrorist organisation in early September 2023) Russian Major General Alexander Vladimirov has now said Nuclear war is inevitable (see previous posts above r.e. who fires first wins ? in "MAD" i.e 'mutually assured destruction'). Further UN Blue hat soldiers are amongst the migrants (disguised) into every nation on earth and if you look at the Nigeria video above (6 or 7 paragraphs up ) on the cashless digital society dystopia, it is more likely that IMF / World bank and Brics will merge via the BIS Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland. A controlled demolition to bring in a one world currency, and the climate clocks are ticking (see below) 

In the African belt coups will France re-invade the African belt countries to re-impose its EU currency reign or hegemony against Russia as it is (with the USA and UK and Poland and the new NATO countries ) encouraging Ukraine to recapture the crimeaEmmanuel Macron in 2021 visited 'Vichy France'  which was a loose alliance of France and Germany into WW2, extending back to the Holy Roman Empire and the Templars, but is not persuading in China to move with the EU & NATO so far.  as former French President Sarkozy says the EU needs Russia slamming  the EU Ukraine policy (with many stating the EU is a centralised soviet bureaucracy as Brexit for example ) The issue (similar ) was romanticised in the Novels Jean de Florette and Manon Des Source based on the writing of Marcel Pagnol. Macron says the following on the annexation of the Crimea, and warns of the Chinese and Turks and (in the 'grain' dispute) Romania jointly with the USA and Moldova commits to naval black sea exercises  but will Russia and Ukraine unite to avoid Nuclear War ?

The Suez canal is connected to the Nile and the Red Sea (see here for the history) and even as far back as the Egyptian Pharaoh Senusret III (1850 bc ) and the ancient prophecy pertaining to Israel's expansion is as follows in Genesis 15,18 “To your descendants I have given this land, From the river of Egypt [i.e the Nile; my insertion] as far as the great river, the river Euphrates:'' The Nile flows through sudan and its waters will benefit Greater Israel (Genesi 15, 18 ) and see here also The Politics of Water, Ethiopia (the source of the Nile) Egypt and Israel Greater Israel's terroroities also include Egypt (but not Iran as such i.e modern Iran) and Saud. Controlling a part of the Nile can lead to diplomatic breakthroughs into the expansion of Greater Israel  (see also Douglas Reed "Somewhere South of Suez" who disparaged the Suez crisis in the wider war since Israel's creation, yet Genesis 15 is in the scriptures ) and also here and the incredible military operation  "Israel & Zion. Break up of Ottoman Empire, & end of the Caliphate & defeat of Islam by Zionism (towards the creation of Greater Israel)"

but also here (to repeat )"Israel's "Hegelian Dialectic" The Petro-Dollar Price Fix. Military Industrial Complex communism & No Win Wars to be sustained not won & all Politicians are Liars"  and as Oil prices surge from €63 per barrel in May 2023 to now Sep/Oct $85.00 to $90 dollars as Saud and Russia extend production cuts yet in Ukraine incidents and actions ramp up in the russia Ukraine war further pushing up the price, as Europe's interest rate rises again to 4.75%  as 16 tons of rocket fuel headed for Gaza is discovered  Israel hindered by economic rather than military factors 

A new part of the war concerns Iran's possible attack on the Ukraine following Putin's visit to Iran (although in 2022 Iran indicated its intent) in May 2023 as Iran continues against Ukraine with a possible attack on many fronts including NATO against Iran from israel and the Ukraine. Ukraine has said Iran's weapons to Russia is a declaration of war. The Saudi peace deal means Iran fears that Saud with Ukraine will also bring an attack, but as we have seen above... "Suad has accepted Russia's military security contract in Aug 2021, and is joining Brics with Iran, UAE and many others " yet as the war unfolds  Iran and Saud may also join the Brics bloc .  However and yet again in early 2019 the Times of Israel reported " Israel and Iran both set to join Russia-led free trade zone"  

The question is for the 
African belt countries similar to Romania's complaint and history who pivot between Russia and the USA (or western capital ) but who never own the resources, utilities or wealth of their own country ) is ... will they be free and sovereign countries or just salves with new masters (a question for all countries in the world including Israel and all commonwealth countries) Since 2002 - 2013 Brics has not replaced the IMF / World bank to date, Argentina is in economic dire straits as are many countries underneath the surface. Brics first proposal via the UN was in 2006 (Brics as a name was coined by Goldman Sachs in 2001) 3 years before the first session in Russia in 2009. The UN via Bretton woods (Keynes and Dexter White ) first proposed the IMF and World bank (UN HQ also in Switzerland ) so Brics and IMF / World bank have a common origin. (out of which came the SDR from the BIS Bank of International Settlements) Opposing to merge eventually. An economic indicator (see below also ) 10 China in early August into September 2023 began dumping its US treasury holdings   as once again China 'prepares' for war (Sep 2023) 

Crimea missile attack. as the West launch Missile attacks on the Crimea on 13.09.2023 (the Crimea which Ukarianins feel was taken from them) Russian war planes were seen over Scotland in August 2023, and in September 2023 a Russian jet fighter engages with a British Jet , although a similar incident occurred in 2022


'Fed Now' Swift SOFR Libor, Euribor. & Programmable traceable money (now approved Sep 2023 ) 

At the beginning of July 2023 the US launched "FED NOW"     (replaces Swift / Libor & Euribor with asset assessed baseline rates as  Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR). The overnight rate REPO rate collapsed in 2019 see no 8 below) and as we see small regional banks are collapsing or being removed and soon, which will allow bank account direct to each central bank to the user, it will be programmable and in a 15 minute city scenario can be turned off or on (in a hunger games scenario) and will be tied to carbon usage (in ever decreasing circles) FED NOW replaces the SWIFT ACH payment system  and will link into the BRICS 'Gold backed' digital currency alo linked by the BIS Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland (as all central banks are now) as a digital version of Keynes SDI. Despite its hiccups it's just a phase to accounts for all directly linked to the Central bank and not your own bank account (bypassing your privacy into a unified central banking system worldwide) This is why all regional or smaller banks are being consolidated reducing the amount of banks into ever decreasing digital banks which do not require a branch outlet such as Robot bank in Israel People argue that do online banking now anyway, yet privacy and tracking is separate from the central bank but that is going to disappear.due to the plandemic   (2021)  and into 2023 with global branch closures  whilst the FED NOW is denied as a CBDC it is a step towards moving from the outdated Swift into a new global system . It is explained in simpler terms here "No one is talking about it? FedNow the masked digital dollar is coming!" they are going to be interest bearing bonds  despite denials as this is how the central banking system works.  (private banks loaning money printed out of nothing to governments, who pay the interest by taxation hut as we have seen in the British Working class heading above the loans are never paid down) 


Central banks confirm (Sep 2023) Programmable digital money (CBDC or Bitcoin) & can digitize property rights for no ownership (B of E)

So vanguard and the US Federal reserve continue to buy the world's land deeds and buying Hawaia or areas of severe floods or fires (as examples) and also all the small businesses which closed during the lockdowns. Digitized property (cars and homes even to those who have 'paid off' their mortgages they still do not own the land)  

The central banks state that cash will continue to run concurrently with the digital CBDC ? yet on a local level in the consolidation of banks into everyone on earth receiving a bank account only from (directly) the central bank cash will then be defunct as is slowly announced in every country or see here again in Australia once more  . The west claims china's economy  is collapsing, yet following the opium wars china re-emerged into Maoism and that continuing philosophy (which is the chosen system for the west i.e. digital social credit) first 'collapse' after Chairman Mao killed over 90 million of his own people and he brought famine and destruction = a collapse. China's communist party did not collapse however (the designed collapse did not affect those in power) and today China is buying Gold in huge quantities   as are all the world's central banks A collapse in the USA or in any nation ) will not affect the central bank. (who owns the US Federal reserve bank well china owns 0.1% of the largest central bank in the world buying US debt and claiming the interest) China is launching with Brics to counteract the encircling of it by the USA and developing islands ("the string of pearls") between it and India with Russia to continue its plan 

In order to level the world's currencies (with bank consolidations) Russia has launched its Brics system many years ago and has undertaken a drive in Africa to bring (so far) up to 66 countries on board potentially  Vladimir Putin did not attend as there is a international arrest warrant out for his arrest for invading Ukraine, yet al Global leaders including Putin and China's Xi  (Biden, Trump and UK etc ) all attend at the WEF summits post the invasion of Ukraine ? as the New Jerusalem The Ukraine Russia War & the World Economic Forum, across all nations in the Great reset Technocracy (only Trudeau is mooted as Gayish with all the rest as Hetero) The BRICS system is supposed to replace the petro - dollar and the US as the world's reserve currency  ...or maybe not fully as the Banking crisis beginning in early 2023 esculates r.e


'economic indicators' to the background of the USA downgrading the USA credit rating (2.8.2023) 

1. The collapse of Silicon Valley bank in the USA (march 2023)   (no's 1 - 4 in previous posts above) 
2. The collapse of Signature bank (March 2023) 
3. The collapse of the First Republic bank May 2023 
4.  The collapse of Credit Suisse bank bank (bought out by UBS Group AG March 2023)  Deutsche Bank lost a seventh of its value at one point
5. The collapse of Heartland Tri-State Bank, Elkhart, KS (June July 2023) with further squeezes (higher costs and higher reserves) on regional banks in the USA increasing the likelihood of consolidation into bigger  (not yet collapsed banks)  The collapse also includes Pacific West Bancorp (July / aug 2023) in the consolidation of all banks now bought out by Bank of California

6. In the UK in August 2023  " UK Companies go under at fastest rate in a decade"   .... or as in 2022 "Companies collapse at fastest rate since financial crisis as energy bills soar"   or "UK economy suffered record annual slump in 2020   yet this is an agenda to blame Brexit and not closing the world down, (lockdowns ) rising energy prices or global debt and high credit rates eating into wages and repayments ? 
7. The eurozone entered an economic downturn in July / August 2023 8. Predictions of a depression in 2023 continue, with the brics new digital currency eating into the devalued dollar causing hyperinflation  (hyperinflation when the petro - dollar recycling system dwindles )  as Saudi Arabia joins brics in August 2023 as the Netherlands goes into recession (last link) Saudi Arabia has also given its security contract to Russia in Aug 2021   As the USA has the security contract since WW1 into WW2 and into 2020, will Russia and the US form a partnership in Saud (but not in Ukraine etc ?) 
8. 30.08.2023 "Bank of England set to incur £150bn loss from bond sales after interest rate rises" 
9. Some estimates suggest 4000 regional banks will soon disappear (consolidate)  WARNING: 4000+ BANKS TO FAIL! - Bank Runs Are COMING! - Something HUGE Just Happened July 1st!  (replaces Swift / Libor & Euribor with asset assessed baseline rates as  Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR). The overnight rate REPO rate collapsed in 2019  and Hyperinflation when the US loses world reserve currency status ) On 29.08.2023 changes mentioned above) forcing banks to raise debt levels kicks in in the USA adding to 4000 banks to close "They Just Rug Pulled The Banking System"    with bank runs continuing since March 2023 into September 2023 "Runs On Banks Are Going on Right Now! (But Let’s Keep This Quiet"   all confirming (Janet Yellen) that banks will consolidate according to Janet Yellen of the federal reserve  in June 2023   (in the joint collapse / consolidation mergers of the quadrillions derivatives debt into a one world currency)

10. China in early August into September 2023 began dumping its US treasury holdings   as once again China 'prepares' for war (Sep 2023) 

as layoffs increase and defaults increase as debts increase all hinging from the lockdowns (which many say were not severe enough ) under Trump in 2020 - 2022


Every central bank globally had to supply massive liquidity to  the collapsing banks in 2023, as many of they collapses were not insured against the losses (primarily crypto's) and the African brics conference in late August into September 2023, towards a common currency  with the UK also pushing brics in 2016  and in attendance in Africa in 2023  but Putin began the Brics project (Russia first launched although it was termed by Goldman Sachs as Bric in 2001. Goldman Sachs who invented bitcoin see 3 paragraphs above) Once again Fatherland versus Technocracy in the 4th Industrial Revolution 卐 Übermensch,Herrenrasse,Cупермен 卍   or the Motherland of technocracy  Motherland Communitarianism, Technocracy, 4th Industrial Revolution 卐 Übermensch Cупермен ☭  

Whether it is Trump (in the Trump Biden double act ) with the biometric tracking system on land, sea and air  and the executive orders from every President including Trump and Biden in AI, Vaccines, Transhumanism and CBDC (central bank digital currency) which have exploded since mid 2019 into the Corona covid plandemic. .

This is all a part of the Great Reset announced by Prince Charles in March to July 2020 


Green renewable energy, coal, oil and directed energy weapons D.E.W. & Brexit (ULEZ as Ultra Low Emission zones, 15 minute cities leading to C40 cities & Mayors taking power from the people) 

People facing higher and higher bills and inflation in every area are questioning 'climate change' especially as the Frankenstein nature of the green movement appears (2021) ... "Genetically modified food a step closer in England as laws relaxed"  and now approved fully (2023) "Genetic Technology Bill becomes law"  GM foods move to become fully synthetic crops   as is everything in the BIO-CONVERGENCE including Human cells either injected by vaccination or modified grown in a lab from stem cells "In breakthrough, Israeli scientists say they synthesized human embryos from stem cells"  (or to repeat see here from above Digital Programmable Money & Israels Bio-Covergence in the synthetic embryo state & the 'Mark of the Beast'  )


With recent revelations that wind farm windmills are powered by Coal fired power stations 'COAL POWERED WIND TURBINES'  ? (or here on bitchute also ) then the wind farms are simply large (bizarrely large) obtrusive and loud machines to move people off the land as they tend to move away when they are erected. In Germany they are taking wind farms down and changing to coal (cutting out the middle energy system to save the planet ). German energy experts says it makes sense, but in Scotland massive deforestation (the carbon capture devices with leaves and fruits etc) has occurred to install wind farms ? (run by coal) 

These are Windmills (most famous in Holland)  Two or three story, which can be used for homes and even grinding non wheat breads (breads with oil in them) "Our daily bread" (the Lords prayer) was meant to make bread daily as it should go off if it is left longer. Round rooms make sure you don't get lost and are very nice to stay in. Today the oils in breads are largely removed so that the berad travels. Many of the oils in traditional breads are removed to make them last, but so to is the goodness. Bread was made locally (localism) and was meant to be bought everyday. Small windmills can of course also power a generator if adapted and can be built on anyone's land. Windmills for water pumps (most famous in Texas) were also used to pump water to the surface and will ice melting cause a problem ?  Will melting ice cause water level to rise   MP4 FILE   

Small scale oil rigs were used to fuel the US army in world war 2, pumping oil from inland Britain for local needs see the secret oil wells of world war 2 And today Oil worth Billions lies beneath the land all over Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland   and similar rigs could be manufactured by a township (spring water and oil) if they form a co-operative or company to do so. 


Brexit This is pertinent (i.e domestic small scale oil rigs above)  as the UK government had just granted licenses to drill for Oil in the North Sea, which the EU in Brexit finds Selfish  Britain's economy surpasses France in manufacturing  and many French and wider EU banks are asking its customers to bank with British banks and shun the Eurozone

In Britain the  energy inflation problem (as with the rest of the world and which could cause economic collapse along with consolidations and massive) of course there are more oil fields in Wales and Scotland However licenses are simply not required in common law in a sovereign nation as any township can vote itself a need to obtain water or energy itself. Brexit contrary to the media circus is not Theresa May, Boris Johnson or even Nigel Farage (Boris Johnson is still in charge in the UK, via Chatham House etc) or any political party, but to those 17.4 million people (sovereign) who voted for Brexit, which is despite the negative press in the lockdowns (on business etc and the war in Ukraine / Russia causing rampant inflation) is a success across the country. and see 'EU utter collapse - Brexit UK moves on!' Most tellingly the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) dismissed 2 court challenges by anti-brexiteers in June 2023 as the row with the Court of Justice continues Britain is still in the Council of Europe and many EU nations want move away from centralization. Britains $12 Trillion trade boost because of Brexit is also not in the mainstream media as much and making your own trade deals is of course is central to prosperity.r.e. Commonwealth "Another embarrassing set of facts from the Commonwealth secretariat information page, positive for Brexit ( "facts on the Commonwealth" ) " The combined GDP of Commonwealth countries in 2021 was US$13.1 trillion and is estimated to reach $19.5 trillion in 2027, almost doubling in ten years from $10.4 trillion in 2017" and which is not being set out in relation to Brexit ? " and also more on the commonwealth "With negative press on Brexit (even Conservatives, & Labour & Libs )why is the this quote (Nov 2021) not cited on Brexit ? "It may surprise many that the Commonwealth has been outstripping the EU in 3 determinants: population size, the size of the economy, & economic growth rate"

With Britain booming and taking advantage now in making its own trade deals with India's extremely large economy, as Britain's services exports boom and trade deals such as with asia pacific and the city of london adding £225 billion to the UK economy,  As well as England and Scotland and Wales oil (inland ) Oil and Gas off the west coast of Ireland is vast Irish Republican Brotherhood & William McQuire. Ireland's territory extends even beyond the EEC/EU  and of course both labour Jeremy Corbyn (Jeremy Corbyn voted for Britain to leave the European Economic Community (EEC) in the 1975 European referendum and more than this) and also labour Tony Blair  (Fabian, Order of the Garter) both campaigned to leave the EU.

The real full story of brexit (which will amaze many in the public ) aside from its success despite lockdowns and rampant inflation affecting every nation on earth has yet to be shown fully


This as Scotland faces calls for a independence referendum. according to its 'first minister' .Scotland still has its Scots Gaelic (as irish, Breton, Cornwall, WelshO) but what does it sound like and do people in Holyrood (argyll being the real seat of Scottish government ) understand it ?...

Scottish Gaelic, Anna Murray Scottish Gaelic as Opposed to Welsh, Irish or Breton and Gaelic sites extend all over England and into Germany (and Saxons wore a form of wraparound Kilt or trouser also) into the ukraine and back over the caucasus into northern Israel 

Net Zero non compliant homes to be fined as ULEZ to expand over UK Whilst most people pay very little attention to Green issues, Londoners are starting to notice large congestion charges in the Ultra Low Emission Zones, which began emanating out from the City of London, to inner London and now (in 2 weeks time ) to outer London and then in every city and over the countryside which will aid the "15 minute city"  (and not just in Britain) which is programmable (turns on or off) in zones as a CBDC or even Bitcoin, but here is an analysis of ULEZ  "Earth Climate Countdown Clocks, Global Depopulation. ULEZ, Prince Charles War Like footing. ULEZ Carbon Net Zero for the World"   and it brings each home in Britain and the World under the legal fiction of the Net Zero emissions (which will go to ZERO )  Net Zero: non compliant homes to be fined!  and similar green initiatives in the USA Largest US Cities ‘Target’ Banning Meat, Dairy, And Private Vehicles By 2030 but there are sceptics   The End Is Nigh! Over 40 Years Of Doomsday Predictions In Media compilation of climate change hoax  MP4 FILE   and here also  “Environmental Scares_ Yesterday and Today” - Rupert Darwall MP4 FILE    with the EU successfully prosecuting for the carbon credits scam from 2007 fwd   The Global Carbon tax fraud and its trial in 2016 and ongoing has repercussions around the world and which began as far back as 2007.    It is not just an EU problem but also a Global debate. Many people wonder what is the nature of the contentious problem (for more info see the adjacent website and chapter 3 )                                                


Many people in Hawaii say that there destroyed homes are being (the land) are being bought up very cheaply or are in the process of (and leaving the now non-indemnified wreckages uninsured with outstanding hundreds of thousands in mortgages repayments regardless as the price paid does not cover the full existing mortgage)

Planning development as Build back better, or sustainable development plan to buy the world by hook or by crook  Mass Murder and the West Maui Land Grab 

As in 2018 - 2019 in Greece these destroyed buildings are surrounded by foliage and trees which are not destroyed ?  Whether one believes in DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) or not, they have been a feature of Military trade shows for some time, and will feature in the forthcoming DEW 'Directed Energy Weapons' Symposium in on September 13th / 14th in the USA  and see more on the development of DEW here  DEW WEAPONS - LOCKHEED MARTIN ADVERTISEMENT - Still think DEWS don't exist?

Further on the adjacent website in December 2019 DEW (Directed energy weapons ) weapons were discussed.(with many other issues r.e the previous post above it announces the New World Order  (Once read go to the top switch to this website and the link back to this post) Around this time (July 2018 fwd ) Greeks stated that energy from above like microwave energy burnt their homes and left the trees alone (targeting ability) and they had to rush into the sea, just like now in Lahaina and Maui, but it is not just Hawiai. 

It is all over the world  and the EU ESA (European Space Agency) is showing this in real time (every continent ) see  "Counting wildfires across the globe"  (with a second opinion here The Entire Earth is Currently Burning and It’s Not Because of ''Climate Change'' ) 

A few examples of the Hawaii, Greece, Spain, Canada and other 'wildfires' currently in Aug / Sep 2023  The Lahaina Destruction Is Not of This Word — Incomprehensible and Inexplicable Horror    and here also LAHAINA UPDATE: OVER 1000 MISSING, 1700 BUILDINGS DESTROYED, EMERGENCY SERVICES OFF ISLAND AT TIME   and here once more LOCAL MAUI FIRE WITNESS: SOMETHING SINISTER WENT ON, & THERE IS NO HELP and here again once more The TRUTH About The Maui Land Grabs And What May Have CAUSED The Fires!!!  and once more here again The Entire Earth is Currently Burning and It’s Not Because of ''Climate Change'' and here again in Spain   Wildfires continue to engulf Spanish island or again here in Greece   Eighteen bodies found in wildfire zone in north-east Greece and once more  in Canada PLANNED IGNITION: Canadian Authorities Admit To Starting Fires While Banning Drones & Witnesses and a view of Hawaii  THE BLUE MYSTERY and Australia has huge wildfires today and in March 2023  see also The Grid as an Energy Weapon — Massive Lithium Storage Centers Spread

An in depth overview of the DEW Hawaii phenomenon Shelby Thompson Interview - Locals Convinced Maui Fires Not Accident As Evidence Suggests Foul Play as the fires spread to other areas of Hawaii (and also in British Columbia) and not caused by electrical cables faults, as wa\ter and electricity turned just prior to the fires starting, with missing children according to school registers now at 2000 plus THEY LIED! This Did NOT Cause The Maui Massacre Fires 

Like Revelations 13,13 bringing down fire in the sight of men, SMHP and how is it done exactly   (and see last post above on 'Chemical core, order of the Dragon', where early research into future weapons originated

Teenagers are now able to make DEW energy weapons in their basement. Things Are About To Go To The Next Level  (it is unlawful to commit acts of war on civilians which can be returned for like see last post above and / or arrested)  The Video points out that all nations (unless they return to the Law of the Land ) are being homogenized into 1 big holding company without their consent or knowledge. (but see the last subheading in this post) The living breathing man and woman is the real human (you ) and they are their first name from the family christian name i.e. John from the family Smith or Maximillian from the family Igan or whoever. Collectively these people make a tribe and then a nation (from time immemorial) Every continent has many tribes and nations and around the world who are the majority and who hold the Law 


The Climate Countdown Clocks  17 SDG's aims to obey C40 & 15 MINUTES CITIES & the Pope's green encyclical, the 10 Green Holy Commandments at Mount Sinai, 7 year peace deal, Noahide laws

Further to the Countdown clocks in ULEZ and Britain(see below for ULEZ) there are now 150 countdown clocks in Britain  and also on the Jesus Saves statue in Brazil  and the UN United nations also has its own synchronised climate countdown clock  previously the Rio Janeiro Jesus Saves statue had a covid broadcast also wearing a mask for a period of time   and the New York climate countdown clock in Union Square also 

The Truth About Extinction Rebellion  MP4 FILE  

The United Nations has published its 17 aims for its Sustainable Development 2030 plan (17 SDG's ) which began with the Paris Climate Summit in 2015 in conjunction with the Popes Climate Encyclical 'Laudato Si'   The Pope did not write the encyclical but it was chosen for him and in reality it extends back to the In June 1992, at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, more than 178 countries adopted Agenda 21, for 2020 - 2012 into 2030, but what are these 17 aims in detail ? which began in earnest in March 2023 when the 'countdown clocks began' see ...  

17 SDG's aims to obey Agenda 20-30, 17 'Sustainable' Developments Goals (SDG's ) for World Government beginning March 7th 2023. Our Common Future

Carbon Dioxide is Making The World Greener (w_ Freeman Dyson, Institute for Advanced Studies) MP4 FILE Many people including Prince Charles talk to plants to help them grow, and of course it's not the conversation but the CO2 emitting boosting their growth

"Earth Is An Oil-Producing Machine — We're Not Running Out"  or article here on this subject  See also and once more  "Why We'll Never Run Out Of Oil"  it is not scarce and is the 2nd most numerous liquid on earth after water  (see chapter 3 on the adjacent website on energy at the end) And see also Oil is not Scarce, Peak Oil a myth & Oil is not a fossil fuel. John Catsimatidis of United Refining and the connected article "DID YOU SAY, “OIL IS A SCARCE RESOURCE?” NOT SO SURE" and also Do Fossil Fuels Really Come from Fossils?   Oil and gas are renewable energies and not fossil fuels. The Queen Mother from "Up North" liked fish and chips and chip fat is a fuel for cars (featuring Bill Bailey) 

C40 & 15 MINUTES CITIES. With the 15 minute cities, they are overseen by the global C40 cities (currently with 96 members and into 197 like the UN or commonwealth) More on C40 cities and C40 stands for  and cities are "re-invented" to adapt to depopulation and climate change. The World Business Council for sustainable development has more info here   and it requires private investment via corporations as the Klaus Schwab WEF (World Economic Forum)  stakeholder capitalism overseen by the UN  in line with Prince Charles call for a War like footing with Trillions at his disposal 

Global Smart City Initiative C40 Cities ARUP Group Part of The WEF - Prison City Initiative

In China the 15 minute city develops with iron gates, facial recognition, carbon penalties of arrests for using too much carbon as each zone becomes a separate colony as the UK sign a 7 year trade deal with Israel  in March 2023 (when the countdown climate clocks began ) (7 UK / Israel 7 year trade deal


The UN who are currently overseeing this on behalf of the WEF (& WHO ) are implementing depopulation.

Just as you can also be fined for not having a sustainable home in the ULEZ zones (soon to be extended over the earth, after first the City and then inner London and for the beginning September 1sr 202,3 all of London but soon all over the UK by any or all political parties as the Uniparty  UK )  Net Zero: non compliant homes also to be fined! fines can be turned into Compulsory purchase very easily as zoning comes into planning (under the New world Order version of it) and homes removed for failing to save the earth e.g. Changes to compulsory purchase regime would speed up process, says commission and also here again by the Law reform commission March 2023 and the land reform Law commission in the UK also  all making land grabs easier and more streamlined. Cars which run on oil petrol diesel will face no loans funding Bank to Stop Giving Loans to Fossil Fuel Cars  This type of revolution in the French revolution which had huge levels of poverty but small holdings land was grabbed by the state, and this is what occurred with the Sans Culottes in the French revolution and the Diggers in the English civil war when the 'State' became the new instigator of law based on the laws of Justinian (4th to 5th century Rome) and not common law as inalienable rights which are above the state. Moving the people off the land into cities into the new corporate digital cities of social credit surveillance. ULEZ, Sustainable development, 15 minute cities, and C40 cities with the 17 aims of the UN sustainable developments, and the 10 green commandments are a drastic planning step to "you will own nothing and be happy"  

Jail and £15,000 fine for net Zero crimeThe way it is progressing is just a matter of time as new legal but not lawful laws state that if your home is not up to net zero (and which will be supported by all political parties ) then Jail time GB News 01.09.2023  " Property owners who do not adhere to regulations to reduce their energy consumption could face up to a year in prison and fines of up to £15,000, The Telegraph has claimed" 


Compulsory Purchase laws are legal but not lawful they are not higher than