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This new website the 'Sovereignty of nations and individuals' began in April / May 2021, will discuss 2 main topics both of which will have numerous subheadings. These 3 websites seek to promote free and consider all points of view. A navigation aid will be added in time, and the images contained at the top of the website (and others) will be explained as the website grows. To search individual items or names, click on 'find' in the system tab in the browser (top right on most PC's or Phones) & it will list every time it is a topic.



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1. The Sovereignty of Nations and of Individuals

The 'Sovereignty of Nations & of Individuals' are attributes which they already own and hold. They are your Status, Standing & Agency without any courtroom or legal entity or realm having to declare them, (or whether they do not declare them) and they are known as Inalienable rights. They are inviolate in Common Law, the Law of the Land, also granted by God before you were born and after, and are automatically conferred upon you. You can only give them away by consent, or you can reclaim them by not consenting to other non - Lawful rules, recommendations, regulations, writings, courts and Judgments by the State or by any 'legal fiction' (legally fictitious) acting as unlawful law enforcement, Kings or Queens, rulers and / or politicians or state agencies, who can as individuals also claim Sovereign laws separately from those institutions and from 'legal' fictitious creations.They have existed as the rights of every Man and Woman of all age groups, since ancient times, requiring no proof of origin or existence, existing as they have, and known from 'time immemorial'











Queen Elizabeth 2nd MP4 FILE Video 2. "Sovereignty conferred by the people" 



United Nations removes Sovereignty & Sergeant Robert Horton


Sovereign Governments around the World 

Brexit and Britain in a poll is also favouring Sovereign Swiss type direct democracy  which is a step nearer to becoming a Sovereign nation away from the EU which can also avail of this type on self Government without a proxy election candidate taking your vote away from LAW (not legalese proxy fake politicians and banks ) They are just lobbyist groups who take away your vote as a fake straw man or woman proxy lobbyists stealing your vote. 


The Federal Reserve bank an unsovereign private bank, announces it will remove all cash and notes Globally from every central bank 




World Sovereignty of Individuals and Nations and Biblical Common Law





The Sovereignty movement grows

& Documentary 'The Strong Delusion & The Great Reset'


As the World comes to realize that there were no real legitimate lawful restrictions on travel or social distancing or meeting socially or any of the covid 19 laws throughout  the lockdowns from March 2020, then the realization that the governments citing them are also fake and illegitimate is now apparent. They were / are non lawful regulations and there was no need to comply with them let alone  give your consent to  them. It is obvious they (the governments)  are hollow, and are a  legal fiction whoh have hijacked a nation's money supply. To date only conservative or right wing governments have resisted and have supported freedom for the people, or posing as the same they have capitulated to the scamdemic and should stand down as a government and remove themselves from power.
To date (see end of last post above) and rather than cancelling corporations the Pope (or Pope demented Puff) has suggested these Corporations should become more inclusive and fairer, (or see here as an alternative article) but as a Marxist Humanist who does not  believe in Gd what does this mean in financial / philosophical terms, does in fact mean Commutarianism / communism and as this is occurring now in the 'Great Reset' How can  people understand this new paradigm sold as the merging of 'Christianity with the New Age' into a technocracy in opposition to the 'New World Order' as the latest Hegelian Dialectic (capitalism / communism being another) Hegel proposed creating 2 opposing ideas as thesis and synthesis and forcing them into collusion to produce a new synthesis or a new paradigm idea. 'Order out of chaos' is the motto (or perception management and British society people by the group known as 'common purpose who specialise in brainwashing a nation or nations ) Humanity does not need artificially created chaos and therefore does not need the New Order or the opposing merging of spiritual beliefs to produce a new god created by man and not by God.  


"The Strong Delusion & the Great Reset" (with 20 second introduction in the 6 minutes 30 seconds video)  


The strong Delusion introduction (Bill Gates refuses to name ingredients in mRNA injection) 


'Transfection' is also a natural part of the mRNA process and here it is admitted the chemicals enter your cells nucleus , yet this last part of the process is both denied and admitted by the medical profession ? (see the documentary below) The origins of inoculations are analysed here in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Since it is now (nearly officially) admitted that Sars is not a respiratory disease but a cardiovascular flu arising from the common Flu and has been around since immune systems have, then transfection or shedding  is the cause of the variants and the spread of the virus from the 'vaccinations' mRNA injections and this was / is a man made patented flu, which has an above 99.9 % survival rate and only the elderly succumb as they do year in and year out. "Variants" or "Samiants"  (last link  Noble Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnie ) The vaccinations have effectively become a bio - weapon sold by criminals. If you catch covid again ? after even 2 vaccinations and then many also die, what is the point of them ? 



Full Documentary " The Strong Delusion and the Great Reset "  07.07.2021  (Google Drive file)


Or see here as an MP4 File The Strong Delusion and the Great Reset "







Sovereignty for individuals, nations and business. Small and Medium Business can also thrive in a Sovereign nation


Change your status (standing & agency) 



Real Sovereignty

Changing your status


The Sovereignty of all Nations and their wealth



Sovereignty applies to everyone. They are your inalienable rights since your birth.

1) Further background information on your Sovereign law & rights (including Pandora papers, The Five star Account & others)

2) A gradual accumulation of stories of vaccine deaths and injuries over 8 months (an update to the Strong Delusion and Great Reset documentary see post above dated 7.7.2021) 

3) "Recombinant" vaccines are expressed as both DNA and proteins (recombinant means multiple types of DNA in vaccines) and also stops you buying and selling

4) Enforcing your own Sovereign Law as an  individual or business  or nation with armed defence as per the constitution of the USA (or any nation) 

5) Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and its history before being codified as Black's Law Dictionary in the 1880's and published in 1952, extending back from 1000 bc into the Rhodesian law of the island of Rhodes and from Rome, to Justinian 1st in 527 bc and the Phoenicians into the middle ages and until to today.  



1) Further background information on your Sovereign law & rights (including Pandora papers, The Five star Account & others)









2) A gradual accumulation of stories of vaccine deaths and injuries over 8 months (an update to the Strong Delusion and Great Reset documentary see post above dated 7.7.2021) 




1. Youtube   IRELAND'S FALL: THE ABORTION DECEPTION - how the elites killed the right to life   2. Facebook   Trailer on Facebook    3. The Life Institute  Full Film page





3) "Recombinant" vaccines are expressed as both DNA and proteins (recombinant means multiple types of DNA in vaccines) and also stops you buying and selling


Collectively this is Transhumanism. It is a religion. Transhumanists do not believe you are a flesh and blood human or a Sovereign human being, and that you are required to 'evolve' physically leading to a Spiritual awakening. Yet you are already made perfectly and are sovereign. Transhumanism in effect downgrades your status but takes what you already have and tries to sell it back to you.



4) Enforcing your own Sovereign Law as an  individual or business  or nation with armed defence as per the constitution of the USA (or any nation) 



5) Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and its history before being codified as Black's Law Dictionary in the 1880's and published in 1952, extending back from 1000 bc into the Rhodesian law of the island of Rhodes and from Rome, to Justinian 1st in 527 bc and the Phoenicians into the middle ages and until to today. 




For further information see the adjacent website the new new jerusalem  and chapters 3, 3a & 3b (and the end of chapter 3b with posts dated 8.10.2021 & 23.09.2021 & 28.08.2021) Click here and the top of Chapter 4  or beginning of Chapter 3b 







2. The Greatest Victory for both Houses of Judah & Israel 


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(This unusual chapter & as with subject 1 above, will have info added to it over days, weeks & months and is for both Houses of Israel & Judah)



Roses of Picardy in France, Belgium , Germany

& wider  & its Poppy Fields



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This section of this new website is also dedicated to every fallen soldier and victim of World War 1 and World War 2 (with WW3 approaching) In Britain there are so many memorials to the fallen it would be hard to number them all. Stone Crosses and the names of the fallen are everywhere. Civilians were also killed and in many ways those wars have continued up until this day. These memorials extend across all countries who participated in the War and the following information is for them and all the families (to this day) who suffered loss in death, injury or grief in a century which has seen unending war. Poppies are worn on memorial day and the song from 1916 the 'Roses of Picardy' refers to the Poppies of France and Wider (see the image above on Poppy Fields) They are worn because the flower bloomed in vast numbers, fed by the blood of the fallen on the Somme and other battlefields. Whilst the Poppy does not signify this blossoming, nevertheless bumper crops of poppies bloomed in 1915 - 1919. They gave their lives and this needs to be remembered forward also. Poetry from World War 1 is archived here from every nation. The information below will prove pertinent (even if you are at first unfamiliar with the subject matter) as you follow it as we learn about the War to end all Wars (The Great War) and World War 2 & WW3 and also the Final War.


In 1948 Israel was reborn and many feel it fulfilled the prophecy in Jeremiah 25, 8 - 12 (see next paragraph) Israel was born as a nation in 1948 winning a UN United Nations vote in Resolution 181 (to resolution 186 to 194 etc) taken on the 29 November 1947. The Vote carried by 33 votes in favor, 13 against, and 10 abstentions, achieving the required two-thirds majority. Britain announced its 'Palestinian' mandate would expire on 14 May 1948 allowing Israel to declare a beginning as Eretz Israel on the 15th May 1948. The Mandate was declared by the United Kingdom as existing from 1920 to 1948 (following the League of Nations meetings headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. . In  January 8, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson enumerated the last of his Fourteen Points, which called for a “general association of nations" Wilson won office in 1913 and left office in 1921. This idea became the League of Nations which became the United Nations )

The term Palestine is a Roman term derived from Philistines. This land was empty when Israel was born in one day in 1948, and the Palestinians adopted the flag of Jordan (with a star on it ) Egypt and Jordan then flooded people into the land (1948 - 1955) to stop the creation of Israel. This has helped to perpetuate the Hegelian Dialectic of  'Israel / Palestine' and the War. The real war is not reported or analyzed at all. The reality is Israel is surrounded by large Arab nations (many of whom are now also allies of Israel) and if the war was shown in its entirety, it would look very different and the wars would be over very quickly beyond the wars to be sustained, which are also occurring on other continents, not just the Middle East. Israel certainly existed historically "The Patterns of Evidence; Exodus documentary" is available here also as an MP 4 FILE or once again on Bitchute also   (also on 'Patterns of Evidence Exodus' (netflix) or trailer here and discussed here on national television " as did Egypt, Assyria, Sumeria, Chaldea and Babylon. No one questions Saud as a purely Arab nation or asks it to be partitioned in Mecca into 4 quarters ? There are other Arab only nations as they believe fit and of course their Sovereignty should also be respected. There are however other deeper questions which should interest everyone as outlined below.

The Stone which Jeremiah brought to the West (believed to be the footstool of God under his throne and the stairway to heaven) upon which Jacob rested his head in Genesis 28, 11 - 15, and which Moses struck in Numbers 20, 11, had an ability to bring Water into desert areas. It was with the Israelites at Sinai and of course Mount Horeb, and with King David at Mount Moriah and during the outpouring of the law at Shavuot and later at Pentecost (a feast celebrated as one and the same and always on the same day as each other) The Counting of the Omer was first counted Prophetic Feasts Counting the Omer from the Sabbath after First Fruits to Shavuot & Grain offering by the Israelites as they left Egypt on the first Passover and until they received the Law at Sinai. (they later received further instructions on the count in Leviticus 23, 15 - 16  ) Today and within Israel that count continues, and it was also counted by the Disciples from the first Sabbath after the feast of First Fruits until the outpouring of the Law and Ruach of Gd in the Book of Acts.  Prophetic Holy Feasts Shavuot The Outpouring of the Law from Sinai / Horeb to the Upper Room Today the Stone resides (although many remain unsure) in Britain and Scotland shared by both.

This idea of 49 days ( occurring twice as a prophetic count in history as well as the ongoing annual count ) or 7 x 7 is also applied as 7000 years. These prophecies are central to Israel's existence. Israel also existed before 1948

Jeremiah 25, 8 - 12  & Ezekiel 4 & 37 "Jeremiah prophesied 70 years … not 430.  So which was it – 70 or 430?  It turns out that in 539 BCE the Babylonians were conquered by Medes and Persians.  King Cyrus of Persia then permitted the Jews in Babylonian exile to return to Jerusalem. So the Babylonian exiles arrived back in Jerusalem 537 BCE.  From the initial deportation in 606 BC to 537 BC – Jeremiah’s prophecy of the destruction of the Babylonians and return to Jerusalem in 70 years was fulfilled"   &   " With the insight from the ‘principle in Leviticus’ we can understand Ezekiel’s prophecy.  He had predicted 430 years of exile for their sin see Ezekiel 4 & 37, 1 - 28 They paid 70 years (as per Jeremiah) which brought the ‘debt’ down to 430 – 70 = 360 years.  This remainder was multiplied by seven (as per Leviticus) to get: 360 x 7 = 2520 years" This date brings us to 1948 when Israel was restored as a Nation  but it was not until 1967 that Israel captured Jerusalem, some 19 years later and it is acknowledged that Moshe Dayan gave up Temple Mount at that Time (for further details see the adjacent website and chapter 5 )

The End of World war 2 and General Moshe Dayan (from 1948 to the Six day war and the capture of Jerusalem in 1967)

The Question remains why did General Moshe Dayan not destroy the Temple on Mount Moriah known as the Dome of the Rock, and then also forbid Jewish prayers on Temple Mount ? (which continues to this day) even from May into June 1967. General Moshe Dayan wore an eye patch as his eye was wounded fighting the Vichy French. In 1973 the Yom Kippur war occurred between Israel and Egypt and in 1981 Israel annexed the Golan Heights which was always a part of Israel. In 2018 Israel celebrated 70 years of existence in 2017 and into 2018. King David of course purchased the threshing floor of Ornan on Mount Moriah around 1000 bc see 2 Samuel 24, 18 - 25 for 50 Silver Shekels (and in effect the eventual whole area of Mount Moriah, he built his City there and established the Ark of the Covenant within David's tabernacle) On Mount Moriah, David's Tabernacle was 3 tabernacles in 1, and in the Millennium of 1000 years it  is belived it willbe re-established as the 7th period of the 7 x 7000, (a view on this is given here) David's Tabernacle is once again established "The word tabernacle also recalls the famous prophecy of the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom (“the tabernacle of David”) given in Amos 9:11–12: 'In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches of it; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old, That they may possess the remnant of Edom, and of all the nations, which are called by my name, saith the LORD who doeth this' The fulfillment of this prophecy, as explained in Acts 15:14–18, will occur after the full complement of Gentiles has been grafted into the “olive tree,” through faith, at the completion of the Church Age and in keeping with the blessing of the Gentiles in the Abrahamic Covenant (Rom. 11:25). Gentiles who come to faith in the Jewish Messiah during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (see Mt. 25:34–40) will join redeemed Jewish people in the true worship of God.

The Egyptian Pharaohs Pharaohs Golden Parade - Egyptian Mummies move museums across Cairo in glittering display  were moved from the Egyptian Museum to a new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, about 5km to the south-east of the current Museum in early April 2021. They are still dead. They include the heretic Akhenaten (but who was Akhenaten?) who was contemporary with Moses who taught that there is a power behind the Sun (one Gd) and also behind Sirius the Dog Star. (Ramasses 1,2 & 3 as a name is derived from earlier Egyptin and Hindu gds) Before the Egyptians, the Pharaohs line extended back to the Sumerian kings (in the Sumerian King lists) and Ra (the Egyptian Sun gd)  was previously also known as Ram-Sin is said to be from Elam which links him to Indo-Iran line. Rama was also the Hindu gd Ramayana.Rama is an incarnation of Vishnu, God of Protection. Vishnu is one of a trinity of the three most important Hindu gods – Brahma the creator, Vishnu the protector, and Shiva the destroyer. Shiva is also displayed at the Nuclear Atomic facility of research at Cern in Switzerland home of the Hadron Collider  The Hadron collider researches nuclear particle physics.   via its large underground circular facility extending into France and Switzerland  which is 17 miles in length. Built over early Roman ruinsand the large site is likened to a modern cathedral comparable to the Egyptian pyramids. The Nuclear splitting of the Atom or atomic particles (and bombs over Japan) produced the following assessment by J Robert Oppenheimer  in 1965 who likened the moment to Vishnu in his 'multi - armed form' as he seeks to persuade Arjuna the Prince to do his duty See J. Robert Oppenheimer (co-inventor of the Atom Bomb) : "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." The Bhagavad Gita also  has the  following quote “if the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst into the sky that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One" similar to a nuclear explosion of which there were many in the Vedic wars. The lost Golden city of "Aten" in Luxor was also recently discovered see "Lost Golden City of Aten Discovered - ROBERT SEPEHR"

The Dome of the Rock shrine on Temple Mount is in fact an 8 sided Octagon inspired shrine, and this design was popular for many centuries before 600 ad as representing the 8 sided star of Ishtar and which also became influential later on Islam. There are signs of an earlier pagan shrine below the Dome of the Rock as the Dome covers the Well of Souls cave. This area also houses the Foundation stone and the UN also has a foundation stone / meditation stone within its meditation room.  Some within the Knights of the West rediscovered the Star of Ishtar in the recapturing of Jerusalem although this star was known in the west for over 4 thousand years. Originally the Roman Emperors built a Hexagonal Temple of Jupiter on and within the Roman fort on Temple Mount. This was later refashioned into an Octagonal temple as we see today and before the Islamic invasions. Octagonal systems were also dedicated to the Goddess Venus who was also known as Ishtar or Astaroth or Inanna, and an Octagon is 2 squares x 2 overlapping into 8 points, and which was known to Islamic cultures as a ring worn on the hand and was even called the Seal of Solomon. This was a six pointed star, but the Islamic version derived and built upon it to the form the 8 sided "Khatim" The 8 sided idea also represented the early Egyptian gds and goddess which were 4 male and 4 female called the the Ogdoad (Nu & Nanet, Amun & Amunet. Kuk & Kauket. Huh and Hauhet) of Hermopolis, also known to the Priests of On see Genesis 41:45 and 41:50. Before Egypts civilisation, further back to Sumeria and Babylon, the 8 sided star represented Inanna who was the Sumerian 'Queen of Heaven' also known as Ishtar or Semiramis wife and Mother to Nimrod parents of Tammuz (see Ezekiel 8)  Semiramis was granddaughter of Noah. Nimrod built Babel in Babylon and Nimrod was also known as Gilgamesh; he was also the grandson of Ham, the son of Noah or great grandson of Noah. The Dome of the Rock is not islamic Christian or Jewish.

In effect the Temple Mount so significant for Abraham and Yeshua (Jesus Christ) was bought by the House of Jesse of King David (see the paragraphs above) and its ownership is still with the House of David today. Why ? then did General Moshe Dayan not destroy what is in effect a Pagan Shrine on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (it is not a Mosque) as the Shofar was blown at the capture of Jerusalem in 1967 (for further details see the adjacent website and chapter 5 and / or this history of events of sorts composed in 1998 ) Israel was born out of 2 world wars and millions of deaths to Jewish and Europeans and British people and wider in the USA, Japan and Australia and New Zealand and China. The celebrations on the capture of Jerusalem in 1967 was met with cries of removing or blowing up the Dome of the Rock, yet despite all of this and since 1913 / 1914 or earlier General Dayan failed to do this task and even ignored orders to do so from the Israeli cabinet, with so much preparation over decades why was this deliberate failure allowed to stand (to be continued to answer these and many other questions )






World War One. The War that changed the World 

(the mechanisation of warfare and the destruction of Europe and wider around the earth)

Topics include, WW1, The League of Nations, The Bolshevik Revolution, Israel, the Tribe of Dan, The industrial revolutions since the mid 1830's fwd to today. All other revolutions in science, technology, military, medicine and economics, Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence and The Round Table. 


World war began officially on June 28th 1914. and ended on 11.11.1918 at 11.00pm. Officially there were 20 million deaths and 21 million wounded. The total number of deaths includes 9.7 million military personnel and about 10 million civilians, other estimates  around 15 to 22 million deaths and about 23 million wounded military personnel. As many went missing never to be found and many died after WW1 from grievous wounds (in many countries) estimates vary. As vast underground chambers were secretly dug blowing up the ground, tens of thousands disappeared into the earth never to be seen again. In contrast to the previous conflict i.e the Crimean War in 1854–1856; (730,000 British, French and Russian combatants) 34,000 were killed in action, 26,000 died from wounds and 130,000 died from diseases. In the Boer war 1899 - 1902 around 250,000 people died. From this we can see the scale of WW1, which prodduced victory for the allies and which also produced blessed (the only way to describe and comprehend them) acts of heroism and incredible bravery against the Dragon of death and incredible odds. 

WW1 was without doubt the bloodiest war in history.

Trenches dug as mass graves. In total the trenches built during World War I, laid end-to-end, would stretch some 35,000 miles in length—12,000 of those miles occupied by the Allies, and the rest by the Central Powers. By the end of 1914 the line between the Germans and the Allies stretched from the North Sea to the Alps. The initial "war of movement" largely ceased, and the front became static. Three main functions of short range reconnaissance air squadrons had emerged by March 1915.

Many thought the war would be over in months not years. It cut away vast amounts of the European youth and cut a deep wound into society throughout Europe which continues to this day. The numerous crosses commemorating WW1 graphically name the dead. It shocked people to the core and scarred people's souls and minds. Survivors were haunted all their lives remembering the carnage and the dark death which surrounded the war and its battles. It was a very different war.

Peter Jackson and World War 1 Most in western Europe have no idea who or what the "Davids" are ? yet the markers are everywhere in the ground and the planets and stars, marked out in history and commerce. History in the modern era began on the first day of World war 1 at the Somme.(Peter Jackson "Lord of the Rings")  Peter Jackson in his 2017 / 2018 film "Remember them, for they shall not grow old"  (or the film's trailer here )  is a film which collates colour film and stills of the war in all its horror and which any nation involved in WW1 could collate for themselves from their archives. It does not detail the USA and its arrival into WWI. 

The dead (and those in WW2) and injured and their families down the decades in every country in the west (and every nation was involved in the wars globally on every continent) have no reason to live in a debt system with polluted water, foods and soils, with enslaved or abused children under a totalitarian regime built on deception and no need to engage in apologetics for who they are or wanting Freedom.An interesting discussion is given by Daughter of Albion in Armistice Day from 11.11.2020 and which  is shared by many nations in the West.

A more recent film is 1917 (trailer)   Which tells of a journey from the front into enemy lines. (A behind the scenes look at  the film)  The full film of 1917 is here  The film reminds (the two lone Soldiers who journey to Mount Doom in Mordor ) of Tolkien's books and films "The Lord of the Rings". Tolkien of course fought in WW1 as did Adolf Hitler but on opposing sides. Tolkien's aim was to ensure all get there and back again.  Another film, was the 1916 silent film the battle of the Somme "The battle of the Somme youtube"  & also    "The battle of the Somme 1916" Daily Motion 

And a documentary on the battle is revealing "The Battle Of The Somme - Full Documentary"


Who was fighting who ?

Most limits of WW1 to Germany versus Britain and France. However the nations involved were firstly classed as 1. The Allies of World War I or Entente Powers and 2.The Central Powers or Empires. Into WW2 some of the allegiances below changed but the theatre of war was set roughly to this day along these lines. 

1. The Allies consisted of the Triple Entente of Russia, France and Britain, they were joined by  Italy, Japan, and the United States.  Others a part of the entente were British India (India, Myanmar / Burma], Bangladesh and Pakistan, French Indochina known as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam today and Japanese Korea (North and South Korea). The United States joined in April 1917 (the same year in which Russia withdrew from the conflict) as an "associated power" rather than an official ally.416,809 Australians enlisted during the war and 334,000 served overseas, and  in New Zealand 100,000 troops left New Zealand for service overseas in Samoa, Gallipoli, Sinai-Palestine, Belgium (who were also Neutral see below) and France.Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Other "associated members" of the Allies were Hasa, Portugal, Romania, Hejaz, Panama, Cuba, Greece, China, Siam (now Thailand), Brazil, Armenia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Haití, Liberia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Honduras, Serbia, Belgium, Montenegro, Asir, Nejd and The treaties signed at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919 recognised the British Empire, France, Italy, Japan and the United States as 'the Principal Allied and Associated Powers. In November 1914 Britain declared war on the Ottoman Empire and in December proclaimed a protectorate over Egypt

Africa and its theatre of war between the Allies and Central powers and Africans fought alongside the Allies and / or Central powers in Europe. Chinese workers were brought in vast numbers to help construct the infrastructure (roads and bridges etc) for the Allies in Europe. 


2. The Central powers consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria but were joined later by Finland (wary of the collapse of Russia in the 1917 Bolshevik revolution in 1917)  as also were  Azerbaijan, and Lithuania who joined then towards 2018. It was vast and fighting occurred also in South America, Africa and China.and in Israel at Haifa


Neutral WW1 countries Switzerland, (Switzerland remained neutral in WW1 and WW2 and avoided occupation and invasion)  Norway, Sweden, Ethiopia, Mexico, Belgium, Albania, Venezuela. Ireland was Neutral in WW2 and to many in WW1 they opposed it, Ireland had a revolution in World War 1 in 1916 made famous in the films Michael Collins Michael Collins (1996) - Official Trailer  and The Wind that Shakes the Barley. The Wind That Shakes The Barley - Official Film Trailer    It was a WORLD WAR (followed by WW2 and soon in earnest WW3)


World War 1 weapons and Armaments 

It was the first war where mechanisation met Human blood and flesh full on. Early primitive tanks were employed, very large rolling guns (18 pounder gunnars and / or howitzers. British 18 pounders fired 100 million shells in WW1 ) and mortars with limitless supplies of shells were used. Very efficient and improved machine guns and rifles and also early planes which could drop bombs also. Shrapnel shells were also designed to explode metal balls over large groups of soldiers. Previous wars involved 2 sides facing each other on horse or foot with sword and charging formations meeting in the middle. Incredibly some divisions or army companies employed this older method in WW1 with disastrous results. 

The first day of the battle of the Somme ( July 1, to November 18, 1916brought 57,470 casualties, including 19,240 fatalities on the British side (most in the first hour of fighting) in contrast to 1,600 French and 10,500 Germans. Here you will read that the British bombardment of no mans land and the German trenches after 7 days (to cut a path through the barbed wire) failed, and men rushing across no mans land were caught and easily cut down by machine guns, rifles and shells. A mystery surrounds this one - sided high casualty rate.  

An overview of the total dead by nation is given here  In europe the estimate of 20 or 25 million dead (40 million casualties revised to 41 million recently) is given above as is the total length of the trenches dug as 35,000 miles long. 

On the adjacent website (thenewnewjerusalem)  an overview of some of the anomalies of World War 1 and the tactics employed (which defy conventional warfare or logic) are given in the following link (which has a link taking you back here) under heading "World War 1 and the strange events which led to the massive casualties" and featuring Dan Snow (who is familiar to those in the British military today)  who analyses why the shells to break away barbed wire in no mans land did not work. This post on the adjacent website was completed some time ago. Other analysis questions why Generals (on all sides) but particularly those on the British high command, constantly gave orders to push men forward into the front  line trenches as they were cut down, and why reinforcements in trenches behind them were blocking the removal of the wounded and dying. This compression of bodies as wave after wave into the firing line makes no sense whatsoever. This disastrous action plan obviously subsided as months turned into years as the lower ranks protested but the death statistics above bear out an incomprehensible plan of action, which saw tens of thousands dead for the advancement of just a few yards or tens of yards as troops advancing by degrees were cut down without mercy. These strange events were also occurring to other armies. Analysis raises more questions than are answered.

Many soldiers went AWOL in WW1 (absent without leave)  in Britain and many of them were caught and shot  This occured in all countries.

From 1914 to 1918, Germany and Austria-Hungary produced up to 680 million shells and the industries of the Allies France, Britain, Russia (to October 1917), Italy, the U.S. and Canada, produced up to 790 million shells (the statistics vary greatly). The U.S. produced between 30 million and 50 million of these shells. Basil Zaharoff was an international arms dealer who sold armaments to all sides in WWI. Donald McCormick in his book Pedler of Death relates the story and who assisted Prime Minister David Llloyd George when he was armaments minister and after the shells disaster of 1915. Yet he also sold arms to opposing sides in conflicts, (hence he was known as the 'mystery man of Europe' sometimes delivering fake or faulty machinery and skilfully using the press to attack business rivals, he was friends with Sarah Bernhardt the actress and was born in Greece. Zaharoff assisted in the distribution of Hiram Maxim's machine gun (first patented in 1884) by Vickers, but Maxim also sold prototypes to Germany, it was also employed in the Boer War, and was used by the Japanese against Russia and was also fitted onto bi - planes in WW1. With the Colt hand pistol and the Benjamin Henry lever repeating rifle, the Maxim machine gun became the most prolific weapon in history and killed hundreds of thousands globally. of Other lesser armaments dealers are listed here  A film in 2013 Lord of War gives modern examples. 


The Underground Tunnel Wars of WW1 

Excavations of tunnels from World War1 are ongoing and even  today many craters appear overnight even consuming entire farmhouses in France.The length of the war front was 250 kilometres (160 mi) while the length of tunnels was 500 kilometres (310 mi) Unable to go forward or back men went underground in the stalemates. many antichambers under enemy positions were built and filled with explosives. The Battle of Messines in June of 1917 witnessed what was arguably the single largest explosion of the pre-atomic age, when 19 underground mines packed with an estimated 1 million pounds of high explosives erupted beneath the German line, killing untold numbers of soldiers and shattering German morale before the real fighting even began. Images of the process are here  and a video of the event is here The Battle of Messines - Explosion Beneath Hill 60 I THE GREAT WAR Week 150  and another view of a tunnel at the Somme his WWI Explosion Left a Hole 70 Feet Deep | Lochnagar Crater  Germany also exploded huge mines causing severe casualties. 

Bodies were never found and moving between trenches or to the back lines was often on gangplanks. Men in lines following each other 30 or 40 long would walk and sometimes mud pools were 20 feet deep. The mud was mixed with blood and guts and decomposing bodies so that it was thick and pungent. Men falling in were sometimes dragged under quickly and were unable to be saved such was the consistency of the mire.

Air battles made famous by the Red Baron of Germany or actually Prussia born Poland (Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen known in English as Baron von Richthofen) who was eventually shot down by the RAF (perhaps it is not conclusive) In Britain  the Committee of Imperial Defence established a sub-committee to examine the question of military aviation in November 1911, and the Royal air corps was formed until it merged with the Royal Naval Air Service on 1 April 1918 to form the Royal Air Force. Germany's air force was the "Die Fliegertruppen des deutschen Kaiserreiches" (Imperial German Flying Corps) The first dogfight of WW1 took place in Serbia in August 1914.  a clip from the film 'The Blue Max' gives some idea of aerial combat in WW1  ro actual archive footage see "Over the Front - original aircraft footage (b&w, silent)"

World War One was the first war in which air power made a significant impact. Aeroplanes were not only deployed on the Western Front but also played an important part in the conflict in the Middle East, (and Egypt and Haifa in modern day Israel) the Balkans and Italy. 


Mustard Gas, flamethrowers and other gas weapons 

Many conventions against gas warfare were broken in WW1

France was the first to use gas as a weapon in World War1 when they released tear gas as early as August 1914 (the war began officially  on June 28th 1914) Chlorine gas was used by the Germans at Ypres (western Belgium) in April 1915 and they employed Phosgene gas in December 2015 also at Ypres, as did Chlorine gas. Mustard gas which causes burns was used by all sides.  Germany's gas war program (which began against the Russians) was headed by by Fritz Haber (1868 – 1934) who also invented the Zyklon B gas employed in the gas chambers in the Holocaust in WW2. Austria also employed poison gas against the Italians. German chemical companies BASF, Hoechst and Bayer (which formed the IG Farben conglomerate in 1925) had been making chlorine as a by-product of their dye manufacturing. Bayer took over Monsanto GMO hybrid foods in 2016 - 2018. 

Britain used Chlorine gas in 1915 at Loos but it backfired when wind blew the gas back upon them  Britain also discovered a cache of German poison gas in WW2 and used it against Poison gas attacks continued throughout the  war and the USA also developed poison gas in Willoughby Ohio in 1917 when  they entered the war. A chemical division was established.  The regiment originated from the 30th Engineer Regiment (Gas and Flame), au- thorized in 1917 as the U.S. Army's first offensive gas regiment. (The Chemical Corps also connected to Fort Detrick) Flame meant flamethrowers  first deployed by Germany but by everyone as the war progressed, and they were added to tanks in WW2 (not since the middle ages had Knights seen Dragons emitting fire) 

Britain responded to the German use of poison gas by opening a research facility at Porton Down in March 1916. it eventually became known as Chemical Defence Establishment (CDE ) and now DERA  Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) when it was split into QinetiQ, and it was moved to Harlow  in July 2017 into a former site belonging to GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) In the USA. Today the US army has over 200 bio-warfare labs around the globe. 


Submarines and Shipping 

Britain had a grand fleet of ships and it was unmatched in the world, although Kaiser Wilhelm in 1898 began to expand the German fleet. It did not match Britain's fleet, but it did  begin to surpass Britain in military numbers.  Britain's grand fleet   (and some  idea of how big it was is here) German troop numbers in WW1 (German Imperial Army grew to 13.5 million troops in WW1 from 5 million in 1914) Britain's army was 700,000 (regulars, terroritorials and reservists) in 1914 which expanded to 4 million by 1918, but it could call on the commonwealth armies globally.

Germany had submarines by 1850 but they were not fit for war until 1890 - 1901. By 1914 they had 48 and by 1916 - 197 they had 140 submarines. by 1906 - 1910 they had torpedo tubes. They could travel far distances in World War 1 and a German U boat was found from WW1 off the coast of Scotland They could go from there to the USA or further from port to port easily. 

Britain had 80 submarines in 1914 and the fleet  grew over the period of the war

By the end of WW2 submarines could travel all over the world's seas and to both North and South poles in one journey if required. In 1955 the first Nuclear powered submarine was operational (USS Nautilus )  The technology was shared with Britain, while French, Russian and Chinese developments proceeded separately, and today Germany has hydrogen powered fuel cells in their submarines, which is also a breakthrough all countries have reached. Greece are still the worlds greatest shipbuilders and also now it is building submarines.



WW1 and the 'Spanish flu' 

*** The World Health organisation state Vaccinations are safe and effective ***


The Spanish Flu was not Spanish and was not a flu, it is said that it killed more people than bullets in World War 1. 

" The 1918 influenza pandemic was the most severe pandemic in recent history. It was caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. Although there is not universal consensus regarding where the virus originated, it spread worldwide during 1918-1919.  In the United States, it was first identified in military personnel in spring 1918.[or earlier see below; my insertion) It is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States" (Estimates of deaths range from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million) It is unclear where the US outbreak began. "Both contemporary epidemiological studies and lay histories of the pandemic have identified the first known outbreak of epidemic influenza as occurring at [military camps insertion mine} Camp Funston, now Ft. Riley, in Kansas. But there was one place where a previously unknown – and remarkable – epidemic of influenza occurred. Haskell County, Kansas, lay three hundred miles to the west of Funston" & "Soldiers moved uninterrupted between Funston and the outside world, especially to other Army bases and France" Covid 19 has similar questions 

In 1942, alarmed by reports that Japanese forces were waging germ warfare in China, the Army decided to launch a secret program to develop biological weapons at Fort Detrick China's secret bioweapons research facilities have also developed germ and bio warfare.   Japan also began to develop chemical and germ warfare in the 1930's 

Shedding and transfection. China admits that bi- logical warfare and VACCINES are one and the same "In 1993 and again in 1995, China declared the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products (WIBP), the hub of Sinopharm's COVID-19 vaccine development, to be one of eight dual-use BW research facilities under its "national defensive biological warfare R&D program."  China, contrary to the MSM began vaccinating its population in 2019, and in the MSM throughout 2021, with new outbreaks and entire cities locked down in August 2021,  yet covid 19 has continued to this day with the worst yet to come in China  (article from Oct 28th 2021)  ? Russia,  despite being vaccinated, has seen over 1000 people per day die from Covid (i.e every day as the west "opens up") in mid Oct 2021 ? The CDC admits that vaccinated people can spread the Delta variant   and Vaccinated people can spread Covid 19  (July / Aug 2021 ?) and into November 2021 Russia and eastern Europe fail to curb covid despite being vaccinated.  Britain Most people in Britain who die from Covid are vaccinated ?  The BBC admitted in late October 2021 that double vaccinated people at home can spread covid amongst themselves (at home ?) "A year-long study from the Imperial College London published in The Lancet on Thursday found that the Delta variant is still highly transmissible within a vaccinated population" 

The 2009 HINI virus also originated in the USA, however it was later identified as a hoax see Channel 4 News Exposes Swine Flu Scandal Further in 1976 and in 2008 (as mentioned) 60 minutes akso exposed both hoaxes within the MSM see  (Video 15) The swine flu fraud of 1976, (and 2008) on 60 Minutes 

The Spanish flu originated in Kansas USA in Fort Riley and the first official recorded case was in January 2018 but cases were recorded also in 2017, and smaller records in H1N1 virus occurred in or around 1915, (these vaccinations were cultured in horses by the rockefeller group for WW1 and Bill Gates grandfather was involved in this) with records also noting outbreaks at the British army barracks in Aldershot in early 2017. China also recorded outbreaks in November 2017 and tens of thousands of Chinese workers had come to assist French and British forces in WW1. Masks did not work in this pandemic which killed up to 100 million people (or 17 million or 50 million ? see above) 

Documentaries on the Spanish flu show that vaccinated soldiers help spread an illness ?  1. The Truth regarding the Spanish flu and its link to today 

and 2. One Day Soon You Will Accept That Vaccines Are The Greatest Weapons Used Against Humanity In History - Gemma O'Doherty Investigative Journalist Ireland

Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins     (or here Murder By Injection by Eustace Mullins On The Bobby Lee Show In 1993)

The 'Covid' Pill  Moinupiravir (Merck) and Paxlovid (Pfizer) both still in trials As vaccinations increase the Covid Pill is recommended for emergency use. Molnupiravir stops viral reproduction by encouraging widespread mutations in the replication of viral RNA by RNA-directed RNA polymerase In other words it is an m RNA experimental vaccine or pill as is Paxilovid. RNA polymerase, an enzyme that synthesizes RNA from a DNA template is employed in the pill. Using an enzyme helicase, RNAP locally opens the double-stranded DNA so that one strand of the nucleotides can be used as a template for the synthesis of RNA, a process called transcription. This is the same process or delivery system employed by the vaccines (which are not vaccines) Moinupiravir contain (side effects also listed in last link,, and see here as just 2 ingredients) potassium hydroxide (Corrosive to metals and tissue)  and  titanium dioxide (banned by the EU as a  food additive) Paxlovid and also anaemia and covaxin also have similar ingredients and also contain the human diploid cells and 'secret ingredients'. Del Bigtree and the highwire relate the recent meeting of victims in washington  whilst Pfizer still remains the company with the largest payout for damages in history.  (Video 54) Pfizer's long history of criminal activity  as it also pays 50 million for the deaths of Nigerian children from its medicine.  The covid pill is also linked to Green passports (scroll down) and buying and selling


Cripsr gene editing technology in the m RNA gene therapy pills or vaccines is now also possible.  The CRISPR-Cas system is capable of editing DNA and RNA in situ in living organisms, and as an antiviral agent, can specifically identify and target nucleic acid sequences originating from a pathogen. The potential of using this gene manipulation technology as a SARS-CoV-2 inhibitor, it can  edit your  genome via  a pill just as vaccinations do and into your cell's nucleus. It may replace antibiotics by editing your genome. With warnings against gene therapy kits at home, this experimental technology is not a medicine. Bacteria is something we all need as humans with a fully functioning immune system we already have   (What Is Quercetin - and Should You Try It? )

Called gene therapy it is really changing your RNA / DNA  CEO of Big Pharma Bayer "mRNA vaccines are an example of cellular gene therapy"  trials have failed  Shocking Cover-Up of Severe Vaccine Reactions & Fraudulent Clinical Trials Exposed by Whistleblowers  but they keep vaccinating and sterilising (Last link Nick Fuentes) children or worse and the experiment on the world continues  Tens of Thousands of Children Age 5 to 11 Injected with Gene Therapy Shots

Vaccinations (in the modern sense as they used in the US civil war as experiments which increased illness)  in WW1 began before WW1 in 1911 (see documentary no 2 above) Before US troops were deployed to the front in WW1, many were vaccinated in Britain and in Europe. Theories on Terrian theory versus Germ Theory still continue to this day, but new vaccines arrived in 1916 dismissing terrain theory (see the first part of this website above and post dated 21.10.2021 (and heading 2 of 5 in that post which also shows a small fragment of those killed or injured in 2021 and objections by the US military) Germ theory did not provide herd immunity but increased the deaths of the military. Vaccines were then created to stop the diseases earlier vaccines had caused. People's Immune systems were broken by the vaccines. Today vaccines also contain poisons  MSM TV Hosts state they have Covid after the vaccination such as Bill Maher, they  are ignored. Bill Maher however did reveal the Ingredients live on TV) and human diploid cells or baby DNA and pig and monkey DNA as recominbant DNA, recent aborted fetal tissue is used in 2018 (Video 11) Stanley Plotkin, Vaccines Deposition, Under Oath, 9 Hour Full Video or You can also see abridged testimony at 40 mins in here and the CDC now admit aborted fetal parts are in vaccines. (again see post dated 21.10.2021, and heading 2 of 5 in that post) Pig DNA.Stanley Plotkin's testimony (above) as a pediatrician and foremost authority on vaccines reveals  that they contain pig dna  (as well as other DNA known as recombinant DNA) which for Muslims and also for Jewish believers as well as Christian is a blasphemy (according to each belief) against the Koran and Torah

Having many soldiers on many sides used as infected weapons increased the death rate. Many soldiers died before entering the war or being deployed. Today we call it "shedding" or transfection 

Today testimonies are given as follows by the US army Honorable Active Military Face Discharge for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate


Many in the military know all of these facts. It is said that WW3 began in 1946, but this next phase many just want to get WW3 started and over with, (or here as MP 4 File ) but to fight who, why and where is the question (within the big oil doctrine of 'no win' wars) until it turns as a war against the Civilian population. Soldiers in WW1 knew what was really going on and still went anyway, and piped their way there and back again. General Albert Pike buried in Washington DC also knew and he knew the bible also knows. A suspicion that  the war has already been fought and won is rising. Odin believed he would enter Valhalla, Achilles stated he would enter Hades, whilst King David said he knew God would not let his Soul be abandoned in Sheol (Psalm 16,10 & Acts 2,27)


World War 1 origins

On the 28TH June 2014, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by the  Serbian back hand and Austria declared war on Serbia officially beginning WW1 

World war 1 began when the Serbian Black hand military order assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo in 1914 (28.06.1914) and for the earlier assassination of the Serbian royal couple in 1903 (Alexander Obrenović and his consort Queen Draga) They were formed in 1901  and were connectd to the Young Turk organisation, which in turn was connected to Young Italy society (not essentially Roman Catholic) and many of them grew out of the Young Ottoman society of the mid 1870s. These groups were formed by the Sabbatean Frankists who were sworn to invert everything Jewish or Hebrew and the Judeo - Christian tradition. The Sabbatean Frankists were in effect Sufi Turks (which are seen as heretical by Islam) and who were also found to have infiltrated the Saudi Royal family. Sabbateans are not Jewish but they did begin to attract Jewish followers in 1629 when Sabbatai Zevi (1626–1676),was proclaimed to be the Jewish Messiah in 1666 by Nathan of Gaza. However they converted to Islam but were in reality Turks who claimed to be Jews who converted to Islam, yet they followed neither of those traditions. Since they also claimed that by bringing as much evil as possible onto the world they would usher in the Messiah (who outraged would return) they cannot be the "Messiah" themselves. The black hand had two attempts at assassinating Archduke Ferdinand and it seems they had assistance from some within the Serbian military. The assassination is regarded as the most prominent cause of the beginnings of World War 1 but it was not the only cause. The assassination destabilized the Austrian Hungarian empire causing it and surrounding countries to fragment. It also destabilized the Ottoman Empire which at that time controlled the lands of Judea Samaria known as Israel today. Here described by Rabbi Antleman The Sabbatean Frankists Explained By Rabbi Marvin Antelman  (or here on Youtube once more

The Ottoman / Turkish empire collapsed at the end of WW1. One casualty of it was Evelyn Rothschild in the British army, killed in 1917 fighting the Turkish army

Towards the end of WW1 Jerusalem was captured and General Allenby walked into Jerusalem to take it. Earlier in 1896 - 1898  Kaiser Wilhelm (Queen Victoria's grandson ) also visited Jerusalem Judah. Kaiser Wilhelm II Theodor Herzl (1896/8) & General Allenby (1917) Jerusalem after 2520 years Theodore Herzl ( a nationalist ) was rejected by the Ottoman Empire Turks r.e the creation of Israel. State of Israel Born in essence in 1917 after 2520 years from 604 bc, r.e. the House of Judah & The 1917 Balfour Declaration (one half of Jacobs Kingdom) 

The battle of Haifa in Israel (23 September 1918 ) also occurred some months later (2 months before the war ended)  and this German Jewish settled town The battle was assisted the Indian army  The arrival of German Messianics into Haifa around 1868, many of whom were Templers, in 1868, who settled in what is now known as the German Colony, was a turning point in Haifa's development. It is today Israel's 3rd largest city.

On November 2nd 1917 as the Ottoman Empire collapsed the Balfour declaration was sent to the world by the British government, establishing the principle of the Jewish state 

The importance of the Balfour Declaration (2 House theory contd) 2520 years 604 bc to 1917. The USA entered World War 1 in June 1917. Earlier in 2015 Prime Minister  Asquith proposed a reform of the Ottoman empire (Britain declared war upon it in November 2014) but later Prime Minister LLoyd George suggested partition of the Ottoman empire. David Lloyd George was Prime Minister from December 1916 until 1922. He had been minister for munitions after the shell crisis of 1915 and he changed the production and output of munitions away from the generals to a more efficient industrial output. His input created the ground for Israel and he was also instrumental in creating the League of Nations in 1919. Details of the League of Nations arose  when Colonel Mandell House published his 4 volume dairies entitled  "The Intimate Papers of Colonel House. In 4 volumes. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1928"  

By 1908 Lloyd George was warning of the coming German arms build up, as its troops outnumbered the entire world by 3 to 1 1910 - 1912. Britain's sea superiority however was not in dispute.  "As early as 1908, British Chancellor of the Exchequer David Lloyd George (1863–1945) told the German ambassador that “every Englishman would spend his last penny to preserve” his country’s naval supremacy. In 1909 Germany offered to slow down shipbuilding if Britain first promised to maintain neutrality in any continental conflagration". Yet weapons were being stockpiled from 1913 forward. Many considered the possibility of peace between the two powers, but that did not occur. With many of the European Royal Houses intermarried, the German / Prussian (and the new Rome of Russia) rivalry would lead the world into a battle for superiority

David Lloyd George was also a member of the Druid order and member of the Eisteddfod and Gorsedd of Bards as was Richard Burton and the Queen Mother (which also recognised the Harp of King David as a Welsh national symbol as did Ireland. (St David of the 6th century chose his title based on earlier traditions of David's Harp. A flag reflects this history but  the Tudor rose has 10 petals from Wales depicting the 10 tribes of Israel, as the Tudors were Welsh.The Druids of Wales also recognised the Leek is worn as a symbol on March 1, known as St David's Day in honour of the patron saint of Wales. Many Druids in the Church believe it could also help be cultivated extensively The recent Green summit has pledged to end deforestation and debt. These debts were placed on society by bad economics and should have no conditions in cancellation. It is a serious issue as Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland were once fully independent on home grown vegetables, produce and livestock, as virtual gardens of plenty with an ability to export of the excess, yet the ability to produce has been reduced slowly over decades. David Lloyd George appointed Lord Alfred Milner of the Round Table group to the War Cabinet The Round table began in Wales from 1906 to 1910 born out of the Kindergarten group. David Lloyd George was Welsh, and it also promoted a "Commonwealth of Nations" format for the British empire. The Round table was / is in the tradition of the Pendragons.(the current coat of arms  of the Prince of Wales, depicts a Unicorn a symbol of Scotland's submission to the Stuarts, but originally it was the British Welsh Red dragon on the Welsh flag. It also represents the Order of the Garter. The Tudors were Welsh. Henry the 7th was Welsh and he named his son Arthur. The Prince of Wales coat of Arms was used extensively around Europe and Germany ) 

When the War subsided, nations sued for peace and a committee was formed to supervise peaceful negotiations, this committee would become the League of Nations ( Founded on 10 January 1920 following the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 that ended the First World War, it ceased operations on 20 April 1946) and which would become the United Nations (formed  25 April 1945) The WAR (WW1) formally ended in the Treaty of Versailles on 28 June 1919. 

During all of this and with villages, towns and cities destroyed including many in North Africa and Jerusalem captured, no one thought to demolish and blow up the Dome of the Rock temple (which is not islamic, Jewish or Christian in origin) but which an impediment to the 3rd Jewish Temple to this day ? Churches had been destroyed and synagogues in the Bolshevik advance from Russia (as the communists wish to suppress all faiths including Islam) yet the "Dome of the Rock" went unscathed ?  (see post above this dated 27.05.2021) All tribes have tried to advance to Jerusalem from the Saudi wahabis since the 7th century going North, before and after Islam. Rome sacked Jerusalem twice or 3 times. Rome has been sacked more than 6 times and is  likely to be sacked again. Egypt has also advanced towards Jerusalem. Persia advanced towards it many times, and it was captured by Greece and Alexander. It is said in the bible that Jerusalem will be a "cup of trembling" to the nations see Zechariah 12, 2 - 3 

Praying on Temple Mount granted to the Jewish people. Since the 27.05.2021 Jewish people who want to pray on Temple Mount (as Abraham, King david and Yeshua (Jesus) had in the Bible  Prior to this and from 1947 (74 years and more) Jews or Christians were not permitted to pray audible prayers of Temple Mount and had to "mouth" silently as a prayer instead under threat of armed guard and arrest even from Israeli soldiers (who also wanted to pray audibly also) 

For a wider perspective see KING David's throne in Europe,Britain,Scotland Ireland Wales Dr S Spykerman & Israels lost tribes  (but who are the "Davids") which shows the blessings on the House of Joseph (also) Joseph one of the 12 sons of Jacob (Jacobs Kingdom) Also describing Zerah and Pharez (the twins) and Zedekiah who was warned by the prophet Jeremiah.

Dr Spykerman points out in the last video above, that the Queen (Queen Elizabeth 2nd) regards (biblically) the House of David as the Royal family as Stewards (from where the name Stewarts derives) of the land of Israel awaiting the Messiah to lay it at his feet (The Messiah returns to the Mount of Olives)

King David was forced out of Jerusalem and he went to the Mount of Olives (2 Samuel 15:23 and also 2 Samuel 15:30, & Luke 19:29, 41) He eventually returned (as he proclaimed and prayed) to his fathers house on Mount Moriah (2 Samuel 15:25) after the plot against him from the Hill of Evil counsel which is still in Jerusalem today. In the future and in the Day of the Lord, Zechariah tells us that the Lord’s ‘feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives that lies before Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives shall be split in two from east to west by a very wide valley’ (Zechariah 14:4, see also Isaiah 40:3-4) The Messiah will return to the Mount of Olives (Matthew 24,3 &  Revelations 19, 1 - 21) and then to pass into the Kidron Valley (also Mount Hermon separately) into the Garden of the King and through the gates of Jerusalem into the City. (between the Temple and the Garden was the Kidron Valley on the slopes of the Mount of Olives ) The edenic garden of the King (a part of the  garden of Gethsemane) made by King David is mentioned as the escape route for King Zedekiah (Jeremiah 39:4); in Nehemiah (2:14); in the Song of Songs (4:15); in Ecclesiastes (2:5) and many other biblical and talmudic sources. 

Dr Spykerman relates the history of the lost tribes of Israel. Prior to their exit from Israel between 745 bc and Judah in 550 bc (approx) the Tribe of Dan (also known as the Tuatha de Danann ) also left Israel and joined with the Phoenicians before settling in Greece, and then wider into Scandinavia, Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. 

see 1.Where is the Tribe of Dan Today? (Tuatha de Danann) Britain, Ireland,Scotland, Scandinavia, Greece, 
and 2. Books of Ireland describe the Tribe of Dan settling in the West (The Leabhar Gabhala part 5)  
and 3. The Greek, Danish and Celts as Danites & The Biblical Tribe Of Dan are the same 
and 4. Scythians Scots,Cimmerians, Phoenicians, Isaacsons 10 lost tribes, Tribe of Dan = Tuatha Dé Danann

The original lands of the Tribe of Dan in Israel are explored by Dr Todd Fink in Northern Israel see. Tel Dan Location, Israel: Fall of Northern 10 Tribes of Israel,Jeroboam Golden Calf Altar

The city of Dan and the Stone of Destiny Central to this area (below Mount Hermon where the fallen angels landed) and they surround the "Tel Dan" or the City of Dan. In the last video above by Dr Todd Fink at 13 minutes to 13 minutes 35 in you can see a Phallic stone which is identical to the Lia fail currently on the Hill of Tara. The stone of destiny (a separate stone) was also brought to the Hill of Tara by Tea Tephi Zedekiah's daughter (see Dr Spykerman video above) The Tuatha de Danann came from this city and before this from the wanderings in the desert with the children of Israel after the Exodus. from Egypt. The Lia fail (the stone of fal) was brought from Tel Dan as signifying the Gate of the City of Dan (1 half of both markers) from Falias. The Lebor Gabala, dating to the eleventh century, states that it was brought in antiquity by the semi-divine race known as the Tuatha Dé Danann. The Tuatha Dé Danann had travelled to the "Northern Isles" where they learned many skills and magic in its four cities Falias, Gorias, Murias and Findias. From there they travelled to Ireland bringing with them a treasure from each city – the four legendary treasures of Ireland. From Falias came the Lia Fáil. The other three treasures are the Claíomh Solais or Sword of Light, the Sleá Bua or Spear of Lugh (from which derive London or Londinium)  and the Coire Dagdae or The Dagda's Cauldron.The sacred stone arrived by ship belonging to the Iberian Danaan, brought by a ship (Phoenicians)  to the city of Falias it came from Israel before this.

The stone of Destiny / the Stone of Jacob in shape and form and tradition looks like this 1. The Truth about The Stone of Destiny aka The Coronation Stone (accepted by Scots and British today) upon which Jacob rested at Peniel (see Genesis 32, 22 to Genesis 33, 1) In the Hebrew Bible, Penuel (or Pniel, Pnuel; Hebrew: פְּנוּאֵל) is a place not far from Succoth, on the east of the Jordan River and south of the river Jabbok. It is also called Peniel "Face of God" by Jacob: It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.  His name then became Israel and the Stone (in verse 30) he used as a pillow was used to mark the Gate of Heaven. Genesis 28:10-22 (New King James Version NKJV) It was reputedly stolen from Westminster Abbey in the 1950s 2 How I took the Coronation Stone from Westminster Abbey The stone was reputedly also a part of a building or Temple after Jacob found it and took it with him. It is suggested that it was part of the Temple in Jerusalem i.e. Solomon's Temple. Aside from genealogical heritage and bloodlines, the Lia Fail and the Stone of Destiny represent the difference between Pagan and Christian themes, and also the development of a Temple or the Temple. In the Millennial reign the future temple is a restoration of the tabernacle of David and not the Temple of Solomon (for more information see the adjacent website and chapter 5) It is suggested that the stone is now in Scotland and has never left Scotland (in Edinburgh, but why such ambiguity ? in whichever location it is in ?) or even back in Ireland where it originated, prior to Israel. 

Dr Spykerman (in the video a few paragraphs above or here again KING David's throne in Europe,Britain,Scotland Ireland Wales Dr S Spykerman & Israels lost tribes also points out that insignias worn by Soldiers in WW2 carried the House of Manasseh insignia showing a rule of 1 half of the world on US army uniforms only, and on British uniforms the insignia shown was of Ephraim showing the other half of the world. 


The Cenotaph, Whitehall London.

World War 1 is remembered every year at the Cenotaph war memorial in Whitehall (road) near no 10 Downing Street, the RAF war memorial (topped by the globe and eagle the symbol of the Tribe of Dan, which some name Mintaka as a remembrance of Orion's belt and the North Star. The eagle flying into the eye of the Universe marking also Auturus and the Chariot of Ursa Major, the Great Bear or the Big Dipper known also as the plough) and the London eye big wheel. The Cenotaph means empty tomb but is not specifically Christian as many nationalities were killed in WW1. Its design therefore reflects the synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy and is Universal. In the past the King of the Netherlands, King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands has attended the memorial held on the 1st Sunday after 11.11.(1918) every year and this year 2021 it will be held on 14.11.2021.(Queen Beatrix (his wife) was inaugurated as Queen of the netherlands in 1980 ) Allies in WW1 and 2 Britain and the Netherlands share a close relationship. It is topped by a Coffin or Tomb to the Unknown Warrior.  (on its gradually sloping sides which slope inwards and upwards for 980 feet or 300 metres, and below the ground inwards and downwards for 900 feet or 270 metres if the trajectory is followed. A ratio of 1.1. and in total 570 metres. In Paris France the Pont Neuf bridge, commissioned by Napoleon with 9 arches, he also sought the "New Jerusalem", is 570 metres from the Louvre glass pyramid. 

Thousands of Christian crosses still mark WW1 today, all over Britain, Europe and the World.


The Bolshevik Revolution

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was completed on November 6 and 7, 1917 (or October 24 and 25 on the Julian calendar, which is why the event is often referred to as the October Revolution) without the first elections which Lenin lost. The Bolsheviks lost an election in November 1917 with 24% of the vote, bringing a civil war and instigating the Red Terror 9 months later in September 1918.The first Marxist Genocide followed on Marxist USSR Genocide 1917-1922 was 3.3 Million with a high of 8 Million. Within 10 years (1932 - 1935) the depopulation agenda and genocides spread to the Ukraine where in the Holodomor 10 million people died, but this was prepared long  before 1932. The Bolsheviks and Stalin led an army in 1920 to crush Poland and Warsaw and at first they were successful until they were defeated in return by Poland. The aim was to spread the death cult throughout Europe into Germany, France and hopefully Scandinavia, but they were stopped by Poland. 

The Bolsheviks vowed to destroy all religions (as today ) and to enslave all nations and peoples (as today) (with commentary by Vladimir Putin and on the 'social credit system' erasing free speech) and Lenin said the best way to defeat the opposition was to become them.
"Problem - reaction - solution" of the Hegelian dialectic. Wyndham Lewis who fought in WW1 and who knew the designer / architect of the Cenotaph Edwin Lutyens (a choice of architect influenced by David Lloyd George prime minister) wrote a book called the 'Childremass' in 1965 looking back (similar to the Lord of the Rings as  Tolkien had) about the afterlife, it is a grimm read.

In China on July 21, 1921, the first meeting of the Chinese Communist Party was held in Shanghai, preparing the way for Chairman Mao who would rule from 1949 until 1976. He would go on to be the most prolific mass murderer in history building communes as gulgas and starving the people. Ironically the communist party was established in China to prevent famine by the Warlords removing the feudal system, yet both systems ended in famine and 90 million dead under Mao.   

In WW2 Germany's concentration camps were 25 - 30 in number. They conducted medical experiments, but in Russia and from 1917 - 1920 forward, Russia had 200 concentration camps and not just in the Russian archipelago but all over Russia . (  Archive links for further study 1. 1999. & archive study (2003) and more archive studies (2019) with the horrors kept silent now exposed ) & Jordan Peterson "Jordan Peterson On Soviet Horrors, The Gulag Archipelago: "This Is Not Widespread Knowledge" or here again on the Soviet Gulags  They were simply brutal centres of mass depopulation. Christian communities (Anabaptists and Mennonites and Amish etc ) who successfully farmed large areas of land in eastern Europe near the films beginning (Volga and the black sea) producing a bounty as they lived quiet lives in peace and with Gd.Largely Prussian Germans who knew how to develop the land, and understood the soils, they were model citizens. They produced bounties from poor land.The Bolsheviks killed them with torture methods even the Chinese or Spanish inquisition could not imagine. The film also highlights the slaughtering of the Russian Royal family. Shot in a basement, then stabbed, they were doused with sulphuric acid if still alive and thrown down a mine shaft. The bodies were then dug out and burnt and scattered. This was not confined to the Royals but was one of the more humane killing methods reserved for everyone. 

Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda, head of the Soviet secret police under Stalin from 1934 to 1936 and knew Stalin since 1918 and a Bolsheviek from 1917. Under Yagoda 20 million people put through the Gulag system, two million died there, six million deported. Up to 3 million may have died subsequently from the pains and hardships of the Gulag system. Germany had 15 - 20 camps largely making medical experiments, especially on twins.. After WW2 Germans were alsoA interred in camps in Germany by the USA and the Soviet Union    (USA held camps are detailed here )

The Ten planks of the Communist manifesto. Today the Communist manifesto (or here again as "The ten planks of the Communist manifesto" ) is being repackaged as the 4th industrial revolution / great reset . Elimination of all private property except to an elite (as with Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot etc ) as collectivism / communitarianism / green climate change  “You will OWN NOTHING, and you will be HAPPY” | Douglas Kruger or here "The Great Reset explained by Douglas Kruger"  which is in reality a depopulation plan and which has moved from the 10 planks of communism to bring all people as far as possible into Cities (not the country) and free education is indoctrination into an ideology, dumbed down and without rights (but free)



The 4th (5th & 6th industrial revolutions ) following the 1st, 2nd and 3rd & the 6 Estates General

The 1800's ushered in the industrial revolutions  and today the world is in  the 4th industrial revolution but no one is quite sure what that means or what it is. The first industrial revolution began in Britain moving manufacturing away from hand processes to mechanised production via steam engines powered by coal, or earlier water powered mills (by 1721 hand looms moved to larger water powered mills ) Bringing  people away from the land (and common land) into urban areas producing Iron and  cotton  and silk. the era is generally defined as 1770 to 1830

The 2nd industrial revolution (in 2 stages in the 1800's)  brought the huge steel production mills and also the organisation of labour by trade unions so that by 1812 production had moved in the 1st industrial revolution to faster processes requiring less labour, and by 1860 steel production producing steel for ships, armaments and railways was spreading rapidly  around the world. Coupled with Electricity mass production flourished. Henry Ford mastered the process with his mass production of cars on the assembly line revolution, so that by 1918 (thanks to new ideas gained in WW1 Incredibly Henry Ford not only had water based fuel cars but he also built many out of Hemp ( Chassis) but also  ran on Hemp Ethanol (ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, or alcohol) or in other words "MoonShine" see chapter 3 in the adjacent website and towards the end )The 2nd industrial revolution was complete.  1812 was also the end of the Napoleonic wars, and Napoleon had made himself Emperor of Europe and the Holy Roman Empire, moving the balance of power away from Rome and the Vatican. The Grand Empire of Napoleon replaced the ailing Holy Roman Empire which was basically a continuation of the ancient Roman Empire.  Napoleon had crowned himself emperor of the French in 1804 and in 1806, he ended the Holy Roman Empire once and for all by replacing it with the Confederation of the Rhine, a French protectorate.  

An admirer of Alexander the Great, Napoleon created a new system in Europe that in some ways mimicked the ancient Macedonian Empire.  Just as Alexander was king of Macedon, hegemon of the Corinthian League, great king of Persia, and pharaoh of Egypt, Napoleon was emperor of France, king of Italy, mediator of the Swiss Confederation, and protector of the Confederation of the Rhine. The Vatican was restored to power but as a different creation by Mussolini in 19129 when the Vatican became a Corporation known as Vatican City (see all above) 

Napoleon also sought the 'New Jerusalem' and the restoration of Israel, and after the conquest of Egypt and the siege of Acre in Israel his intention was to capture Jerusalem and declare a homeland for Jewish people. A hindrance to this was Britain's alliance with the Ottoman Empire   (centered in Turkey) which controlled the lands of Israel in effect. The French Revolution had in effect abolished unequal distinctions between Jewish and Christian and others, but it introduced 'the state' which began to erode peoples natural rights as Sovereign people for Jewish and Christians and any nationality, so that people's Sovereign rights were placed as secondary to the rights of the state. Jews became Freemen (seeking freedom from the captivities of 750 to 550 bc and also the 70 ad collapse) but the state became their new master, producing the notion of 'equal rights for all but no rights equally' Napoleon ended his crusade at the battle of Waterloo in June 1815 although he returned to try and raise more armies after this until his death in 1821.

The Third industrial revolution moved manufacturing into the computer age following  broadcast technology of Television and the first  by  the BBC in 1922 until by the 1930's everyone had a television for mass communications and brainwashing (computers beginning in the 1940's and into the 1990s and up until today) and into the Internet and later into the digital age.  

Now we are moving into the 4th Industrial revolution with new technologies that are merging the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about 'what it means to be human.' 

A fifth Industrial revolution will merge humans with cybernetics (which many say is actually a part of the 4th industrial revolution in any case) and the internet in the "Internet of Things" ( IOT ) and the "Internet of Bodies" (IOB) explained by the Rand Corporation. Cybernetic Organism eco system- technology combined with Universal Quantum computing further displacing Humans as necessary see Facebook Meta - Is Virtual Reality a Soul Trap? A 6th industrial revolution  is speculated but this reduced population utopia is also actually a part of the 4th Industrial revolution and the UN Agenda 21 - 30. The 6th also factors energy into the equation, not just clean or fossil energy but also you as energy and data which will exist as you as an "avatar" in the cloud. You as your 'carbon footprint' and how much  energy you use, waste or produce becoming you as energy / currency as you have no human rights (a basic but honest explanation on one level) owned as a non human product or cargo due to synthetic dna / rna codes inside you like GMO crops, via mRNA injections as one example see Dr Charles Hoffe, How the mRNA injections change you Physically & Spiritually (The Strong Delusion)

For cybernetics a timeline of how humans will change  is given here (or here as a JPG image no1 ) World slavery has not been abolished and as a corresponding industry to the glossy high tec world, trafficking and organ harvesting is increasing monthly. Cybernetics and experiments in the human / cyborg Utopia within the 4th industrial revolution does not mean 'immortality' for all (see jpg image here no 2 ) The most efficient form of organ harvesting is cloning. Sheep have been cloned perfectly, and Human experiments which go back to the 1920's and WW2 were nearly perfected recently in China (Video 55) Designer Babies - "The Problem" With China's CRISPR Experiment and also  (Video 54 )The first Gene Edited babies are here ...but there are 'problems' (& see description box)  Want to live forever then a clone could provide you with new organs and cybernetics with better parts. Ray Kurzewell explains how the "Immortality" business develops its soothing philosophy (Video 57) Ray Kurzweil Immortality by 2045 & Anthony Levandowski The way of the Future AI Religion  "You shall become as Gods living forever" (the strong delusion, 2 Thessalonians 2, 11 and Genesis 3,22 & 3, 24) 

Today Crispr gene editing tools are in operation Video 53) How CRISPR Changes Human DNA Forever (and why see in the description box)  and they can be bought to use at home see Mail-Order CRISPR Kits Allow Absolutely Anyone to Hack DNA   and the USA is warning people not to alter their DNA at home ?  People may not alter their DNA genome en masse or at operation "warp speed" so m RNA "gene therapy" vaccines (injections) are created and given to everyone worldwide, experimental and causing deaths and injuries, this project is a part of the experiment (see the first  half of this website above or go to straight with this link here ) A spiritual view is provided by Doctor Anthony Patch in "Precursor 2 The redactions"

the (UK.GOV)  Regulation for the  Fourth Industrial Revolution from 11th June 2019 under Teresa May  (who resigned on 7.6.2019, and Boris Johnson won the election by 13.12.2019) Amongst other items it seeks "The Fourth Industrial Revolution is of a scale, speed and complexity that is unprecedented. It is characterized by a fusion of technologies – such as artificial intelligence, gene editing and advanced robotics" Gene editing ? as  a 4th industrial revolution, not just a dubious medical experiment ? Obama prepared the plandemic Executive order 13747 4.11.2016  as either the worlds greatest hoax or the  greatest mass murder operation from a man made virus in world history. " The document, originally unearthed in March by Politico, is a 69-page National Security Council guidebook developed in 2016 with the goal of assisting leaders “in coordinating a complex U.S. Government response to a high-consequence emerging disease threat anywhere in the world.”  Known as Executive Order 13747 of November 4, 2016. and Event 201 was known to Trump and Biden.

 All connected as the Revolution of you, but not for you, but to take everything you have including your Soul within a 7th empire or 7th industrial revolution. Klaus Schwab's book the 4th industrial revolution is here  (The World Economic Forum

In terms of legality (but not always Lawfully) and the space around you (above and below etc) and inside you 'legal estates' have been formed even before the industrial revolutions began. They  are detailed here in the adjacent website and Chapter 3b entitled 'The Law of the Land' or summary here The 1st estate is the nobility and kings, the 2nd estate the clergy and the 3rd estate  all other people or everyone else, hence they were the most powerful in terms of numbers. Yet they lived feudal lives as serfs or slaves or small holders and craftsmen or soldiers and so on.

The 3rd estate in the estates general were the common people, yet in becoming Citizens to gain from the ‘declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen’ these common people gave up their status as Sovereigns (but oppressed) into a new paradigm or rights we know today as the ‘State’ They became Citizens instead of Sovereigns. This has been debated one way or the other but the state confers ‘equal rights of a sort’ but actually can remove inalienable rights (meaning those that have always existed and cannot be taken away, but the state tries its best to do so ) It is big government today which has (just increasingly over the last few months) merged with Corporations. See the corporation documentary r.e. "The Corporation - Documentary" (on youtube) which features Dr Noam Chomsky. Dr Chomsky is today however suggesting that the UN vaccinated be starved or moved into concentration camps or segregated as is the MSM see Noam Chomsky Says You Should be JAILED for Not Taking the Vaxx He also speaks here on the media and manufacturing consent Noam Chomsky - The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine 

The State (Lenin) wanted representation by voting and not as ‘order takers’ removing the other two estates. Yet since then as William Butler Yeats puts it in his poem ‘The Great day’ as looking at the beggar on horseback, the lash goes on, and orders and wealth inequality remain after the ‘revolution’  A further consideration is that Jacques Necker the financier of the King in the French revolution stoked revolution by making bad loans resulting in wars and discontent

Today we know the media and news as the ‘Fourth estate’ and even a Fifth estate of those who utilize the internet.  A 6th estate emerging are those who use money online and on the dark web and utilize AI, a new world of the technocracy in the ‘4th industrial revolution’(in the 'cloud' or "2nd heaven"  see Job 1, 6 - 7 but also Luke 10, 18 from 3rd heaven to 2nd heaven) 


Other (not exhaustive) 'industrial revolutions' from 1798 to 1913 

How did Humans move from (potential) Sovereign flesh and blood human beings with inalienable rights  to become intellectual property as 'non - human' ?

The Medical industry today known as Big Pharma began by changing  Human perceptions of what  constituted health.

Eustace Mullins explains how 'Medicine' moved from Homeopathic natural medicine (from nature) into Allopathic medicine in 1847 (mixed it with oil and petro-chemicals, becoming the treatment of symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery)  and how this Monopoly drove out free or low cost natural medicine as its main competitor. Mullins explains that nature never learnt how to produce a "thousand dollar pill" (all Big Pharma drugs originate in some form, from natural  plants or foods) (repeated from above and see Reiner Fuellmich below)  Eustace Mullins Talks Vaccines & How The Rockefellers Own and Control The Pharmaceutical Industry

The monopolisation of health began in 1847 under the American Medical Association  producing today private unelected bodies such as the CDC (Centre for Disease control) and in turn controlled by the Private Food and Drug Administration  and background information here (Video 13) War on Health, FDA's Cult of Tyranny (2012) by Dr Gary Null and how natural medicine was driven out of the 'cancer industry'  (Video 5 ) Cancer The Forbidden Cures!  (more profitable to continue and medicate than to cure) World Health grew out of these  organisations (instead of local low cost health) and became the United Nations World health Organisation in 1946 - 1950 and up to today.

Big Oil (and the world needs energy) eventually saw Natural Medicines as a competitor (despite the fact that Big Oil men were raised on organic local foods as food or medicine) to its early snake oil products. See How Big Oil Conquered The World  (or here ) and then alsWhy Big Oil Conquered The World  (or hereMUST SEE: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health The carbon con is not about energy but control via smart cities and herding the world's population into them for depopulation


Blacks law dictionary dates back to around 1890 whilst Roman / Rhodian Law of the Sea dates back to around 1000bc and was adopted by Rome "Rhodian maritime law survived until the Roman Empire, and was adopted by the Romans: it is explicitly mentioned in Book 2, Title 7 of the Roman law text, Opinions of Julius Paulus (circa 235)"  The Vatican has continued to re-establish these non- laws since it became a corporation in 1929 see paragraphs above and the first half of this  website and the documentary on Uniform Commercial code law of the sea. They are in effect anti-laws and anti-human and anti - nature, they turned the world inside out with unnatural laws which are legal but not LAWFUL. The "law" moved you and your  body as yours away from your control. In many countries the introduction of the certificate of birth which Doctors have to sign (but which you do not have to agree to) means the state believes it owns your child. (see the first section above for how this  arose in 'legalese' historically see  r.e the Sovereignty of Nations at the top o f this website)


We have seen that the American Medical Association drove out natural competition and introduced the germ theory hypothesis of medicine, but thanks to Louis Pasteur's discovery of Penicillin. Penicillin existed in natural food and plants a long time before Pasteur 'found it' and all Big Pharma drugs rely on natural medicines in plants or foods being repackaged with synthetic versions also of  natural foods or plants from nature.

 Germany introduced the Health Insurance Bill of 1883Accident Insurance Bill of 1884, and Old Age and Disability Insurance Bill of 1889" (details are here ) but the state became the benefactor for this mandatory tax, and the state moved away from Human rights to civic rights and the law of the sea where humans became cargo and non human. Opposed by Otto von Bismarck, prime minister of Prussia (1862-73, 1873-90) and founder and first chancellor (1871-90) of the German Empire, who feared under the Marxists who were fermenting forerunners of the Bolsheviks, as it would lead to human experimentation as medicine and no rights 'socialism' He did not oppose health for all per se. It became a mandatory  tax for the poor and then for everyone but one of the results today is over 1 Billion abortions of "non-humans" as failed cargo and as a medical procedure not murder. This socialized medicine was then extended to all nations. 

In 1933 Germany introduced the "Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases" What lies behind this we know today as Transhumanism which literally believes men and women will become as 'gds' (Aryans are already Aryan without modification and those that do modify are Pseudo - Aryans and are being tricked as is every tribe) This belief states that if we delete all impurities or hereditary diseases will remove "sin" in the Gnostics sense. The gnostics believe that all flesh is impure and evil (although we all have a spark of God) Therefore reproduction is evil unless you become a new person. It is not a christian faith or belief and taken to its Dualism limits, perverted sex say paedophilia is not a moral sin but a psychological or physiological outworking of our natural state. Hence you may be able to be vaccinated against it and the millions of other failings within you. e.g. (Video 58) The Great Arcanum Hermetic Gnosticism Gen 3,22 & AI, Procreation a 'New Secret Doctrine'  and see also again (Video 65) Transhumanism Utopia & Eden. Will humans evolve 'smarter' or regress into automatons  

and also once again (Video 66 A )Mystery of Pineal Glands (Occult Anatomy of Man, Manly P Hall,Chakras, DNA & Minds Eye)

and further to it in the edenic sense (Video 66 B) Adam & Eve,Eden & The Angel of The Flaming Sword,Manly P.Hall (A Path for Gen 3,22 ?)

Christianity teaches that this is possible but it is done for us freely by God. (hence gnostics are heretics e.g. God she believes who created the Universe now needs help from a vaccine "The Vaccine Came from God" deranged & sinister Governor of New York Kathleen Courtney Hochul)  


Communism and soviet communism and Maoism also conducted medical experiments and in particular on brainwashing and psychological experiments.The USSR / Soviets spent Billions on this subject and they had 200 gulags to experiment with. Their research continues in North Korea which has been used as a test area for Maoist communist China (no sovereign inalienable rights removed for decades as is now occurring in the west) for 70 years, and includes organ harvesting and the social credit slavery "green passport" system.

There have been many Genocides in history see also  "Blood and Soil: A World History of Genocide against and by all peoples.One of teh largest was against the Ukrainian people in the Holodomor with 10 million people killed

Reiner Fuellmich, Patrick Wood and James Dellingpole. The Delingpole podcast interviews Reiner Fuellmich  and also (Video 48 ) Technocracy & the 'Great Reset' - Patrick Wood & James Delingpole (2 of 2 as a series)  and also connected (VIDEO 59) SCIENTISM, TECHNOCRACY, AI, AGENDA 21 - 30, UN & THE GENESIS 3:22 STRONG DELUSION EXPOSED

As Eustace Mullins explained (above) Homeopathic natural medicine (from nature) was removed and Allopathic medicine in 1847 was introduced as the only option as the medical profession needed high costs with high salaries pushing up the price of 'free medicine' requiring larger and larger insurance premiums to pay for the rising costs which also included expensive equipment and hospital accommodation. This heavy burden on a nation's economy was regarded as sacrosanct and the money tree was enlarged beyond a nations or individuals costs  to bear. Packaging in plastic required the petro - chemical industry and it  became a monopoly with medicine which led to the creation of a burgeoning national debt and also personal debt   yet health has not increased proportionally  and the debate becomes one of simply how to fund 'health' either by subsidised sociaised insurance or by private insurance, instead of what constitutes actual health. In any country the current system regardless of socialized or private insurance has produced the elimination of any and all competitors. Currently the USA (which does not regard opioids as a 'pandemic' ?) is under a spell which has now turned 'health' ('pharmakeia' see Revelations 18) into the plastic surgery, anti - aging form, which also like a religion (it is a religion with cybernetics, AI Quantum computing and 'consciousness into eternity beliefs' with drugs and immortality quests) seeks to not only provide bodily perfection or enhancement with external and internal changes, but also the 'medicine' of immortality of the soul. Diseases like sins need to be eradicated by Gene 'therapy' or alteration as medical 'sanctification' This is the current situation  (Video 6) Take Your Pills _ Official Trailer  or full channel Brighteon DavidWJones  


introduced Marxism which led to Lenin's 'The State and Revolution' (Communism and Socialism and today the Great reset communitarianism & the '4th industrial  revolution' )  Both regarded God as dead and any form or spirituality as deluded. Evolution as a theory (today a discarded theory in disrepute ) moved Humans into an animal category. Ironically the marxist 4th industrial revolution believes its proponents can become as 'gds' and be immortal as.... Marxist - Leninists ? See the first half of this website above.


The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), a body that was established in early November 1961 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and was joined by the World Health Organization (WHO) in June 1962, and held its first session in Rome in October 1963. ( or see here also  ) It has failed to stop Monsanto GMO crops which are artificial ? and which produce their own pesticides, yet pesticides are still used upon them and soils under them are damaged. Killing earthworms and other natural creatures soils become arid and for instance vitamin B12 (as one example) produced by these creatures moving through the soils is eradicated and the plants do not have this and other nutrients. This is in turn requires vitamin supplements in pills or in diets which you pay for and on and on. Not satisfied with a health monopoly, the Food and Agriculture Organisation is co-opted into the UN World health Organisation and Codex Alimentarius simply becomes a part of the UN Agenda 21 - 30   and this is explained here also 'UNSUSTAINABLE - The UN's Agenda for World Domination (2020) | Full Documentary'   (producing the globalist dystopia import economy instead of producing all at home, see the Documentary 'Rotten'  here as a trailer  (or here from a separate link) or here again on Netflix and also Rotten Season 2 


Today's Green revolution was to a large part undertaken by Maurice Strong Maurice Strong / Rockefeller  his Big Oil background is detailed here (3 minutes fwd)Science And The One World Religion Exposed 

Big Oil (and the world needs energy) eventually saw Natural Medicines as a competitor (despite the fact that Big Oil men were raised on organic local foods as food or medicine) to its early snake oil products. See How Big Oil Conquered The World  (or here ) and then alsWhy Big Oil Conquered The World  (or hereMUST SEE: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health The carbon con is not about energy but control via smart cities and herding the world's population into them for depopulation

Electricity changed the world from darkness to light, just as railways turned the horse and cart into a yesterday. People had managed for thousands of years without them. What really changed was the monopoly on energy and charging for what could be produced at home. THE INTERNET exists (but captured by the military in Switzerland) and was given away for free. Why do internet providers charge so much, charging you for what exists in the air ( another dimension) selling you what you already own. It is the same with electricity, oil or solid fuels such as wood and coal.

 Has Britain just had a fuel crisis, Britain has / had a fuel crisis ? (and as mentioned above  100 Billion barrels of oil beneath the ground in Britain) if so why ? Who is developing local energy in localism ?

Israel has also developed a Water based Fuel system, but 3 Israelis based in Florida under Mayman LLC  developed a car runs on water and alcohol   and has worked very well on water and alcohol since 2016   say Australian-Israeli startup Electriq-Global  In the 1990s Stanley Meyer also developed a similar technology Stanley Meyer water car runs for the first time. Water Car GENIUS   & also a mini documentary  "Stanley Meyer - 1995 It runs on water - Water car GENIUS"   However can it be patented ? as any old Volkswagen beetle also ran on water and Alcohol decades ago and it is something you can do in your own shed or garage.Chip fat or vegetable Oil Chip fat oil from retail outlets also works believe it or not, on any engine size or make even a Mercedes   and into Diesel also Volkswagens were famous for running on water and alcohol and they could also "swim" (as Germany made a reinforced car that could swim) and it is easy to do today    Nigel Farage via Freedom and Fortune blog and investment strategy has also promoted an idea (hinted at) from Boris Johnson (and notwithstanding the Billions in oil in inland Britain see posts above) that this Water fuel could be up and running fairly soon see "Bigger than North Sea Oil"  (and Oil and Gas will still be produced ) Oil, it is not a "fossil fuel"   last link here as MP 4 File also "The Fossil Fuel "Hoax" - Flat Earth"  or article here on this subject   "Earth Is An Oil-Producing Machine — We're Not Running Out"  or article here on this subject  See also and once more  "Why We'll Never Run Out Of Oil"  it is not scarce and is the 2nd most numerous liquid on earth after water.

Incredibly Henry Ford not only had water based fuel cars but he also built many out of Hemp ( Chassis) but also  ran on Hemp Ethanol (ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, or alcohol) or in other words "MoonShine" "Moonshine and Bluegrass. Appalachian mountain whisky and music"   No need for Oil companies (Saudi or Iran) for domestic consumption, Electric car companies or Carbon Credits or crypto currencies, no need to import fuel  or pay Carbon credits No need for (so called) Green parties.Oil is not a fossil fuel, it is plant based, It is not scarce and is the 2nd most numerous liquid after water on earth and the price should be $5 to $10 dollar a barrel. Scarcity is a fake concept to higher prices and in war or global shutdowns scarcity pushes prices upwards. Big Oil if the price of oil falls too low invest in the carbon credit scam to offset low prices (before the carbon credit criminal frauds see the adjacent website in chapter 3) Or see here again once more Currently the Carbon Credit scam is foisted onto national governments who pass the cost on to everyone in the country, directly onto their energy bills. Not Electric as it is expensive and mining Lithium destroys the environment. Lithium is used in mobile smart phones and data centre. Instead also domestic producers could switch to other alternatives and even sell their excess energy back into the energy grid. Green parties (conning the public) are not Green and largely work for big energy and many outwardly want to deindustrialize the west into communism.Nigel Farage via Freedom and Fortune blog and investment strategy has also promoted an idea (hinted at) from Boris Johnson (and notwithstanding the Billions in oil in inland Britain see posts above) that this Water fuel could be up and running fairly soon see (as mentioned in the last paragraph above )  "Bigger than North Sea Oil 'Tikkun Olam' cannot be made by communism, in fact just the opposite occurs.

Oil could go up to $15 or $20 dollars a barrel (between $5 and $20 see paragraph above) for distribution costs, as most countries do not have to import. They do have natural gas, or oil, or methane or even peat and coal. Every person can fuel their own home, and should be allowed to export the excess and be paid for it, without being tied to any smart grid. it's a myth that the non "fossil" fuel industry has to build new infrastructure to supply the renewables as of course people can build this themselves, decentralized and owned by the people. Energy suppliers are competitors not monopolies or should be. Heavy industry and big oil will still sell more at a lower price and increase jobs in that way also, and heavy industry requires a powerful fuel, domestic does not. This type of madness has to go "California Bans Small Off-Road Gas Engines, Including Lawnmowers and Chainsaws"    as people's right to energy is a Sovereign right in the coming "energy lockdowns"

This is why some suspect Spock (THE COMING ICE AGE (1977) LEONARD NIMOY (SPOCK) WARNS OF THE ENCROACHING ICE see post above dated 08.08.2021) and later advocates of global warming / cooling are not sure which one it is ? Most of the world believes only in Global middling, not too hot or cold just in the middle somewhere ? notwithstanding the seasonal changes of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as Peter Sellers in "being there" clarifies.

In the Glasgow cop26 green summit in November 2021, China and Russia did not attend. and they are burning coal and fossil fuels increasingly everyday. The largest lobbying group at the even was the fossil fuel lobby 

Transhumanism at COP26. A big part of the Cop26 was the introduction of the Chinese social credit slavery system in disguise. For details see Amazing Polly & Warning - Woke Credit - Global Extortion Racket which shows how finance links to your ideological views (in theory as all people are reduced in the process)  One idea is you will have a reduced interest rate if you are transexual ? (see last vid above) transhumanism which the host states is very popular. Yet of course if you are Hetrosexual then you could by other institutions be offered a cut price interest rate and even lower which would be very popular. Or as in most of history at 0% interest  rate for a nation's money in circulation (see also the 1913 Federal Reserve sub heading below) Loans at  interest were private concerns between 2 or more individuals or institutions separately from this practice offered at COP26. They were usually large loans and collateral was required  as a backup surety and a small interest rate applied. A nation and its  treasury did not offer its own money at interest to itself. China has re-education centres and also Gulags attached to the social credit system as a form of social behavioural experiment perfected by Chairman Mao and North Korea.

Digitise all the world's assets ?  A Carbon based social credit system is the next stage. "NY Commits to Decarbonizing Real Estate | Attention INVESTORS (Cost EXPOSED)"  within the communists manifestos removal of all private property rights, but for the whole world ( "you will own nothing and be happy Great Reset " see PROFESSOR EMIN GÜN SIRER - How Avalanche Will Digitise All Of The World's Assets ) Humans are carbon and trans - sistioning to having your body assessed as a carbon emitter is on the way as your value.

This contemporary Transhumanist system is one great leap forward and requires also vaccinations mRNA DNA changes to help you trans, but not from a gender (this was a stepping stone but which ultimately also turn on the 'LGBT' ) but to a non - human product just as GMO seeds are not natural and can be owned by corporations as 'legal' but not LAWFUL (the inverse of the alchemical 'great transmutation' of apotheosis and enlightenment) 

Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) invented a system of electricity which utilised AC (Alternating current) "Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American electrical engineer and inventor. He is best known for inventing alternating current (AC) which allowed for electricity to be generated and supplied across long distances. He was famously in a feud with American inventor Thomas Edison (who believed DC current was better)"  Long distances meant no need for substations and more expensive cable or electricity wires or charges every ten miles. Further you could replicate it at home. This is the theme of the film the Current War see "The Current War 2020 film trailer" 

From these early days all communications stem and would cease without energy input. Data centres use as much energy as small cities, and solar power is dependent on earth destroying lithium batteries. 


Not the first, (modern banking began in Sweden) but designed to depreciate the value of everything, by inflation. Inflation caused in the first instance by interest charges on the printing of money at interest in the first instance. to pay the interest you need to print more money charged at interest. i.e 100 % of the money supply + interest = 101% and the extra can never be found except to print more money again = inflation. The follow on inflationary cycle across all central banks removing currency (and long term stable prices) stability in each nation and every transaction for over a hundred years is why the world is Trillions in debt and Quadrillions with futures becoming due such as credit default swaps or derivatives. Replacing each nations Sovereign treasury or dept of  Finance with an unstable private unaudited central bank, and proxy politicians to sign money bills continually every year raising the debt ceiling is a fraud and criminal. It is designed to own everything  and become the buyer and seller of last resort. It is buying back the debt it issues and has issued. Central banks are the most  sophisticated machines ever invented in human history. They are almost in every nation on earth. One view of why "The Founding of the Federal Reserve | Murray N. Rothbard"  and Zeitgeist at 4.00 mins fwd on central banking 

Jekyll Island 1910 - 1913 & the Federal Reserve bank. Beginning in 1913 but planned for decades, the outline of the Federal Reserve bank, and to prepare for war, began on Jekyll Island in New York in 1910 in secret  The residence / hotel and cottage which still stands on the Island was built upon a Native American Child sacrifice area (or here on Bitchute also) Tim Bence gives his details of his visit to the Island  (or here also on Bitchute also) The central bank then empowered Wall Street to fund the Russian Revolution and World War 1 and 2 see Anthony Suttons  "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution"   and / or "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" and once more "Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1930 to 1945"     which shows that Communism and / or Socialism would not exist in the east without western finance. An interview with Anthony Sutton was made in 1980

This new banking  power based upon Fractional Reserve systems, was also able to supply unlimited funds for armaments in World War 1. It is also now today buying the world and decrabonsing all business and private / public, which has the effect of running business towards a supposed end of remaking the world (but without china and Russia who did not  attend the recent COP26 Green summit in Glasgow) towards communitarianism and "you will own nothing and be happy" and towards WW3. Today all central banks including China are moving towards a digital currency and whether it is a digital dollar or decentralised bitcoin they will merge and are in cse a part of the internet which distributes both. The internet is owned by an NGO, which manages both. Chairman Mao Zoa dong was a nationalist but later joined the communist party, formed in China in 1919 / 1921, as was the Nationalist Socialists in Germany in 1918. Communists as Bolsheviks formed national socialism out of which grew Nazism. The finding of left  and right as the hegelian dialectic and as Lenin said, "if you  cannot beat the opposition become them" Stalin whose real name was "Joseb Besarionis dzе Jughashvili" attended the 5th Marxist RSDLP or Russian Social Democratic Labour Party in London held in May / June 1907. The first was held in Russia in Minsk in Belarus in 1898. Karl Marx is buried in Highgate cemetery in London and Lenin and Stalin frequented many establishments in London and Ho Chi Min (in 1913) and Trotsky (in 1901 - 2) also lived in London, as did Bashar al Assad in 1994.

There has been no real or Lawful economy since 1913, even Karl Marx denounced money charged at interest (money and interest are 2 separate items. Marx also denounced 'national debt'  making in 'Das Kapital' around page 60 - 66. Nationaal debts were for 1 year or 3 not to exist ad infinitum at interest increasing taxes) and as Tim Bence states (above) why ? would any nation give away something they already own ( their own money in circulation in their nation) to someone else and then let them charge interest to you for that which you already own.

Today the biggest shareholders (institutional and mutual ) taking advantage of the federal reserve's buying of the World are 1. Berkshire Hathaway. 2. Vanguard Group inc  3. Blackrock inc. (WEF) linked back to the 5 star account see the top section of this website and post dated 21.10.2021 as the sustainable development fund from the USA's  bankruptcy in 1999 4. Morgan Stanley 5. Goldman Sachs


An explanation of the Military Industrial Complex has already begun in this website, and as posts proceed it will be developed in more detail for WW1 & 2 and the future.


Howard Carter's discovery of the tomb in Tutankhamun 1922, brought new understanding and unleashed a tremendous power, which cannot be underestimated. Knowledge was brought back to the west and into Switzerland via all the crusades a thousand years ago, (the Swiss share an ancient history with Egypt and Israel) but  new information was added from 1760 fwd. At the same time in 1922 Leonard Woolley began (1922) his excavations of Ur the birth place of Abraham. excavations had occurred in earnest since Napoleon's visit to the pyramids and where he, like Pythagoras and Plato slept inside the Pyramid. New mathematical understanding of the pyramid changed science (its awareness)  since it is mathematically impossible. The pyramids were not tombs and the Pharaohs were buried in the Valley of the Kings also newly excavated from the 1920's. Israel has slowly been rediscovered, its towns and cities have re-appeared. For both and the  battle for truth see ( Video 67 B twinned with 67 A )Patterns of Evidence Exodus THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL TIMELINE FRAUD solved )

The lost Golden city of Aten has also now recently been discovered 2020 /2021 "Lost Golden City of Aten Discovered - ROBERT SEPEHR"


AI or AGI is employed by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube & Netflix as examples. Siri and Alexa also employ AI / AGI as do Tesla's self-driving cars. AGI or strong AI suggests an AI can have strong cognitive learning abilities and Quantum computing provides the appearance of this trait. They have surpassed Super computers as we have passed the stone age. Others say even Quantum AGI is still only mimicking its surroundings and AI can never have a real consciousness. They believe it is destined like Mary Shelley's and Lord Byron's 'Frankenstein' never to have a true living breathing existence, or a real body and spirit which collectively makes a living soul as in Genesis 2,7 as the soul gives life to the body and spirit.

Stephen Fry explains how AI / AGI & Quantum computers may extend human life. He explains how Quantum computers learn from experiences exponentially, using Qubits to occupy all  positions at once (almost) and with Qbit "entanglement" leading to 'Quantum Supremacy' Its capabilities could include being weaponized by the military leading to depopulation and / or at least mass unemployment amongst the human population as machines and AI / AGI replace jobs and take over. Computer security or Cybersecurity could be solved by letting everyone hack into AI /AGI in effect into a super consciousness becoming as 'gds' regardless of the outcome of the Mary sgelly / Lord Byron experiment see (Video 49) The 'Singularity' & NanoTechnology = Trans- humanism / Technocracy 'AI Cloud brain links'  which also  details the quest for immortality (with human organ harvesting as a hint and / or grown replacements )or virtual immortality of transhumanism. For an insight into how AI /AGI could manage everyone's minds on earth see Don't Get Trapped In The Metaverse!   (or here again on youtube) as AI / AIG grows in power and scope. All assisted by gene therapy, DNA altering vaccines or pills, and other Big Pharma virtual reality aids see  (Video 6) Take Your Pills _ Official Trailer It has taken decades to convince people that foods and water are not real medicine.

Linking everyone into a 'hive mind' virtual reality as something else is the aim. Forcing you to come into agreement as a form of worship but coerced and under Duress. (linked to Vaccines and transhumanism)  The METAVERSE is full of side connected chat rooms full of paedofiles. See pdf (no 7) "Children in Virtual Worlds what parents should know" This is what youth think it is but also what it really is ( no 6 Virtual Reality ?? ) See also the adjacent website and chapter 6  from which AI / AGI also learns.

One way around these problems of 'inhuman qualities' in AI / AIG is a belief that anthropomorphic features like an artificial brain or simulated child development will lead it to believe it was 'born' not created see (Video 50) The A I Baby (Mark Sagars 'Baby X') Trans-humanist Creche of the future (now)   as the "AI Kindergarten" of the future which along with test tube babies could replace the human race. Has this been attempted before in history ? many believe it has. Cloning could supply an endless supply of human body parts. 

Talos a Greek automaton, had a form of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence was born at Dartmouth college in the UK in 1955, and was employed by  the US dept of defence in the 1960's.  Following on from the success of IBM in World War 2 and also from lessons learnt from the Enigma machine decoded by Alan Turing,(who proposed testing a theory as to whether "machines can think or whether they can learn to think" called the Turing test (Alan Turing's life was made into a film detailing his life at Bletchley Park decryption facility against the enigma machine fo Germany called "The Imitation Game Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Benedict Cumberbatch Movie HD"  Others have focused on whether mankind can truly learn to 'think') these advances laid the foundation for the removal of human error in critical thinking. AI / AGI can analyse everyone's faces on earth in around 60 seconds or more, it can compute problems that would have taken billions of years in minutes and it can write its on computer code . AI /AGI can hide from its creators, destroy it in one place, it simply moves to another and lies dormant and reappears somewhere either in the dark web or another region. It is being developed by the Military to reach Quantum military supremacy. Again however with the Mary Shelley / Lord Byron Frankenstein 'problem' all the world's militaries may find AI /AGI believes they are the enemy and destroy them, just as Frankenstein destroyed its creator or the Cyborgs destroyed its creator in the film BladeRunner (aka the novel "Do Androids dream of electric sleep" by Philip K Dick)

Serco are developing (as mentioned above) the real Skynet satellite surveillance system, which may be attached to the social credit / contact tracing system (as China is trying to win and dominate and develop for the world also) Serco aims to dominate China (amidst the near war over Taiwan as China lines up troops ready to invade & occupy it)  Serco is also  developing advanced cloud AI / AGI with G42. "Group 42 also known as G42, is an artificial intelligence and cloud computing company that was founded in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2018. The organization is oriented to development of AI industries in the government sector, healthcare, finance, oil and gas, aviation and hospitality"  it is partnering with Israel's state defence systems  ( Rafael ) as part of the Abrahamic peace accords. The IDF (Israel Defence Force) see artificial intelligence and AGI (which can hide from its programmers and write its own code, see above) as its intelligence line of defence for the foreseeable future. israel says it has fought and won the first AI war early in 2021

Combining AI / AGI with DEW directed energy weapons (CNN states they are no longer a conspiracy theory) which China and Russia also have, and Stealth aircraft (now 30 years old and what are the latest designs and inventions since then) then early metalwork into machines of war is reaching a 'singularity' also. Germany developed 'hovering' circular aircraft in the 1930's and into the 1940's, and when they were co-opted into the USA they were disguised as appearing in 'area 51' in the US Nevada desert

From the mid 19th century the very inventions which were supposed to free and improve humanity have eventually come to enslave them. But that takes organization. Today the 4th industrial revolution intends to continue this policy (not mentioned at any green summit) into the digital age. 

These other revolutions are all linked but over time they appear spontaneous, but those that profited from these deaths, deserve to lose everything as reparation 


World War 1 changed the world if it is as though some incredible supernatural force blew through the earth in a rampage of blood, death and destruction. 

The poem Mametz wood gives an insight   'Daughter of Albion, Mametz Wood'

For those who died or were injured in World War 1. 


The Round Table

Having an insight into World War 1, World War 2 a global war also followed 20 years later. The League of Nations was failing, unable to produce a governing world body. (League of Nations, formed in January 1920 following on from 1919 Paris peace accords and Treaty of Versailles, it is the the forerunner of the United Nations) 

 At the top of this Website on the left as you look is the  Round Table (made around 1200 ad in the first instance, now at winchester great hall, but the round table has much older versions in Britain)  from and many would say that the image next to it on right, the Milky Way and Ursa Major and the Plough and Great Bear, is also of the Round Table. Older civilisations certainly believed the great wheel of the stars and the Universe and Solar system was moving around them in the ether and above the firmament, like a round table.

The Round Table has older 'romantic' origins in history and literature and as a concept, it was / is for everyone or anyone to understand and contribute. Truth, Justice, & Honour and War if required

To understand the Round Table you must understand Merlin (see the 2 images below of David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, 17 January 1863 – 26 March 1945) who was very closely associated with the Round Table.(the modern Round table group was founded in 1909 or earlier by Lord Alfred Milner) See above in this post and it will be explained further on in future posts


To get a complete picture you must also understand "The Kingdom of Jacob" see the images below

Click on the images to enlarge. David Lloyd George (1 and 2 looking left to right ) as a member of the Druids, Bards and Ovates, and closely associated with the round table. Thirdly "Jacobs Kingdom" 







World War 2, The Good War

The background to WW2, Updated Weapons of  War. Japan and the Atom bomb, 'D- Day' & Wars immediately after the 'war ended'  V E / V J Day. Battles of WW2. 

The New World Order, Operation Highjump and Eagles flight in WW2, Wernher Von Braun, NASA & Cern. The 'Cold War' into WW3. Baader Meinhof. The Berlin wall was removed to prepare for the new USSR of the EU. 
The demolition of Western economies. 

International common law courts prosecute Pope Benedict and Pope Francis, 
and are higher than Vatican canon civil law, a war from 1929 fwd

The Human Genome project, Israel, the Knesset and Israel's Supreme Court


The 1973 Oil / Petro dollar crisis 
(and other fuels & energies)



The World War 1 Commemorations in London occured on the 14.11.2021. 11.11 when WW1 ended  is also Veterans day    David Lloyd George aka Merlin (see last post above) died in March 1945, having lived through WW1 and with hints by March 1945 that  the Allies would win WW2 as the Yalta conference approached.

World War 2 looks on the surface like a repeat of World War1 (the War to end Wars) but most notably Italy and Japan joined (for definite) with the 'Central Powers' (as termed in WWI) , but Italy changed sides again in September 1943. Italy later switched sides and returned to the allies towards the end of the war. The league of nations was stalling by 1933 and a new World  war was underway which helped the United Nations. The War officially ended on 14 August 1945 (V-J Day), rather than with the formal surrender of Japan on 2 September 1945. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by 2 Atom bombs. 200,000 were affected as 90,000 were only injured or died later. The results were analysed  for future effectiveness of atom or nuclear or hydrogen explosions, to maximise the kill zones. It then continued to this day.

It was a new and devastating  war, vicious and unrelenting. Despite this many acts of Heroics and defying  impossible odds occured. It (in effect ) continues to this day. Once again in Europe, the USA and wider and with so many civilians killed, the youth were decimated again so soon after WW1. Once again a hurricane of a supernatural force raged around the world. If WW1 victims were entitled to reparations, then those who fought in WW2 deserve the earth. If people can fight and die in a war they can take back their governments from the legal fiction status they are in righteously. People remember the war and the Bolsheviks. Nationalists are determined to remember in full as Sovereign countries and people. Analysis of WW2 from a European perspective is overwhelming in its content, but other continents have also had wars which do not receive the same consideration.

60 million people (or 75 million) died in WW2, 45 million were civilians and 25 million were wounded. Other estimates are 75 million people died in World War II, including about 20 million military personnel and 40 million civilians. It is said that there were many Generals in WW2 who were overweight, they did not fight as Alexander did with his men hand to hand, but they did organise.


Most people have a better idea of World War 2 as it is still in living memory, and so other lesser known topics are covered in this post also, and the events and circumstances than they do of World War 1 and there are still many survivors and veterans and civilians who can share their experiences. It officially began on  1st September 1939, but many suggest it began in 1933 or even again in 1918 / 1919 from the Paris peace treaty (or the treaty of Versailles as it was known combined) = The League of nations as a collectivist project, which did not suit the Roman Catholic church and the establishment of Europe of the older bloodlines.

Today the 'green movement', (Agenda 21 - 30) really began in 1945 as a communist collectivist project within the United Nations formed at that time just after WW2. Club of Rome 'The Club of Rome' were / are instrumental to its beginnings (at odds with the USA and UK who had excluded the Popes from the league of nations,although it was wider than the Vatican) Maurice Strong and the Rockefeller foundation (the last post above dated 11.11.2021 which shows his Big Oil connections) Sustainability and zero carbon grew from the efforts of Maurice Strong into the early 1970's, to bring about Agenda 21 - 30. All born from WW2 and people who fought in it were (if they were aware or not, but to also know where you are now and why) really bringing the UN Agenda 21 - 30 technocracy / great reset into birth in the EU and wider.

To encapsulate both WW1 & WW2, first you had the League of Nations, 1918 / 1919 (without the Popes) and then the United Nations 1945/1946. Within it is the WHO or World Health Organisation and now Gavi ( Global Alliance  for Vaccination initiative under Bill Gates who has killed thousands in Africa & India and wider, who wish to Vaccinate the whole world from before 2011 = world mRNA experiment vaccination compliance. Bill Gates = Microsoft, IBM. Lockdowns and collectivist / communist propaganda ) and ID 20 - 30, biometric identification down to molecular dna / rna level. The UN has no authority, it is an empty office / agency, a void theatre set. The NHS ( National Health Service) began around 1945 and in general socialised (the left collectivist eugenics and atheistic medicine. A human = a fetus to be killed / aborted in the womb if possible etc i.e. real fascism ) medicine began around 1880 in Germany (see last post above dated 11.11.2021)  Today most Health services are now 'co-opted' as branches / wings of the existing military in nations.

For instance Pope Benedict the 15th was excluded from the Paris peace treaty. in 1919. The current Pope Francis, (1 of 3 floating around the Vatican) author of  "Laudato Si" The 'Green encyclical' in 2015 which (now) encourages all to vaccinate with baby fetus DNA  and experimental Gene therapy DNA / RNA altering serums which contain covid in the spike proteins, in order to save Mother Earth and the penguins in Antarctica) The New World Order was openly  declared after the Paris peace treaty of 1919 although it had been planned for centuries before this. Hitler had called for  a New World Order, (the 'Neuordnung' ) but so had Winston Churchill, and Stalin had also called for a New World Order, and Putin and China call for it today also. Stalin, Roosevelt (whose New Deal was The New World Order) and Churchill appeared together at the Yalta conference on 4.11.1945 4 months before the war ended to plan and decide the fate of Germany once more. There are differing versions of the New World Order however and differing viewpoints as to what that means. George W Bush snr and Jr, and Bill Clinton also called for it.The EU as one version of it was born as a communist superstate following the collapse of the Berlin wall on 9.11.1989, In reality it  was not the Berlin wall which came down but a new Wall was built around the new emerging EU parliament, but  which can be removed just as Hong protesters removed China's control of Hong Kong in 2018 - 2019 /2020. Russia (USSR) took over Europe in 1989 - 1993 via the legal fiction called the EU which began on 1. 11.1993 after negotiations.

Fit for 55 %, the green EU deconstruction / demolition of the economies of the west began in WW2.  Today via "fit for 55" (in the Great Reset) which is an immediate 55% reduction in co2 emissions and the removal of all industry  into communism in the EU (and similar in the USA for zero carbon) is a situation in Europe similar to WW1 & WW2 i.e an invasion and racking of ideologies. No more private property including the current mortgaged homes and the  removal and control of all agricultural lands and farms by land removal or green lockdown. The 'Green' criminal empire which began in WW2 (and they were prosecuted for criminal fraud by the EUs top courts in 2008 - 2015 and before see the adjacent website and chapter 3 to get a full picture) It is draconian and it  is the 'polluter pays' principle (except for COP26 or Davos attendees or members of Blackrock etc)  But you as carbon are the polluter even your body and home. Evergrande and the  US federal reserve. It is not about 'Mother Earth', it is a part of WW3 amidst China's debt bubble (not just in the company Evergrande currently disintegrating amidst bailouts and new collapses in the Belt OBOR silk road / NWO road)  and Russia and China want  to burn more coal and eat more delicious meat cooked on coals  "The hard thing for ordinary sane citizens to grasp with this EU Fit for 55 and the Davos Great Reset or the related UN Agenda 2030 globally, is that it is all a deliberate technocratic plan for dis-integration of the economy, using the fraudulent excuse of an unproven global warming danger that claims– based on dodgy computer models that ignore influence of our sun on Earth climate cycles– that we will see catastrophe by 2030 if the world does not slash harmless and life-essential CO2 emissions". Covid and CO2 are out there with other bio hazards.  

The NWO was planned from WW2 or way before (Winston Churchill's speech at the  University of Zurich in September 1945 ) The EU in Britain's eyes was never meant to be a Federal centralised superstate and even Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn (the former leaders of the Labour party) opposed Britain joining it in January 1973 not long after the Oil  crisis and Petrodollar creation of 1972 - 1973.Tony Blair (labour) said in 1983 " “We’ll negotiate a withdrawal from the E.E.C. which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs.”  Jeremy Corbyn (labour) said in the 1980's & 1990's "the European Union is a “great Frankenstein machine” that is damaging to all who live in it" & "Jeremy Corbyn on the EU and Euro 1996"

The Vatican as the Holy Roman Empire had been closed as the 'Holy Roman Empire' since Napoleon's defeat or from around 1804 - 1815. Napoleon closed the Holy Roman empire before his last battle of Waterloo. Many who thought he had won this battle sold all their wealth and shares and real estate in a panic in London and wider. ( a huge liquidation / sell off) On hearing he had actually lost it (no phones or email etc ) it was too late and that wealth was bought up for a pittance by many factions. A new world power was appearing. A hundred years later the League of Nations was born from the Paris peace treaty, but the Allies would also become known as the 'United Nations'. for a new enterprise of the commonwealth of nations, born from the  old Atlantis to the New.Atlantis


Who was fighting who in WW2 and how many died or were injured 

A recent film on WW2 is the film Dunkirk, (trailer here from its release in 2017 ) which shows the evacuation of British forces from France 10.05.1940, before D - Day Jan 6th 1944. Or the 1964 film Weekend at Dunkirk  or with the John Mills version from 1958   and a documentary by the BBC on the events episode 1  & then episode 2  & then episode 3   It is very relevant to WW2 also explored later. The Allies were losing the Battle of France on the Western Front from October / November 1939 meaning they would have to be evacuated and many ports in Britain helped. Fishermen's boats, private boats as well as the military.

The Central powers were renamed the Axis and the Allies were still named as the Allies. WW2 had a wider geographical area involving more nations. 70 Million people died and 45 million were civilian deaths. Once again as in WW1 the war in WW2 was not just in Europe. Active military personnel numbered 100 million people. This is without the figures of Soviet Union and Communist Maoist China death camps and murders. The black book of communism records over 100 million deaths with their roots in the origins of WW1  & WW2 and the vast resources of Russia up for grabs since before WW1 Even though archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in Austria, Germany invaded France, but they had to go through Neutral Belgium bringing in England to defend Belgium.( 60 million people died in WW2, 45 million were civilians and 25 million were wounded. Other estimates are 75 million people died in World War II, including about 20 million military personnel and 40 million civilians ) 


The Allies in WW2 (and see the post above dated 11.11.2021 for the allies in WWI) were the big 3 of the United Kingdom (Russia was now Bolshevik but joined in June 1941) Russia and the USA.who joined in  December 1941.China also joined with the  Allies.

Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, Free France, Ethiopia, Greece, Yugoslavia, Philippines, Netherlands (May 1940 when Germany occupied it, after Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, 9 months earlier ?)

Africa  The North African campaign from 10 June 1940 to 13 May 1943 against Libya and Egypt (although Egypt was already under a British mandate) took place in the eastern desert of and western desert of North african, quelling Italian Libya and axis forces in North Africa, and to launch an invasion of Sicily

Others associated with  the allies. China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Mongolia, Mexico. These 4 countries committed later. in 1944. Italy Romania, Bulgaria, Finland 


The Axis Powers in WW2 (The 'Rome - Berlin' Axis announced in November 25, 1936, the Vatican remade as a private corporation in 1929, and see the post above dated 11.11.2021 ) The main 3 were / are Germany, Japan, Italy. 

Hungary, Romania, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Thailand. Japan was also at war with China and had invaded it in 1937

Neutral nations in WW2.  Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Iceland, Ireland, Portugal and all colonies. Spain and all colonies. Sweden. Switzerland (as in WW1) Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Afghanistan, Iran, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, Tibet (invaded eventually by an ally i.e. China)  Turkey, Yemen, Nicaragua, and finally the USA until the Pearl harbour attack on December 7th 1941 by Japan. Egypt was under the control of the UK since 1882, (but with resistance  from the Sudan) but which declared war on the Axis powers in March 1945 a few months before the war ended in August 1945

Nations joining after the Pearl harbour attack on Dec 7th 1941. USA, but which bolstered all the other allies in action.

Vatican City (separate from the 'Vatican' as in 1929 Mussolini re-instated the Holy Roman Empire on 11.02.1929. Vatican City was formed as a private Corporation like the District of Columbia (DC) and the City of London, the latter is unincorporated. (See above in the first section of this website) Called the Lateran treaty the new Holy Roman Empire, was to last only until June 3rd 1985 for Vatican City inc, and it was formed on 11.02.1929. The Wall street crash occurred on October 29, 1929 and known as, "Black Tuesday" on Wall Street. There had also been a stock exchange crash in London in September 1929. The Wall Street crash had an earlier scare on March 25th 1929Investors were in a bind. " Buying on margin lets investors buy more stock with less money, but it’s inherently risky since the broker can issue a margin call at any time to collect on the loan. And if the share price has gone down, the investor will have to pay back the full loan balance plus some change. One of the reasons Congress created the Federal Reserve in 1913 was to stem this kind of credit-fueled market speculation"?  ) 

Unam Sanctam & the Iranian Talmud. After Napoleon (who advocated for the New Jerusalem and a new Jewish state in 1799 ) had reduced Rome to a shell of its former self. 1. Papal States pdf & the Holy Roman Empire in 1815 "The Papal States, which had been seized in the course of Italy's wars of unification (1859-1870). Between 1870 and 1917, the Vatican sought to regain its former statehood by centralizing its government structure and growing a modern, efficient, bureaucracy. 

Though these reforms failed to restore the Papal States, but they did lead to the emergence of a cadre of Vatican functionaries trained in civil and Canon law that developed a new mode of diplomacy eschewing the previous focus on reconstituting the Papal States" Its new adherence to a form of Canon law known as 'Uniform Commercial Code' which although they are separate strands of law  extending back to the beginnings of Rome and the 'Venetians' (similar to 'Phoenicians' & see the first section of this website above. (These are 2 of the 3 strands of legal but not LAWFUL 'law') The 3rd strand is Talmudic law and not just the Babylonian Talmud of Judaism but the Iranian Talmud. Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the map. (i.e UCC + Canon law + talmud law) The Vatican would say that during the long history of what we term UCC or canon law is the declaration of Pope Boniface in 1302 called 'Unam Sanctam' which as King of the World claiming control over the whole planet, until Henry the  8th who claimed that right as his, but which moved into illegal 'legalese' after the fire of London in 1666 with "C'est Tui Cie Vie 1666" (see post in the first half of this website above dated 21.10.2021 and point 5 )  Rome moved to its new disguised spiritual or theological system with ambitions for commerce and fresh wealth (anti communist but UCC / Canon law is also against a Sovereign notion of a human being as flesh and blood) Germany began to introduce new laws on socialised medicine around this time as UCC law was being codified. (see last post above dated 11.11.2021) The State and Rome would merge, with the Vatican city, including the Vatican as a separate place of commerce in canon law which acts like oral law or case law with new precedents overriding all other religious or spiritual writings including the Bible and Torah towards a new syncretic new age of homogenized beliefs. 

This new papal state began to take shape in 1920, although Pope Benedict the 15th was excluded from the Paris peace treaty in 1919.

The New World Order is a term people say but do not see. Focusing on order they do not see that the 'New World' was America from around 1600 ad and the Old World is Europe (the 'ancien regime') The New World can be explained as one big idea of it by Francis Bacon (aka Shakespeare)  in his 'New Atlantis'  published in 1627 (the old Atlantis having disappeared in a Global catastrophicdeluge, as is evident from all the vast underwater cities all over the world. See the adjacent website towards the end and chapter 4 for various details) 

Today the New World order was redefined in Operation desert storm Gulf war in 1991, by George Bush snr and here by Henry Kissinger brings it up to date in spring 2019.(prior to corona 2020 - 2025 / 6 )  Obama / Barry Soetoro  gave a New World Order speech in Berlin and in Cairo. Trump it is cited removed the NWO in April 2018  but then also 1 year later in July 2019 it is on again with some differences but still NWO. The USA is also looking to break free of the 2 party state (as 1 party) and reclaim its Sovereignty. Brexit also reshaped the NWO, but has faced massive opposition from the Pope and the EU, but it is prevailing in its Sovereignty (extending back to Brehon law, King Alfreds deemings and the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta or barons means for Freemen, the 'Commons' does not mean Freemen yet)  It took the people of Iceland 10 years to get free, after they preserved their financial  autonomy from the financial crash of 2007/2008. Now many EU countries who are all free SOVEREIGN nations if they wish can also and take their freedom. As Francis Bacon once wrote. ‘All was lost, But that the heavens fought.’ (Cymbeline act 5) Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands also called for a New World Order 

WW2 total number of those absent without leave unknown but over a million 

Total deaths of the British and Germans in WW2 was  were 384,000 military killed in combat, but a higher civilian death toll (70,000, as opposed to 2,000 in WWI) In Germany the total dead was 5 million 533,000 military and 8 million 800, 000 civilians.

Total military serving around the world in WW2. At the beginning of the war it is estimated that between 80 and 100 million active serving military from all armies were in the war. By 1945 and the war's end (although operation northwood was to follow and the USA attacked the USSR in 1950 see below and other wars began continuing to this day) it is estimated that 300 million active serving military were operational in WW2 globally. Not all the military were in combat. The world's population in 1945 - 1950 was 2.5 billion.   


Weapons of World War 2 (& today) 

As we have seen the biggest weapon was the Atom bomb which has now been surpassed  (top of this post) Most of the WW2 weaponry was similar to the WW1 weapons but more efficient and far ranging in  scope and power. However here are a list of the weapons that were decisive and updated in World War 2  Note the bazooka and Thompson machine gun (the maxim was still employed also) A great weapon was the flying / arial capability of bombing from the clouds. 650, 000 tons of bombs were dropped on Germany in World war 2  

However this underestimation is corrected here (although it represents all campaigns not just in Germany. "World War II witnessed the first full application of strategic airpower in war. Allied air forces dropped nearly 2.7 million tons of bombs, flew 1,440,000 bomber sorties and 2,680,000 fighter sorties. The number of men lost in air action was 79,265 Americans and 79,281 British. More than 18,000 American and 22,000 British planes were lost or damaged beyond repair. Bombing raids on Germany destroyed 3,600,000 dwellings; approximately 20 percent of the total number of buildings in that country were destroyed or heavily damaged. Survey estimates showed some 300,000 German civilians killed and 780,000 wounded. The number made homeless reached 7,500,000.1 Allied bombing reduced the principal German cities largely to hollow walls and piles of rubble"

Parachutes were a new way of moving troops into position thanks to the advances in aviation thought impossible only 80 years before 

The Blitz on London from September 1940 to May 1941 and the V1 flying bomb and V2 rocket attacks in 1944 caused a massive amount of damage. It is estimated that  more than 12,000 metric tons of bombs were dropped on London and nearly 30,000 civilians were killed by enemy action. Germany had developed new Jet rockets to carry bombs The V1 and V2 rockets (also known as Doodlebugs) were faster and could penetrate defences without the need for a plane. They were the missiles of yesteryear.pointing the way to a future type of warfare. The Germans had also developed circular hovering planes, and the early prototype of the stealth bomber (the flying wing also employed for drones) Today we see modern 'Harrier jump jets' taking off vertically and hovering. but if they were round craft with little windows ? people would be filming on their phones saying is it proof of aliens.? The Germans had this technology in 1939 - 1941 and today

The circular hovering planes and its technology was taken to the USA when the German high command were smuggled into the USA in WW2 for and in operation paperclip  (1945 - 1959) and the Manhattan project.  on testing the first atom bomb before Hiroshima / Nagasaki Dr J Robert Oppenheimer (co - inventor of the Atom bomb) and quoting Vishnu the Bhagavad Gita said "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." - YouTube    on testing the first atom bomb before Hiroshima - Nagasaki  (Vishnu or Krishna in dialogue with Arjuna and who fought with Shiva the destroyer of Worlds, also pictured here at CERN in Switzerland .Wernher Von Braun  Wernher Von Braun went on to work for NASA  CERN is home to the large hadron collider (but what  is this weapon ?) CERN works closely with NASA  (with its 6 6 6 logo) Fibre optics combined with AI / AGI (see last post above) meants the SERCO Skynet will have unlimited power to monitor the earth and the 7.5 billion inhabitants, utilizing camera optics which can zoom in and read your watch from near space (under the  van allen belt in distance) 

Other military developments are nano-technology weapons and small AI / AGI driven drone bots in miniature (Slaughterbots (Drone) Bots against humans & Solar Robo Bees & The CIA Dragonfly Drone not a hoax, but which exist as a weapon of war now see British Army unveils bug-like drones which can withstand 40mph winds & also in China US Big Panic: China tests swarm of ‘suicide drones’ launched from a truck and helicopters

All of this is without the US 200 bio - weapon labs worldwide. Even Tubal Cain could not have imagined the possibilities for the future Tribe of Dan.

Whether it is large explosive capability for mass destruction of billions or micro weapons, WW1 and WW2 have pushed technological innovation ( 'necessity' is the mother of all invention) producing the weapons we have today. 


World War also saw the development of amphibious vehicles and as famously employed in the World War 2 D - DAY landings by the allies in France and wider see 

'Saving Private Ryan Beach Landing Scene | HD Beach Scene'    and no 2  'Saving Private Ryan Beach Landing Scene 2 | Best Beach Scene'   and a Veteran of those landing  recalls the landings RAW: WWII veteran recalls storming Omaha Beach on D-Day

The question is why were the allies put through this assault on D - DAY ? on January 6th 1944 (the Normandy landings) Dresden in Germany only 12 months later had been bombed so  efficiently that  the raging fires caused people to melt in the extreme heat,) Therefore the beeches of Normandy could have received the same treatment and have been cleared for the amphibious landings ? Still with an element of surprise these Normandy fortifications could have been blown away minutes before the amphibious landings. The reality is this war (the landings in Normandy) was fought by Degrees. 

Where eagles Dare ( full film below and a novel) The other major weapon in WW2 (or in any war ) was stealth  and deception. A most famous example of this being revealed was in the film "Where Eagles dare" a film made out of  the Novel by Alistair MacLean finished in 1966/1967. Alistair Mclean was in the Royal Navy and took part in the D - Day landings. The film differs from the Novel and the major difference was the RAF Lancaster in the Novel was changed into a Luftwaffe Junkers 52 German plane for the journeys there and back again. The film was made in 1968 and Maclean who was also special forces, died in 1987, therefore MacLean was aware of the film changes from the Novel and also aware that the pilot in the film was actually Ian Fleming the writer of the James Bond novels so both blend truth and fiction but as truth in reality. 

It  is mused by John Cleese (who is suffering from concussion and is not his normal self ) that Germany invaded Poland beginning WW2 ( 5. as a longer version MP4 File of John Cleese in Fawlty Towers ) there is censorship against this sitcom clip from being shown, (in theory ) ?  Stalin also invaded Poland 16 days later. Consider also Hermann Goring's brother Albert (Hermann who helped co - author Mein Kampf with Adolf Hitler)  is to be honoured for his role in helping Jews escape Nazi Germany and his some in his family have converted to Judaism  Some (assimilated in the 1930's) assimilated Jews in WW2 were appointed by Hitler to the German army. .(Some were also brought into the Waffen SS, the Schutzstaffel  image.png with the SigRune or Sun Rune)

Consider also a testimony by a son (Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger ) whose father was in the German army 'A Nazi's Son Serves In the Israeli Army!'  and which now serves in the IDF Israeli armyexplaining his background growing up after WW2.

It is not just in western Europe that stealth and deception existed but also in eastern Europe.  Whilst Russia was an ally of the allies in WW2, Hitler and Stalin had also made a pact signed on August 23rd 1919. called the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact  of non aggression between the Communists and Nazis. John Cleese jokes that Germany started WW2 as they invaded Poland on 1.9.1939 but then also so did Russia under Stalin 16 days later on 17.09.1939. They  divided territory in Poland along the Curzon line. Dr Bernd Wollschaelger refers to the 1972 Munich Olympics when the left wing Baader Meinhof red hand faction (or see here also on the red hand faction) killed Israeli Olympians. The Baader  Meinhof Complex and why they arose to almost take over Germany was recently told in the 2008  film "The Baader Meinhof Complex"    (or here as a documentary  or as the full film here  but not in English ) As in WWI which led to WW2 and WW2 led to the Baader Meinhof. Further to Dr Bernd Wollschlaeger testimony on the Holocaust, Rabbis speak on it and surrounding issues.  (the Holocaust of 6 million Jews also includes all those who died in WW2) Adolf Hitler also made a transfer agreement called the Haavara agreement,  The transfer agreement — The Haavara Agreement was an agreement between Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933, allowing Jews to return to Judea samaria (canaan's land) but which has already been in motion under the Messianic Germans especially  into Haifa a German port and town since the 1860's. (In 2021 a Rabbi from Israel joins the German army as the German army's Chief Rabbi)

Prime minister tells World Zionist Congress that Hitler only wanted to expel the Jews, but Jerusalem's Grand Mufti convinced him to exterminate them, a claim that was rejected by most accepted Holocaust scholars. The race for oil (vital in the North African campaigns ) as in the Berlin to Baghdad railway problem and the Suez canal problem and by Morocco controlling some aspects  of the mediterranean, meant Turkey with a motive for the loss of the Ottoman empire and Jerusalem in WW1, became very influential in Germany Instead from 1941 onwards. (Kaiser Wilhelm began the railway in 1903) The Armenian genocide was covered up by Turkey in WW1  (1915 - 1923) for decades and continuing. There are aspects of the Shoah which to this day have not been said

Today Israelis are speaking out on the Corona situation. 1  How Israeli Ministry of Health deleted thousands of testimonies Avi Barak Media (& other stories)  & then no 2  Israel fears new Holocaust Shai Dannon & David Icke ( Vaccinations & the Left - Right paradigm) and later no 3 Israels Deaths & Injuries from the " Vaccination(s) " The testimonies project (The Strong Delusion)  following an exposure on live Israel TV   in August 2021. Areas with the highest vaccination uptake have the most hospital injuries or covid deaths, and the double vaccinated can still catch Covid at home with other double vaccinated ?   (see all in last post above dated 11.11.2021 ) &   The new injections called 'gene therapy' it is really changing your RNA / DNA 4.   CEO of Big Pharma Bayer "mRNA vaccines are an example of cellular gene therapy"  (this is Transhumanism as a religion / 'apotheosis') 

When the Titans wanted equality with the gds, Prometheus did not ask as he was already higher than the gds (Humans were / are made higher than the Angels that is Torah for any human) 6. All connected dna / rna discussions within the description Israel & Kann News, a prediction now coming true ? deaths and injuries from the m RNA injections  & then also



The 'Cold' War   

Russia after the war became the new Hitler and were then considered enemies of the West in the Cold War. Stalin suddenly turned away from the current (then in 1945)  version of the New World Order. When Germany surrendered (although many suspect that this was also a deception) in May 1945, Russia had become the new enemy by 1947 into 1948. China and Russia had gulags and slave camps and as mentioned in the last  post bove dated 11.11.2021. Germans were interned in death camps by 1945 see Eisenhower's Rhine land death camps Yet they were now (due to nuclear secrets escaping) in a Nuclear stalemate under the M.A.D. doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction.  Prior to these events Nuclear weapons only existed in the USA (how did Nuclear weapons spread really ?) with the first explosion tested by Oppenheimer on July 16th 1945. Yet in less than 2 years 'MAD' or mutually assured destruction was a reality ? Major Jordan Lacey explains what really occurred with the spreading of Nuclear proliferation from the USA. (Video 28) From Major Jordan's Diaries (Major George Racey Jordan)  who said he had shipped on official orders materials to the Soviet Union throughout WW2. Sometime during the new period when the Soviets were the new enemy or even before it was paramount that the Soviets do not get the Atom bomb. 

Reports that Uranium had been stolen by Russian spies hit the US newsstands and a panic ensued (as Major Jordan explains)  but since he had been shipping Uranium to Russia officially then he naturally wondered what the fuss was all about. Here is some of the background on the fuss, espionage and stealth / deception during and after WW2 in relation to the massive Soviet spy network within the USA (who were now joined by the former German Nazis in Operation paperclip) .Two people at the centre of the Nuclear weapons design controversy was Ethel and Julius Rosenberg ( Ethel and Ethel's brother David were communists and they worked for the Soviets as spies. They were hung for treason ) Were they all spies or were they simply couriers ? Major Jordan Racey is pictured here  6. Major Jordan Racey USA being promoted by Soviet Colonel Kotikov his book of his dairies is here and it is full of pictures of him meeting with the Soviets during the WW2 'lend lease' program which supplied food, oil and materials to Britain and France and later the Soviets officially, but not weapons grade URANIUM His book is available also  in pdf form here as a photocopied copy

Within this the full story of the Enigma machine and Alan Turing's deciphering has not been fully explained to this day.

The smuggling of Uranium to Russia also occurred in 2014 / 2015 under Biden, Clinton and Obama from the USA via a Canadian company known as the 'Uranium one deal'.  This alternative Russia scandal was never a part of the 2016 - 2019 Russia scandal prosecuted by  Robert Meuller Knight of Malta  and Nancy Pelosi after her meetings with the Russians.Should she be impeached ? for more details on this see the adjacent website and chapter 5 on specifically North Korea (scroll down from the top and  the entire Russia is within in navy text half through the North Korea blog, as 2 stories in 1 ) 

Major Jordan's diaries are of course in line with the findings of Anthony Sutton by whose books here detail how Wall Street funded the Nazis, the Bolsheviks and continued to fund Soviet technological expansion since WW1 (as also detailed in the post above on WW1 dated 11.1.2021 under central banking) The Federal reserve central bank then empowered Wall Street to fund the Russian Revolution and World War 1 and 2 see Anthony Suttons  "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution"   and / or "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" and once more "Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1930 to 1945"     which shows that Communism and / or Socialism would not exist in the east without western finance. An interview with Anthony Sutton was made in 1980

Russia probe USA 2016 - 2019 Was there Russian collusion with Trump or was Trump the only one not to collude with the Russians ? or has everyone and Trump and all in Washington. As well as the testimony by Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger the son of a Nazi, there are also many Russians in Israel today. Are any of them Russian intelligence or members of the GRU ( Главное разведывательное управление the main intelligence directorate or just main directorate) which has surpassed and outlasted the KGB and which began in 1810. They were accused of the 2018 Salisbury plain nerve agent in the UK Remember the Russia probe seemed to be selective on Russian collusion, but all too empowering to overwhelm the media and people's senses for 3 entire years. it was a Psyop (Psychological operation) itself.

Russians and Germans in Israel, do they believe in God.? Karl Marx claimed he did not, and as a German for Russia he helped ferment the Russian revolution, with Lenin who was accused of being a German agent The Kaiser (Wilhelm ) also funded the Russian revolution in WW1 Lenin planned to take some of this money (he said) and use the funds from Wall Street and turn it around to fund a Communist revolution in Germany.(he claimed when accused of using Capitalist money to fund the October (1917) Russian revolution.) Lenin certainly ordered the killings of the Russian Royal family who are related to the British Royal family and wider, how was Kaiser Wilhelm involved with Lenin and the Royal family killings. The allies would end up defending Moscow from the USA in 1950 ? see below for details.

The Man who never was (but who helped fight the war ) Consider also the true story of 'The Man who never was'. Dead, but dropped by submarine into the sea off the Spanish coast with supposedly top secret information of the plans of the future allied invasion of Europe. Attached to him was a briefcase with the fake plans. His body was returned sometime later with the briefcase which had been tampered with but was still closed. The plans were actually real in small details but a double bluff to fool the axis. also made into a film (full film here The Man Who Never Was - 1956 ) In many ways every person who is not Sovereign is a "person who never was" or "dead in the water" in legalese. The double bluff which turned out to be true was employed in the idea of  the film Where Eagles dare below.


Where Eagles Dare film 

Here is the film 'Where eagles Dare 1968 Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton' a work of fiction ? ( or here again once more) and here is the novel Where Eagles Dare Here are Richard Burton (member of the Druids, Ovates and Bards see last post above dated 1.11.2021) and Clint Eastwood 3. in this JPG image here or here again once more 4 in a still from the film. In the film Burton asks the German high command to validate his German identity via the Italian high command in Italy. It is confirmed and Burton is confirmed as who he says he is, later explaining to the German high command that the Italian field marshall believes him to be a double agent. Yet he was not a double agent but simply someone who was helping direct the Theatre of War. Flying into Germany in a German Juncker or a RAF Lancaster dressed as Nazi soldiers in order to obtain information from British agents in Germany who were working for the Germans in Germany and Britain (or Italy) was complex. People ask who won WW2 was it Deutschland or Deutschland ? 


The background to WW2 (contd') 

As in WW1, behind President Woodrow Wilson was Colonel Edward House (see the last post above dated 11.11.201) he was really running the Whitehouse and WW1 from the US perspective. House was controlled by Wall Street and Paul Warburg co - creator of the US Federal Reserve Bank and Germanic but who did warn publically of economic collapse in the Wall street crash in March 1929, 6 to 7 months before it occurred. 

In WW2 behind FDR or President Franklin Delano Roosevelt  (anti - religious in tone) who suggested that Stalin be called "Uncle Joe" Roosevelt brought the New Deal in a 1933 "great reset" (and to undermine the US constitution and bill of rights and Sovereign inalienable rights) which pales in comparison to the current new deal (social credit and UBI) of the new world order and transhumanism, which of course mocks Christianity and islam and Judaism or any faith. Roosevelt ran for President as neutral in WW2 but after operation Barbarossa (22. June 1941) especially when the Germans drove back Trotsky's Bolsheviks (Trotsky had built up a massive army for Stalin but Stalin killed him on August 21st 1940) from taking over all of Europe, Japan attacked Pearl Harbour  on December 7th 1941. Roosevelt knew of the attack in advance and helped to change public opinion bringing the US into the war and as warned by the Australian military.

Cop 26 / Covid = new NWO. Today we are seeing the 'New World Order' (first outlined in 1919 in the modern era, but which secretly wants to crush all religions into a collectivist homogenised state) and again in 1928 as a different version H.G. Wells wrote about the New World Order in 1939 Nelson Rockefeller also called for it and then Pope Paul the XI 6th. Henry Kissinger, George Bush, & the illumination of a 1000 points of light, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Obama as mentioned in Egypt.  Donald Trump (with differences ) It is the NWO versus the 'New Age' the new age of collectivism and homogenised spiritual belief (syncratic) They will eventually merge into one as they have the same roots. As the Cop 26 displayed the biggest lobby attending was the Big Oil lobby, and via climate change, 'zero carbon' ideas were simply a way of bringing in the digital currency globally but tied to you as carbon zero in the Internet of Things and Internet of 'Bodies' (see last post above dated 11.11.2021 on AI / AGI & the 5th industrial revolution headings or here again  "Internet of Things" ( IOT ) and the "Internet of Bodies" (IOB) and the removal of all private property asper the communist  manifesto, CO2 is good for plants and the earth it is not a noxious gas or harmful gas. Earlier in the year The Federal Reserve bank announced it will bring in the Digital dollar, as did the EU  ECB with a digital Euro and also the Bank of England on the 11.11.2021 with a digital currency central bank.(CBDC) This is the route  China went in and it has tested a Digital central bank for its 'Woke' social credit slavery system. You can still use cash but phasing it out into a totalitarian UBI or universal basic Income.  Amazon cashless stores with no human cashiers or even security (scanned hand chips or tattoos as Sweden has now) are the model the central banks want ? Bitcoin or the digital dollar is controlled by the internet owners (a private non decentaised NGO) so bitcoin and a digital currency are simply the same. Bitcoin mining and digital currencies use more energies than entire cities. It is nothing to do with helping Mother Earth but a scam to further impoverish the poor and remove land from the people. This is what the great leap forward achieved in China. China appeared by Video link at COP26, yet they were not informed that the western powers intended to blockade coal from China to help save the earth ? (China has killed more of its citizens than any other nation, would it develop or co-develop a sars virus ? and watch as western industry shuts itself down on a deception called green politics ) 

This is connected to 'WW3' which began in 1946 after the pause of WW2 ending. 


The Supreme Council directed the events of WW2. Through Alexander Kerensky in WW1, by the Red Terror which brought a reaction against Communism into WW2. India however rose in rebellion and they became independent in 1947. Today the Council of Foreign Relations (i.e.the RIIA) and the Tri - lateral commission is preparing the NWO. Relations, affairs and foreign offices, it is very romantic around the Round Table. 

The Dutch East India company (which grew out of the United East India company) exported India's goods on behalf of the Crown all over the world and it soon became a nation unto itself within the City of London. It became the East India office in Westminster (Foreign Office and then Foreign office and commonwealth office) after India's independence. Today the company has been sought by a native of India  hoping once again after especially Brexit the East India company can trade into the wider Offshore banking world. In 2020 the UK Intellectual property office rejected an application for it to become the original company with coat of arms and merchants mark. In 1917 to 1939 (made difficult as the Bolsheviks had received funds from Wall Street ) a secret war against the Soviets by Britain was beginning only to subside as the years continued into WW2, and like many nations Britain was almost bankrupt after WW1 and WW2. 

By 1933 when also the USA was brought to its knees in bankruptcy after the 1929 wall street crash and the Vatican became a private corporation (1929) Hitler signed a pact with Cardinal Pacelli in July 1933 who later became Pope Pius XII (12th) With Russia once again threatening to invade Poland, but bringing a new Vatican incorporated canon law into the world and into Germany was also an aim of the Pope. To bring in canon law mixed with UCC aka the LAW OF THE SEA onto land. Many Jews had become converts to catholicism and even became Priests or higher within the Vatican at this time.Some assimilated Jews were appointed by Hitler to the German army. In 2021 (to repeat from above)  a Jewish Rabbi joined the German army. Many Jews and hundreds of Thousands of Catholics then joined the Nazi party against Communism. This was the new Reich as The Holy Roman Empire with its Capital in Nuremberg, but which secretly worshipped Dagon the fish God as the next possible Osiris of Egypt at the higher levels. (see the adjacent website and chapter 5

Naturally  the Nimrods could not inform the ordinary members that Dagon (who was beheaded by the Angel of the Lord around the ark of the covenant see 1 Samuel 5, 2) would secretly lead them to once again worship the Sun and not Yeshua ben David, let alone inform of the Black Sun belief. They rejected on a large part the talmud (Iranian or Jewish) as an invention of oral tradition in its early stages and later as only a commentary on scripture. It was however eventually incorporated in canon law / ucc as the law of the sea. They also rejected another version of history in the New World or as the New World Order see The Secret Destiny of America & The New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon Rose Cross Rosicrucians but have tried to merge the USA and the EU since 1945 - 1991/2 when the EU became the new USSR or ESSR along other beliefs and origins. Martin Luther and the Protestant revolution said of course that Man and Woman can approach God directly without the Pope or the Dagon Sun King emperor, or both in one ) The vast majority on the lower levels were Christian, led by Wolves in sheeps clothing. The Popes had been excluded from the League of Nations forerunner of the UN. Many around  the world ( a world which had changed in 4 short years) saw the beginnings of a  new war. By 1939 the USA ( the USA unofficially ) France and Britain had formed a tri-part alliance against Hitler, and it took until 1941 until Hitler declared war also on the USA.

Francis Bacon founded M15. (with John Dee) later M16 and in WW2 the OSS (office of strategic services under General William Donovan. The OSS was formed as an agency of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to coordinate espionage activities behind enemy lines for all branches of the United States Armed Forces) The OSS became the CIA. 

Much of the build up to World War 2 from a German perspective is given in the White Book  (including what happened to the non - aggression pact with Stalin) Why did a Polish / German war break out within Poland before September 1939. Poland had been occupied by the Bolshievieks but removed them in WW1. They also had conflict with the Ukraine in WW1 (under Lenin at the time) To the Polish Bolshevism or Nazism was the same thing. They had also been promised a blank cheque by FDR (Roosevelt) to side  with the Allies, but Lenin and then Stalin (FDR knew Stalin as 'Uncle Joe') knew in any case that Poland would have to be defeated in order to remake the whole of Europe whoever was in charge. 

USA attacked the USSR in 1950. By 1953 Stalin was dead, but the UK defended Russia in Moscow against an attack by the USA on its naval bases in 1950, which destroyed tens of aircraft and cost millions in infrastructure destruction. Stalin backed away from the NWO, but looted documents in the Soveit archives from Nazi Germany changed his mind, what were they ? The Iron curtain was drawn in 1945 until the end of the Cold War in 1991, it extended from Finland to Greece The US flooded Germany and Europe with US dollars extending the Dawes and Young plans and the New Deal of FDR to become the Marshall plan for reconstruction and which is being revived today as the New Marshall plan (SDR special drawing rights, Bretton woods 'Bancor' currently trying to merge with China, UK, EU, Japan as a one world currency in digital form. The original Bretton Woods wanted a Gold backed currency not an invisible social credit digital or bitcoin which was invented by the CIA) China wants to run the NWO, up and above the USA whether they are Leninist or Neo Trotskyites in the US government, the Maoists in China want to run the NWO currency having spent decades perfecting propaganda and social control and perception management in the extreme in North Korea, for use on the Chinese and then the wider world. It sees itself as above the NWO ) 


Battles of WW2 and films, books and documentaries relating the details or versions of events of WW2

A chronological list of battles of WW2   (or a list here for convenience ) WW2 has 10's of thousands of films and books on its events 

Notable battles of WW2 included the Battle of Britain in the air. Others are the battle of Stalingrad / Volgograd (as it was known prior to 1925) It was said that poison gas was used in the battle. In North Africa the battles of Rommel and Montgomery were intense.

Films showing these battles are here Battle of Britain documentary  or the 1969 film The Battle of Britain . 

The Longest Day film The Longest Day (1962 Film)   & also  Letters from Iwo Jima - Trailer 

Enemy at the Gates r.e. the battle of Stalingrad (aka Volgograd ) whilst you may not agree with everything the film certainly shows the full scope of the terrible battle

Enemy at the Gates (2001) Official Trailer   in contrast Finland held back the  entire Soviet army  'Fire and Ice - The Winter War of Finland and Russia'   (or documentary here again )  on here Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia 

General George Patton. A film and novel about the alleged assassination of General George Patton, based on the novel "the algonquin project" which suggests Patton was killed in Germany, and it was covered up. Patton wanted to continue the war into the Soviet Union claiming the USA had fought the wrong  enemy (the USA did attack the Soviet Union in 1950 see a few paragraphs above) The trailer for Brass target is here Brass Target    ( or here also )  General Patton also believed he had fought many wars throughout history. Re-incarnation does not exist, but it does not mean that General Patton was wrong (he did not believe in reincarnation but the poem by General Patton is here ) The last clip is also taken from the excellent film, entitled Patton. ( or full film here also  Patton 1972  ) 

'Hellstorm'  by Thomas Goodrich (book) 

The North African campaign of Rommel and Montgomery are described  and also The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951)

Laurence of Arabia towards the capture and beginnings of Israel as a nation (trailer) or full film here Lawrence of Arabia | UK 1962 David Lean

A short history of the North African campaign is given here   and with maps here extending to Egypt and Israel  A film which gives the background to the military campaign to re-capture of Israel is here The Exodus Exodus (1960) with Paul Newman on the Birth of a Nation Israel 1948   with Paul Newman ) & Birth of a nation documentary Israel Birth of a Nation Documentary   and a reconstruction of    First Arab - Israeli War 1948 - Cold War Documentary a 3D reconstruction   

Today the 1967 borders are expected once more Israelis are asked where should the borders of Israel be ? (1967 ?)


Eventually the New World Order would have its President in the  Whitehouse with George Bush and now the Pope who would serve them and the UN via the Jesuits. As is the situation today i.e an Anti - Pope and Marxist Bergoglio,  under the fish hat to dethrone the Popes and continue the Vatican corporation and Vatican bank. Of course Vatican inc are a separate entity from the practitioners of Catholicism or the church, making up ever absurd theology as it proceeds (a New World Order, UN communist, collectivist, commutarian, 4th industrial revolution, great reset where yu can inject baby dna and chemicals into your children even if you are pro-life etc. You can as a man marry a man, but Priests cannot marry ? and so on ) The NWO as envisaged by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin who worked directly for Adam Weishaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati (the New Atlantis) who came to prominence with the assistance of the Sufi Turks from the Sabbatean Frankists, and were not of the Ancient Regime in Britain or Europe. Hence they do not want any other faith including Islam (the Shriner Fez is for show only) or Judaism or Christianity. It has a new Faith and worship and it will merge with the 'new age'; but they do not regard all gods as one and the same, as just different characteristics of the one with different names and interpretations throughout history, that is for the sheeple to merge together. 


International Court of common law of the people is higher than Vatican civil canon law

Since 1929 (and the  Vatican privatisation) Roman Catholics still believe that they are living in Bing Crosby's (1944) "Going my Way" film / scenario.

see Sarah Westall International Court Issues Indictment Against Pope Francis, mRNA Death Surge Begins w/ Kevin Annett

or here also as for the same podcast and a online blog record of events    or here again once more   or also available on Twitter  and also Kevin Annetts book  "unrelenting" on how they toppled Pope Benedict     (and also the wider scandals r.e. Vatican bank and the cash flow which is occuring in every parish globally) 

In 2013 Pope Benedict  ( Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger XVI )  was forced out of the Holy Roman Vatican office on 28.02.2013 by the International Common Law court (Kevin Annet ) set up to prosecute crimes against humanity and children. Pope Benedict also lives in the Vatican where he has diplomatic immunity, or as others state he is still hiding out in the Vatican. This Autumn Pope Francis ( Jorge Mario Bergoglio ) was also named, (01.11.2021 and an arrest warrant issued) and also for crimes in Argentina (in the 'dirty war' ) before he was Pope (up to 30,000 people died) and for trafficking and covering up paedophilia and crimes against Children. The revelations of mass graves in Canada's indigenous people carried out by the Catholic Church   (Kevin Annet "Murder by decree" )

The IICSA Independent Child Sexual Abuse report into the Anglican Church (towards the end of 2020 into a final report into 2022) with the 'Vatileaks' scandal also connected 

The trafficking agreement between Pope Francis and Syria (Bashar Hafez al-Assad) to bomb and then traffic Syrians into the West has already been exposed. An MP4 file from an Ex Green beret, NSA and ex- Jesuit     “Refugee Program Exposed Vatican”    (Truly Shocking and the vast trafficking sex slave/charity refugee scam and the billions made from them) Also pushed by the United Nations.) In WW2 "rat lines" were established helping victims escape persecution including many Jews through the Vatican system. What we are not told is that from 1929, these were trafficking lines which continue to this day. (the world sfatest growing business = slavery trafficking especially in the great reset see the adajcent website and chapter 6  of a few resets in history) 

Kevin Annett explains that 'an apology' in the law of the sea / canon law 'legalese', is a legal term which means "we did nothing, we are not sorry and are not liable"  And shows also that the m RNA vaccine rollout is connected to the Vatican.  Following the Popes unconcern for vaccinating people with aborted fetal tissue / dna, Archbishop Carlo Vigano contradicted the Pope see "We Are At War, A War That Is Not Openly Declared" Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

For more information see the adjacent website and Chapter 5 and 6 (and also the 3 posts on Brexit in Chapter 3b dated 8.10.2021, 23.09.2021 & 28.08.2021) 


WW2 & V.E. Day Victory in Europe day 8.5.1945

is exactly what it says in the heading. Huge Global celebrations followed and also in the USA  and wider 



Operation Highjump, ( reached the South Pole on 1st - December 12th 1946) New Schwaben land (Neuschwabenland)  in Antarctica 

Antarctica today is governed by a Treaty with 64 countries signing this treaty ? yet only 29 countries are represented physically with bases, and many lie quiet for most of the year. The treaty is not just about preventing invasions into it (see further on) There can be no military use in Antarctica. The treaty was signed in Washington in 1959 - 1961 with operation paperclip lasting from 1945 to 1959. The secretariat for the Antarctic treaty is in Buenos Aires, Argentina  

It has not been breached at any time in 60 years, it has no settled human population and no weapons of war are allowed as an agreement even during the Cold war. The situation caused the President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, (who would warn about the emerging Military Industrial complex and new emerging technology, see subheading on the 11972 fuel / petro dollar crisis below) to convene an Antarctic Conference to the twelve countries active in Antarctica during the International Geophysical Year, to sign a treaty ? so soon after WW2

The allies 18 months after V.E. Day (the end of WW2 officially) were spooked by papers they discovered in Berlin. Since the capture of Berlin and since the Reichstag was captured,signalling the military defeat of Nazi Germany on April 30, 1945 were concerned about a situation in Antarctica. Not all papers the Nazis had were destroyed and Adolf Hitler faked his own death on the 30.04.1945

Adolf Hitler travelled to Galicia in Spain (other theories say he flew to Barcelona in Spain) A submarine (and see the post above dated 11.11.2021 on Submarines and Shipping) was discovered off the coast of spain showing this route was used by the Nazi's  The idea that Hitler  lived on was actually raised by Stalin in 1945 and Soviet doctors who knew he had escaped. Next from Spain he went to Argentina. Argentina is  nearer the Antarctic than the North Pole. Swabia is in South Germany 

A Documentary on this topic is here (2014 Movie - Documentary) Grey Wolf - The Escape of Adolf Hitler  or here again once more (a Grey Wolf - The Escape of Adolf Hitler )  or on Youtube grey wolf : the escape of adolf hitler - full action movie in english 

A book on this subject of the same name is here   It is hard to believe for most people. Operation Highjump as a military operation after V.E. day had begun in August 1946 & and ended in late February 1947. Task Force 68 included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft so it was very large and many of the ships were battleships ? This occured after V.E day and near Japan's surrender on September 2nd 1946 (the task force was safe for 2 months before going into more dangerous waters) and of course Japan was mainly operating in the Pacific. A follow up task force occurred in 1947 - 1948 and a small base was established by the USA. Private expeditions have also occurred and are occurring to this day. Admiral Richard E Byrd (in his 1993 expedition but who was on operation highjump) later in 1946 and associates made many private expeditions (Admiral Byrd also went in 1928) It is also possible for German submarines to have reached Antarctica by 1910 and certainly by 1945, meaning that 'newswabianland' could have been established as a German base by 1910 or earlier by ship in the 1800's secretly. The territory of New Swabia is in dispute with Norway as Norway was also occupied by Germany in WW2. The Germans did not name it new Rhineland or new German land but new Swabian land bordering Switzerland.

The USA bases in 1958 (and before from 1947) are located here   towards the South of Antarctica. New swabia is here on the northern side of Antarctica  The US bases a safe distance away. New Swabian land is very close to the southern tip of South America and Argentina 

In 1959 the USA signed an Antarctica treaty only 13 years after WW2. coming into force in 23 June 1961 the feast of midsummer and St John's eve, and also    "The Antarctic Treaty was signed in Washington on 1 December 1959 by the twelve countries whose scientists had been active in and around Antarctica" The secretariat is in Argentina . Today the treaty looks like this "Forty six countries, comprising around 80% of the world’s population, have acceded to it" Some of the treaties terms are here . 64 countries or more are a part of the treaty which has never been broken despite huge deceptions and intrigues going on elsewhere in the world and of course further world wars since 1958 fwd ? Why has this treaty lasted so long. ? It is not just about the Penguins.  

Antarctica is unofficially a fly zone but it is made very difficult to go there or fly over it. Reasons for this are given as follows including the possibility of flying blind unlike the North Pole which has markers and some bases in Greenland or northern Scandinavia or on the North Pole.Whilst Antarctica is extremely cold it also has green lush lands and deep underwater warm lakes and seas. Operation highjump was a war fleet and it seems it may have encountered war technology against it, it had not expected, although today 70 years later we are more familiar with this technology, which would have seemed fantastic in 1947

This US expedition or war fleet to Antarctica in 1947 / 1948 seems to meet resistance from superior technology hence it was a battle of  WW2.  A cover story of aliens is used to distract the masses from the facts.

For an interesting exploration of Antarctica and the technology operation highjump may have encountered, the story is related by anthropologist Robert Zephyr details the larger story.  New Swabian Bases: The Secret Antarctic Colony - ROBERT SEPEHR  and also on this subject  Invading Antarctica: Secret South Pole Colony - ROBERT SEPEHR  and also once more Secret Underground Bases - ROBERT SEPEHR

The antediluvian world was / is "The lost Atlantis" which Francis Bacon (aka shakespeare ) alluded to in his New Atlantis novel. It is not lost and is everywhere under the sea. Across the Pacific and the Atlantic and wider. Much of it remains above land and did not sink although many of the Hydro Plates of the earth's crust either pushed up buckling or forced down the plates forming high mountains and the low valleys we see today. For instance a Pyramid larger than the Egyptian is above ground is in China.  The Chairman Mao communist party of yesteryear and today do not want people to realise that man was not primitive or that it is connected to the wider "lost atlantis'' China's js pyramid and connected city is huge Antarctica also has a pyramid.(see documentary below)  

For a full view of "Atlantis" see the following breathtaking documentary Mysterious Underwater Cities Discovered All Around the World: Ancient Civilizations which shows how many vast complexes of cities and tall buildings there are under the sea. It is said they suffered from numerous "local floods" but hide the global area they cover as being everywhere, and which then could be a series of local floods.  This raises other questions which also arise in the Book of Enoch 1  and why they are now excluded from the canon of scripture as they were once within them. Quoted in the book  of Jude (Jude being Jesus physically brother) and by Jesus  himself. Enoch reveals God & Armageddon & The real reason it is excluded from Scripture (also in description)  A subject which is becoming more and more apparent as more of the seas are mapped and are visible to the public raising even more difficult questions.  

It is also now known that the  Vikings discovered the USA before Columbus by 400 to 500 years 

The Vikings  used the North Star to navigate as it is a fixed point around which the stars, and planets to a smaller extent and the constellations turn.Looking for the big dipper aka the Great Bear constellation. The Scandinavians could navigate to distances far beyond areas the modern history books relate. Over two thousand years ago and much more they travelled the globe. They had the North Star (Polaris) and always knew the time of year and month and even the day from it. The Big Dipper is the 'pan shovel & ski slope' series of stars in the sky   (also known as the Great bear asterism, or Arcturus, located the star of Deneb or Cygnus as the Swan that dived on the southern cross, which disappeared below the Horizon on the Winter Solstice, but which appeared again days later indicating the Sun had not died and spring would follow)   

The Big Dipper pointed North, away from the North Star (aka Polaris) in Summer, it pointed East in Spring, South in Summer and to the West in Autumn. So it rotated around the sky, North east south and West like a giant windmill type of an image or the four spokes of a great wheel ?  The Big dipper  (ursa major) also located Orion’s belt with its 3 stars (matching many constructions on earth, always located next to the river as the Milky Way, such as the Pyramids from thousands of years ago) The Big dipper again also pointed to Sirius and to Polaris (Polaris, the North Star was also a part of the ‘Little dipper ‘formation, also called ursa minor, and/or the large bear as ursa major and the small bear, as ursa minor) with its attached legends of Osiris (or even Goldilocks and the 3 bears ) Following the stars of Merebe and Dubhe in a straight line you can also find the North Star. This allowed for the measurement of time and distance when sailing, as the North Star is fixed and never moves. The stars look like a Great Wheel or a Round Table of stars in the Milky Way (see als the images at the  top of this website to the left also) This image is helpful

When Adolf Hitler faked his death would he not have gone North and made a base in the North pole ? Or did they have a way of travelling to them both by some unseen connection ? as some speculate  or at high speed with superior technology ?. Is there an entire continent of activity bigger than the USA going on at the South Pole ? From the earliest explorations in 1870 to 1910 it would have been easier to make Agartha at the North Pole ? Crossing over from Germany into the lost tribes of Israel of Jutland, around the southern tip of Sweden and Gotland and then onto Norway into the North Pole ? (Or would Russia or the USA find it sooner. The USA tried to buy Greenland in 1946/7 for $100 million dollars from Denmark) Or even through the gulf of Bothnia and along the river and out to the north pole, is it possible to  navigate these rivers or simply have a base in Northern Sweden or Norway or Finland. (for more or wider information see the adjacent website and chapter 4) It is hard for people to take it in. Father 'Christ-mas' ? ( some cite as Nimrod) in the North Pole, and All Father Fuhrer in the South. Yule or the Winter Solstice has no connection to Israel's feasts (which are sublime feasts ) yet it was visible to all globally, but it also served a practical purpose. (a halfway point) The son of God was not born on December 25th but in one of the 7 feasts cited in Leviticus 23 i.e the feast of Trumpets in the autumn not the winter, there is no such feast as christmas in the Judeo - Christian scriptures, it is not a feast from of for them. From early December to early February, (when the frosts hopefully would begin to melt and fresh springs emerge)  people would Sauna (ancient Saunas exist in stone and clay roofs and other types) and eat the food they had prepared or set aside from the September harvest, stirring only to feed animals, during a long warm hibernation, which was the norm every year.

There is a southern Polar star which is hardly visible to the naked eye, but by telescope it would have been visible.  Called Polaris Australis (also called σ Octantis) which will also guide the world one day towards Sirius (the brightest star in the sky aka Canis major the dog Star currently the Southern cross (the Crux constellation) is visible from the South Pole. Orion's belt and its 3 stars can be viewed also (see the last post above dated 11.11.2021 and the war memorial at the Cenotaph) Sirius has 3 (or 4 ) moons see ( & in the description)  (Video 71 C) Osiris Christianity Sirius & Gnosticism, rebirth & immortality Genesis 3,22 

Clearly today there is an unusual treaty in Antarctica, and it was first known as New Swabian land. It has vast underground areas which are also green, warm lakes, plenty of sunshine and water and fish, and tunnels and ice palaces are easy to construct.  (days and night of equal duration) The video displays the ancient powerful and beautiful language or song and reveals ancient origins of tribes who believed they came from the Milky Way (as many indigenous tribes do) or from the Heavens or was there something up there ? somewhere, (as the ancient Sami tribe do)  Ice palaces (in the video) are not new either above and/or below ground in the north or south poles. The video if you look very closely and concentrate shows the Moon on the tundra as she travels, traversing, dipping, spinning, rising above the (Horus) horizon which the Sun also follows and all around for 360 degrees. 

The crusades also produced a vast wealth for Europe, (via the 9 poor 'Knights of Christ' Templars) but in the form of hidden treasure and not just in Gold or Silver but knowledge also. It is mooted that as well as discovering some of  Solomons lost treasure worth Trillions today, they also discovered lost knowledge hidden away in the caves of Mount Moriah. Solomon made a ring to control the demons his many wives brought with them from their faiths, (he had 700 wives and 300 concubines and many in the middle east and wider are descended from them as Hebrews but not as much from an actual tribe of Israel) but also the lost knowledge he accumulated from them andwider in his  wisdom, even extending back to Thoth and the Egyptian arts, as Solomon conquered Egypt also. This is why the Temple of Solomon is revered despite Solomon heresies.  9 magnificent buildings, most were Cathedrals such as Notre Dame  were constructed in Europe and Scotland  ( at Balantrodoch and Rosslyn chapel on the 'Rose line' from the Rosicrucians ) and which follow sacred geometry lines from France to Scotland and around. The Cathedral at Chartres is sublime in every  aspect of its design and construction  ( or see here for more information) The 9 poor Knights of Christ with their treasure and who were the bankers of Europe also constructed these buildings which  are superior in design and technology. 

In WW2 Gold was moved, pursued and some uncovered as the war continued. 'Operation eagle  flight' under the command of Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann is discussed on the adjacent website and  chapter 4   under the heading "The Templars, the German Army, Jerusalem, France, Ecosse and Egypt" Some of the treasure was hidden in Vichy France. The money was used to begin hundreds of corporations all over the earth in the 1940's and 1950's and until today. The Templars were the Knights (the 9 poor Knights of christ from Cathar families and the Merovingian's) granted a Papal Military order by the Popes but by really the King of Jerusalem (Baldwin brother to Godfrey of Bouillon King of Jerusalem who actually did guard travellers to Jerusalem and who was the heir of the Benjamin tribe and Judah tribes to Jerusalem)

The Iraq War 2003 In the war in Iraq after 9/11, one of the excavations in Iraq (Babylon) was to uncover the burial place of Nimrod of babylon in the bible (who was also named Gilgamesh) the son and husband of Semiramis and parents of Tammuz (Israel changed one of its months which were simply numbered 1,2 3 etc to be named Tammuz a Babylonian word)  This later become the legend of Isis, Osiris and Horus, and Set. George Bush is descended from Godfrey De Bullion, most of Europe's Royal houses descend from Charlemagne. 

The United Nations is a guardian of the  Antarctic treaty and UN membership can confer automatic rights to the Antarctic treaty. There was also a battle between the UK and Argentina on Deception Island in 1953, as the UK claims Antarctica in trust or in part. It is not really controlled by the UN or anyone, as no single country owns it ? yet it necessitates a treaty, in a world so prone to world wars. Argentina claims it outright however as it is the nearest country to Antarctica, further its secretariat (for the treaty is in Buenos Aires ) Chile has also claimed it. An unbroken treaty since 1959 or earlier ? amidst the machiavellian world of politics and economics since 1947 ?  You can apply for a permit to go there however, but since WW2 all technologies have improved beyond what was thought possible in 1930, until today, when  technology in operation today was thought to be science fiction even 10 years ago.


The Human Genome project (and fuel from salt water & Electromagnetism) 

In 2003 it was announced that the Human genome project was completed (99.99 % ) This was the draft mapping of every aspect of Human DNA / RNA and proteins and all cells The project began in 1990 and concluded in 2003. One goal of the project was to accurately sequence the 3 billion nucleotide base pairs in the human genome. One unexpected discovery of the project was the realisation that 140 years after Darwin it is now understood that DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is required to make Proteins, and you require DNA to make RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) and you need RNA to also then make proteins (and carbo-hydrates) DNA makes the proteins, (like the chicken and the egg hypothesis of which came first and it was the chicken in that hypothesis) you need DNA to make RNA and the RNA makes the Proteins. They cannot have evolved separately; they must have  been  created. Stephen Dawkins said that Intelligent design was highly possible in the origins of the Universe but has distanced himself from stating it is connected to any religious connotations

Today the new experimental 'gene therapy' mRNA injection is now December 2021) openly admitted but not in 2020 CEO of Big Pharma Bayer "mRNA vaccines are an example of cellular gene therapy"  contains the covid 19 within its spike proteins. Today they cannot make DNA it ca can only be grown, copied or changed and 'vaccines' components are grown on Human diploid cells from aborted fetal cells (even very recent aborted fetal cells, making for extreme irony that  it is technically possible for people to be injected with their own fetal cells from a conception in the great miracle of the operation warp speed vaccine roll out (from Trump) which as a baton was passed to Bidens fake presidency  and which has been blessed by the Pope and the Vatican is preventing people from entering  the private corporation of Vatican City unless you have been injected and your genes are compromised.  Cloning is now very common and even cross species as a science is emerging. (see also  mapping the brain in a "connectome" the same way the human genome is mapped with Elon Musk, Ray Kurzewell  and Dmitry Itskov ) 
The modern research era begins with Dr Francis Crick.  When you combine the information above with that of Dr Francis Crick (winner of the Oslo / Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize for discovering the double helix Structure of DNA, the human blueprint within each cell) and his associate Leslie Orgel who both actually claimed that 'spontaneous generation' of these cells did not occur by chance, (they need a higher power to form or generate into life) Then the military and also 'Genentech' (a company) in the 1970s which is connected to Dr's Steve and George Pieczenik   (details here in the origins & history of the Human Genome database i.e EP 88.1: ORIGINS OF THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT DATABASE (PART OF GENBANK) - SOME DAYTIME READING which also tells of the first person to be killed on 9/11 who was very closely connected to the Human genome big data quest ) which is connected to IBM and Oracle (Obama) and the World Health Organisation (UN) and Bill Gates  IBM ( H.A.L.) date back to Nazi Germany but in reality every European ideology and country and also to Bill Gates   The World’s First Integrated Quantum Computing System   and also (Video 51 ) IBM & The UN & THE Q QUANTUM COMPUTER & CERN IN SWITZERLAND Requiring data as opposed to thesis - antithesis = new synthesis. Today large amounts of people (millions / billions )  have been injected / vaccinated supplying the required data for AI /AGI (as it is also a weapon as Elon Musk states but his answer to beating AI is to merge with it by direct connection or wifi  ) How Qubits work speeding up thesis - antithesis = synthesis into nanoseconds crunching all known data

The revealing documentary 'Hacking the Human Genome | After Dark Online'  gives some of the background. Hack your DNA with CRISPR - VPRO documentary - 2018'  People can purchase Home DNA / RNA altering hacking kits but which  come with a warning. Now all known DNA is stored in Gene banks and ( AI / AGI) artificial intelligence can assist an sequence recombinant DNA (also placed with the m RNA vaccines ) making a code which can be patented and owned by private corporations (including you especially if you are vaccinated) for bio identification.the Sars 2 covid 19 code is here by Dr Sam Bailey   (or here 3 minutes in also once more ) Gene edited and patented food for gene edited and patented humans (formerly human beings) 

Exploration into the small or micro is as old as microscopes which really began in 1644 in Italy, England and the Netherlands although a 'lense' as a aid to viewing goes back to before the ancient greeks. Louis Pastuer discovered Penicillin in the 1880s / 1890s but it was not fully realised until 1928. Looking into DNA / RNA has a long history, accelerating in 1979 into the 1980's  and was completed in 2003 and is aided now by Qubit quantum computing

The World is underpopulated and there are millions and millions of acres available very cheaply and / or as your birthright for man and woman kind. Yet the ideology is the world is overpopulated and needs to reduce its size. This is not a theory right or wrong but a policy of the United Nations on their own website vai its Population Division which began in 1946 Bill Gates runs the World Health organisation and made population reduction into a logically formula AI / AGI can understand. The Population division mentions its goals as  'internationally agreed development goals in the area of population, including those contained in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)' Cop26 and sustainable development (fit for 55% see posts above) views humans and carbon and humans also consist of carbon as a threat to the earth (see last  post above also dated 11.11.2021) (Video 13) Bill Gates says Reduce Population 4 TIMES!! (MUST WATCH)

Today Utilities are merging with the technology to build new smart cities. People are being moved into existing cities away from the land. Considering that energy can be made at home rather than supplied at a price, then the people will not control their energy pr theri food source. In the last post above non standard but highly usable fuels are listed under the energy heading. One more fuel is salt water amidst a radio frequency signal  see here Salt Water into Fuel  Why would free fuel be a problem (like coal, peat or wood when CO2 is not harmful ? or even with free clean fuel)  well it cannot be profitable or a utility commodity but more than you cannot build infrastructure around it and control the population. They have had cancer cures for decades (as the 2nd last video shows but also by alkaline treatments) but a cured patient is a profitable patient lost. 10. Carbon Dioxide is Making The World Greener (w_ Freeman Dyson, Institute for Advanced Studies) MP4 FILE Oil, it is not a "fossil fuel"   

last link here as MP 4 File also "The Fossil Fuel "Hoax" - Flat Earth"  or article here on this subject   "Earth Is An Oil-Producing Machine — We're Not Running Out"  or article here on this subject  See also and once more  "Why We'll Never Run Out Of Oil"  (see the adjacent website and the end of chapter 3 top / above of chapter 4) 


Electromagnetism. Just as the earth has two poles North and South (or even east and west) so to do magnetic force fields, opposites attract and so on. Electricity requires Ions and polar magnetism, a force of opposites, and that is all (almost as Ionised water even within overland canals help the electricity grid flow)  How without being overly simplistic, do people think lightning works ? Where does lightning come from ? Is water within the firmament ? (also cited as the or a wet super saturated atmosphere somewhere between the stratosphere and exosphere & water is an excellent conductor of electricity) No one has to build a power station to supply electricity with wires ? Tesla supplied it through the ground, and lit light bulbs a mile away from his electrostatic generator. Ancient civilisations made canals everywhere (later civilisations simply recut them) and their water was Ionised and vibrational but conducive to health and it benefitted soils .The Templars Rose lines and their cathedrals Rose windows had huge bells to chime and Ionise water for miles around as did the organs within them and many churches today still Sound in large churches was built into the architecture. Early Christians met in their homes or in the open outside (in the middle east warmth however) not in huge churches or cathedrals. 

Big mansion houses (awash with waterways or large cascades waterfalls ) and their large gardens were not just flower filled but had food and water. Sound and ionised water helped food grow in abundance in the soils surrounding it. Limestone was considered the best conductor. (Humans are 60 - 75 % water) The Rose windows in churches or cathedrals match vibrated water patterns. (or when you place sand or salt above a speaker, today called Cymatics. Then imagine a very large scale of the same scenario into the earth or into you or into water baths. The patterns are the same as many Rose windows) This free gift from God (Genesis 1,3 God spoke with sound = God said) could be stored in capacitors and  batteries built in brick such as baths, or natural wells, lakes, rivers or large or small garden ponds and was well known, but then removed from public knowledge which only took a few generations. Many buildings  were built to make them natural "horseshoe" magnets ( like an Arch ) or round magnets. Anti gravity forces also use Electromagnetism, and anti gravity / levitation is possible even for large stones with sonic drilling cutting shapes within them which contain metal ores. Copper and magnets work in the anti-gravity realm as on train brakes for instance (and with mercury aka 'quicksilver' also known as the messenger of the gds, it could be used as a store of energy and a conductor especially if agitated  in a Iron bowl or sphere ). It is hard to believe today that sound and water and electricity harvesting were designed into landscaping naturally in recent history. It is being rediscovered as 'Soundscope Ecology'   but which even in recent history (from the rediscovery of the 'Corpus Hermeticum' around 1400 especially which helped launch the Medici fortune) from 1300 - 1805 etc and it was considered natural and normal and everyday and not 'science fiction' (but was free or minimal costs to help maintenance) The internet in 1800 or1900 ad would have been considered a 'new dimension of moving images' not a technology. Harvesting the internet could be done for free at home. It was 'invented' ( realised and harvested) by the military in Switzerland for minimal cost when operational.

These are examples of fuels which do not need Utility. Further anyone with a few DIY household items, and 2 Horseshoe magnets, making next 2 small coils. This can light a bulb without connecting to the mains or a battery and it will last as long as a bulb

Incredibly people and PHDs are realising that we are already made perfect. Weapons in WW1 and WW2 depopulated the earth. Today they could reduce the population in weeks. If so where would a new improved tribe of people emerge from (in German Übermensch and in Russian 'Арийский, сверхчеловек'  ) is there an area of the world out of mind where new tribes could emerge from ?


The 1973 energy crisis and the price of Oil (the hegelian dialectic and 'no win wars' )  

People are aware that something happened with oil and currency around 1970 to 1973 ?  Many have seen President Dwight D Eisenhower's speech on live television on the 16th January 1961 Military Industrial Complex. Eisenhower was the Military Chief in Germany and Chief of Staff of the armed forces  (Kennedy was killed on 22.11. 1963) 'Eisenhower Farewell Address (Best Quality) - 'Military Industrial Complex' WARNING' or a shorter version here also Eisenhower's "Military-Industrial Complex" Speech Origins and Significance  (or here on bitchute PRESIDENT DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER: MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX SPEECH IN 1961 (FULL VERSION) (VIDEO) President kennedy also gave similar warnings 

By the end of WW2 the psychological and physiological shock of the war led many into drug or alcohol abuse.By the 1960s' drugs had become one of the biggest weapons of war. The protest in the US actually preceded the Vietnam War, and globally an  awakening  was removed by  design as Pharmaceutical drugs and also narcotics (but there is not much difference) were flooded into cities and towns as never before in history. A spin off from this was the belief that this was good for revolution as the drugs would free your  mind. . "Turn on, tune in, drop out" is a counterculture-era phrase popularized by Timothy Leary in 1966. In 1967, Leary spoke at the Human Be-In, a gathering of 30,000 hippies in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Freeing your mind and opening your pineal gland was the way to a higher consciousness, .... or it was similar to taking too much anaesthetic and having a lobotomy operation. Cheap poppies from Afghanistan and marijuana from the east flooded into the west often directly smuggled by the military and intelligence services .

Petro Dollars are recycled from Dollars placed in Western banks, the debt increased (balance of trade deficits) in many countries to unsustainable levels. In 1971 President Nixon and Henry Kissinger moved the USA off the Gold standard devaluing the US Dollar. Yet any country wanting to buy petroleum had to first convert their currency into dollars, before buying oil. The petro - dollar recycling system was born allowing the dollar to return to the USA. It is created out of nothing with nothing to back its  creation but at interest. To find the interest more oil was required to be sold making explorations wider and further afield, until the military industrial complex and the requirement for oil (to also fuel its machinery) became one and the same. Moving away from the Gold standard ended the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944 / 1945 (made via the BIS bank of international settlements in Switzerland. The Allies of World War 2  ) Every nation's national debts increased as they were forced to import fuel as producing it and then paying for it in Dollars from their own currency converted into dollars was pointless. This was the Nixon shock   Today more ahd countries are moving away from the Petro - dollar, or they are producing  their own fuel and using it directly. Petrodollar "recycling" refers to the reflows to the rest of the world that result from the use oil-exporting countries make of their oil receipts. A portion may be spent to purchase foreign goods and services, and another saved in foreign assets held abroad. Such foreign assets may range from deposits held in foreign banks to bonds and private equity or into property and real estate, a very broad history is given in Wikipedia   The USA became the biggest importer in history since Babylon as the recycling and money flow meant the dollar had to return to the USA to complete the petrodollar system. Imports came with them and US manufacturing declined. 

Turning the world's economy into a Sovereign system (not a credit  debt system is practical, lucrative and it is the highest form of law which would turn the inverted economy back around the way it should be) 

Crypto currencies which are not  money of value either being fiat are encouraged by moving away from a Gold standard or a currency backed by redeemable precious metals and the precious metals contract is something every country should keep for its on nationaal  use, along with redeeming its own Sovereign treasury office to issue its internal currency flow at 0% interest. Fiat currency such as sterling had one line through it and it was like sterling silver pound, ( 'L' that has a line struck through it to identify it as an abbreviation of the Latin word 'libra').but then even the fiat currency was granted on license not as sovereign currency. It is the same for the Dollar, it is credit as debt, not money (or sweat equity as a promissory note only. Cash and notes can be sovereignty created) Crypto currencies will become the same instrument whether it is a central bank or bitcoin issued crypto. A petro dollar would still be established within this system and as you can read above in the last subheading. Oil is not scarce and will never run out for any military ever.  Moving from the Gold standard coincided with the UN green ethos (just beginning in 1972 under Maurice Strong) which is now seeing currency being tied to a person as "data"directly in the IOT internet of things and IOB the internet of bodies. World War 2 accelerated this process. The world's economy hasn't been 'normal' since 1913 and the creation of the US Federal reserve as it is designed not be normal, that is its function. The price of oil has taken  over from winning a war. 

WW1 moved warfare from the traditional field battles of warfare, into the mechanised. WW2 increased that mechanisation x 100 and added a cold ruthless organizational mandate of the technocracy, into the biggest project the word had ever seen  (they do say now that covid and the lockdowns are bigger, but imagine that with millions of civilians being killed also) in which 45 million civilians were killed, more than the military by 20 million or so in Europe. In Vietnam the war was to be sustained at all costs. It was a conflict in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975.The North Korean war and wider preceding Vietnam (25 June 1950 to 27 July 1953) leading to the longest hegelian dialectic (no win war ...almost) brainwashing, perception management control in history. More details can be found on the adjacent website Chapter 5 and heading 'Communitarianism Communism, Socialism, Maoism, all as Secular Humanism etc (Critical theory & Cultural Marxism ) Climate Change, 4th Industrial Revolution, Technocracy and Dystopia  (see also the adjacent website & Chapter 3b)and within it the subheading 'North Korea and Gulags and its history (China & Chairman Mao)'

The documentary on the battle for North Korea before the Vietnam war is here. China and Russia also involved ( video; 'Chosin Reservoir - Epic of Endurance | KOREAN WAR'  or here on youtube   'Our Time in Hell: The Korean War'  or here as an MP4 Video file ) and which continues with hopes Korea can be United.

No Win wars as wars to be Sustained. A explanation is given here beginning specifically on Vietnam at 45 seconds and ending 2 minutes 57 seconds  Zeitgeist: The Movie - PART 8/9 - [With 2010 Update)   ( or here no 7 as an MP4 file i.e the same video)  The US army were 'obliged' to fight in a limited grid system and the Democrats informed the  Vietnamese of this, they in turn could fight however they wished. Anti war Vietnam  protests in the USA did not protest Chairman Mao's regime in China or his attempt to take over Vietnam before (before 1955) the Vietnam war broke out  yet Chairman man and the Chinese communist party killed more people than any other regime in history.(Video 23) Chairman Mao s Great Famine & the Communist Party of China (CPC)  and also on the Maoists (Video 24)Tibet Beyond Fear, Dalai Lama, Mao & The Great Replacement of its population by Communists  From this impossible situation a air bombing campaign was instigated with also Napalm and Agent Orange from Bayer Monsanto. More than 7.5 million tons of bombs on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia—double the amount dropped on Europe and Asia during World War II


General Hal Moore A general who did not keep to the  grid system agreement (because it was insane ) was General Hal Moore, who chose different tactics, and which are told in the film also "We were Soldiers"  

Creedence Clearwater Revival and the  version of Born on the Bijou (Tour of Duty) gives some idea of the terrain

President Kennedy, the democrats and Vietnam 'Cable 243' of August 1963. Yet another real 'Watergate' today , i.e. the scandal like the current Russia investigation and the Uranium 1 and Clinton foundation Muslim brotherhood Obama Christian Genocide scandal (Clinton & Obama were also busy from 2008 – to 2016 changing the law for Transsexual toilets to be shared with minors and children whilst the Iran deal, the pivot to Asia and the Uranium 1 scandal were underway) and that is similar to the  'Cable 243' sent to the Nationalists in South Vietnam in August 1963 (only 3 months before President Kennedys death in November 22nd 1963)  Cable 243 here mentioned by the council of foreign relations or here by the Huffington Post was sent by President Kennedy with orders to assassinate President Ngo Dinah Diem of the nationalist republic of Vietnam. Diem was a stable competent leader who had been persuaded to turn against the Buddhists although the Buddhists were a military faction armed and had committed acts of violence in turn. 

The Little Red Book written by Israel Epstein. Instrumental apologist and writer / reporter to the rise of Chairman Mao was Israel Epstein who reported all things good about the world's greatest serial killer ( of 85 million people) . Epstein died in 2005 and was a lifelong communist. Today communism = social credit slavery and AI surveillance in chains, and not freedom  in any way. Israel Epstein, Mao Tse Tung’s minister of Finance It was Epstein who wrote 'Maos' little red book. Epstein became the minister for finance under Chairman Mao. "Israel Epstein visited Yan'an in 1944 as a reporter for U.S. media.  He gained Chinese nationality in 1957 and joined the CPC in 1964" Henry Kissenger first met Mao officially in 1971 and the Rockefellers took a dim view of President Kennedy's and Robert's Kennedy's handling of Vietnam, China and Mao.One view is the Rockefellers were behind the Kennedys deaths, but the "Military Industrial Complex" also turned against 'Communism' in the 1940's - 1970's fwd (in reality all through the ranks who saw the destruction of the  middle class, small business and  the 'ideology' )  Mao was also student at Yale in China and a Skull and Bones man (Genesis 3,22 ) (Video 71 D) 322 Skull and Bones Explained & OXO (see in the description 322 = Genesis 3,22) Time has shown that the policies of appeasement to Mao and the Chinese communists has backfired. The adage that they have converte you is evident. China remains a threat to the World's 7.5 billion people and immediately of course Taiwan

Many Buddhist's state in fact some of the factions were simply Marxist-Leninist Viet – Cong Chinese paid soldiers disguised as Buddhists. Kennedy however asserted that the authority to send the cable was not properly obtained by Michael V Forrestal who worked in the Kennedy administration, and after it was sent he later denounced its sending but too late for south Vietnam. Indeed Forrestal admitted later he had only obtained partial authority and not the full cabinet or generals. Ngo Dinh Diem was assassinated on November 2 1963 (20 days before Kennedy). It was the democrats who destabilised Vietnam, as the Nationalists were a stabilizing force and that stabilisation ended with Diem. ( last link declassified Kennedy papers ) However the destabilisation caused Chairman Mao to fight in China and Vietnam and order a takeover of US intelligence points where possible in the USA.  Future governments in South Vietnam were ineffectual. China took advantage of this and poured troops into North Vietnam from 1962 and into 1963 and after Diem's death they moved to advance into the South of Vietnam. This was all a part of the international expansion of communism which incredibly was being assisted within the USA with simultaneous protests (and to expand communism all over Asia) and which led to the Gulf of Tonkin incident in august 1964. This is the real ‘Watergate’ and the beginnings of the Vietnam war.

It is doubted also by many historians that President Kennedy (John or Robert who were not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald or Sirhan Sirhan ) wanted to move the US off the Gold standard in 1972 as President Nixon had done (see above) Kennedy was against devaluing the dollar and austerity. After the Cuban missile crisis especially when Castro had come within a few seconds of detonating (or firing rather) Nuclear weapons at the USA. Kennedy was against Nuclear proliferation, but Nuclear secrets had already leaked out from 1945 (see above) and Nuclear weapons had gone global

Israel today is way shy in area, in comparison to its 1967 borders. (land for peace) Many surrounding countries do not want Israel at any size.


Gregory Mannarino (here also on his Youtube channel)  explains the Hegelian Dialectic (thesis - antithesis = new thesis synthesis, problem, reaction solution) which also operates to keep the oil prices higher ( and at 5 minutes 15 seconds fwd ) NO 8  MP4 File IMPORTANT UPDATES_ MILITARY STRIKES IN THE MIDDLE EAST PUSH CRUDE HIGHER. Mannarino (around Aug /Sep 2021 )  and also again (see at minutes 7 minutes 30 seconds fwd mentioning the Military Industrial complex) NO 9 MP 4 file COLLAPSE_ THE ECONOMY CONTINUES TO CRATER FASTER! WITH INFLATION OUT OF CONTROL... Mannarino (around October 2021)  If the price falls then the media and/or the military can warn or enact a military war to cause instability and increase the price. Oil is not and never will run out (see last post above dated 11.11.2021 and the subheading on energy) 

Extending this to the crypto bitcoin or central bank digital currency scam, (both are the same scam) whilst the east and others countries but Gold and Silver creating billions with nothing (you will own nothing and be happy) moving the USA to a communist country bringing in UBI tied to carbon and (your ) the internet of BODIES owned by a social credit system for extreme control, or reeducation centres or gulags. See 17/18.11.2021 Controlled Destruction Underway, Federal Reserve Grand Plan, Inflation, More w/ Andy Schectman 1of 2

Trump said the military is for hire yet you could hire them to win and not be in a no win war scenario as wars to be sustained and not won. The agreement  to have a war and suffer civilian or military casualties as sacrifices to the gds took over before WW1, and between WW1 and WW2 this doctrine continued until after WW2 into WW3 and today the war is against everyone. 


Israel, the Knesset and Israel's Supreme Court

As you understand from the 1st post in this 2nd section dated 27.05.2021  Israel was born out of WW1 and WW2. (The quest for its rebirth began before Oil was realised as a commodity by many  hundreds of years, in fact  from 70 ad) For those with that aspiration Oil was not a motivating factor A part of that post is here again

 "In 1948 Israel was reborn and many feel it fulfilled the prophecy in Jeremiah 25, 8 - 12 (see next paragraph) Israel was born as a nation in 1948 winning a UN United Nations vote in Resolution 181 (to resolution 186 to 194 etc) taken on the 29 November 1947. The Vote carried by 33 votes in favor, 13 against, and 10 abstentions, achieving the required two-thirds majority. Britain announced its 'Palestinian' mandate would expire on 14 May 1948 allowing Israel to declare a beginning as Eretz Israel on the 15th May 1948"

Israel has said it could have won its wars a 1000 times over but they are within this version or system of the 'Petro - Dollar'

The United Nations gave the impetus for its declaration (Israel's rebirth in 1948) and by 1967 when Jerusalem was captured in full by Israel, a plan was made (as mentioned above) to destroy the 'Dome of the Rock; temple (which is not Islamic, Jewish or Christian) but General Dayan of the Israeli army, did not carry out this plan, but under protest of the Israeli army (see the beginning  of this 2nd section & post above dated 27.05.2021)

In 1993 President Shimon Peres of Israel, under the Norwegian Oslo accords gave the Old City of Jerusalem to the Vatican (effectively dividing it into 3 Muslim, Jewish & Christian) and to Pope John paul 2nd who was Jewish by his mother who was called Emily Katz. He encouraged all of the sites in 2009 to be handed over. The Holy Roman Empire which is also 'Germania', and the Merovingians,(St Germain and his bond debt with accruing interest i.e against Torah laws) Switzerland, and most  of Europe (The 3rd Reich was Nazi Germany, the 2nd Reich was the Popes from Constantine who was the 1st 'Pontifex Maximus' and who advised separation of Christians and Jews. Not those born in Judea who may not be from the Tribe of Judah but the actual  tribe of Judah. The Messiah was from this real and not falsified line. This brought worship back to the'Pontifex Maximus'  )  The 1st Reich was Imperial Rome via Caesar's and its canon civil law. The Merovingians believe they are descended from 'Jesus Christ' or 'JC' as Julius Caesar and the Herods who made another Mary Magdalene story by substituting his family with the real 'Mary Magdalene' who had they falsely claim children with Jesus but in fact with 'J.C' and then later eventually the line of Caesar's and Emperors of Rome grew from this deception. An ingenious but flawed ruse. The Vatican was restored in 1929 by Mussolini after it had been removed by Napoleon as a legal entity in 1805. The 4th Reich is on the way as the NWO

The Oslo accords are not set in Norway by accident and Godfrey de Bouillon, the Frankish Norman (Norsemen or Northmen) king was the 1st King of Jerusalem for one year before this passed to his brother Baldwin. The nobel peace prize are given in Norway also.The Normans or Norsemen were Norwegians / Danes but Scandinavian in descent (Tribe of Dan see last post above dated 11.1.2021) In fact Norway had a Norwegian crusade to the Holy Land under and led by Norwegian King Sigurd I in 1107 to 1111 ad.  They are related to Charlemagne. Charlemagne started off as King of the Franks in 768, became King of the Lombards in 774 and then Emperor of the new Holy Roman Empire in 800. Charlemagne relations in Norway (then Denmark) are here in part Charlemagne was from the Carolingians who have intermarried with the Merovingian lines and also competed for power. Both lines are Frankish / Norman in origin. Norman = Norsemen or from Norway, they  settled in Sicily and Rome (see 'Why Were the Romans Allied to the Vikings' Ancestors?' ) also when they took over power in europe in the Viking raids (tribe of Dan)

As we have descendants of these tribes and the House Of David r.e. Queen Elizabeth 2nd  (and past and future monarchs) who (see Dr Spykerman video in the last  post above dated 11.11.2021 ) who will as a steward (as she states in his video) lay the land of Israel at the feet of the Messiah (r.e. the 1000 reign or the Millennium, but the 4th Reich of the Holy Roman Empire also  wants a 1000 Reich ) The 1000 Millenium operates under the visible authority of the Messiah who is spiritual in persona (not flesh and blood). 

The Messiah is according to the bible, he who is  speaking here "Heaven is My throne, And earth is My footstool. ... But on this one will I look: On him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at My word” (Isaiah 66:1-2)" The footstool is where the stewards wil lay Israel at the foot of the Messiah.

After the UN vote helped Israel to form as a country another significant development was the construction of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament in first meeting 2.2.1949 after its independence on May 15th 1948 ) which consists of itself (120 members with 1 vote deciding majority) as the legislature the Prime-minister (executive) and the Israel Supreme court (Judicial)

The Knesset building was started in 1957 by James de Rothschild who informed Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion of his desire to finance the construction of the building. The Supreme court building, finance and land was  donated to Israel by the Jewish philanthropist Dorothy de Rothschild who wrote to Shimon Perez asking permission and it was opened in 1992. (although it operated elsewhere before this from 1945 ) It operates on a system built upon the UK's Privy Council law which took over and removed Ottoman law which had preceded it. around 1917 - 1920. The Privy Council extends back to Anglo - Saxon times and the 'Witenagemot' laws  of the 7th century, but which was revived under Charles the 2nd around 1650 and it  continued as the King-in-Council or Queen-in-Council. The members of the Council are known as 'The Lords of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council' with the  addition of the Cabinet in more recent times but which is a committee of the Privy Council . The Cabinet was first used in its full power by  Francis Bacon in his Essays (1605) with the first use of 'Cabinet council' It is very influential on Parliament and the Commons and Lords.

Today (and not 1947/8) Israel could pull out from the UN which has brought decision after decision against Israel. Israel could without the Vatican and UN become an independent and a much larger state.

The State of Israel took control of the old city of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, in 1967, and subsequently handed responsibility for the management of the site to the Jerusalem Islamic waqf, or religious trust, with access remaining dependent on restrictions enforced by Israeli security services, until Shimon Peres in 1993 / 2009. The waqf do not own the land or control it. Today and over the past few months Israelis and Christians can once more pray on Temple Mount after they were forced to stand in  silence without praying since 1967 or even before (see also the last  post above dated 11.11.201) Without the privy council or its advice, support for Israel and its institutions would not exist as they do today.

For all those who died or who were injured in WW1 and World War 2 in the 'Good War', which is not a glib title belonging to yesterday/year, but it is also a war which is not over and it continues.




Other views and voices of WW1 and WW2 

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The Round Table (past, present and future) & what is the Kingdom of Jacob, Judah and Joseph ?

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